This is my second blog.

My first blog chronicled my experiences over three years caring for my dad as he lived through and finally died from Alzheimer's. That is the book that is for sale.

This second blog kind of chronicles of life, what it is like to start your life over in your late 50's. After caretaking, you are damaged, file bankruptcy, and the world doesn't care what you did. After 8 months of unemployment, you wake each day knowing the world doesn't want you. Finally you do find a job, 5 weeks before homelessness, but doing what you did 30 years ago and getting paid what you did 30 years ago. So this is starting over.

The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.

Monday, April 30, 2018


That is the cleverest blog title I've come up with in quite some time.

What do we get in America today for our education dollar?  Back in the 1960's we got one teacher for 30 students, three to five grades in one building, one principal and a teacher who was assistant principal.  Had about 6 of those in the district covering Kin thru 3rd grade then five four thru 6th and then one Jr. High combining them.  One principal, Rocko Marelli,  handled all the schools for Kin thru sixth grade. When you have a paddle hanging on the wall of each office and parents permission to spank a kids ass if he/she misbehaves, it's amazing how well behaved the student body could be.  And, where was I,  the 4th thru 6th grade schools has a nurse and a couple of old women working in the office - well all women were old when you were in 5th grade.

High schools saw more 'staff' and would have questions like " a plane flying at ground speed of 155 mph at an altitude of 3,000 feet headed due north.  There is a wind of 10-15mph south south west.  If a 24kb cast iron ball is dropped from the plane directly over the center of TinBukTuu what color house will the ball land on" for test questions.

Today, we spend thousands of dollars more on education per student than we did 50 years ago, and that is taking inflation into account thank you very much.

Story in the British press of an American dad who is kind of pissed off when he read one of the test questions on his daughters test in Anatomy

'Ursula was devastated when her boyfriend broke up with her after having sex. 

'To get revenge, she had sex with his best friend the next day. Ursula had a beautiful baby girl 9 months later. 

'Ursula has type O blood, her ex-boyfriend is type AB blood, and his best friend is type A blood. If her baby daddy is her ex-boyfriend, what could her baby's possible blood type(s) NOT be?'

You may first notice English literacy is not required of test questions.  Or, you may wonder why a science class requires revenge sex for this question, why not just say sex, boyfriend broke up, nine months later and blood test results blah blah blah.

No, you have to pretty much define Ursula as a slut in order to provide validity to the question.

But that is not the point.  Yes, I have a point, stop laughing.  Read the next paragraph:

He was concerned about the morality of the question.  Of the idea of 'Ursula' having sex 'to get revenge',  he says the principal of Westside High School told him that it was a computer generated question.  Austin says that he was told that a teacher just printed it and handed it out.

See!  We are not responsible!  The principal is not responsible for test questions!  The teacher is not responsible for test questions!  It was a computer generated question!  OH!  It was computer generated!  Now we understand!  The teacher actually had absolutely no mental resources used in the configuration of that exam for the students, the teacher just hit print and then handed out the paper to the students.

Welcome to the new world order, where test questions magically or something just appear out of this danfangled contraption and we have no idea where it comes up with these scenarios but we assure you the computer is completely non bias, non racists, non sexist in formulation of questions.

Let's hope on the final you don't see a computer generated question like:

Billy ate a sugar laden breakfast and then took two Paxils before school.  In his knapsack, alone with his school books and iPad, Billy has two Glock 29's with two 15 round magazines for each gun fully loaded.  In practice, Billy is able to hit the wine bottle sitting on the tree stump 78% of the time from a distance of 20 feet, 89% of the time from a distance of 10 feet to 19 feet and 98% of the time from 9 feet or less.

Billy pulls out his two guns during gym class.  There are 100 students in the class, spread randomly in a gym room measuring 120 feet by 300 feet.

Without reloading, how many females students, currently pregnant from revenge sex, will Billy shoot?

A: Zero, Billy attends an all boys school
B: Zero, Glock 29's don't come with 15 round mags, only 10 round mags stupid
C:All of them, all of them.  All high school girls are slutty little 'hores taking naked selfie pictures of themselves with their perky little, er, a, um, where was I, never mind.......
D:  What is a gym class?
E: Billy is obviously a white privileged name and therefore I don't have to answer any questions that extort white privilege and I find offensive.

Hey, don't get mad at me, the computer did it!  I just hit Publish and boom this whole blog appeared out of nowhere!

Sunday, April 29, 2018


Which I guess would qualify me as next years emcee at the White House Press Dinner.

Here's what I don't get, well other than all the cussing for laughs - hey, that would make a great homeless sign for someone, Will Cuss for Food - where was I... oh, the female comedian in the #MeToo era making fun of another woman's looks like that, in public, with the woman sitting next to her.  I don't know, but if that also doesn't fit the definition of bullying by today's snowflakes or cupcakes or snow athletic cups and cakes, well not sure what would be bullying.

She even bragged about getting f#%&%$ked last night and I'm thinking, 'oh my god, how drunk was that guy?'.

Checking the liberal progressive meter though shows that the rude recently f#%$#ked chick is pretty seriously high on the brain dead follower of marxisms that she will get a pass by the media who will roast a guy and his career if he looks at them wrong.

