This is my second blog.

My first blog chronicled my experiences over three years caring for my dad as he lived through and finally died from Alzheimer's. That is the book that is for sale.

This second blog kind of chronicles of life, what it is like to start your life over in your late 50's. After caretaking, you are damaged, file bankruptcy, and the world doesn't care what you did. After 8 months of unemployment, you wake each day knowing the world doesn't want you. Finally you do find a job, 5 weeks before homelessness, but doing what you did 30 years ago and getting paid what you did 30 years ago. So this is starting over.

The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.

Sunday, August 27, 2017


Thank heavens the US has finally been hit by a bad hurricane, now the global warming crowd can rise up out of the statistics and blame your SUV for the flooding in Texas for the next five years.  Al Gore lives another day....

Trivia Time?  How many CAT 4 or CAT 5 hurricanes have there been since 1970 that hit the USA?

Answer coming up, don't peek!


Yea, shocked the crap out of me too.

Andrew, Hugo, Charlie, and now Harvey.  I was surprised, I thought Camille and Floyd would have been on that list, oh well.  I'd guessed about a dozen so was far off.

But yea, those are the CAT 4 or 5 hurricanes to hit the USA.  Speaking of which, adding to my 'why I won't live in the south' list, did you see the pictures of the washed into towns, back porches, front yards and under your car alligators all over the place?  I thought pissed off poisonous snakes were bad enough but seriously, gators?  Yuk.

Give me the cold and snow.

When I plan my potential bike ride across America or what is left of it by 2020, avoiding any state with gators is very high on the list of map route planning.  Which reminds me, have you noticed the rat stories of late?  First, the rat populations in cities in the USA is exploding, not only sheer numbers but saw an article from London where the rat population is suddenly apparently taking steroids because they are commonly finding two foot rats now, that is without the tail by the way, two friggin foot rats are all over the place while the population of them is exploding and I'm thinking that is not going to end well, a pox upon your house.  Rats carry all sorts of nasty bugs, ticks and fleas and you can almost see where this is going to lead.

Black Plague 2.0

Sorry for the delay, the politically correct police just burst into my apartment and insisted that the Black Plague is racist and I explained that the Black Plague kills blacks, whites, straights, gays, and everything else without consideration of race, sexual preference etc but no go, so will no have to refer to it as the Shades of Grey Plague or totally color blind plague to avoid prison and removal from google, youtube, Facebook and twitter.

Like you'd ever find my on FaceBook or Twitter.

But here's an incredibly stupid idea that you will one day read someone is serious about, probably asking for a million or two in government funding to study first,  but capturing all those boa constrictors and pythons people have let loose in the environment of Florida and Louisiana and bringing them to NYC, Chicago, Detroit, etc and setting them free in buildings and sewers to eradicate the rat population.

Just watch......  and now for something completely different....

Flashback time for the older imaginary readers.  Remember bikes in the 1960's?  Did you have hand brakes or a single speed and you'd brake by stamping counter clockwise on the pedals?  Well, amazing we all survived because did you know those types of brakes are considered illegal today?  In London, you are required to have a front brake, which is rather mind boggling since any cyclist knows what happens if you slam down on a front brake - rider goes over the handle bars for one.  This is all out because of a tragic case where a cyclist, who is a rather stupid bloke, had such a bike, very popular among couriers by the way, and struck a pedestrian, a woman, mother of two, and killed her.

Now there is some debate, some stories claim she stepped out into the street because she was looking at her cell phone, others claim she was NOT looking at her cell phone she just stepped out into the street without looking, who knows, but she DID step out in front of the cyclist who struck and killed her.

Now the bloke did something real stupid and went on social media and ripped into the lady several ways which didn't go over well, so he was charged and while not convicted of the serious manslaughter crime did get some reckless thing because of no front brake.

Yea, a pedestrian steps out onto the roadway in front of a cyclist and causes a collision and they want to charge the cyclist with manslaughter.

Remember, he was riding in the proper direction, on the street, woman stepped out into the traffic and got hit.

And they blame the lack of front brakes as causing the whole thing.  WWII, Silent, and Baby Boomers all grew up riding bikes with that back single gear propulsion and braking system, without helmets, and nobody ever thought they were not safe.  And back then people were smart enough to look both ways before stepping into traffic.  Sorry, should have added idiot pedestrians, idiot law enforcement, idiot prosecutors and idiot jurors to that earlier blog to go along with idiot drivers and idiot cyclists.

So you would think while on the topic of rats, snakes, and idiots, there would be a simple and easy segue into politics, but, not today.  Why waste a good lazing thru a Sunday afternoon.

Don't leave in silence with no word at all
Don't get mad and slam the door
That's no way to end this
I know how I want you to say goodbye

Don't run off in the pouring rain
Don't call me as they call your plane
Take the hurt out of all the pain

Take me to a park that's covered with trees
Tell me on a Sunday please

Sunday, August 20, 2017


I'm not quite as depressed as Coulter and others about Bannon resigning, there might actually be a benefit to the whole thing, he might be able to accomplish more independent than in the WH.  I guess the key is will Trump be talking to him on a regular basis or no more no more.

But you can't help shake the feeling that the swamp won't be drained, that it has swamped the WH instead.

Great article today by Virgil about similarities between Trump's times and Teddy Roosevelt's times and Trump might be wise to go back and read Teddy's thoughts and ideas because what Teddy did gave America 30 years of prosperity.  TR was real big on always striving and that is what Trump needs to sell, when was the last time America was striving?  1980's?  The Moon?  We spend all our time on little piddle while the big stuff has overwhelmed and continues to grow.

I don't know, maybe it's over, maybe Trump gave in and will just now do what Goldman Scrotum tells him to do.  If so, it's over.

So where will erasing history end?  Right now we see a portion of the populace tearing down statues that have stood for over 100 year because they were confederate soldiers, a reminder of a time when people in America owned slaves, therefore they have no place in society.

