This is my second blog.

My first blog chronicled my experiences over three years caring for my dad as he lived through and finally died from Alzheimer's. That is the book that is for sale.

This second blog kind of chronicles of life, what it is like to start your life over in your late 50's. After caretaking, you are damaged, file bankruptcy, and the world doesn't care what you did. After 8 months of unemployment, you wake each day knowing the world doesn't want you. Finally you do find a job, 5 weeks before homelessness, but doing what you did 30 years ago and getting paid what you did 30 years ago. So this is starting over.

The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.

Sunday, August 26, 2018


Wasn't planning on writing on this topic yet, but saw this post this morning posted in another blog and said what the hell, time to do it.

And this is the topic of today's chautauqua.  What will happen if the deep state, the swamp, the dems, now being redundant, the Neo Cons, or the mindless self propelled bureaucracy (why does spell check always try to spell or change words I know how to spell but when I get a word like bureaucracy, which for some reason God only knows I've never been able to spell right without looking it up, it offers no help whatsoever?) impeach or assassinate the president, what will we do?

Okay, if you voted for Hillary, you will probably be dancing in the streets, which would be a great idea since it will be easy to run you down - wait, did I say that?  But what will Trump voters do?  Because you have not seen pissed yet.

It won't be like Kennedy being shot, we were naive back then, people trusted their elected officials, their government.  Reagan wasn't killed, cracked that 'Nancy, I forgot to duck' joke and America didn't pay any attention to the fact the 'shooter' was the grandson or grand nephew to George HW Bush's business partner in the oil business down in Texas, that the Hinkley family, now living in Denver, were best buds with Neil Bush and his family and in fact John Hinkley's brother and friend had dinner with Neil Bush and his wife the night before the attempt on Reagan.

Ever notice how many Bush's are around when a president gets shot?  Wouldn't surprise me at all to find out Bulregard Peacock Bush wasn't sitting in the box next to Lincoln when Booth shot him.

But this is the 21st century and Americans no longer trust the government, which is exactly why Donald Trump was able to be elected.  We KNOW the swamp stinks, we know it runs deep and is as wide as the Pacific.  Let's face it, Trump has the vocabulary of an 8th grader, he tweets like a 6th grader, and he has the morals of Bill Clinton when it comes to women, though tends to show much more class towards those women - classy and immoral.

Unless you only get news from MSNBC or CNN, you realized pretty early on that the Russian thing is a crock of crap.  Now a special prosecutor is rummaging thru his past indicting everyone he can for other crimes that have nothing to do with Russia in order to find some crap that will stick to a wall and bring down Trump.

So what will happen in America if they move to impeach Trump after the midterms?  Will Mueller come out with some charge the weekend before the election to help the dems?  If dems win the house will they impeach next year?  If they win the senate also will they convict?

What will the country do?  Will you really see millions march on Washington with torches and pitchforks?  Will the military be called out to keep them back?  Will you see what happened in Washington back in the 30's when tens of thousand WWI vets marched on Washington and many were shot and killed by the military under the leadership of a young Patton?  Yea, it happened, look it up.

The State, for lack of a more comprehensive term that takes 3 sentences to write, is banking on inertia, that America will go along with it, but I'm not sure.  Worst case scenario is an unorganized rag tag group will start picking off members of The State.

Of course, with conservative news sites being kicked off the most popular websites on a daily basis, it might be a little hard to organize anything.  I don't see a nationwide strike taking place, but who knows.

Look at it another way, BLM or the Afita or whatever the hell they are called, when they go marching, not many of them are not showing up for work, they mostly don't have jobs. So there is not a lot to lose.  I know, I'm generalizing.  But most of Trump's supporters do have jobs, do have family, do have homes and to go on strike will risk losing all of that and really what do you expect to happen?  Do you really think you can get rid of the giant blob of bureaucracy that will strike out for it's survival?

What would it take for me to give up my job and give up my dog and march to DC?  I ask myself that question and I still have not come up with an answer I am comfortable.  Cause deep down, don't you know, I have this thing about doing the right thing.  But sometimes, defining 'right' is difficult.  How do you reboot a country with a bureaucracy bigger than the damn galaxy?

I suppose if all 60 million Trump voters showed up in DC on a Monday morning armed with their rifles and flags it might work, but I'm not sure the military wouldn't nuke it to be honest.

The other option The State is considering is assassination of Trump (boy, are the feds going to be reading this blog).  But here is the state's problem.

No one will believe it.  No one is going to believe that the person grabbed is actually the shooter acting alone.  We don't believe it was Oswald, if you start to look at the Reagan shooting you start to think there was a lot more going on than some nut job in love with Jodie Foster, and nobody is going to believe anything other than The State did it.

And that is going to piss the crap out of people at the voting booth.  Over the next three elections, except for a few dems in 100% democrat country, the congress will be overturned.  And voters will demand investigation, they will finally do what I've been doing for years and just vote once or twice for a person and then never again.

Or, then, on the other hand, maybe people will just change the channel and go on as if nothing ever happened and just hope they die before the house of cards comes down on them.  Sadly, that is what most will do - they have no idea how soon the house is going to collapse around them.  By 2030, you will not recognize this planet.

Saturday, August 25, 2018


This is something of a continuation of last nights blog in that I'm still thinking about things that may or may not have anything to do with what I was thinking about last night but who knows how it will all connect in the end.