But she is a star today of brain dead liberal marxism followers everywhere.

Speaking of brain dead followers of marxisms, some black female reporter apparently posted some blogs about 20 years ago and the gay, lesbian, blah blah blah blah transblah groups are upset; the fact she is black and female might help her but I suspect it's her last two years of Trump bashing that will save her; the enemy of my enemy is my friend sort of rationalization will win the day.

But here is the early point.  The people who were laughing at that horrible routine last night, the people that thought it was funny and totally appropriate, all vote democrat - which is why I can't pull a lever for a democrat candidate anymore.  I would be agreeing with brain dead followers of marxisms who want a country without borders, where everything is free, where a big central government controls and monitors our every move, thought, post, web page.  Fight the Future!  Fight Uni!

Of course, republicans are not much better, but there are a few that are trying, okay two, but two people doing the right thing is better than 2,000 people doing the wrong thing.

Which leads us to what I wanted to discuss.  Baby Alfie.

Alfie is a very sick little boy in England and the British medical system has come to the conclusion there is nothing they can do, they are out of solutions.  Alfie's parents were not happy with the conclusion that Baby Alfie will just have to die, a decision made by the British Government Medical Bureaucracy.

So they attempted and found several hospitals in the US with new treatments and tried to get Baby Alfie to America and the BGMB said, uh no.  Can't afford it.  So they raised online all the money they needed and the GBMB said, nope, you can't take the kid to America for treatment.  Then the Pope said heck, we got hospitals all over Europe that will love to treat Alfie and the Catholic Church will cover the tab.

And the BGMB said, uh, no.  Socialized medicine - this is what millions want in this country, what they don't realize they are getting is a large government of faceless bureaucrats who will make life or death decisions and can't be touched, found, debated.

And we have early features of this wonderful system right here in the USA.  When Obamacare passed, we got the same 'panels' - death panels as Palin dubbed them, and she hit that right on the nose.  There are specific rules in ObamaCare that say if person is X years old then they are too old for Z surgery - doesn't matter if the person over X is in great shape, the government will say no - but yes to a 60 year old with HBP, Diabeties, and a host of other ailments, strictly based on age, which, if you think about it amounts to age discrimination but who's gonna sue the government when they are 78 years old by the time the case comes to trial they will be 134 years old and well beyond dead and buried.

You think I am making this up or spinning the story but I really am not.  It's not just that the BGMB said we are not spending any more money on Alfie, it prevented the parents from seeking a cure in the USA or the Catholic Hospitals around Europe and it would not have cost the government a single penny.

Socialist medicine,  go to doctor, doctor diagnosis is a big problem, and the next question isn't what can be done, but what will the insurance/government pay for.

And they say capitalism sucks.

Monday, April 23, 2018


Sometimes, bad can be good.

As many of my imaginary readers know, after not working for 4 years while I took care of my dad going thru dying from Alzheimer's and then spending 8 months looking for work and finally finding a good job although it paid about 1/3 of what I use to make, I had to file bankruptcy.

So now I have no credit card debt because in spite of having a credit rating over 825 for over 25 years, I'm now a bad risk so no bank will issue a card to me.  I try about two or three times a year thru Amazon or elsewhere but REJECTED.

As I said, is probably a good thing because of what is about to happen.  Interest rates are going to grow over the next 5 years, possibly up to double digits.  So all people with adjustable rate mortgages and credit cards are about to see a huge jump in monthly payments - not sure if student loans are fixed or adjustable, wow, that would be catastrophic if they are adjustable.

But, this is all not bad.

See, interest rates have not been market determined for over two decades now.  Clinton figured out if rates would drop to 1%, then the amount we owe in interest would tumble and the budget would balance and so they worked to force rates down and now nobody wanted to see them go up because the debt would balloon up - yea, I know, Bush doubled the debt and then Obama doubled the debt again - and did that with rates being around 1 or 2% - imagine what it would be if rates had been 8%?

But there have been downsides to this.  First retired people who use to put large sums of cash in CD's and bonds and make 8, 10, 12, 15% a year on their money were very happy campers.  I remember people back in 1992 not wanting to buy long term bonds at 8% because they didn't want to lock that number in and rates go up.

Secondly, pension funds require a large % of their assets in fixed rates, like 70-80% and the funds require a 7% or greater return to stay ahead of payouts and for 20 years they've been earning around 3% or less of fixed income instruments so that is a major reason all these pension funds are on the verge of bankruptcy and insolvency is because Clinton drove down the rates and everyone has kept them down to make the budget look better.

How exactly can a federal budget running a trillion dollars in the red every year and doubling the debt every 8 years look good?

But rumors are Trump is about to turn the rates loose to the market and after 20 years of being suppressed it will quickly go up to the 10 - 20% mark before settling down to what the market will charge.  In the long run, this is a good thing, short term gonna cause some pain.

But it needs to happen because it never should of happened.  Democrats will blame Trump but truth is both democrats and republicans are responsible for artificially restricting the rates for over 20 years, not that the media or masses will understand.