In Boston where 15k showed up to protest 200 people supporting free speech.  Funny thing though, this thing in Boston wasn't the KKK and Neo Nazi's like in Virginia, this was a group of men and women supporting Trump - accountants, plumbers, insurance agents, electricians who would never think of joining such organizations as the KKK and Neos.

Didn't matter to the protesters, who now have defined anyone that voted for Trump and doesn't support their viewpoint is an alt right Neo Nazi.

So what happens when all the confederate statues are down, all the schools renamed, all the streets renamed?  Who comes next?  What comes next?  You really think it will stop there?

Next any president that owned slaves will be uncovered and their statues, homes, etc will be next on the list.  Down goes Washington and Jefferson or Madison.  I see where even Lincoln statues were recently vandalized, which makes perfect sense because the people running this show don't actually read or simply went thru school memorizing whatever the teacher said and never actually studied what was actually said.

What we need is to send Mark Dice to one of these things and ask two questions; what was the Emancipation Proclamation and what it did.

Over half will have no idea what it was, who wrote it, and what it said.  And over 90% of those who know what it is and who wrote it will get it wrong what it said.

They will say it freed the slaves.  It did not.  Read it.

It only freed slaves in confederate states, if they could escape and reach Union territory and fight for the Union.  It did not, however, free slaves in Union States like Missouri.

Wait, what?  There were Union States with slaves?


Here is another little tidbit of history not many know.  After the war was over, what to do with the around 8 million blacks who's ancestors were brought here to be slaves and been slaves since?  There was a serious consideration to send all the slaves back to Africa and Lincoln was actually still considering it or an optional thing where freed slaves could go back if they wanted to and bang, Lincoln is dead and the idea was done.

Bet you didn't know about Lincoln ethnically cleansing the US of black people, did you?

And for the next, about, 120 years, the south voted Democrat because Lincoln was republican.  And during that 120 years, the democratic party was full of southern KKK leaders.

Wilson, seriously a racist.  FDR?  Well, here's a guy who signed a law and every Japanese American was rounded up, their homes stolen, their business stolen, their assets stolen, and put in prison camps - can you imagine a republican president suggesting we round up all muslims or mexicans and put them in prison camps?

Of course you can't, only a democrat would think of that.

And blacks fell hook line and sinker for LBJ's civil rights bill which basically solved what?  It's created three score of the majority of blacks being raised with no dads, no jobs, horrible schools that just pass illiterate children year after year so they can do nothing but head to prison.  LBJ, by the way, routinely referred to all blacks with that N word.  As did FDR, as did Wilson.

Think their statues, homes, libraries, schools named after them etc will be touched?  Doubt it.

What is going to happen to a country that erases it's history, erases it roots, ridicules the writings.

There are republicans that want a constitutional convention to add things like term limits and they are absolutely insane.  Because if we have a constitutional convention, the Bill of Rights will be history, no more free speech, no more religious freedoms, no more right to assemble if you disagree with the left, no more right to petition, no gun ownership, no private property.

And the hope people saw in Trump to be the next TR, to be the next Reagan, is dwindling; not his fault, but it may be over.

Goldman Scrotum runs the country.  Every four years we can choose between the fascist party and the communist party.  And one day history will be erased and rewritten and the great american experiment will be over, forgotten, and never known to exist.

Jagged jigsaw pieces
Tossed about the room
I saw my grandma sweeping
With her old straw broom
She didn't know what she was doing
She could hardly understand
That she was really sweeping up..
Pieces of a man

I saw my daddy greet the mailman
And I heard the mailman say
"Now don't you take this letter to heart now Jimmy
Cause they've laid off nine others today"
He didn't know what he was saying
He could hardly understand
That he was only talking to
Pieces of a man

I saw the thunder and heard the lightning!
And felt the burden of his shame
And for some unknown reason
He never turned my way

Pieces of that letter
Were tossed about that room
And now I hear the sound of sirens
Come knifing through the gloom
They don't know what they are doing
They could hardly understand
That they're only arresting
Pieces of a man

I saw him go to pieces
I saw him go to pieces
He was always such a good man
He was always such a strong man
Yeah, I saw him go to pieces
I saw him go to pieces

Gil Scott-heron

Saturday, August 19, 2017


Okay, simple answer, cars hit them or they hit cars, but wouldn't be much of a blog if I stopped there.

Here in Colorado, around town, there will be about 2 cars for every bike on the road, unless they are having one of those stupid town things where people dress in costumes and ride their bikes down the streets and then home then it's about 3 to 1 bikes to cars.

Hard to pick up the paper and not see a story of car hitting a bike sometime this week.

So let's build out on the first sentence and break it down a little more.  There are two reasons:  one is because there are absolute idiots behind the wheel and two is because there are absolute idiots riding bicycles.

Today, coming home from the store, coming to 4 way stop, no traffic either direction, but some teen on a bike about 100 ft from the stop sign to my right, so I pull out going straight and suddenly see this teen or young adult right up next to my car.  He blew thru the stop sign at a high speed and made a right hand turn but was going so fast he couldn't stay hold the turn and blew right out of the bike lane so I swerved across the center line and gassed then he fell in behind me and then cut in front of another car coming towards us.

Or last night at Sprouts, a grocery store chain, and the parking is one way each lane so lane I am in you will drive away from the store to park or leave.  As I'm putting two bags in the back seat I see a guy coming towards the store, on a bike, pretty close to the cars, not in the middle or anything, and then notice he's got a thing attached to the back of the bike with a little less than two year old strapped in - going the wrong way in a parking lot where someone backing up will not see him backing out because after a quick glance will be looking the other way for people pulling into the lane etc.