I look at our society today and it's kind of like the 60's again.  There is a president that is ruffling the feathers of the military industrial complex, except this time it's the military, industrial, entertainment, news (I know, that may be redundant), pharmaceutical, agricultural, technology complex.  The 'left' is violently rioting like the radicals did in the 1960's which is kind of scary since the war wanted hasn't even started yet.  Black America, while led in the 1960's by MLK and was a good thing has been replaced by I'm not sure what.

By the way, speaking of black, did you see where new businesses started by black Americans is up 400%.  Lodi, would people think about stuff like this.  When Reagan was president, the number of blacks in the middle class became the highest percentage ever.


Now new businesses by blacks is up 400% under Trump.  Unemployment, though I question the government statistic being accurate in terms of the number but not the trend, is lowest ever.  And I ask myself, why does black America keep voting for democrats who do nothing for them than step on their backs and tell them it's good for them.  I really do not understand.

Sigh, where was I, comparing the 60's to today.

Our young leftists, the product goal of 60 years of education finally found it's generation to brainwash completely, and are marching and rioting, led by a freshly documented high school graduate Eddie Munster, er Butch Patrick, er Butch Hogg?  Yea, that's it, David "Butch" Hogg, want to ban and want to March and yell at senior citizens to get the hell out of their way, okay, he yelled at Nancy Pelosi but not to worry, she couldn't hear him, misunderstood what he said that she did hear, and doesn't remember it happening now; but we've got young people not afraid to throw those Molotov cocktails and rocks thru windows, and beat the crap out of anyone that disagrees with them, well, as long as they outnumber the opponent in the fight by a ratio greater than 4 to 1.

So we've got all these things in place, everything but the presidential assassination and the following big war to really maximize those profits for the companies that make billions on war and the retired generals who get their payback for approving all those contracts when they were generals.

Then again, we survived the 60's, well, as long as you didn't get sent to Vietnam, or lived in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos, but most of us survived the 60's and early 70s and flourished even for a couple of decades so maybe history will repeat that and not just the entire collapse of our society in general, but I'm still betting on the latter.

Little fact to amaze your friends:  did you know white Caucasians of Dutch and British background have lived, loved, worked, born and died in South Africa longer than people of African descent have lived in the USA?  I thought that was an interesting fact.  And no, SA was not a major supplier of slavery to the USA.

Oh why did I bring up Africa, pisses me off every time I think how we've used that country, those people, as a Petri dish of medical experiments for 50 years.  And now this summer they are testing another eboli strain for that perfect bug to use to wipe out most of humanity.  And history is repeating.  Little known fact, remember Zimbabwe and all the white farmers that were slaughtered while the new black government turned over all that productive farmland and turned it into useless land?  Well, their government finally cut deals and sold that formerly productive farm land to the Chinese Government - and guess what, an article out and the South African government has already sold one of the white farms they have confiscated to the Chinese.

And the band plays on......  quick, another story on a Kardasian or Jenner!

Moving on, Hagmann and Hagmann have been banned now on YouTube for 90 days for your guess is as good as theirs.  So first they went after Alex Jones and now they are going for more.  It's going to soon become a sign of being cool to be banned.  Others on the alt right are now claiming they will be next and will start competing to be next because they want to be in the cool club, people banned by Google or Facebook.

Funny how the capitalists are not creating a social media empire called FreeBook or USATube. would seem like a no brainer idea if you had the bucks to get it started.  Grab all the banned people first and boom, you could have a business as big as the other two in a few years.

Here is an idea, if Trump is removed from office, or shot, he or his family create FreeBook or USAtube - wait, you will love this.... TrumpTube.... and then buy up local TV stations all over the USA and only allow the conservative thoughts.

I'm on fire this morning!

By the way, does anyone know what I used as a birthday when I created my first Apple ID back in the first days?  This was when we made up birthdays to 'protect our identity' before we just chucked it all in and now give our fingerprints, face scans, bank accounts and soon DNA to tech companies.  The email is dead, always be grateful to Microsoft for killing my hotmail account with 2 seconds notice back in 2005, and now trying to recover that Apple ID and can't remember the damn birthday so I can get to not remembering my damn security questions.

So back to the media and tech companies.  Story out one of the elite techi estimates that they could influence up to 16 million votes in the coming elections by banning one side and playing up the other side and I'm like WTF?

And the tech company reps are meeting this weekend to discuss their plan.  WTF?

Tech companies admitting they are meeting to see how they can influence the elections upcoming and estimating they can swing up to 16 million votes.  I'm betting those will not be for republicans.

Why is THAT not a crime?

Can you think of another reason needed to turn the internet into a government controlled utility, like water, electricity, etc,  better than the techies announcing they are going to 'influence the elections' and they aren't even Russians?  Is that what this Russian crap is all about?  Smoke screens for the tech companies to do exactly what they accuse the Russians of doing?

Why are Trump and Putin being investigated when Googlefacebook etc just came out and announced they are going to attempt to manipulate the coming elections and estimate a 16m voter influence?

One more thing.  A story that will warm your heart and re affirm your faith in the downfall of mankind and society.  Remember that really cool story about the cute gal that ran out of gas on the highway in Philly and the homeless guy came to her rescue and gave her 20 bucks to get the gas and she came back later with her husband, setup a go fund me account to raise 10k for the guy to help him out and get him a place to live but actually raised 400k?  What a great feel good story that was.  Well, the homeless hero is back to living under the bridge, homeless again.  Seems that couple decided they should be his financial advisors and parents and now 200k is gone, he never did get the car they bought from him, but she has a brand new BMW she was able to afford on her secretary salary for the state of NJ and there is over 200k in one of their accounts though they swear the money the husband withdrew for that Vegas gambling trip was repaid and its all the homeless hero's fault for blowing 25k which he claims he never was handed 25k from the couple.  But 400 minus 200 minus 25 still leaves 175k missing.  Hope that couple is well connected to the Clintons or Obamas, otherwise they are going to be audited and see jail.