Frankly, as an investor over 60, I'd love to have up to 50% of my money in fixed rates earning 8 or 10% and the rest in good large cap funds paying dividends.

Now I know some will start to argue, but let me point out when the 80's economy took off the rates were around 15%, came down to around 7-8 by the 92 election so it does show 1.  economies can boom with double digit interest rates, millions of businesses were created during this time and millions bought homes during this period in spite of mortgages in double digits.

So if you got adjustable debt, better get rid of it as fast as possible or you are going to have a lot less spending money each month real soon.


Oh, why not, everyone does a mock draft.

A mock draft is when a person or persons of no qualifications what so ever try to guess which player will be drafted in which order and a correct draft is rarer than someone who guesses all the brackets in the NCAA championship for 5 years in a row.

Thus, leading a person who never played high school football but did attend a couple of games each year.  Then again, didn't know much about politics but called that election map pretty much spot on in 2016.  So, here we go:


CLEVELAND - Cleveland has the first pick and the 4th pick right now in the draft and for most teams this would be a dream but this is a nightmare in Cleveland.  Technically, they don't HAVE to take a QB, they got a pretty good one in a trade with Buffalo so I predict they will surprise everyone and pick the running back from PSU and the pass rushing monster, Chubb, with both picks which will immediately negate ever mock draft in the nation.  Then they can pick a QB in the second round where there will be several available.   But, this is Cleveland.  First of all, if God is a football fan, Chubb will end up in Chicago because then he would be known as Chubby Bear.  Secondly, Cleveland,  if they pick a QB will screw it up.  Pick the RB first, let the next two teams pick their QB's and then you can decide if you like one of the 3 left or you can pick Chubb and with last years pick have the most bad ass pass rush for the next 5 or 6 years in NFL history.  I'm telling you right now, Cleveland goes RB and Chubb, with those receivers, QB, and defense, they are going to go from 0-16 to the playoffs in 2018.

NY GIANTS AND NY JETS -  let's face it, outside of NYC and NJ, no one gives a crap about NY or NJ and what either team does.

DENVER - Elway might draft a QB if he found one that reminds him of himself.  Let's face it, Elway hated Tebow, threw him in to shut up the fans and then threw him out for winning, signed an aging Manning who limped him into a Super Bowl, but look at Elway's choices for QB since?  Three quarterbacks drafted and three quarterbacks who suck.  You could have thrown darts at a board with all the college quarterbacks on it and done better than Elway has, which leads me to predict I don't know which QB Denver will pick, but I will predict he turns out to be another total bust, continuing the Tebow Curse on the Broncos.

I like that. THE TEBOW CURSE.  I wonder if I could get a Bronco's jersey with Tebows old number and THE TEBOW CURSE for the name across the back?

INDIANAPOLIS - They will trade their pick to another team wanting a quarterback and after said team is done laughing at Denver for choosing the loser of the 5, will pick a quarterback who will probably turn out to be the best of the top 5 qb's taken in the draft.

TAMPA BAY -  This will be tough, they could go defense here, but that can't miss guard from ND is still on the board and they may think maybe if they got the guard to help protect Winston at QB, Winston will start being the serial rapist, er, I mean Quarterback that they thought he would be when they drafted him.  Tampa will get an outstanding player at this pick, but it's not can't lose because as long as TB's "I am a star who got away with rape in college because I was a star"  is lining up as a QB,  they will not win.  They will always be losers.

CHICAGO - As stated earlier, in a perfect universe,  Chubb falls to 8 and the Bears get their Chubby Bear.  But that won't happen.  Basically if Chubb is gone and the OG from ND  is gone, they will make a defensive choice of either Fitzpatrick from the Tide or the middle linebacker dude from Georgia.  Don't think they will go with the athletic freak from VT because he lacks instincts and is 19 years old.  Which is only 2 years older than David Hogg which puts a picture in my mind of David Hogg in the NFL and after every play whining "you're so mean".


Um, well, to be honest, don't really care after this.  I mean Buffalo or New England might want to move up for a QB and each have a couple of 1st round picks to trade up with, Buffalo better choices than NE so they'd have to add a 2nd rounder or two to beat a Buffalo bid but other than that not a big deal

The interesting thing is who the QB class this year was suppose to be weak, there were no players like a Manning or Luck or can't miss sort of guy but because so many teams need a QB, it's like there are no 10's in the bar just some 7 and 8's but guys start hitting on the best of the 8's to make sure they don't go home alone.  Hey, it's a football hot girl simile, deal with it.

Punch line to all this is I have actually watched a football game since 2012?  Just can't see cheering a bunch of guys who will all be suffering from mental issues by 40 for their time in the sun.  I look at that 85 Bears team today and the tragic consequences many of them are going through and watching a game now is kind of like sitting in Rome watching the Xians eaten by lions.

Saturday, April 21, 2018


No amendment is absolute.

A sign at a protest by high schoolers wanting unnamed new controls on guns.  And I don't even know where to begin on this, so much comes up.

First of all, why would anyone be surprised?  For 30 years, student after student has been taught that the truth is relative.  What is true for me isn't necessarily true for you.  All truths are equal. There are no absolute truths, well, other than them telling you absolutely there are no absolutes.