Then when leaving, at stop sign to make right on Drake Road and there are two lanes, a left turn and right turn.  And there is a cyclist curbside in the right lane, all the way at the front, so I am stuck.  And what is he going to do, well of course, what else does a cyclist do next to the curb at an intersection in the right hand lane onto a four lane road, he is going to turn left.  Never once does they guy look behind him to see me with a right blinker on, or the car behind me, or that car behind that car, or the car waiting to turn out of the parking lot but can't because numb nuts is blocking everything, waiting for four lanes to clear long enough to make a left hand turn across 4 lanes of traffic on a Friday afternoon.

I know, I should have run him over and hoped he hadn't had a chance to reproduce.

Less than 24 hours and see three people who but by the grace of God could have been hit by a car and don't you know it in Colorado the driver of the car is almost always at fault for idiot morons who think they are immortal.

But I also ride my bike, on the streets, and know the terror of idiots behind the wheel who are texting, eating, reading, doing their eyes in the rearview mirror or just plain psychopaths, these are easily identifiable by the large pickup trucks jacked up so their front bumpers are nearly 4 ft off the ground, who hit cyclists all the time.

See, in a fair universe, the idiot drivers would only hit the idiot cyclists and in 20 years the roads would be safe with the idiots in graves or prison, but it just never works out that way.

As I plan my potential ride across america in 2020 I am debating what safety equipment to include.  Helmet, oh for sure, but considering BMX equipment too for the shins and knees, hockey pants for the hips, and this really cool BMX upper body thing that protects the spine, ribs and has shoulder pads and the spine thing up the back attaches to the helmet - that is a lot of weight to ride with along with a backpack but thinking of a hikers pack with the top packed with bubble wrap  so the idiot in the pickup trucks buddy who leans out the window with a bat and smacks me will not do much damage.

And a quick draw for a 10mm Glock chest holster that will assure they won't do that ever again.

No, just the tires.  Okay, maybe the brake lights and the tires.  Couple in the radiator for good measure.

But here is the point.  Car will always win a collision with a bike.  There are no exceptions to that rule, none.  The car always wins.   It is the rule with no exceptions.  Driver will never get hurt unless the cyclist or the bike flies into the air and comes thru the windshield impaling the driver.  But even then, cyclist loses, okay, maybe with a smile on his face when part of  his 2000 dollar bike impales a driver in the chest, but dead just the same.

Someone told me one time if you really want to end all car accidents, remove the seat belts and airbags and put a 4 inch spike on the steering wheel, everyone will drive real slow and real kindly then.

I always thought the Tao  was the best drivers ed/ cycling book I ever read.  It could be summed up very easily in 5 words; Don't Fornicate with the Flow.  Okay, fornicate wasn't exactly the word I was thinking of but their might be imaginary children reading this.

But that is how I drive and it's how I ride, do absolutely nothing that interferes with the flow of movement.  Never pull out and cause another person to change lanes, slow down, or brake.  Same with cycling.  I don't care what the laws are, only one law exists when biking, don't get hit by a car.  So when coming up on a red light with cars lined up, get in the damn line, don't ride up the right side of all the cars where someone might make a right hand turn and you run into them - which - by the way is the drivers fault in Colorado and the second leading cause of accidents - the law is wrong, that is on the biker, you can't watch for pedestrians, people coming from the right, people making a u turn and oh ya, look 180 degrees behind you too.

Franky, if I had to do what  that cyclist in front of me was doing, I'd get off the bike and walk it across, down the block a little and away from an intersection

So back to gear, here is what someone should invent.  A little button on the handlebars that a cyclist can press and an airhorn goes off 3x as a series of lights all blink on and off like a strobe in multiple colors like red white orange yellow blue green and now unless Helen Keller is driving no driver will be able to say "I didn't see him".

I think I'd ride all the way across America with that thing on.  Well, maybe not the airhorn, that would get old after 3 weeks.  But I love the idea of getting a cop light on the back of the bike.

Oh, while I'm ranting, riding a bike with headphones, really?  Seriously?  Put on sign on your back, "I'm and idiot, hit me please"?

See, here is the thing, there are more and more bikes coming to our roads.  I am sure one day towns in Colorado are going to designate roads to bikes only.  Count on it.  And as cars are more and more expensive ( did you know that a 30k car will provide you with a monthly car payment greater than people paid for mortgages prior to the 1980's )  Five year car loans were rare, now they have 8 and 10 year car loans.  Where was I, oh, yea, another big thing coming will be the eBikes, who can afford a car, get a bike with this little electric engine that will allow you to go 100 miles at 20mph on a bike.  Less than 5k.  Put bags on front and rear racks and you can do everything by bike.  You can still pedal, but instead of peddling to do 10mph you can now peddle with the engine and get 30mph.

Which means who's gonna pedal?

We look over the last 30 years of 3rd world countries where almost everyone travels by bikes or scooters now mixing with cars, where did you think America was headed as the middle class is squeezed down into the lower classes?  More bikes on the road dealing with the cars and trucks.

So do we license bicyclists?  You can almost see that coming with our governments love of rules and taxes.  But why bother, we license car drivers and it doesn't prevent them from hitting cyclists who are doing nothing wrong, do you think a license would have changed the behavior of any of the three examples earlier?


First of all, my heart goes out to the family of Glen Campbell for the loss of their husband, father, and friend.  Trust me, I know what he went through in those final times and I know what range of emotions all of his family lived through.

And what you didn't have to do.

While this no way is a criticism of his family, please don't read it like this, and I can already see what is going to happen next.  One of the children or his wife is going to write a book, they will go on all the morning talk shows, Oprah (does she still have a show?), and be all over the media with the book telling about what a sad thing it was and raising awareness for alzheimer's and that I guess that is a good thing, and hundreds of thousands of copies of the book will be sold.

But know this; I will bet the farm the family had 24 hour caretakers and nurses to help deal with the issue.

