This is my second blog.

My first blog chronicled my experiences over three years caring for my dad as he lived through and finally died from Alzheimer's. That is the book that is for sale.

This second blog kind of chronicles of life, what it is like to start your life over in your late 50's. After caretaking, you are damaged, file bankruptcy, and the world doesn't care what you did. After 8 months of unemployment, you wake each day knowing the world doesn't want you. Finally you do find a job, 5 weeks before homelessness, but doing what you did 30 years ago and getting paid what you did 30 years ago. So this is starting over.

The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.

Friday, January 26, 2018


Been thinking a lot about the immigration thing.

First of all, go look at the front pages of papers today.  Multiple stories on the front pages of Trump considered firing Mueller last June.  But you got to look into the Post and Times types to find any articles on Trumps immigration proposal.  So, think about that a second, the media thinks a story about what did not happen 8 months ago is more important than Trumps proposal for immigration.

I had thought, in thinking never posted, that if they keep using this 800,000 dreamer figure say fine, we will grant 800,000 dreamers citizenship!  But the dems and the snowflakes or cupcakes or whatever they are called protesting would never accept this.  Why?

Cause the number is badly off reality.

Look, back in the 1990's under Clinton they always said 10m illegal aliens.  During the Bush years, it was 10m.  During the Obama years it was 10m illegal aliens in the country.


So that is 30 million illegally in this country, probably more than that since I don't think any one has a clue how many illegally entered this country under Obama's Invasion.

When does illegal immigration become an invasion?  I'm sure there is a line somewhere, I think that line has been crossed in Sweden for sure, probably France and Germany now too.  Hate to say it, but there is a great ethnic cleansing going to happen in Europe, probably during the 2020's for sure.  Who is going to get cleansed I think is still up for debate and betting.

Back to numbers,  sure enough, in the Trump proposal it says that 800k is far short of the actual number of 'dreamers', it's more like 1.8 million.

So, what he proposes is taking those 1.8 million dragged here by parents coming to the country illegally and making them permanent residents and in 10 years if there is a clean record, they can take the citizen ship exam and become citizens.  I like that idea.

Dems will hate it.  They want this issue, they want the votes on this issue, hell California is looking at automatically getting registered to vote when you get a drivers license which means millions more in CA will be voting for federal offices who are not legally allowed to vote.  That is what dems want, they want the illegal votes and when they get back in power they will grant amnesty and citizenship to 30 million illegals who will then all be voting democrat for the next 100 years.  300 years in Chicago since the dead vote there.

Now, what can save republicans?  The House take the Trump plan and pass it.  Then the Senate take the plan, screw down the thumbs of every republican senator and put it up for a vote and pass it and Trump sign it.

So Trump will legalize the 1.8 million dreamers.  It would also end chain migration, it would also allow us to kick out 10's of millions here illegally.  But it does not require EVerify, need to fix that.

Can you imagine the number of dems that will be dropping off of buildings if the republicans pass an immigration bill?  I bet if it actually comes to a vote the dems will try to impeach Trump.

Final note.  Recently read an article about the Charlottesville driver who plowed into the crowd and killed a protester.  There is a story out there that a alt-left person posted on Facebook a picture of himself with an assault rifle and was bragging how he and his buds ran into this driver a few blocks away and chased him.  The guy jumps into his car to escape and this guy on facebook with the rifle with him jumps into his car to chase him and kept chasing him about 4 blocks where the guy hit the crowd.

And I'm thinking, wait a second, is this true?  Cause it changes the story completely if this guy who hit and killed the protester was being chased by some idiot with an assault rifle.

I have no idea at this point if it's true.  I spent an entire evening tracking those stories backwards and they all seem to lead back to one article by one person.  Which, I guess is always true, but I don't see any subsequent articles doing anything but quoting, nobody else is bothering with their own research to verify.  So I don't know if that is true or not.  However, it will sure make the trial interesting if the defense brings this up and can produce the evidence from facebook, messages, etc to show this guy was being chased into that crowd.


This story of the gymnastics/olympic doctor is so weird.

I've only followed it by headline but then read a couple of articles from the alt-left and the alt-right to try to get a balanced sort of story.  And it left me with questions.