And now high school kids who obviously have had zero education in what founding fathers wrote, never heard of the Federalist Papers, and hermeneutics has been reduced to 'what it means to me' (or whatever their cool teachers tells them it means), are saying the Bill of Rights is not absolute.

Obviously, their restrictions on our rights doesn't include restrictions on their free speech.

But we have sat back and allowed restrictions on our rights given us in the Bill of Rights.  I've already explained the Bill of Rights are granted to us, according to the authors, not by man but by our Creator - God - oh wait, can we still say God at Google?  I mean God in Heaven not God in the boardroom.

There are already state laws restricting gun ownership although it is made pretty damn clear this was not suppose to be allowed.  And our rights to religion have been so beaten down that any student, teacher, city, township that dares mention Christmas is subject to job loss and lawsuits.

Doesn't matter 89% of the population celebrate Xmas, just don't allow the local government to endorse it by hanging a wreath or something.  And the real kicker, I mean it's almost funny, if you actually read the federalist papers it quickly becomes obvious that the founding fathers references to 'religion' were Baptists, Catholics, Methodists, Quakers, and other denominations of Jewish/Christian not Sabababaism where sacrificing cats and eating only seafood while worshiping the television is prayer.

See, here is the issue.  Put a good man at 100 and the devil at 0.  They debate a topic and at the end they shake hands and agree, the Devil moved from 0 to 90 and the good man moved from 100 to 90.

How many of my imaginary readers understand that the Devil won the debate?

See, getting a good man to move from 100 to 90 is difficult.  But now getting that good man to move from 90 to 70 is easier, and one day the good man looks at life and wonders how he ever fell so far from what he wanted to be, expected himself to be.

Happens every time you give up an absolute.

So what happens after you destroy the second amendment with relativistic garbage until the words have no meaning?  The same 'game' will be played on all the other 'rights' granted in the Bill of Rights until they are some meaningless words on paper no longer relevant.

This is not a prediction, by the way, this is a history lesson.  It's happened over the last 20 years or more.  Most people are too busy in daily living to have paid attention.  Which is not only true in the USA, it's been true throughout history.

The Bill of Rights has already been relativized, it's probably around 65 on that scale.  The masses will not wake up until it's down to around 40.  And then the masses will realize not only are the freedoms gone forever, but they spent the last 10 or 20 years helping it along.

Keep going you know it all kids, create that Utopia so you can realize the hell you have wrought and what you left your kids.

Saturday, April 14, 2018


What Rush Limbaugh did for daytime talk radio, back in the 1990's Art Bell opened the airwaves and minds of millions with Coast to Coast AM.

I can remember leaving the radio on back then when I slept so if I woke up in the night I would hear the craziest, weirdest and sometimes scariest stories - moving into a new house and the kids always being blamed for things by the dad, like nailing the windows closed - well until one day dad was in the basement and had locked up all the tools, nails and screws, went upstairs for a drink and when he came back down all the windows were nailed shut again - and then dad was out of the house with the fam and never went back.

In some ways, Limbaugh and Bell were two sides of the same coin.  Voices for what many had thought, an outlet for tens of millions of people who never really had an outlet for talking about what they thought, saw or felt.  Anyone working nights now had a better reason not to fall asleep after midnight; many a truck driver is alive today because Art Bell kept them awake as the barreled down the highways.

Art Bell expanded the minds of millions, opening and giving legitimacy to people who believe they saw flying saucers, ghosts, reptilians.  He'd have people on speaking of topics never heard on radio and would carry both sides.  There around about 1/2 dozen interviews he did with Malachi Martin involving exorcisms, Jesuits, Fatima's third secret and other topics, by the way, John Loeffler of Steel and Steel also has about 1/2 dozen amazing interviews with Martin, including an over two hour debate with Dave Hunt on Catholicism, but we are talking about Art Bell this morning.

Besides Martin, Bell's interviews are all over YouTube.  I've downloaded a many over the years and converted to mp3 to listen to on an iPhone or iPod.

And today, over a decade after Art Bell left Coast to Coast, the show still goes strong, a legacy Rush Limbaugh would not be able to claim if he left radio, his show would go with him.  But Art Bell created more than a radio show, he opened the door and created the alternative news.  No Art Bell, no Coast to Coast and look at those thousands of other radio shows discussing alternative realities, life in the universe, parallel universe, haunted living shows that dot the airwaves and the podcast world.

He tried several times to come back to late night radio, but life took it's toll on Bell and he just was not the same interviewer he once was.  I remember one of his 'new' shows  he was interviewing Michael Heiser and really ripped into Heiser in a way the old Art Bell never would have done and frankly it was way over the top.  We can sometimes achieve greatness at something we do, but that greatness doesn't last forever.

Traditional media will probably not mention Art Bell's passing, they certainly won't credit him with the entire genre of shows, books, webpages that without Art Bell might not exist today, but, then nobody listens to traditional media much anymore.

Art Bell apparently passed away last night, of course he passed in the night, and now we wait to see if Art Bell can make that final call to late night radio to let us know what is on the other side.