Okay, maybe I'm wrong, maybe the fam got together and did it themselves and if so and I ever meet them we can hug and cry and exchange stories, I just doubt it.  I doubt they got up in the middle of the night when Glen might wander or sleepwalk, I doubt they emptied many catheter bags, freed the blockage of poop with their fingers, lived in terror wondering what was going to go wrong next and wondering if they would ever snap and end up a small one column tragic story in the newspaper.

Nor will they, after three years, decide whether to go to a doc for sleeping pills, which I chose not to, but decide since living in legal land, to start smoking a hit of pot each evening to help sleep thru the night because the nightmares of waking and thinking their dad escaped while they slept  just wouldn't stop.

Bitterness is such an ugly emotion and normally I have none over what happened.  But watching this unfold... oh, well, such is life.  I did it and I survived it, lagom,  as the swedes use to say, it is enough.

I wonder how the Swedes say lagom now in aramaic?

Was planning to write this morning about the tearing down of statues of confederate soldiers and history, really a good blog, but somehow that Glen Campbell thing came out of nowhere and now, just don't feel like writing what I set out to write.  Not liking myself much right now.

Another time.

Friday, August 18, 2017


First, for some reason I've suddenly become popular in the Philippines.  One hundred thirty three views this week to 16 in the USA.  I wonder if they will erect a statue or something.

I also get tons of hits from Russia and the Ukraine for some reason, well, if there ever is a war, sorry, and if you invade, look me up, just ask around Colorado for Barkley Pontree.

But hopefully, it won't come to that.  Shame the democrats and the media were able to sabotage any possibility Putan and Trump could get together and work something out, like Reagan and Gorby.  Would of made for an interesting world if Russia and USA signed a peace treaty of some sort.

So, last weekend a car is used, in France awhile back a truck is used, now a van in Spain and I keep thinking how are they going to get Americans to give up driving and use self driving cars?  A national security issue, watch my faithful imaginary readers, when the time comes for self driving cars a push will be national security.  If all cars are self driving, then no one will be able to drive into a crowd.

Strange though, not one modern pea brained liberal has said anything about car/van/truck control laws.

Mark it down, before the month is out, there will be cries to tear down Washington and Jefferson from Mount Rushmore.  Some will cry to tear down old Abe's face but cooler heads will prevail - these are the moderate morons.

Listened to a Dick Morris interview, he was on C2C a few days ago and just got around to downloading the show, converting it, putting in iTunes and then syncing to my phone because COAST TO COAST AM DOESN'T GIVE A CRAP ABOUT IT'S PAYING CUSTOMERS AND FORCED US TO DOWNLOAD THEIR APP WHICH STREAMS JUST FINE BUT TRY SAVING A SHOW AND WATCH ALL HELL BREAK LOOSE.  For years it was working just fine in Apple Podcasts app and if they built an app that just did streaming and news it would be a great app but now it's like I'm back to 2005 downloading, converting, copying and syncing and it just pisses me off they intentionally broke what worked to force people to use their app that doesn't work.

Where was I oh yea, Dick Morris.  First of all, don't like him much, perverted little goblin that he is.  But he is also smart, politically, and that makes for interesting listening as long as I can keep the visual image of him sucking toes of hookers out of my head.

Do hookers even charge for getting their toes sucked?  Wouldn't that be like the IRS charging you for the audit?

Morris had some interesting observations on Trump and what is going on but he pointed out there is a whole lot of things Trump has done that is never hitting the government media and I'm listening thinking I never heard that.

Maybe Trump should twit what he's done this week instead of picking fights and making an ass out of himself in Twitter.

Now if we could just figure out how to make Congress and the government media to stop making asses of themselves we might have a chance.

But sometimes I like to explain to my imaginary readers how to deal with certain situations (and sometimes I forget I already discussed this in the previous post but I am almost 60 so deal with it ), you might run into in life, like protests by imbred morons - no, not Congress, but the KKK and Neo Nazi's, which, come to think of it, has had it's fair share of KKK members over the years, democrats of course, don't you know.

Back in my college days at some non discript midwestern university that will get noses raised in the air in Ivy League states, Iranian students were protesting most every afternoon in front of the student union.  Well, one day some people showed up, not saying who, with several dozen water balloons and well, one thing led to another and this rainbow of colored balls arched across West Michigan Ave is the bright fall sun and it was amazing how many balloons found their mark.  Fortunately, the police were there in force and would have stopped any retaliation or further  issues, well, once they got done laughing.

Laughter.  That is how you deal with reprehensible Iranian students, inbred neo nazi's and members of the KKK.  Laughter.  Don't show up with clubs and guns to fight, come to laugh, laugh at them, make fun of them, dress as clowns and mimes, how funny would it be after the KKK and Neos march by to see a bunch of mimes marching in lockstep like the SS.

So throw a party America.  Bring out the drinks, bring out the clown outfits, bring out the mimes, bring out the balloons and treat the KKK and Neo's like they are; as just clowns and jokes.

And if you really want to upset them and make them go home quickly, hold those gay pride parades at the same time.   Just picture 20 or 30 KKK or neo nazi's standing their with their hoods and german uniforms suddenly finding themselves surrounded by 500 men dressed in jock straps and coca cabana  fruit covered hats all dancing around to Village People songs and those good ol' boys will be running back to their outhouses and never come out again.

That is how you fight fire, with water.  You want to end public displays of racist morons like the KKK and you just can't ignore them, then mock them with what they hate the most, hold the gay pride parades at the same time - hey it's win win for the gay pride people, straight people who are really uncomfortable with gay pride parades like me will say "thanks" and who knows, maybe all those KKK / Neo guys are really just wanting to dance to the Village People in the streets too.

(edited 8/19/17 after waking and finding I already talked about this in a previous post and decided oh, what the hell......)