1.  The first report against him was in the 1990's.  How the hell did it take this long to catch that bastard?
2.  There were over 150 women who testified against him with sobbing horror stories of what he did.   Many/Several/A few of these same women, when younger, recommended the doctor to their friends and teammates.  Why would they have recommended him if he was doing these things to his patients?  I'm semi okay with a young woman, teenager, pre teen, not coming forward for fears imagined - but when these women got into their 20's and 30's, why did they wait so long?
3.  If 150 people from your past came forward together and accused you of, pick something, how would you defend yourself?
4.  He was originally arrested for child porn on the computer?  Can't they just say he was targeted by the government with the stale old child porn on the computer routine?  This child porn on the computer thing is getting to be as old a stereotype as interrogation with a  phone book once was.  Do they still make phone books or do cops use smart phones or iPads to head smack suspects today?

Now don't peek, but when was the last time you checked your computer for inappropriate pictures?  How many partitions are on your hard drive right now?  Do you leave your computer on and connected to wifi overnight, over a weekend you are away?  I know people to this day who still leave their home and work computers on overnight because back in the 80's and 90's people were told it was better to leave them on that keep turning them on and off.

A good hacker could create a 1g partition on your hard drive, download pics into it and you would never know.  Put it all on a thumb drive with a quick programs in terminal to create the partition, dump the pics and the government can have porn on a computer in less than 10 minutes.

Look, don't misunderstand me.  If this guy was taking advantage of his position and doing things to these young girls I'm all for hanging, seriously,   I find adults verbally, physically, or sexually abusing children to be an abomination requiring a death sentence.

But this trial bugged me.  I almost reminds me of the Day Care Center paranoia of the 1980's.  Remember that?  Day Care Center operators and employees across the nation were charged, tried and some convicted and sent to prison for mass satanic rituals and sexual orgies with the children; great tunnel systems underground were described by the kids.  Lives were destroyed.  And it was all crap perpetrated by, well, not sure, psychs were certainly involved with their interviews of kids and their doll touching thing.

Point being, we are seeing a hysteria ripping across the nation right now, like we did back then except it's got 24 hour cable coverage now and internet bloggers talking about it now.  This could get out of hand.


Can't we just put bars on the windows and doors and turn the FBI building into a prison, would save a lot of time and money.

I don't have a TV so I have no idea how this is playing, not seeing it that much in the newspapers, but some of the revelations this week that higher ups in the FBI and other departments were actively meeting and thinking of ways to get rid of a president is mind boggling.  Why more people are not flipping out over this I will never understand.  I mean think how many people for how long would love to find a memo from 1963 discussing knocking off JFK and what a huge story it would be to find such a memo and now we have numerous emails mentioning meetings, mentioning that there is no 'there there' in the Trump Russia thing, mentioning physically removing the president and all the papers have as headlines is Trump considered firing Mueller last June but didn't.

Saturday, January 20, 2018


Well, today millions of women across the country have gathered in cities to march and protest.

I honestly have no idea what they are protesting for or against.  But I thought this would be a great day for MEN'S BEER AND GRILL DAY.

While millions of women travel by car, bus and plane to cities to around the United States to march for whatever they are marching about now, men have the perfect day to fire up the grill, get those steaks out, pile on the baked beans, potato salads, use paper plates, glasses and plastic wear so you can swoop it all up and get it in the garbage cans before the women get home and pound a few beers with no cares in the world.

That is why I support The Woman's Day March.

Ducking for cover now.


 So, no dog at home and what do I do?

I found these really great old Civil Defense videos from the 1950's on YouTube.  Right now I'm watching "A New Look at the H-Bomb.  The videos are creepy and hilarious at the same time.

Do we still have a Civil Defense system in this country?
Do we still have the bomb shelters stocked with supplies in communities?

Why not?  I'll have to research this....

There was one of these short films that really got me thinking.  Starts with a guy driving up to a farmer, the hey Bill hey Ben how's Audrey fine hows Betty blah blah blah.  But the local store was closed and the guy was coming straight to the farmer for some milk, eggs, and would stop by Thursday for a butchered cow from the farmer.

Then the movie goes into how this isn't who things work anymore and show all the automation in the farming industry for the milk, cattle, etc.