Friday, April 13, 2018


Well, I know if I wanted to start WWIII, couldn't pick a more appropriate day than Friday the 13th.

I'm sure the talking heads are having wet dreams right now on TV.  But here is the strange thing.  If you look at cable news, the top shows, like Hannity or Madcow get about 3 million viewers each night.  Three million.  In a country of 330,000,000?  One percent.

One percent of the country at any moment is taking a crap too.

Evening news on networks still lead, with like 8/8/6 million for the three.  So that is 24,000,000 or less than 10%.  In fact the leader in viewership today has about 1/2 of what the last of the three networks had 30 years ago.  Yes, back in the 80's, about 25% of the population tuned in one of the three evening news shows.

I'm sure if Russia launched a few at us, 95% of the American public would be totally clueless and not understand or had a whiff that something might happen.

And that is the problem, well one of the problems, with this country, we've raised two generations of totally illiterate people when it comes to history and philosophy.  They have no foundation and just suck in whatever they are told in school as gospel.  Oh well.

Sweet Dreams.  I've been praying for several days, "Dear God, please don't let these megalomaniacs start launching nukes".

And imaginary readers, what have we learned?  If you want Trump to do something, light one floor of the Trump Tower on fire and he'll come right along.  Even to war.

Anyone catch the stories about the Gulf of Mexico?  Apparently, they've kind of figured out there just might be a super volcano in the middle of the gulf and they've noticed lately the ocean floor has been rising and temps at the bottom are around, oh, 130 degrees?  Pity the people who moved down there to be relatively safe from Yellowstone.  And just to make it fun, some scientists now think the lava bed under Yellowstone and the Gulf are actually part of one big lava pool under the US and Mexico.

That would take care of the need for a wall.  Or to pay off the debt.

But truthfully, if a super volcano in the US ever goes, you are probably better off being near it than still alive 30 days later.  No more food growing in North America Asia and Europe.  Southern Hemisphere will probably get one more season in before the ash cloud covers the entire planet.  And then will come the ice age.  Probably radioactive since who will be around to deal with the nuke plants and the radioactive waste?  They all go Fuko so the ice will be glowing.  Won't that look pretty from space.  A beautiful glowing ball of colors spinning like a rainbow from space, kind of like the spinning wheel on a Mac when you think about it.

Just think how you will need to explain to Millennials and Gen Zero why there is no more food.  Why the grocery stores are empty and after you get done they will roll their eyes to the ceiling for a few minutes, scratch their head and then suggest going to McDonalds.  It's going to take some time.

Monday, April 9, 2018


Colors of the sun
Flashing on the water top
Echo on the land

Picking for a coin
Many other tiny worlds
Singing past my hand

Awake to understand
You are not dreaming
It is not seaming
Just to be this way

Dying men draw numbers in the air
Dream to conquer little bits of time
Scuffle with the crowd to get their share
And fall behind their little bits of time

Okay, first I need to go back and check last nights blog, it was late and I was too lazy.

First off, the title of earlier blog "You're So Mean" was driving me nuts because I was thinking or playing it in my head over and over and over trying to remember what show/movie I was hearing and I finally found it.  The Thin Blue Line.  The young gay acting cop who is not so is secretly is in love with the muslim female cop was doing role playing on being a witness and did the "You're So Mean".  This is the courtroom scene but earlier in the episode is the one that was sticking in my head.

By the way, if you have never seen The Thin Blue Line, all the episodes are available on YouTube for free.  It is one of the funniest shows ever and, oh my, so politically incorrect.  Mr. Bean himself is the star, but frankly while you wouldn't call him a straight man in the comedy, several other actors in the show will absolutely steal the scenes and have you wetting your pants you are laughing so hard.

Some great lines from the show:

    Grim sells the virtues of marriage to Fowler

    Marriage ... is comfort. It's security. I cannot tell you, the peace of mind which me and my Tina enjoy, knowing that things are as bad as they're ever going to get.
    D.I. Grim (David Haig) in Series 2, Episode 7

    Fowler questions Grim's order of a new water cooler

    Raymond, do not interfere with my decisions. I, and me alone, am responsible for the operational fitness of my officers. It is my arse and I will not have you sticking your nose in and sniffing about.
    D.I. Grim (David Haig) in Series 2, Episode 7

    I haven't got time, Raymond! I am involved in serious police work. If you get in the way, I'm responsible. Your cock up, my arse.
    D.I. Grim (David Haig) in Series 2, Episode 6

    Being decent and fair and honest doesn't necessarily make a person right, Habib. But if it did, Rolf Harris would be Prime Minister.
    Inspector Fowler (Rowan Atkinson) in Series 2, Episode 6

    Grim gets a little over-excited

    D.I. Grim: "I've been liaising with some geezers at the Met, pooling our intelligence."

    Inspector Fowler: "Goodness. Between you, you must've made an imbecile."
    in Series 2, Episode 5

    Fowler briefs his team ahead of the big football match

    Inspector Fowler: "Now our job on match day will be to police the Gasforth crowd. The Metropolitan police will of course be in charge of the Chelsea supporters, and a nasty bunch of ill-mannered yobbos, they're bound to be. I anticipate quite appalling behaviour."