Now, if they sent 100k to the Clinton Foundation, I'm sure Chelsea will write them a nice letter; Bill and Hillary don't write letters for less than 500k, don't you know.

Warmed my heart this morning to see greed win out and reinforce my belief that a giant tsunami on the east coast and west coast is the only hope for this country and maybe this planet.  East coast tsunami has to happen during a major blizzard so the elites cannot escape though.

Friday, August 24, 2018


I don't know what is in the water in Pennsylvania, or the venison, but there is a story about 300 priests being named for Sandusking children and it's not even the creepiest sex story coming out of the state.  Three men are arrested for having sex with over 100 animals.

You know, what do you say to co-workers, family, friends, and associates when your picture is in the newspaper for having sex with animals.  What do you say to your co-worker who was in the paper?

Can a Berkey Water Filter filter out whatever is in the water in PA?  On the other hand, always knew that Sandusky stuff was a tip of the iceberg, that it was much bigger than just one coach - not saying other coaches were involved, but boosters, politicians, priests, etc.

And no, they are not Minor Attraction Priests and Animal Attraction Persons.

Speaking of weird, a Buddhist monk beat the crap out of a 9 year old kid and killed him.  What kind of snotty brat must he have been to get a Buddhist Monk to beat him to death?  And no, it was not Little Eddie Munster just out of high school.

Storm of the Century, did you ever see it?  It really is one of the best King stories brought to the screen.  In fact, when you really think about it, the best 3 King stories made into movies were all made for TV:  Salem's Lot, Storm of the Century, and The Stand.  But if you never saw it, it can be seen on You Tube.

I'm trying to wrap my mind around what is going on in this country.  During the Clinton years, they had Bimbo Eruption Teams dealing with the Babes of Bill Land.  You can bet your bottom dollar if money was moved, it came from campaign funds.  Then he gets caught in the Oval Office and we are told he is adult, she was adult, none of our business.  When Obama came along, he locked up his entire past, you couldn't get so much as a grade school report card grade on him.  And the media said 'this is good'.

But now we have a special prosecutor investigating Russia and Trump collusion.  So one guy goes down for, well, nothing to do with Russia; same charges that he was exonerated on 8 years ago by the FBI he is now convicted of and none of it had to do with Trump.  Then they raid the lawyers office and the lawyer pleads guilty to two things that many talking head lawyers agree, are not actually a crime.

First of all, don't priests and lawyers have this special thing where they cannot be forced to reveal anything told by a client?  So if this guy is telling anything, wouldn't he have to be disbarred?  And is it legal?  Admissible in court?

So basically, when a lawyer says whatever you tell him/her is private, it really isn't.

And the question is this; is paying X money to not reveal something illegal?  They say it's trying to influence the election, but what are political commercials other than the campaign paying money to try to influence the election?

So if it came from the campaign funds directly, and your name isn't Clinton, it would be illegal, but apparently it did not.  And the lawyers own lawyer, Lanny Davis, former Clinton lawyer, was on some show and basically said two things that cleared Trump.

I don't mind politicians who break the law getting nailed, democrat or republican, nail them.  But after 18 months, they don't have squat on Trump and their only hope is to dig thru his past and persecute former business partners or lawyers or doctors or friends or family until they can find anything that they can charge the president with and it will have nothing to do with Russia or the election.

Is that right?

Now rumors they are going to indict his son for lying to the FBI.  That is it, no issues with Russia, no issues with election tampering, no money, nothing other than the 'lying to the FBI'.  The FBI, by the way, can lie thru their teeth when talking to you, but if they deem you lied, it's a trial and prison for 5 years.  And, now this is the cool part, you may not even know you lied because the ambiguity of some of the words and questions you will interpret and answer honestly but they will interpret those words and sentences differently and thus get ya!

The state can lie, you can't.  And the state will prosecute you, with a state appointed attorney if you can't afford the 500/ hour rate a really good attorney charges which is 99% of the country, and a state prosecutor who will argue in front of the state judge and they all invest their 401k in companies that run the prisons and require 90% occupancy for maximum profitability and dividends for stockholders.

This is hard for older people to grasp and believe.  FBI to us is Jimmy Stewart in The FBI Story, or The FBI - a Quinn Martin Production, or Fox Mulder - but think about the X Files and remember, most of the FBI heads were crooked evil men and women - was that the real warning of the X Files?  All the UFO alien stuff was smoke for the real story they were trying to get across, that our government is corrupt to the core.

Monday, August 20, 2018


Congrats to the Eagles, the rock group not the football team.  The Eagles Greatest Hits 71-75 or whatever it was is now the greatest selling album of all time, passing Thriller over the past 10 years and now has a far lead over Thriller in sales. Hotel California is in 3rd place.

So you kind of gotta draw a conclusion that the Eagles are the greatest music group of the USA in history.  Bigger than the Beatles, bigger than the Stones, bigger than Elvis, bigger than The Who, and I humbly will admit, bigger than Supertramp.