They totally left out how much now we are the cattle and are being totally automized.

Once the cows roamed and the farmer would walk up, put down the stool and bucket and get the milk and when done the cow wanders off.   Today the cows are all lined up in their narrow stalls; cattle are put thru the gates to control which way they turn, all marching towards that cattle gun to the head.

Till today you find the stories of lab grown meat and milk products, no need for the cows.

I wonder what will happen to cows when companies can produce lab meats faster, cheaper and quicker?

Of course, you can look at people today and see the cattle.  Just has the cow got milk and then wandered off to play, people then did a lot of wandering and playing; when was the last time you drove by a field and just saw a group of kids playing baseball or football on a Saturday afternoon - no parents, just neighborhood kids all getting together?  Nope, all inside in their narrow chairs glued to the screen of their phone, TV, Xbox etc.

You listen to shows about AI and robots coming and the efforts of the tech companies to move us into those environments - I don't just mean us as in using them, I mean US!  Our consciousness, memories, our souls.

This is the goal being worked on and it took all the fun out of watching those 1950s civil defense videos, to realize, how far we've come as a culture, how far we've fallen behind as human beings.

Sad again.  Government has now been shutdown for 8 hours and so far nothing has happened.

Government Shutdown

Well, the government's been shut down now for about 6 hours and nothing has happened.

Continue viewing updates of the government shutdown at afterthecaretaker.blogspot.com

Sunday, January 14, 2018


Here are two little truths about politics and Washington.

1.  No solution will ever be offered when not having a solution means more votes
2.  The president and his party will get the credit for a solution.

Let's go back to the Civil War.  For nearly a century after the end of the war the south voted democrat more often than dead people in Chicago.  Well, the white south voted democratic,  black America loved Lincoln and the Republican Party.  Why?  Because Lincoln went to war to free the slaves, the Emancipation Proclamation says so, well, sort of, it actually only frees slaves in confederate states and then they only have to escape to union states in  order to be free and hey, while you are now here, how about a nice blue uniform.  But Lincoln signed it and got the credit for a century.

Then LBJ, probably one of the most evil corrupt racist pigs that ever lived signed the Civil Rights Law that Kennedy wanted and only passed congress because of republican votes - look it up, more dems voted against than for - and LBJ signed it and since the 1960's black America has been voting for democrats.

So you can understand why democrats have absolutely no interest in seeing an immigration bill signed by Trump.  That is the absolute last thing democrats in congress want.  They want to go into the 2018 elections using the lack of a bill to try and retake congress.  That is what they want - to use the issue until 2020 and when a democrat gets into office, then they can do a blanket amnesty and lock up another 30 to 50 million democratic voters, formerly known as illegal aliens.

The one thing I don't understand is why black members of congress and black America is going along with this.  The larger the latino population, the larger the moslem population, the less dems will need the black population.

Imagine in 2018 if black Americans woke up to 50+ years of being snookered and switched in mass to the Republican Party.

Of course, the republicans could just write their own bill, they have control of congress, well sort of, but could pass a bill granting amnesty to dreamers, rounding up the criminals and sending them back, building the wall, and Trump could sign it....

Okay, fantasyland for sure.  More likely to have a flying saucer land on the White House lawn and have transgender aliens from Uranus disembark asking for asylum than expect the republicans to be organized and support their president.

Saturday, January 13, 2018


So, the president may have called some countries in Africa and the Americas 'shitholes' and the left is absolutely bonkers, they are running out of adjectives in their little red book at this point.

Meanwhile, if you visited Haiti, or Venezuela, or Mexico or Nigeria, or Zimbabwe; you'd probably think 'what a shit hole' too.  I'm sorry, didn't mean to omit the Middle East.

What is the problem?  That the president said certain parts of the planet are in the crapper and that is why tens of millions of people are trying to get into the US because their country sucks.  And everyone outside of the Virginia to Boston corridor and Hollywood knows it and understands it and thinks the president is correct in his observation.

I mean, when was the last time we had an issue with a Swiss citizen trying to sneak into the US or overstay a VISA?  Duh.

Ask yourself this question:  how bad does the USA have to become to make you pack up what you can carry on your back and do whatever it takes to get you and your loved ones into another country?  Think about that for awhile and build how bad it has to get here and when you think you've reached that point, that is how bad, or worse, all these other countries are that people are trying to escape.