    P.C. Habib: "I think you're being prejudiced, Sir. Most supporters are genuine fans."

    Inspector Fowler: "I wasn't talking about the supporters, Habib, I was talking about the Metropolitan police!"

    The station receives report of a previous trouble-maker

    P.C. Gladstone: "Sir, another petition from Lavender Close about the loud sex noises."

    P.C. Habib: "Ah, the noisy nympho at number 9!"

    Inspector Fowler: "Great balls of steaming ouja. Is that woman still at it? I suppose we'd better bring her in."

    D.C. Kray: "No good asking her to come quietly, I suppose."

    in Series 1, Episode 5

So take some time someday and watch The Thin Blue Line.  In fact, you should download the episodes and save them to the hard drive and then backup your hard drive on several external hard drives and put some of them in a safe place because one day we may see a world where these are forever burned in the annuals of history by our conquerers.

Voices in the air
Sympathetic harmony
Coming from the trees

Hanging at my door
Many shiny surfaces
Clinging in the breeze

Oh, leave me where I am
I am not losing
If I am choosing
Not to plan my life

By the way, part two, that news video I was too tired to link last night is here this morning.  This is all the news stations reading the same story:

Well, small story out that those two black chicks who support Trump, Wilma and Betty, no wait that's the Flintstones, um, Diamond and Silk have been kicked off YouTube, no wait, Facebook,  for being black.

Wait, oh they say 'dangerous to society' or something, but it's really because they are black.  And slightly overweight.  Who wants to see fat black chicks on Facebook?  Well besides prisoners or Bill Cosby, but then I digress.

Okay, so they didn't kick them off for being black but you can bet your fat or skinny ass that if Facebook was a conservative site kicking a black person off,  the liberal media would be screaming from the hilltops it was because they were black and the site would be called racists and bigots, then congress would be demanding an investigation and CNN would send reporters all over America asking if Trump should be impeached.

But apparently in our rush towards The Brave New World of liberal tolerance and relative truths where anyone who disagrees with them shall be silenced, having members of the African American community supporting a conservative will not be tolerated in our coming liberal utopia.

I'm seriously wondering when some conservative person or organization is going to start their own Facebook/Youtube/Google Search effort where conservatives can gather.  Of course the opening page will have to explain Neo Nazi's and KKK are actually liberal organizations, after all how few today are aware that Nazi was the slang term for the National Socialists and the KKK was made up for 100 years of only democrats, I think it was one of the rules of the KKK in fact.  I'll have to fact check that though.  Could of been an unwritten rule, like never bunt for a hit in the 9th inning to break up a no hitter.  Then again, it's just possible that only democrats are attracted to the KKK for mental IQ scores or something.

Yea, that's probably it.

Well, I was going to do a mail bag thing where I answer all the questions I receive in email but then I realized I could answer them all and just say "you need to buy the book on Amazon and it will answer all your questions".

Which is blatantly false, but I'm just four more sales away from having sold 100 books all time over the past 5 years, which is why I like to count in binary, cause  1100000 just looks so much more popular.

Disillusioned savior search the sky
Wanting just to show someone the way
Asking all the people passing by
Doesn't anybody want the way

I say goodbye to Joseph and Maria
They think, they see another sky
From my fallen window, I still see them
I'll never free them from the sky

Sunday, April 8, 2018


If I were paranoid or something, I'd be thinking somethings up.  Trump announces we are getting out of Syria, surprising many, and the next day the Trump Tower catches fire, then the following day there is a 'gas attack' in Syria and ....

You don't think the fire in the Trump Tower was a warning to Trump do you?

Glad I'm not paranoid.

Heard a great interview the other day of Huxley by a very young Mike Wallace back in the late 50's.  Got to say, Huxley certainly

HUXLEY: Well, in a number of ways. I mean, the...the experts in the field like Harrison Brown, for example, pointed out that in the underdeveloped countries actually the standard of living is at present falling. The people have less to eat and less goods per capita than they had fifty years ago; 

and as the position of these countries, the economic position, becomes more and more precarious, obviously the central government has to take over more and more responsibility for keeping the ship-of-state on an even keel, and then of course you are likely to get social unrest under such conditions, with again an intervention of the central government. 

So that, I think that one sees here a pattern which seems to be pushing very strongly towards a totalitarian regime. And unfortunately, as in all these underdeveloped countries the only highly organized political party is the Communist Party, it looks rather as though they will be the heirs to this unfortunate process, that they will step into the power...the position of power.

WALLACE: Well then, ironically enough one of the greatest forces against communism in the world, the Catholic Church, according to your thesis would seem to be pushing us directly into the hands of the communists because they are against birth control. 

HUXLEY: Well, I think this strange paradox probably is true. There is, er..., it's an extraordinary situation actually. I mean, one has to look at it, of course, from a biological point of view: the whole essence of biological life on earth is a question of balance and what we've done is to practice death control in the most intensive manner without balancing this with birth control at the other end. Consequently, the birth rates remain as high as they were and death rates have fallen substantially. (COUGHS) 

WALLACE: All right then, so much, for the time being anyway, for overpopulation. Another force that is diminishing our freedoms? 