Al Sharpton is screaming racism over Thriller being knocked off by that wonder bread group The Eagles.  Speaking of really stupid things and you just aren't sure if it's a joke or true; Stevie Wonder now 'feels' that Aretha Franklin's cancer was caused by global warming.

One of those above is a joke, one of them is not, no peaking, guess which is which.

I wonder how the leftists media is handling what is happening in South Africa.  Or are they even talking about it?  Long time ago, some South African told me that a couple of the black men that work on their farm told him that nothing would happen in SA until Mandella was dead, and after he and his wife Winnie passed, there would be a genocide of white South Africans.

Well, it's started.  Yes, some will call it payback.  But the number of killings of whites over the past year and now seizing of farms has started.  The black government did attempt to get all the white farmers to turn in all their firearms but surprisingly there were none turned in; but it has not stopped what has been planned for years.

But we now can rest assured SA will following the path of Zimbabwe, that apparently is the cutting edge country in Africa, and the white farmers and business people will be driven out or killed, and in about 2 years there will be massive starvation across the country because the farms will fail.  And I can't help thinking this is all some sort of planned social experiment on Africa.  Like the new eboli being tested this year in Africa so they can find that 'bug' that will kill anyone not immunized and the bug will die out in like 90 days with 90% fatalities.

I wonder if America is going to welcome white SA refugees with special programs like we have done Sudan, Yemen, etc?

I wonder if all those institutions that banned Apartheid or businesses doing business in SA will speak up at the atrocity that is about to happen.  And this will get out and into the news in Europe and North America and it may not be discussed but don't think for a moment it is not going to be thought about

And Kevin Spacey's new movie grossed about 125 bucks opening night which now means he can earn more in the public restrooms around London than he can make in the movies.

Monday, August 13, 2018


Reading an article in Rolling Stone about Tom Arnold and his new mission in life to bring down Trump.  He even has a new TV series in the works where he goes around trying to find embarrassing videos from Trump's past.  Frankly, it is nice to know Arnold is now one of another 2 million people who have been able to find a job since Trump's election, but suspect he doesn't see it that way.

Really, unemployment is so low even Tom Arnold could find a job!

It figures as our society declines we would reach a point where an entire series could be devoted to 'bringing down this illegitimate racist homophobic president'.  Geraldo's 70's disaster of Al Capones secret hiding place is now a series staring Tom Arnold.  How screwed up is that?

Want a fun mental exercise for your next party?  Ask this question.  In the previous administration, if, oh, say James Woods announced he was doing a show where he was going around to find embarrassing video of Barak Obama engaged in snorting coke, homosexual embraces, or the birth certificate; would Hollywood actually finance such a show?  Would Rolling Stone do such a positive article on James Woods?  Or would howls and wails rise calling James Woods illegitimate, homophobic, racist, bigoted?

Gee, maybe republicans should run James Woods so the liberal left won't have to stop and think of something new to say.  Otherwise, those poor people will need to think of an entire new set of adjectivisms, heck, they may have to make up an entirely new vocabulary since they are exhausting the entire volume of adjectivisms currently available in English.

So, former contestant on Trump's TV show, works for him on his campaign, begs him for a job,  then proceeds to violate the law and records conversations in the WH where doing such is considered illegal.  Now the media thinks this is cool.  And the big news is that Trump once used the N word.

N Word.  N Word.  N Word.

We are a screwed up bunch of people.  It is perfectly fine to say N Word.  And each time you say it, read it, or hear it, you will immediately in your head say the actual word.  It's like saying "oh Frack Me" and everyone knows you are really saying the other word, but you make it socially acceptable, so if Trump were to reply "Oh frack me N Word" would the media compliment him on his self control and use of politically correct English?

And shame on you for what you just said in your head!  Shame shame shame.  You need your brain washed out with soap.

Trump is in his 70's, yea, he used the word before.  Wasn't that uncommon back in the 50's or 60's.  Thinking of my neighborhood, I'm pretty sure the N Word was directly translated nightly in quite a few of those homes on the south side of Chicago.  New York was no different, except they always said "yo" either in front or back of the N Word.  I mean, DDE called his immigration plan Operation Wetback, so you just gotta figure the N Word was pretty common.  Why, I would bet the farm Wilson,  FDR, Truman, JFK all said the word - heck we know LBJ did.

Think about that , go back 100 years and every democrat president up to Carter liberally used the N Word in conversation and blacks have voted for these guys in droves.  Clinton, well, I'm sure he will claim he never used the word in spite of his mentor voting against the civil rights act and growing up in Arkansas where white people never used the N Word, like NY'ers did.  So we will leave good ol' boy Bill alone.

Has anyone asked Barak Obama if he ever used the N Word?

I wonder if Trump could say that his decades long dream of becoming president,  he liked to channel thru a voodoo mystic with former presidents and his conferences with Wilson, FDR, Truman, JFK, and LBJ over the years, he just got use to hearing the word all the time and it became part of his vocabulary?

So basically we have a woman who got a job in the WH with the intention of gathering all sorts of information against the government so she could publish a book and be the toast of the looney left.  She ought to be happy Wilson, FDR, Truman, JFK or LBJ aren't president, they would have called that spying or treason.

See Eric Snowden, you gotta time being a whistle blower and only do it during republican administrations, then you would be the toast of the NY/Washington media and Hollywoodheads.  Do it to a democrat and you hide in a small apartment in Moscow.

Sunday, August 12, 2018


Well, apparently the media isn't taking my advice, rather than actually do their jobs equally on both parties, investigate the Clinton Foundation would be a great place to start, they have decided on the 16th to collude on writing editorials how dangerous it is for Trump to call them fake news.