What I find so odd is the nearly fainting outrage in the media to the president using the term shithole and yet didn't so much as bat an eyelash when small investigations into the Clinton Foundation and their Haiti relief fund found tens of millions of dollars coming in, much less headed to Haiti, and the contracts with companies to help rebuild Haiti and there is nothing that gets rebuilt or built new.

How many hundreds of millions has the US poured into Haiti, Mexico, etc etc etc and they never get any better, unless you are the leader of the country, then you get a nice Swiss account for your retirement.

Why is Haiti still such a disaster?  Not a money issue in terms of what was provided and donated.  Has to be 'the system'.  Why, in a continent  with the riches Africa holds such a cesspool of disease, corruption, and poverty.  Africans should be one of the wealthiest continents on the planet, but instead it is a shithole of disease, some of which is probably some experiment, corrupt leaders who slaughter people without feeling so much as a dip in their soul, wars, no plumbing.

Let's face it, if you went to the average African, Middle Eastern, South American country and spent a month you'd be thinking shit hole too.

And they are designed to be shitholes for a reason.   And,  I could be a real jerk and ask a simple question:  Name in the last 2000 years a country predominately black, run by a black government, that has been out front on education, technology, life styles, philosophy, agriculture, anything?  How about a Latin country.  Heck, even Asia, you have Japan and China but name something since the abacus that was invented?  Japan and China are great at copying and perfecting what others have created, not so good at innovation though.

Is there a cultural reason for all of this?

And let's face it, there are parts of this country that are pretty much shit holes too.  Those areas of every major city where jobs haven't existed in decades, areas of Appalachia where the only thing anyone ever did was work in the mines but now those mines are closed.

And I bet a map showing the changes will show those shit holes growing year after year after year.

And. once again, it's the use of a word that people find offensive, not the corruption, waste, and instigated wars; that is okay.  Just don't call it a shit hole.

And I find that offensive.

Friday, January 12, 2018


Okay, last week I made fun of how fat Jeremy, Richard, and James had gotten.  Clearly that free shipping with Amazon Prime is crumpet heaven of some sorts across the pond.

But today, I want to say thank you.

I lay awake last night for hours, just staring at the ceiling.  In the middle of the night when I hit the head, I saw one of his squeezy toys and squeezed it a couple of times, almost thinking he would sudden appear back in this reality, ready to play.

This morning has not been better.  Big payday today with all the over time hit my checking account, don't give a shit.

Shit.  I have sighed a million times the last 24 hours, always followed by the word shit.  All I say or do.  Like just now when I realized I never took a shower yesterday, did I eat?

Then remembered new episode of Grand Tour comes out today so I decided to watch it while I lay on the couch.

And they made me laugh.  Not once, not twice, but many times; belly bouncing can't catch my breath laughter.

Tomorrow is another day, this too shall pass, I will survive putting my dog to sleep too.  Again.

Thursday, January 11, 2018


Do you know how many times I got up today and made sure I wasn't going to step on the dog?  Or to feed him?  Or to take him for his walk?  I use to carry a half empty glass of water from the living room to the kitchen and would always pour the water into his bowl.  Started to do that 3 times today.

I am amazed at what a mess I was at the vet.  I knew this was probably going to be the result of the visit, known for a week, and still, I couldn't speak two sentences without choking up.

And yet, sitting on the floor, the dogs head in my lap, dead, and the thought crossed my mind "if I'd been a millennial, I'd probably of taken 4 dozen selfies of this and be posting them on Facebook this evening"

Why am I still here?  On Earth.  In Colorado.  I don't really like it here, but I'm kind of stuck.  And today, laying on the couch, staring at the ceiling for hours, it is all unravelling.  Do I really want to ride from Colorado to WV and back on a bike to take my mom's ashes back to WV?  Would she really give a crap if I put them in Colorado?  Why do I live paycheck to paycheck, socking 10% away for a retirement I probably won't have because I'm either not going to live that long or the house of cards will crash.  The idea of a 2020 bike trip might derail or end my career where I work and I put other things off 'till after the trip'.  Do I really want to spend 1500 bucks this year getting a new power steering pump, cat convertor, and a few other things on a car I would have a hard time getting 2k for if I tried to sell it?