HUXLEY: Well another force which I think is very strongly operative in this country is the force of what may be called of overorganization. Er...As technology becomes more and more complicated, it becomes necessary to have more and more elaborate organizations, more hierarchical organizations, and incidentally the advance of technology is being accompanied by an advance in the science of organization. 

It's now possible to make organizations on a larger scale than it was ever possible before, and so that you have more and more people living their lives out as subordinates in these hierarchical systems controlled by bureaucracy, either the bureaucracies of big businesses or the bureaucracies of big government. 

WALLACE: Uh-huh. Uh-huh. Now the devices that you were talking about, are there specific devices or er...methods of communication which diminish our freedoms in addition to overpopulation and overorganization? 

HUXLEY: Well, there are certainly devices which can be used in this way. I mean, let us er...take after all, a piece of very recent and very painful history is the propaganda used by Hitler, which was incredibly effective. 

I mean, what were Hitler's methods? Hitler used terror on the one kind, brute force on the one hand, but he also used a very efficient form of propaganda, which er...he was using every modern device at that time. He didn't have TV., but he had the radio which he used to the fullest extent, and was able to impose his will on an immense mass of people. I mean, the Germans were a highly educated people. 

WALLACE: Well, we're aware of all this, but how do we equate Hitler's use of propaganda with the way that propaganda, if you will, is used let us say here in the United States. Are you suggesting that there is a parallel? 

HUXLEY: Needless to say it is not being used this way now, but, er...the point is, it seems to me, that there are methods at present available, methods superior in some respects to Hitler's method, which could be used in a bad situation. I mean, what I feel very strongly is that we mustn't be caught by surprise by our own advancing technology. 

This has happened again and again in history with technology's advance and this changes social condition, and suddenly people have found themselves in a situation which they didn't foresee and doing all sorts of things they really didn't want to do. 

WALLACE: And well, what...what do you mean? Do you mean that we develop our television but we don't know how to use it correctly, is that the point that you're making? 

HUXLEY: Well, at the present the television, I think, is being used quite harmlessly; it's being used, I think, I would feel, it's being used too much to distract everybody all the time. But, I mean, imagine which must be the situation in all communist countries where the television, where it exists, is always saying the same things the whole time; it's always driving along. 

It's not creating a wide front of distraction it's creating a one-pointed, er...drumming in of a single idea, all the time. It's obviously an immensely powerful instrument. 

WALLACE: Uh-huh. So you're talking about the potential misuse of the instrument. 

HUXLEY: Exactly. We have, of course...all technology is in itself moral and neutral. These are just powers which can either be used well or ill; it is the same thing with atomic energy, we can either use it to blow ourselves up or we can use it as a substitute for the coal and the oil which are running out. 

WALLACE: You've even written about the use of drugs in this light. 

HUXLEY: Well now, this is a very interesting subject. I mean, in this book that you mentioned, this book of mine, "Brave New World," er...I postulated it a substance called 'soma,' which was a very versatile drug. It would make people feel happy in small doses, it would make them see visions in medium doses, and it would send them to sleep in large doses. 

Well, I don't think such a drug exists now, nor do I think it will ever exist. But we do have drugs which will do some of these things, and I think it's quite on the cards that we may have drugs which will profoundly change our mental states without doing us any harm.

I mean, this is the...the pharmacological revolution which is taking place, that we have now powerful mind-changing drugs which physiologically speaking are almost costless. I mean they are not like opium or like coca...cocaine, which do change the state of mind but leave terrible results physiologically and morally. 


Huxley kind of hits it out of the park, back in the 1950's.  

Except overpopulation does affect the USA.  Part of our immigration nightmare is due to overpopulation south of our border all the way to the end of South America.  In essence, the population outpaces the capacity of some countries to produce.  They produce 100x's and they need 120x's to survive.  So countries that do produce more than they consume send x's to the poor countries and they continue to grow and grow until the affluent countries can no longer send them more x's and so what happens?  People in those countries pack it up and move to the affluent countries because being poor and broke and illegal in the US or Europe is still a much better life than being poor and broke where they were from.

Look around, what do you see today?  Europe and the US being overrun with refugees and others illegally pouring into Euro/US, soaking up all the government programs for food and housing and you can see Huxley saw this coming.

Of course back then a liberal was not the same breed of cat they are today.

And the drug prediction was amazing, considering the way Vicodin and Oxy are ruining millions of lives.  I bet legalization of pot isn't helping either.  Yes, they are not the same, yet, they are - a buzz to avoid feeling/dealing with the reality of life.  This Bud's for you.

But the reference to over organization was fascinating.  Look at businesses back in the 1950's, large ones, and Operations was always the biggest, there was Personnel, Accounting and maybe Legal in descending order.  But today IT and Human Resources good bye Personnel) are now these huge elephants.  Finance has replaced Accounting and all three of these new silos exert a great deal of control over Operations.

And how has this affected the organizations?  A yearly addition of hundreds of new rules, to control, exactly what Huxley inferred.