Where can you find pleasure, search the world for treasure,
learn science, technology?
Where can you begin to make your dreams all come true
on the land or on the sea?
Where can you learn to fly, play in sports or skindive,
study oceanography?
Sign up for the big band or sit in the grand stand
when your team and others meet.
In the Navy, yes, you can sail the seven seas.
In the Navy, yes, you can put your mind at ease.
In the Navy, come on now people, make a stand.
In the Navy, can't you see we need a hand.
In the Navy, come on, protect the motherland.
In the Navy, come on and join your fellow, man.
In the Navy, come on, people, and make a stand.
In the Navy, in the Navy.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


Well, you have to give the media credit.  Not once all week did you see a story blaming what happened last weekend in Virginia on Russia.

So I will help them tie it all together.

See, Russia secretly funds the KKK and Neo Nazi's in America.  And after the event, Putin called Trump and told him not to mention them in his speech because two of Putin's illegitimate kids are members of the Neo Nazi group involved and so Trump said okay.

There you go, the story the American media has been waiting for, tying Russia to the violence and Trump being Putin's puppy.  All they need is an anonymous source and what better than my blog for anonymity!

Hermeneutics.  What does the author, speaker, singing, etc mean when they write those words.  It's a whole division of language, literature and theology.  When you read John, you need to not think "what does this mean to me?" but "what did the author mean when he wrote that?".

So what exactly did Trump say that caused such a crap storm?

"We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence, on many sides. On many sides. It's been going on for a long time in our country. Not Donald Trump, not Barack Obama. This has been going on for a long, long time."

Okay, it is not a great speech, fire the speech writer.

But I honestly don't see the problem.  First, he condemned it in strongest possible terms.  It's egregious, hatred, bigotry and violence.  He's against it.  Then he said it's been going on a long time.  Is that false?

What is getting the lefty panties all wadded up is the line 'on many sides'.  That is what upset everyone.  Pointing out the obvious.  Pointing out that violence like this is wrong.  And people from all sides are guilty.

Well, we can't have that kind of honesty in the WH!

Do I need to list the violence perpetrated by the left, often funded by Soros?  Are my imaginary readers that uninformed?  The alt left just about destroyed a city in Germany last month when leaders were meeting.  The alt left were beating Trump supporters after Trump campaign stops and the Chicago event was cancelled due to threats of violence.

The KKK/Neo's have been marching for years, ever since liberal judges said they have a right to free speech too.  I remember the big mess in the late 70's when they got a parade permit in Skokie IL.

What is the opposite of love?  Indifference.  Not hatred.

You know what happens when the KKK/Neo's march and nobody pays attention?  Nothing.  They go home.  Indifference.

You know what happens when people show up wanting to confront the little play solder sissies?  You get what happened on Saturday and they absolutely loved it.

Don't get me wrong.  The guy who drove the car into the people.  Hang him.  Hang him right in the city square.

The question is, when a crime is committed and a person dies, everyone involved in the crime can be charged with the murder, why not charge everyone who broke any laws and was arrested that day with the murder?

That would certainly cut down on crowds in the future.

We cannot solve racism.  There have always been racists, people who hate others simply because of the color of the skin, the country they are from, their sexual choices, and any other variable  you can think of.  And 1000 years from now, short of Christ's return, there will still be racists.

Here is another thing.  The left has been pushing for 40 years that the truth is relative, that what is true for you is not necessarily true for me and we have to be tolerant of each others view of the truth.

So why is the left not embracing the KKK for diversity of opinions.

Or is truth only relative as long as it doesn't offend them?  Does tolerance only refer to a specific list of what can be tolerated.

Tolerance is for drurods. Truth is not relative.  Thank you alt left for finally proving you don't actually believe what you preach.

You cannot legislate stupidity, you can't force wisdom on the populace.  And we, as a country, just get dumber and dumber each generation.

It's not what you say, it's how you say it, and truth be told Trump could of asked the media to write his speech word for word, read it word for word, and they still would have piled on him.

What happened Saturday was not Trump's fault.  It was all of our faults.  We let it slide, we let things slide and now the ride is out of control, going down that slippery slope.  And it's out of control.

Now they're planning the crime of the century
Well what will it be?

Read all about their schemes and adventuring
Yes, it's well worth a fee

So roll up and see
How they rape the universe
How they gone from bad to worse

Who are these men of lust, greed and glory?
Rip off the masks and let's see

But that's not right, oh no, what's the story?
But there's you and there's me

Saturday, August 12, 2017


So China has chimed in on the whole NK versus America thing and I wished they'd just shut the hell up.

China said if NK does something stupid, they are on there own, but then warned the US not to just go in with no incident or China would defend NK.

Great, hello false flag.

Name a war we've been in that hasn't started with a false flag.  Vietnam?  Nope, that false harbor attack.  Gulf War I?  Nope again!  Turns out that woman claiming she was in Kuwait and saw Iraqi soldiers going into hospitals and killing little babies, nope, that was a lie.

9/11?  Gave us a 16 year war in Afghanistan (and even more if McCain has his way, let's do another surge - hey John, you haven't got long to live, why don't YOU go over to Afghanistan, grab a gun and lead the charge, have you kids with you too so you can lead by example!).

And now here we are all geared up to go against NK and China says, nope, have to have a reason and next day there are stories about NK agents with suitcase nukes might have come across the border during the Obama administration and now we got our reason and all it is going to cost us is some small american city or maybe Chicago which always seems to be the rumored thing - pay attention to the Mayor in Chicago and if he suddenly leaves the city in an unplanned trip, oh well, we will see.

So if we have a war with NK, who's fault is it?  Trump will get the blame, but truth be told look at Clinton, Bush II and Obama who ignored it and let it get this far.

Let's face it, NK will not win a war against the USA.  Plain and simple, but in the process it is well within their ability to do, and ours not to stop, the bombing of Seoul, Tokyo, and other cities in Asia.  We also have a small issue of making sure none of the NK subs are sitting off the coast of the USA, in fact, that would be a cool message for Trump to send, in one day sink all the NK subs at sea and just shrug and say 'weird huh'.  But in the end, who is going to pay for the rebuilding of NK, SK and Japan, yes, we have a winner, the US taxpayer.