In a related story, well known cable network, just got caught planting a stooge in a group of 2016 Trump voters and lo and behold he turns out to be disenchanted with the prez.  Fortunately, people later pointed out his facebook page where he is a fanatical looney leftist who didn't vote for Trump in 2016 after all.  This would be the funny story except another network staged a 'real scene' in a restaurant where a guy, they hired, wore an Impeach Trump shirt and got harassed by a couple of customers, also planted. And they past it off as a real event, until they go caught.

Maybe the danger to the media is the media faking stories?

Something else I've caught going on.  I watched the show Eureka streamed and thought I'd like to add to my library.  So I looked on iTunes and it was going to cost well over 100 bucks to buy 5 seasons in Standard Video.  So then I look up the DVD's on Amazon, and they want 150 for the set.  Wow, perused a few more shows like Northern Exposure and all the sets were like 150 200 etc.  When did that happen.

Then, found you could buy the set in US dollars of Eureka, not in USA DVD format but European format for 45 bucks.  Same with other shows.  So, why are they gouging the US customers?  Cause they can?  Or to discourage 'buying' the series so you pay for streaming?

Fortunately, I know how to play other regions on my Mac.  But I still found it curious.

Amazon is really starting to irritate me, I keep reading these stories of how warehouse people are treated and paid; and WF changing their cane sugar pop to inverted sugar pop and if you aren't observant you will not know; I take a basket around WF and it costs over 100 bucks, I take a cart around Trader Joe's and with about two baskets worth of food and it cost less than 100.  The prez of Amazon is riding high while employees are living in cars.

Hope my company doesn't start doing that anytime soon.  Oops, never mind, too late, the bean counters are thinking about it.

Saturday, August 11, 2018


The press is begging the readers leaving the theatre not to go, the press is not the enemy;  the press are mad at the president, saying he is putting their lives at risk from gun nutter Trump supporters with all his venomous attacks against the press.

They really don't get it, the press never will get it.

Once upon a time in America, media companies owned media and nothing else.  So they NY Times or CBS was an independent company that were not beholden to anyone.  And while they would show discretion  and good taste not to publish pictures of FDR in a wheelchair or look the other way when a president got a little on the side, they were equal opportunity bashers; they would go after democrats and republicans alike, they didn't pick sides, the media was certainly part of the reason LBJ didn't run for a second term, for example.

I would like to think if Humphrey had won in 68, was running for reelection I  72, and democrat plumbers busted into republican headquarters that the Washington Post and Woodward/Bernstein would have gone after that story with the same vigor.  Maybe I'm naive, but I think they would have brought down Humphrey as they did Nixon.

But today, we have a media that is clearly biased.  And there are reasons for the biased media we see today.  First, those newspapers and TV News are no longer independent entities, they are owned by much larger corporations.  In the 90's, when NBC was owned by GE, there was a reason the NBC Evening News didn't cover Juanita Broadwick:  GE makes BILLIONS every year in government contracts and do you think they would risk those billion dollar contracts because our rinky dink money bleeding red news division ran a story about the president raping a woman?  The bean counters never would allow it.

Bean counters, oh, that's another blog.

So WHAT is covered in news today at each entity is sometimes determined by the Board of Directors of a corporation that must consider how such a story, if covered, will affect the balance sheet.  Not only what stories are covered, but how they are covered.

See, biased media is not just the angle or framing of the story, it's whether the story is covered at all.  One station covers the junkie shooting two people with an illegal gun, but will not cover the story of the woman who shoots the home intruder and puts gun ownership in a positive light.

Secondly, reporters today came up through the same education system that taught them to be good little liberals, that corporations and business is bad, socialism and government is good.  They are taught it's not what an author means when he writes a word, sentence, paragraph or book, it's what does it mean to you, the reader.  So everything is reinterpreted  to mean something entirely different than the original author intended, making a mockery of history, religious texts, etc.  So now Sherlock Holmes and Watson of Doyle literature are two gay men or Jesus and John because that is how a reader interprets the text.

Wait, went to deep off track there; I hate when I do that.  The point is in education, no matter what the discipline, you are taught at college level by 'professors' who wrote a dissertation and they write a text book on that dissertation and students buy the book and regurgitate what the prof wants to hear, then they become professors and add to the regurgitation and eventually all the students majoring in a discipline are being taught the same thing with little add ons.

Theology is like this.  For over 100 years it doesn't matter if you go Catholic, Baptist, Pentecostal, Lutheran, or Methodist - you will be taught this Paulinian Christianity.  If Paul says A and the OT says B, the Gospels say B, Jesus says B; then A is the correct answer.  So millions have been ignoring the feasts, ignoring the Torah, eating crab salad rolled in bacon appetizers for a century thinking, it's okay, Paul said so.

Well Journalism majors have been brainwashed into liberalism and socialism and no longer does a reporter ask, "What is truth" but asks "How can I deal with this issue and support a cause of X".

So whistle blowers come along and some are wine and dined by the liberal media and others are chastised and the media will tar and feather them, call for prison for the tattle tale.  Snowden's big mistake was not blowing the whistle, his crime was blowing the whistle during the Obama administration.  Had he done it during the Bush II admin or the Trump admin, admit it, he would be a national hero at the NY Times and Washington Post.  Maddow would have been flying to Russia twice a year for long sit-down interviews  with the hero.