I'm not even going to try to show the expansion of government, it would take me 3 weeks to lay that out.

But the comparison of drugs and technology, how technology addicts us.  And look in 10 years since th iPhone  hit the market and we have a nation of people who cannot leave the home without the phone, who. can't go 10 minutes without checking messages, or making a message, or making a call.  And the use of TV, how it was all innocent back in the 1950's but how it could be used to manipulate and hypnotize.  Have you seen that video making the rounds of news stations all around the US, staring thoughtfully into the camera, talking about how important the trust and relationship is between the station and the local community and how dangerous 'fake news' is - but the video shows the exact same words being read all over the US on different locals stations, word for word, the same message, trust us, not 'fake news'.  Manipulating the watchers, just as Huxley predicted.

Might have to read some more Huxley.

Tuesday, April 3, 2018


Anyone else think it is ironic that there is an office shooting at YouTube and there is no video?

Monday, April 2, 2018


Story of man on paddle board and a shark comes up and knocks him off the board and then the shark starts biting the guy but somehow the guy was able to get away.  Which made me think of the book Grendel, don't ask me I have no idea why, but I started thinking of the story from the shark's perspective.

Do you suppose the other sharks in the water, saw this shark ram the board and knock the meal into the water and they all went "Brilliant!  Brilliant!  Did you see that?  That was brilliant!  Why had no shark thought of that before?  This is a huge paradigm shift for the sharks!".  And then all the other sharks started telling the story and now across the ocean sharks are ramming paddle boards,  surfboards, canoes, kayaks, and boats to knock the food right into the water.

Or perhaps they will soon make sport of the whole thing and see who can knock a paddle boarder the highest into the air and then can the shark get the meal before it hits the water?  Can another shark do an 'interception' and grab the meal first or would the other sharks scold him for 'bogarting the dude'.

Yes, this is how I think sometimes.

And there is no way to move to the next topic so hold onto your seats while we move from sharks to the global crisis of super powers.

Since I do seem to get a lot of imaginary readers from Russia, I thought I would ask this question.  Why are the USA and Russia seemingly being drawn by the nose towards a war?  Have you looked at eastern Russia?  You have more Chinese moving over the borders and taking over the eastern portion of Russia than American has Mexicans and now this parade of refugees that probably started in Venezuela and it probably picking up  stragglers in every country and village they walk through - wait, that's another topic, rewind - so why is Russia all buddies with China when China is slowly taking over eastern Russia and do you know China thinks it 'owns' that land?  There is an article on zerohedge.com that goes into more detail on the topic but I really think it might be time for the USA and Russia stepping back and asking "are we being manipulated?".

And the answer is yes.

Why is the US pissed at Russia?  Oh, screw that election meddling crap, that is all made up stuff to discredit Trump and possibly keep him from working with Russia.  When was the last time you heard jobs being lost to Russia?  When was the last time you heard 'taking jobs to Russia' or how Russians are illegally taking over parts of the US and changing the entire language, culture and laws?

Truth is, Russia really isn't our enemy and the USA isn't really Russia's enemy other than it's been that way for 100 years and nobody wants to change.

China, though, is both the enemy of Russia and of the USA.  China wants to own all of eastern Russia and the resources, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, and all of South East Asia as well as Bangladesh and parts of India - and don't be surprised if they decided to 'own' all the way to Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia.  By the way, don't think this is outlandish, did you know that what we refer to as the 'Middle East is actually Asia?  There is no Middle East, just as there really is no Central America.  China's goal is to be the master of all of Asia.  Oh, they may want the whole planet, but the 21st century is about gaining total control over all of Asia.  Russia is just a convenient lap dog to China.

But how to speed up China's plan?  Get a war going between the US and Russia.  Get it to go nuclear and stay back for a few weeks of Russia and US  nuking each other and then China can swoop northward and capture half the Russian landmass, moving 200,000,000 people/soldiers into Russia within a week or so and boom, Western Russia is a radioactive waste, Eastern Russia is now part of China.  Meanwhile the US is no longer relevant, not only are most major cities glowing but the entire grid is down and it will take a while but eventually it will become zombie land and best to just sit back for a year and let that take place.  To China, they don't need the US, they need the US to become irrelevant.  Though I would bet China would move into Alaska too.

Canada, well, they have Justin Trudeau and China will figure they have their own issues and not bother with them other than laughing at what stupid outfit Trudeau will wear next.

In the meantime, China will move thru and take over Japan, Korea (that pudgy little NK dictator will go splat) Taiwan, SE Asia and on to the Middle East for all the oil.  Who will stop them?  Europe will also be wiped from the nuke wars and muslims will be flooding into Europe from the south, same as the southern border will be overflowing from the south into the US.  Of course, the US will have no power, no communications, and most people have less than 3 days of food so after a month neighbor will be eating their neighbors and when all those people flood northward from the south, let's just say, Mexican food takes on a whole new meaning.

So what's the point of all this?  Not a thing.  It's my day off.  Just connecting the dots, writing a blog for imaginary readers, a future spelled out but will go unnoticed and into the ether of the digital cosmos,  never to be heard of or thought of again.