Or do I hang the 2020 trip, sell current car for 500 and there are a couple of nice Saabs on sale locally between 3 and 4k but I'd probably wait for another Volvo and after some time get another dog.  Then just keep working to 65 and hope I can stick around longer.  Live simple with a dog and a manual transmission.  Seriously, that is what I really want in life, a good dog and a car with a manual trans.

And I could have it all now if I gave up the 2020 trip.

Yea, that's an idea, get another dog so I can go thru this again in 8 to 15 years.

Round and round it's going in my head today.  I'm missing my dog. Badly.

Sorry about not taking selfies of the dog and me at the vet today.  Clearly, I wasn't thinking normally.


Well, 2018 is off to a flying start.

Taking a weeks vacation and could not have come at a better time.  Last call I took the college girl got a new computer for Xmas from her parents, she left the computer in the trunk of her car for a couple of days during the Alberta Clipper when temps didn't see zero for a high and now has discovered a crack in the computer and wants <name of company withheld> to replace.  Did not buy insurance plan which would have covered and after arguing begging crying threatening and asking if I could sell her the insurance plan now and I explained I could but since I know it's already broken I would get fired for that and she replied, " I don't care".

Which brings up the question; should the spoiled brat be spanked for the first time in her life or should we spank her parents for raising such a spoiled entitled brat.

Fortunately, the next day started my week off.

Last night I was leaving the sushi bar with take out and I apparently cut the corner to quickly and my left ankle twisted badly and I did a face plant on the sidewalk, no, didn't spill the sushi.  But today ankle and foot hurt, both wrists hurt and the right knee hurts along with other muscles and bones not feeling real good.

And you know what?  That is the good news.

Bosco has gone on to be with his grandpa.

About three or four months ago, notice he was appearing to get fat.  Wasn't eating as much or as well.  Turns out he had a big ass tumor and I could have spent 3k for surgery to determine if it could be removed and he might make it or last a few weeks or months.

So I had to have him put to sleep this morning.

You would think after taking care of my mom for 6 years, lifting her out of a bed to get on a toilet to the Hospice which turned out to be Swedish for Euthanasia, since my previous border collie Barkley and the story of him passing, to taking care of my dad for 4 years as he went thru the process of dying from Alzheimers, this would be easier.

Death is never easier.  I could not stop crying.  One of the gifts I received taking care of my dad, whatever firewall or fuses existed in my head to not cry, to be a man, blew out with his Alzheimers and now I cry easily.  Today it flowed like a river.

I don't know if I would have made it thru taking care of my dad if we had not gotten Bosco when we moved to Colorado, he was great with my dad and meant the world to me.  And now he is gone.

The apartment is void of life.

And life just keeps moving on, indifferent.

Yep, 2018 sucks so far.

Thank you Bosco.  See you in the afterlife one day, at the end of the Rainbow Bridge.  Along with Jock, Daisy, Kahlua, and Barkley.  You were a good dog, a loyal dog and will not be forgotten.

All dead
all dead
at the rainbow's end
and still I hear her own sweet song
all dead
all dead
take me back again
you know my little friend's
all dead.....and gone.......all dead.......and gone

Her ways are always with me
I wander all the while
but please you must forgive me
I am old but still a child

All dead all dead
but I should not grieve
in time it comes to everyone
all dead all dead
but in hope I breathe
of course I don't believe
you're dead.........and gone..........all dead..........and gone.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018


Interesting story this morning about the attempted attack on Russian bases in Syria.  Seems they detected a drone attack, with nearly 2 dozen drones launched towards two bases and each drone is believed to have carried a fairly big size bomb.

Can ISIS members just walk into stores and buy drones large enough to carry bombs?  Do they have Humus and Drone Marts all over the Middle East for terrorists to buy drones?
Please tell me our country is not selling drones to ISIS, still.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, Russia was able to bring down the drones, mostly by anti aircraft but a couple by hacking the signal and landing them.  So they probably know where they came from.

Hacking the signal.  Hacking the signal.  The epitaph of the future of our planet.  We were not amused to death, Roger Waters, no, we died from hacking the signals.