This is where a lot of Americans get pissed off and want to just say 'fine, we are tired of dealing with the worlds problems and our working citizens are tired of their tax dollars going around the world, so we are pulling out of Asia, you all figure it out.  And out of the middle east, let someone else deal with it - oh we will still protect Japan, SK, Israel etc, but no more open checkbooks'  China and Russia want to be world leaders, you deal with NK but understand, if NK ever does hit the USA, we will take them out and apologize ahead of time for a few of those errant bombs that accidentally landed in China and Russia .

I don't know, it's a mess and it's going to get messier and when a bomb goes off in the USA that we can blame on NK, we can thank China for putting us in that position.

Which brings up another topic, national security.  Reagan dropped a big ball when president.  He should have stopped the creating and manufacturing of all this computer stuff overseas especially in China under the umbrella of national security.  Any company making all their products in China right now is in dangerous territory of one day having all their plants shut down and no new products coming into the US.  Can you imagine if suddenly there were not going to be any new phones, computers, etc until plants could be built in the USA?  Think that little problem through.  Or consider a possibility that all our military planes, ships, and subs are running on Chinese chips and a signal could fry all of them making everything inoperable?

We live in interesting times, hope to see you on the other side.

All the leaves are brown and the sky is gray
I've been for a walk on a winter's day
I'd be safe and warm if I was in L.A.
California dreamin' on such a winter's day

I stopped into a church I passed along the way
Well I got down on my knees and I pretended to pray
You know the preacher liked the cold, he knows I'm gonna stay
California dreamin' on such a winter's day

I'd be safe and warm
I'd be safe and warm
I'd be safe and warm
I'd be safe and warm

All the leaves are brown and the sky is gray
I've been for a walk on a winter's day
If I didn't go, I could leave today
California dreamin' on such a winter's day
Oh such a winter's day
On such a winter's day


Nature has many laws, well, actually, nature has no laws, man makes them up to explain things but for the most part we call things laws of nature.  But one law no one ever discusses is the Law of Bureaucracy.

Now, if you are like me, the first key to understanding this law is knowing how to correctly spell bureaucracy, because I have to look it up.  But spelling, I think, is still important, maybe not.  Relativism has destroyed truth, twitter has destroyed spelling, vocabulary is not far behind and finally numbers will become relative, which will make writing checks real easy.

But lets talk about the Law of Bureaucracy, which is simply anytime a group of individuals get together and exceed 1/2 dozen, the law of bureaucracy will start to take hold.  Doesn't matter if you are 1/2 dozen people starting a club, church, business, no matter, as you grow, divide into sections, then each section will grow and the law of bureaucracy will take hold; the survival of the group or subgroup becomes the sole purpose of the group.

Let's look at some examples.  Microsoft.  If, back in say 1987, you would have told someone that one day, MS would replace Lotus 123, Wordperfect, DBIII and Novell and not only become number one in each of those markets but literally put all 4 out of business, you would have been laughed out of the boardroom.  But that is exactly what happened, and it created several really big entities at MS; MS Office, NT Server, Windows Desktop.  The trouble was, each became so big and powerful they roared into the 21st century and completely missed where the market was going.

EPA, a great idea from Nixon, words you rarely get to say.  EPA, go clean the water and air of this country.  And they did; cars today have reduced 99% of the emissions of a car from the early 1970's.  Our water, our air are so much cleaner than they were 40 years ago.  But as the EPA grew, that law of bureaucracy kicked in and we went from the EPA preventing a business from dumping chemicals in the lake to the EPA telling a land buyer he can't build on his property because 6 weeks out of the year a small pond forms on the land and a duck landed there; or a speckled pecker salamander might wander by and they are an endangered species and suddenly the EPA goes from heroic to a monster than does nothing more than screw up business and personal lives for the sake of saving an insect or snake.

Remember the wild fire story where the fire was headed and going to come over the ridge and some land owner went and plowed over his property?  The fire rushes into the canyon and destroys every home and burns every plant, except on this guy's land, everything is fine, so the EPA swooped in and sued him because he might have killed a small rodent of some sort turning over the soil - yea - or maybe they lived because they all rushed to his property to avoid the fire, well, I digress, the point is at some point in every organization, the bureaucracy becomes an out of control monster.

And thus we come to Google.  Political correctness has become such a bureaucracy and it can run out of control in any organization.  Lo the person who makes a joke that might offend someone, say a word that might offend someone, or apparently now being white on college campuses offends someone.

I'll say this about the guy who wrote that manifesto, he either is totally clueless or wanted to be fired. He couldn't possibly have thought he was just going to open a dialogue and everyone was going to pat him on the back for starting the conversation.  He was going to get fired - hey, anytime you decide to write a manifesto, you are just a step or two away from funny farm material.

Was he right?  Probably.  I don't brag about voting for Trump at work or tell people 'hey, I have a blog, check it out' cause it would eventually be brought before some HR Tribunal.

HR is another good example of the law of bureaucracy gone wild now that I think about it.  Personnel use to be making sure your paper work and insurance forms were correct, now they are into everything, watching what everyone does like little Gestapo, wait, didn't say that word, do-gooders waiting for a chance to pounce.

So anyways, this guy at Google was probably right, a conservative can be ostracized in our culture today by the politically correct bureaucratic monster, but did he really think they would go "oh wow, you are right, sorry"?

Homeland Security is probably the best example.  An over reaction to a problem that should not have existed in the first place.  Now we are all being monitored and tracked just in case we decide to become terrorists.  What, hey look, this guy bought a book on amazon, and last month bought 100 rounds of ammo and contributes to this church and Oath Keepers and OH MY GOSH, A DOMESTIC TERRORIST!