But he did it during Obama's term and in spite of no one remembering Obama saying in the 2008 election year that he was going to make sure whistle blowers were protected, he came down on them in ways that would make Nixon or Reagan blush and wish they could have done that during their terms.

So I have decided to help the liberal media at the NY Times, the Washington Post, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN and MSNBC, no wait, nothing can help MSNBC; I'm going to tell you how you can gain back the trust and admiration of the American public in the heartland of this country.

Go after the Clinton Foundation with the same vigor you have been going after Trump for 3 years.  Now, this won't be easy, they may not even teach courses in investigative reporting any more at our finest institutions so you may have to find some old geezers from newspapers that knew how to do this, but if you dig into the Clinton Foundation, the waste in Haiti, the Uranium deal, and all the players and bust that wide open, THEN the American public will give you a second chance.  Because we see what you don't; the above mentioned media is a completely different breed of animal when a republican is in office from when a democrat is in office.  We don't mind you going after Trump, we mind you giving Obama a free ride.  We don't mind you going after conservatives, we mind you giving Bill and Hillary a free pass.

And all you have to do is go after the Clinton Foundation and bring it to it's knees, just think if the NY Times came out some Sunday a few months from now outlining and detailing all the corruption in Haiti, the trafficking of children for sex, the money in exchange for favors, why half the heartland would probably have a stroke in disbelief - not in the story - but the fact the NY Times would run it!

Or, think of it this way.  If they remade the movie Three Days of the Condor, Robert Redford's character, at the end of the movie, would decide to go public he sure wouldn't go to the NY Times with the story if he were smart.  He'd probably have to take it to Alex Jones and then the NY Times would just call it another conspiracy theory.  How times have changed in 40 years.

Okay, you might use The Rolling Stone, but it would be a big risk there too.

So break off from those corporations, go independent again, beholden to no one, and become apolitical in your beliefs and start treating democrats and republicans alike, go for the story, go for the truth, and then, maybe then, the American people will welcome you back with open arms.

Cause right now about 150,000,000 people realize you are nothing but mouthpieces for a single party and single agenda and we don't like it.

Monday, August 6, 2018


Rosie O'Donnell announced she is going to lead a group of broadway actors at a protest in Washington DC and any else get a picture in their head of a bunch of people dressed as cats singing Memories?  I think a great counter protest should just be the counter protestors singing Andrew Lloyd Webber tunes.

Speaking of memories, it looks like Alex Jones is about to become one.  The great and mighty Wizard of Ozzle has spoken and banned not only all the previous content but also the apps themselves from the App Store due to 'hate speech'.  By golly that left in the USA is tolerant.

I did notice the NY Times app is still available in the App Store, huh.  I mean they hired this gal to be a reporter of some sort and that gal has quite the history of saying very offensive things about certain people.  Like

Dumbass fucking white people marking up the internet with their opinions like dogs pissing on fire hydrants

— sarah jeong (@sarahjeong) November 29, 2014

Are white people genetically predisposed to burn faster in the sun, thus logically being only fit to live underground like groveling goblins

— sarah jeong (@sarahjeong) December 24, 2014

Sorry readers for the woman's potty mouth.  Apparently, the Wizard of Ozzle thinks that is okay, but Alex Jones is not.

So where is this going to stop?  I mean, seriously?  Do you think the left, the alt left, the high tech wizards who now want to tell us what we can listen to or read; have you sat down for one second to think of the unintended consequences?

Where will they stop?

Look, I remember shows on Alex Jones about Sandy Hook and the comments it being a staged event.  There is even a very strange picture of a woman who lost a child at Sandy Hook and a picture of the lawyer that represented the theatre shooter in Colorado and if they are not the same woman, she either has a twin or a doppelgänger.   So this is not some blanket statement of support for Alex other than my support the right of him to not be blackballed.  If Mother Jones were being banned, I'd be just as upset.

Oh wait, I'm sorry, is blackballed offensive to someone?  Waiting to be banned.........

The nanny state has reached it's full potential now.  Now daddy government and mommy tech is going to tell us what we can and cannot listen to, only those songs, movies, shows, radio, etc that meet the standards of daddy gov and mommy tech for love, tolerance, philosophy, worldview, equality will be allowed.

We will tolerate all ideas as long as we agree with them.

It's easy to go after Alex Jones, they guy has sold everything a conspiracy since 9/11.  9/11, Boston, Sandy Hook, Colorado Theatre, all were 'false flags'.  You can listen to it, argue with it, research it, and decide if you agree.  But that is not what the daddy gov and mommy tech want us to do, they want to pre determine what we can be exposed to and only allow those things to come thru to us that they approve.

What I am waiting for next is Comcast and other internet providers to start blocking the website.  Watch, it will be coming, blocking the website is next, and then, anyone with a brain still working will know, it's over.

Where will they stop?

They won't.  They never do.

I mean, a government, the technology industry, the medical establishment, and the media all on the same page, working together, hand in hand - what could go wrong?

So who is next?  Once they can kill off Alex Jones, who will be next?  How about people who disagree with the daddy gov mommy tech state on climate?  Will the cry go out to remove the content and block the sites of 'climate deniers'?  Why think how far the climate chicken littles would have gotten if those damn climate deniers hadn't found all those emails and studies where they fudged the data to support their position of we are all going to die?  Oh, silly, me, what will be next is immigration.  Anyone who dare suggest illegal aliens are, well, here illegally and many should be forced to leave, and that we should prevent people from entering America illegally will absolutely have to go.