But no, seriously, your driverless car will be perfectly safe.  Or the driverless trucks, ships, planes, buses, etc.  Perfectly safe.  No need to worry about hacking the signal.

Anyone get a picture of all of our advance military suddenly being made waste metal by someone 'hacking the signal' - oh wait, that was BattleStar Galactica - TV - never mind - it's not like Sci-Fi ever predicts the future accurately.

I wonder if our military systems use Intel Chips?

All of which brings us to Oprah For President.

I suppose I should support it, me being the person who supports anything that causes absolute chaos.  I mean if she is seriously going to run, I'm going to stop investing in company stock and 401k and stock up on as much gold, silver and copper as possible, copper being the bullets, and have a nice plan for a place to hide in the mountains for a few years.

America, would you get your heads and smart phones out of your asses for just a moment.  America took a chance on Trump and while his tax reductions have kicked the economic doldrums of 10 years of Bush and the Obama miracle - the miracle how such a bad economy could stay that bad for that long - and now it seems to be taking off based on companies moving cash back to the USA and bonuses being given by some companies.

But is Trump a good president?  Really can't say yet.  But Oprah?

Do you really want to save America?  Next election cycle, each party will hold debates.  Find the quietest, fumbling, lousy public speaker who is currently in a 3rd term as governor and elect that person.  Why?  Because 30 years ago Agasi was wrong, style is not everything, substance is everything.  And the bimbos and retards that make up the majority of the countries population now judge only on style and we need some substance.

I mean think about what is coming.  In 2018, the constant 2 years of Trump bashing by the media will have an effect and it's possible the dems will take over congress.  And they will then move to impeach Trump.  Probably try to get Pence too, since next in line is the speaker of the house and that would be a democrat, but let's just stick with impeaching Trump.

That is going to seriously piss off 60 million Americans who voted for Trump for whatever reason.  And we are not talking about 60 million spoiled brat millennials throwing rocks thru store windows and who need a teddy bear to hug when they see a word that offends them, these will be 60 million guys and gals that work hard, drive all wheel drive, and get nervous if there are less than 1000 rounds of ammo in their house.

And their truck.

And their camping cabin.

Know what I mean?

Frankly, if I were the head of Russia or China, I would not be planning a war against the US, I'd just wait, we will destroy ourselves very soon.  Oprah?

Yea, that scares them.  I hope no foreign leader dies of a heart attack or chokes on a steak laughing.

I will confess, I have never been an Oprah fan.  Want to know why?  Because I remember Phil Donahue.  I liked Phil Donahue and his show.  Then Oprah got the idea for a show and she started out scraping the gutters.  And it started eating into Donahue's ratings and then HE went into the gutter and ruined his show.

Later, after Donahue retired, Oprah announced she was taking the high road but there already was a high road, she didn't take it and now it's too frigging late, the cat is out of the bag and 80% of daytime talk shows show the absolute worst of our society starting with those 'who's your daddy' DNA tests.  And all that daytime TV is today, we owe to Oprah starting in the gutter, forcing Donahue out then when he is gone announcing she is taking the high road and I have always thought,  too late, if you really were high road, you would have started high road.

Is the caller there?

But now it gets interesting, because someone started thinking of her cabinet and came up with names like Streep, Hanks, the Rock, etc for positions and then it dawns on me that these people actually think they are superior to the rest of the country.  Yes, please, let us turn over 240 years of history to a bunch of people who did high school plays, majored in theatre if they went to college - but they have played war heroes and presidents on movies and TV's so they are well qualified.

Jeepers has the country really become that stupid?

An Oprah presidency will be Obama 2.0 on steroids.  You think Oprah could get Toyota to cancel their Mexico plant and build it in the US?  Exactly how many jobs will Oprah create for black America?  Hey, she only needs to be +1 job to put Obama's record to shame.

Imagine a US with open borders, 30 million illegals from the south, the mideast, and Africa becoming citizens and guaranteeing 50 years of Democratic Party control of government?

Jeepers, has the country really become that stupid?

But I will tell you this much.  If this economy takes off, people who lost jobs during the Obama miracle and have been working minimum wagey type jobs can get better paying jobs, if construction is booming and manufacturing is booming and sales are booming and Trump can work out an immigration plan that allows dreamers but sends others back and half a wall is complete - Oprah won't stand a chance.