Now HS runs everything and who is going to break them up?  Cause any attempt to break it up and all it will take is one terrorist action and that president will be run from office.  And you can bet it will happen cause if the terrorists don't do it, the government will.  See Waco, OK City for example.

Look at the banks that were too big to fail in 2008 and how they are now all at least double the size they were 8 years ago.

Bureaucracy run amok.   The movie Brazil did a nice job capturing this issue, good Saturday afternoon movie to watch.  Interestingly, none of the major studios wanted to touch a movie about bureaucracy run amok.

Darlings are you ready for the long winter's fall?
said the lady in her parlor
said the butler in the hall.
Is there time for another?
cried the drunkard in his sleep.
Not likely
said the little child. What's done
the Lord can keep.
And the vicar stands a-praying.
And the television dies
as the white dot flickers and is gone
and no-one stops to cry.
The big jet rumbles over runway miles
that scar the patchwork green
where slick tycoons and rich buffoons
have opened up the seam
of golden nights and champagne flights
ad-man overkill
and in the haze
consumer crazed
we take the sugar pill.
Jagged fires mark the picket lines
the politicians weep
and mealy-mouthed
through corridors of power on tip-toe creep.
Come and see bureaucracy
make its final heave
and let the new disorder through
while senses take their leave.
Families screaming line the streets
and put the windows through
in corner shops
where keepers kept
the country's life-blood blue.
Take their pick
and try the trick
with loaves and fishes shared
and the vicar shouts
as the lights go out,
and no-one really cares.

Dark Ages
shaking the dead
Closed pages
better not read
Cold rages
burn in your head.

Jethro Tull  

Sunday, August 6, 2017


Anyone else just can't wait until the end of the month and Louise Penny's next 3 Pines novel is out?  Love that series, wish they'd make another movie out of the next one, not sure why the first one didn't do well, has Nathaniel Parker (Inspector Lynley) playing the lead role and I thought it was a good choice and a good film.  Unfortunately if you read the comments all those snide commenters were ripping that it didn't follow the book, or this person or that person was not the way they pictured it in their head therefore the movie sucks as if their opinion matters to anyone else on the universe.  Some day they should make a movie that follows the book letter for letter and anyone who has ever complained about films not following the book should be forced to sit thru the 11 hour movie with no bathroom breaks

Gawd, I hate snide comments, don't you?

Strangely enough, a line from one of her novels struck me so I titled a blog with it and to this day it is one of the top 5 blogs read each month and I think 1st or 2nd all time for this blog all because I swiped a great line about being stuck on the stutter of a decimal point and now I've worked it into another blog so it will also end up being read more than others which is putting a lot of pressure on me this morning.  And it would be considered tacky exploitation if I was selling stuff on my blog but I've never signed up to allow advertising on my blog and other than my book which is still ranked in the top  5 million due to it's continually blistering sales of 1 or 2 copies a year.  I know, well, I think I said this before, but before I actually published that book, I actually had this thought.  No one is going to buy a book about a son taking care of his father with Alzheimer's and what they went through, but if you change it to a gay May/Dec relationship and taking care of the Dec with Alzheimer's it will be a number 1 best seller on NYT and everyone will read it.

Why?  It promoted the right agenda.  What was not the right agenda is a son taking care of a dad and not sticking him in the system where the government will take care of you when you get old.  Oh well, c'est la vie.

So, what do you do on a cool rainy Sunday morning in Colorado?  Well, first thing is walk the dog in it and soak it in, they happen so rarely.  And I must tell you I was so happy when my dog woke me up on Sunday morning two hours before I had the alarm set to go out, I might have missed it!    Then you filter all the music in your music library in iTunes for any song with the word 'rain' in it, eliminate the songs with brain or train and now got yourself one great list of rain songs to listen to all morning.  Cool test before you do it, get out pad of paper and pen if you still use those last century methods of communication and write down every song you can think of with 'rain' in the title.  Let it sit and your brain wander for some time and come back to it and see if you can get to 50.

Or just search for it in the iTunes Store you mentally lazy imaginary readers.  The variety of music you will get from Sinatra to Albert Hammond, CCR to REM, Melanie to Billy Holiday, Supertramp to Willie Nelson, all on the same playlist, pretty cool.

So I am thinking of writing another blog.  Why?  You hardly wrote to this one the past year and all of your live real readers have long abandoned you to other blogs where they actually have something to say more than once a month?       Okay, well, good point but I might do it anyways.  I have an idea to do an old serial sort of story, The Adventures of blankety blank.  Make it kind of corny, but covering stuff in the world in that old good guy bad guys sort of Flash Gordon thing without the protagonist  flying on space ships or ray guns or anything because I don't fly and would probably blow holes in the wall with a ray gun just for fun - or make my own swiss cheese from gouda.

Speaking of heaven, I found it.  I found tomatoes at farmers market, they were huge, ugly, several different colors but you put them in the window sill and when they turn red they are ready and do you know what they taste like?  A tomato!  Not the wet cardboardy tasteless crap that is sold as tomatoes for the past 30 or more years at a store, but a real live tasty tomato like when I was a kid.  Then I bought, real bacon.   I haven't bought bacon for myself in over 40 years, don't like bacon and this whole Paul not in the bible means we shouldn't eat pork thing but when I realized I'd found tasty tomatoes I started getting this craving for BLT's.  So yesterday I fried up the whole  pound of bacon and made a BLT and put the rest of the bacon in the fridge.

Then had another one about two hours later.  Then a third one about 4 hours later.  One tomato down, three to go. Absolute heaven.

So where was I, oh yea, the serial blog story, so yea, thinking about it, one chapter a week of the adventures of a guy doing something and people trying to stop him, let's see, will need a romantic babe, and a dog too.  All heroes need a loyal dog.  Indiana Jones would have been so much cooler with his dog, Pyramid.  See the two swimming to the sub sort of thing.  Wouldn't have saved that last one though, nothing could save that last Jones movie.