So now where will anyone read the % of illegals that are on government assistance or the % of illegals that fill our prisons - no, we shall only hear of the good ones according to daddy gov and mommy tech.

And guns?  My gosh, think of the world with no pro gun websites, no gun sales, no stories of men or women saving themselves and others by pulling their concealed carry handgun and blowing some poor misunderstood guy away who just wanted to have sex with your 5 year old.

Yep, you cannot listen to Alex Jones but you can learn about how wonderful adult child sex can be on the daddy gov mommy tech system.  My, you can almost hear Louie humming What a Wonderful World.  You can't listen, watch or read Alex Jones but you can watch several young people kick all sorts of shit out of someone and post it on the same sites that just banned Alex Jones.  Violence against others, when done for sport, is okay with daddy gov and mommy tech.

Think about that for a moment, go to facebook and do some searching, think as bad and evil as you want, and you will find postings and videos to cover it on facebook and youtube using the app provided by the App Store.  But you won't find Alex Jones.

Think how wonderful and peaceful the world will be, with only shows and websites that promote technology, democrats, no borders, gay lesbian trans pedo beasty love, renewable energy, how your new bike is better than that old car - save the planet, take your date to prom on a bicycle built for two, do not defend yourself against crime -it's not his fault he is raping you message.

I wonder what your pregnant wife will think bout being rushed to the hospital on a bicycle built for two.....never mind.

I'm actually not trying to be funny; where will they stop?  Because I know the answer, they will not stop, this is the beginning of the end.

We, the people, sent a big FU to the system in 2016.  And now the system is fighting back and going to make sure websites and radio shows that do not go along with the system will be removed, silenced.

I'm sorry, I had plans today, I had better things to do, but when I read the headlines this morning I actually thought of the king in LOTR saying, "And so it begins....".  Will people look back at today and think, 'so this is what it felt like in Germany in the 1930's when people got the first wind of what was coming?'

Daddy gov and mommy tech are going to decide what we are allowed to listen to, what we can read, what we can watch, how we can behave, what we can drive, how much water we can use, how much electricity we can use, whether we can have the surgery or not.

Anyone feel the eye of Sauron watching as you read? Cause I can feel it as I type.

Théoden: Where is the horse and the rider? Where is the horn that was blowing? They have passed like rain on the mountains. Like wind in the meadows. The days have gone down in the West. Behind the hills, into shadow. How did it come to this?

Whatever you think of Alex Jones, this is bad folks, this is real bad.  Look, if the trial going on about what he did or didn't say about sandy hook puts Alex off the air, I'm fine with that, it went thru a jury and I can understand that; but this blatant banning by mommy tech and the wizard behind the curtain is wrong, especially with all the other shit they allow.

Is Alex Jones really more offensive than some of the shows you can watch on Netflix, Amazon Prime or iTunes?  No, it just depends on who you are offending.  Daddy gov and mommy tech have zero issues with offending certain segments of society, like Christians.  They will make fun of Jesus, God, Christians, pastors, all day and night long but never once do they mock muslims.  Why is that?  Shouldn't good atheists be mocking all religions equally?

Where will they stop?  After Alex, will they go after immigration, climate change, radio shows, web sites, blogs, where will they stop?

Daddy gov and mommy tech are coming.

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out— 
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

Hmm, doesn't tell us what to do when the socialists come for us

Sunday, August 5, 2018


Madonna says she has moved from the USA to Portugal because of President Trump.

Need I go on any further or 'nuff said?

But in spite of Madonna moving out of the country, we should also point out other little things - but first, I absolutely love what LeBron James said the other day that Trump is trying to divide the country on race.  Good heavens, Trump may be right, LeBron ain't the brightest bulb in the scoreboard.

There is a great video of a press conference where Trump and a dozen city leaders and mayors are at a table all complimenting Trump on his efforts with prison reform and urban renewal and how much things are already improving with job creation in the black and hispanic inner city communities.

Gee, jobs for black people, can't believe Obama didn't think of that.

So in 18 months in office, we are seeing 4% growth after a former president named Obama said that 1% is the new normal and good.  The same Obama that said you can't bring those manufacturing jobs back.

Well, they are back.

LeBron is never going to realize that the increase in sales of his jersey's and shoes is because Trump is leading the creation of jobs and now more young black people will have a job and income to spend on his jersey.

Then again, you can hardly blame LeBron, I mean if you just signed to play Bball in Los Angeles, the land of psycho crazy liberals, would you have the balls to come out for Trump?  People can't even walk down the street in California with a MAGA hat or Trump shirt without getting the crap beat out of them, can you imagine what would happen if LeBron said something nice about Trump?  Someone might key one of his Bentley's or something.

Did I mention Madonna left the country?


There are three issues that divide this country and it's not getting better, it's getting worse, and deep down inside, the alt left and the Trump voters are driven by this divide but don't realize they are motivated by the same issue.

One of them is Income disparity.

Look at Amazon, look at the billions in profits Amazon makes and then read the stories of the warehouse workers, the low pay, long hours, inhuman expectations; people peeing in bottles because they can only use a bathroom on their breaks and it takes nearly the whole break to walk to the bathrooms in the warehouses.

I am seriously considering ending my 21 year relationship with Amazon.  I was using Amazon back when it was only books and they would send out an Amazon coffee mug/glass each year to their good customers.  Now my relation with amazon seems to be I give them one of my paychecks and they send me a bunch of stuff I later toss or sell for 10 cents on the dollar on craigslist.