All Trump has to do to win reelections is ask 1.  Do you have a job or better job today than you had under the democrats?  2.  Do you make more money today than you did under Obama?  3. Do you feel more secure today that your job will be here tomorrow than you did under Obama?  If you answered yes to those questions, why the hell would you vote to go back to the Obama economy?

I'm sorry, this country might survive, heck, maybe even flourish for 4 years of Trump, but if Oprah is next, it's over.  Prep now, pray constantly,  and be ready to head for the hills.

Is this all Pat Paulsen's fault?

Friday, January 5, 2018


So republicans who seem to always push the states rights for almost every topic under the sun, suddenly are not so state's rights when it comes to states that legalize pot.  Funny how that happens.

And speaking of the government, I'm confused about something.  After Katrina, the US Government Homeland Security built over a dozen FEMA camps around the US so that in the future when tragic events like Katrina occur, the good ol' USA will have a place to move all the victims of the storms, floods, earthquakes, etc.

Yet, did you hear of a single person being evacuated or housed at a FEMA camp from the hurricanes that hit Houston or Florida?

If they aren't being used for what we were told they were to be built for, why did we build them?

I wonder when Europe is going to wake up to the US role in it's destruction.  Bush Jr. goes into Iraq and Afghanistan, creating refugees.  Obama, not to be outdone by Bush, blows thru the Middle East, upsets and overthrows the governments in Egypt and Libya which spreads and next thing you know tens of millions of people are trying to escape from over a dozen moslem countries flooding Europe with refugees it cannot afford, will not assimilate and creating absolute destruction of the cultures of the European countries.  I wonder when Europe realizes the US foreign policy is behind their destruction?

Globalism: Turning first world countries into third world countries so future slavery will be color blind.  Swedes working next to Mexicans working next to Arabs working next to French for the betterment of the elite.

Think about this, whenever you see 'third world countries' they move along by old cars and bikes or scooters.  Look at the changes in Europe and the US and you see more and more people commuting by bikes and scooters, with electric bikes the future - forget about Telsa and the electric car, the future will be the majority of the people in this country moving around by bikes.

Most decades look like the previous decade with slight changes, it's when you compare non consecutive decades, you see the jumps that have been made.  Just compare the 80's to this current decade. Phone booths and land lines replaced by cell phones.  Huge change?  You bet, back in the 80's when you left work you left work.  Now most people are 'at work' 24/7.  So what if fun is to go back and start connecting dots and then moving forward, where will it be and end?

In the 2030's, most will not be able to own or afford a car; AI driven cars will be at our call for pick up to take us from A to B; but some will not want to ride in AI cars and will turn to electric cycles to travel.  Car dealerships, no longer exist, most mechanics will be out of work or moved to open bike dealerships/repair centers.  Amazon, soon to buy Target it is rumored, will control retail and possibly pharmaceuticals and groceries and so on and so on.  You won't 'go' to the store, the stores will come to you and make deliveries of everything you need.

Adding to previously published blog here:  The problem with grocery shopping and deliveries is people like to shop, to go down aisles, stores make a lot of money on impulse buying; but online grocery shopping will not take off until you can create a 3D Virtual Reality walk thru the grocery store, pick up what you want and place in the cart and the store registers what you bought, even down to the weight and marble on the steak.

Once we get to that point, then no one will shop at the store anymore; why risk catching a cold?

I have no idea what people will do with their time.  Because there will not be many jobs.  Robots and AI are going to eliminate, within 20 years, about 50% of the jobs, more by the next decade.  So how you will afford the deliveries is beyond me unless they make some sort of universal income program which is already being discussed.

And before you think cool, trust me, that universal income will be just quite not enough to live on.

And when AI controls everything, when AI runs economies, surgeries, the law profession, the military, are the cops, the soldiers, the doctors, what will happen when people realize AI is making life and death decisions based on their algorithms as to whether you should live or die?

Will AI at least have the courtesy to defriend you on Facebook before it eliminates you for obsolescence?