Sunshine, blue skies, please go away
My girl has found another, and gone away
With her went my future, my life is filled with gloom
So day after day, I stay locked up in my room

I know to you it might sound strange
But I wish it would rain
(Oh, how I wish that it would rain)
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

'Cause so badly I wanna go outside
(Such a lovely day)
But everyone knows that a man ain't supposed to cry
Listen, I got to cry, 'cause crying, ooh
Eases the pain, oh yeah

Even this hurt I feel inside
Words could never explain, I just wish it would rain
(Oh, how I wish that it would rain)
Oh, let it rain, rain, rain, rain
(Oh, how I wish that it would rain)
Ooh baby, let it rain
(Rain, rain)
Oh yeah, let it rain

Day in day out, my tear stained face
Pressed against the window pane
My eyes search the skies, desperately for rain
'Cause rain drops will hide my teardrops and no one will ever know
That I'm crying
(Crying, crying)
When I go outside

To the world outside my tears, I refuse to explain
Oh, I wish it would rain
(Oh, how I wish that it would rain)
Ooh baby, let it rain, let it rain

I need rain to disguise the tears in my eyes
Oh, let it rain
Oh yeah, yeah, listen I'm a man, I ain't got no pride
'Til it rains, I'm gonna stay inside

The Temptations  

Saturday, August 5, 2017


I think I figured it out, this whole Russia thing.

As I wrote a few blogs ago, most of my life up until Trump was elected, the democrats dreamed of being The Soviet Union.  They wanted Marx.  They wanted Lenin.  They wanted to make the US the idol of the communist world.

This all happened around 1972 when the loonies kicked out the old guard.  The dems became the reds.  They were all reading Marx, dreamed of a soviet type world with America doing it right.

And for 45 years they have failed in their mission.  They thought when Obama got to office, it was going to happen, he was da man, da man raised to be the great communist leader of the USA.  Well, he was communist, not so much great, not so much leader.   So now,  they had a new idea, a plan B.  They will decimate the military, wear out what is left, then start a war with Russia and when Russia wins we will become the communist dream.  Amerika.  Or Russika.

Don't laugh, think it through.

One reason I wanted Trump was the possibility of opening things up with Russia, the war drums have been beating and Hilary was sure to do it.  What no one saw is how the Washington Shadow Gov would start the chant Russia Russia Russia and now Trump's hands are tied.  Then they pass sanctions and the president can veto but it will get over ruled.  Any possibility of a Reagan Gorby relationship is not possible.  Congress has seen to that, the media has seen to that.

Russia has been very patient with us.  Ukraine elected a leader, the USA overthrew the leader.  We've been poking the Russia Bear in the eye in Syria, hopefully Trump can at least keep a peace with Russia there, but so many are pushing this so hard, who knows.

By the way, for my younger imaginary readers, here is what inflation has done.  Now, I will say this, the rate of inflation being used is the government number, and that number is not a true figure since they manipulate it to make it look lower than it actually is, but here is what inflation has done since 1950 onward.

And since you are younger and probably went to public schools I will help you with the math.

What cost $100 in 1950 would cost $123.06 in 1960.
What cost $100 in 1960 would cost $131.10 in 1970.
What cost $100 in 1970 would cost $212.61 in 1980.
What cost $100 in 1980 would cost $158.57 in 1990.
What cost $100 in 1990 would cost $131.39 in 2000.
What cost $100 in 2000 would cost $125.33 in 2010.
What cost $100 in 2010 would cost $113.12 in 2016.

What cost $100 in 1965 would cost $773.32 in 2016

Now, I will very quickly sum up the problem.  Inflation of prices is in and of itself not a problem as long as what else happens?  No, it is not a problem as long as payroll salaries hourly wages etc also go up at the same rate.  Then there is no problem.  Because that item that once cost 100 in 1965 and now costs 773 would not be an issue if your pay also went up by that same percentage.

Now, in the above graph, it is important to look at the numbers in (  ) because that is done in 'today's' dollars, notice the drop from 1970 to well, it never recovered, meaning in 1970 was the peak for earnings - understand what that means, while prices have gone up around 6x with inflation since 1970, median income in the USA has gone DOWN

Well, now, to be fair, it hasn't really gone down for everyone, seems the top 5% are doing real good, in fact, the top 20% have been keeping up with inflation.  The bottom 80%, well, not so good.

Put is simple for the younger viewers:  You make X, your costs are Y.  From 1970 to today, you still make X but your costs/expenses are 5Y.  Now do you understand the issue?  No, you don't, because besides things costing 5 times more from the same paycheck, you forget that your paycheck is being sucked for around 30% for taxes that people in the lower 3 quintiles were not paying back in 1965.  And pensions have been replaced by 401k and now you can begin to understand why the middle class is disappearing in amerika what the government can't steal from your check on the front end, they stole the rest by printing money with nothing to back it and now understand why a guy or gal making 30k in the 1980's was living a good life but same guy or gal in 2016 making 60k is broke.

If you go back to an earlier blog I did on 1/12/16 "What an economic mess we are" and Les Leopolds book you also learn that in 1970 the CEO of the top  Fortune 200 companies made about 42 times what the lowest paid full time employee did in those companies.  Around 2015, that number was over 800% more.

 By the way, Mr. President, if you are reading this ( oh stop laughing, it could happen) before you put forth a tax plan, you might want to look at those numbers and go back to the drawing table.  You cannot keep taxing 25% from the middle, we can't afford it.  So think seriously of a tax system with a sales tax on everything, an income tax with no deductions allowed, and a 60k exception so income taxes will only be on people making more than 60k and be a flat rate of 15%; the top 40% can afford it, but bottom 60% cannot.  And the sales tax makes everyone pay something into the system without strangling us.


Never could afford it while a caretaker of a parent with Alzheimer's.  Now I have it again and almost wish I didn't.  I'm only going to be disappointed.