Not to mention the number of books I've downloaded and never actually read.

I talked a few years ago about the absolutely fabulous book Raging Inequality by Les Leopold.  It showed how the difference between the lowest paid full timer and the CEO went for 40X to over 800x since 1970.  It shows how the median pay, in 2014 dollars has actually gone down for 80% of the work force - in other words, you made more in 1980 than you do today.

I see that in my job, I did phone support for small software company in the late 80's and made 30k and if I put that number in the inflation calculator, which uses the government figures and grossly underestimates actual inflation, but it still comes out with mid 60's today to have the same buying power 30k had in 1987.

But still not making 60k at my very large affluent company I work for today.

This is one main reason the middle class is disappearing.  Not only have wages not kept pace, but expenses have exploded.  In 1987, company paid 100% of insurances and no deductibles; today, thank you Obama, I pay about 80 bucks for insurance each check, have co pays, deductibles, and a % of up to 10k and I know the company is paying about 600 a month for my health plan versus maybe 150 a month for a much better plan was in the 1980's.

but those workers at insurance companies, sales, data entry, adjusters, etc have not seen their salaries go up while the CEO's watched their numbers go up, well, about 800%.

See, the America we miss is that America that looked like a perfect bell curve, with very view at the bottom end, very few at the top end, and the vast majority was living the middle class life; yes, there was a lower middle class and a middle class and an upper middle class that made up +/- 2 standard deviations from the mean.

So now we got a curve where the middle class is being pushed over to the left and those still on the affluent side: politicians, lawyers, tv news anchors, talk show hosts, all spout how they are looking after you as they keep pushing you out with policies that make them wealthier and the masses poorer.

Just look at all the businesses suddenly whining about not having enough people to hire, or the cost of salaries going up.  Did you ever stop and think about the disconnect there?
Business owners are complaining because business is increasing, they need more people, and it's harder to hire them because wages are rising.  Basically, between the crack down on illegal aliens, which has been providing cheap labor and artificially holding down wages for 80% of the work force, and jobs returning to the USA, now you can't get away with just paying minimum wage for jobs that use to pay two or three times minimum wage back in the 'old days'.

Of course, there is another factor in play here, and that is the millennial generation.  You know, that generation with 100k in college loans, living at home, working two part time jobs the last few years to pay for the Game Center and now jobs are available but, millennials don't want to do them.  Truck drivers, some company in Ohio needs drivers, here is the deal:  they will train you, you will work 5 days and be home on weekends, you will earn over 80k.  They are even waving the drug test for hiring, though after hired you will need to stop using drugs.

They get lots of baby boomers and generation X'ers who were displaced by the wonderful 1% growth Obama economy, but no millennials.

Same is happening in construction, can't fill all the jobs because millennials don't want to get dirty.

The irony here, is for 30 years we were told that illegals do jobs Americans don't want to do and most of us knew that was total bull crap.  Today, after cracking down on illegal aliens being employed, we find out it is now true because we raised a whole generation of kids who don't want to work, don't want to get dirty, don't like manual labor.

And my generation doesn't get this because we loved construction and landscaping jobs when we were in high school and college, but then, back then it paid over twice minimum wage.

On the other hand, do I want to live in a world where millennials are driving 18 wheelers while playing Planet Kill 3 on the iPad velcro'd to the steering wheel?  So where was I.....

The point is this income disparity is what is really changing this country.  What made America great for generations was hard work could move anyone from lower to middle class, middle class to upper middle class, and upper middle class to affluent.  Today you can work your fingers to the bone for 40 years and have nothing because the rent takes up one paycheck, you live off the other paycheck and every year basics take up more and more of the check.

My electric company, which is run by the city as is the water, the gas, and soon the internet, has decided to raise rates on residents during 'peak' hours, which is like 11am to 6pm.  I wrote them and said 'hey, I work from home, you are wanting to stick it to me for working at home' and they said tough, because the city of Fort Collins doesn't have any competition.  Doesn't matter to them that they fill their SUV twice a week with fossil fuels and my 20 year old Volvo gets filled every six to eight weeks, I'm an evil over user and they are about to stick it to me.

So in 10 years, in my case, I've seen health insurance go from 300 a month for 2500 deductible and 100% coverage to a policy that I co pay out the wazoo, have a deductible, and pay 20% of the next 10k; I've seen rent go up 300 bucks/month, I've watch my electric bill climb with zero alternatives, groceries up 50%, and I'm suppose to be grateful with a 4% raise - which I am, but 4% when the CEO cashes over a billion in stock options and my expenses go up 10% a year and by the way, I need to put money away for retirement because there are no pensions for 80% of the workers while corporations buy 1 million dollar life insurance policies for the executives that belong to the executives and have living benefits so they will be able to withdraw 90% of that contract at any time and because it's life insurance, no taxes.

How many of us have a senator or congressperson who went to Washington as a middle class person and after being re elected two or three times is now worth over  millions?  Or go to DC a millionaire and then becoming a multi millionaire?  Good ol' Maxine, that fighter for the inner city black person, has a home in her district, but lives in Beverly Hills, or one of the other three mansions she has in the USA.  Or that Missouri senator who's husbands business has gone from being a good business to getting hundreds of millions in government money.  People are getting sick of this.  Or, maybe it is just me getting sick of it and I'm projecting my disgust on others.

This is what is tearing apart this country.  It's one of three issues that is going to bring this country to it's knees.