We are living something of an illusion in America.  And Europe.  Most of us have no conception of the struggles it takes to live and die in Russia, China, India, Africa or South America.  Oh sure, some think they do because they watched a special on PBS while sipping their evening B&B, but we are clueless and ignorant and we were designed to be clueless and ignorant.

Have you been reading the 'former' execs at Google and Facebook talking about how the web is designed using behavior mod to addict users?  Same way TV has slowly over 40 years produced less 'showtime' and more commercial times to where the average person cannot focus today for more than about 8 minutes without needing a 'commercial break'?

Sometimes, I think the whole HS, college, job, marriage, mortgage, kids thing is part of the whole system trap.  Other times I see it now as humanities protection against the world, the assurance of survival versus the comings and goings of governments.  Sometimes I think how in the 30's thru the 80's businesses provided pensions in order to control the populace, you go along because you are promised income and health care in retirement - then in the 80's pensions died on the vine and 401k's were created so now we all play this 10% into a market that no individual stands a chance of figuring out because AI is making trades so large and so fast and we all just pray the charade lasts long enough.

Sometimes I think.... and other times I wish I didn't.  I think not, therefore I am clueless and happy.

I'm not afraid
Of anything in this world
There's nothing you can throw at me
That I haven't already heard

I'm just trying to find
A decent melody
A song that I can sing
In my own company

I never thought you were a fool
But darling look at you
You gotta stand up straight
Carry your own weight
These tears are going nowhere baby

You've got to get yourself together
You've got stuck in a moment
And now you can't get out of it

Don't say that later will be better
Now you're stuck in a moment
And you can't get out of it

I will not forsake
The colors that you bring
The nights you filled with fireworks
They left you with nothing

I am still enchanted
By the light you brought to me
I listen through your ears
Through your eyes I can see

And you are such a fool
To worry like you do
I know it's tough
And you can never get enough
Of what you don't really need now
My, oh my

You've got to get yourself together
You've got stuck in a moment
And you can't get out of it


Monday, January 1, 2018


Yes, America's oldest New Years Predictions Blog is back for it's 139th attempt and getting something right.  So off to the races for another combination of nouns, verbs, and misplaced prepositional phrases  to produce another blog of absolutely unintelligent  jibberish for my imaginary readers (why do I always get a picture in my head of a scene from the movie Gremlins when I type 'imaginary readers').

1.  Relax.  America will not attack North Korea until the Winter Olympics in South Korea are over in February. Too much money still to be pocketed by the elite while South Korea will look back a year or two from now and wonder why they lost millions on the deal with Goldman Sachs.

2.  And no, Alex, there will not be a false flag attack on the Winter Olympics made to look like NK did the dirty deed for our excuse to launch war on NK.  Well, there won't be now because I've blown the whistle on the whole operation, sorry Goldman Sachs.

3.  The Cubs begin year two of their rebuild for their next World Series Championship in 2121.

4.  Donald Trump will sign legislation  on March 23rd forcing all companies to pay a year or two severance pay to any fired employee like all these recently unemployed pro football coaches.

5.  Beginning March 24th, millions of employees stop going to work.  State DMV offices are the only fully staffed offices in country.

6.  Blogger Barkley Pontree admits in first television interview that the scene from Gremlins he thinks of every time is not the scene from the movie theater but the scene of Phoebe Cates in her red bathing suit.  Barkley Pontree later goes into hiding when hundreds of outraged imaginary readers, all looking like Phoebe Cates in the red bikini,  start whipping him with albatross feathers for getting the movie wrong.

7.  After granting permanent residency for 10million Dreamers, removing 20 million other illegal aliens back to their home countries, defeating NK in a 3 day war, unemployment dropping to 0%, wages increasing 10%, fixing the Ozone Layer, and Melinda finding a cure for cancer which she gave away free to everyone,  Democrats vote to impeach Donald Trump for ordering a black russian at a Thanksgiving.

8.  Media outlets sue President Trump because they were offended he mocked on Twitter their breaking news story that Donald Trump is an alien from the planet Baldergoosh.

9.  Recognizing that 80% of traffic on Twitter is produced by President Trump's twits and the responses to those twits, Twitter announces they are changing the company name to Trumpeters and people will no longer twit but will trump.

10.  By next year, this blog will disappear from the internet so I can claim 100% accuracy next year.