This is my second blog.

My first blog chronicled my experiences over three years caring for my dad as he lived through and finally died from Alzheimer's. That is the book that is for sale.

This second blog kind of chronicles of life, what it is like to start your life over in your late 50's. After caretaking, you are damaged, file bankruptcy, and the world doesn't care what you did. After 8 months of unemployment, you wake each day knowing the world doesn't want you. Finally you do find a job, 5 weeks before homelessness, but doing what you did 30 years ago and getting paid what you did 30 years ago. So this is starting over.

The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.

Sunday, November 6, 2016


There have been a lot of shocking stories the last three months, but nothing floored me more than President Obama being interviewed by a young woman, apparently admitting she is not a legal citizen of the USA, and being asked about illegals voting, do she and others have to worry about being arrested or brought to justice by the federal government if they vote?

And our president, the man who taught constitutional law, said that no, anyone who votes is a citizen.  Did anyone put a This Side Up on his copy of the Constitution?  Or does his just say This Page is Intentionally Left Blank?

Fortunately, this blogger has come across an email sent to me by weekileeks where county sheriffs in over 10 states are outraged by this video of Obama telling it's okay for illegal aliens to vote in US elections and are planning to have county sheriff deputies at all county polling locations on Tuesday with the specific purpose to arrest any non US citizen for attempting to vote in our elections.

County sheriffs from Texas, NM, AZ, UT, NV, CO, FL, NC, SC, MN MI, OH, and PA have vowed to do what they legally can to prevent illegal aliens from voting in this election and will monitor polling places Tuesday specifically looking for illegal aliens attempting to vote.  Yippee!  There is hope!!!!

The bad news is on Tuesday, with all the country sheriff deputies monitoring voting centers, no deputies will be available to ticket speeders for driving 3 mph over the posted limits.

In a related story, Chelsea Clinton has announced after an extensive audit of the Clinton Foundation, which she paid herself 15 million dollars to undertake, has determined there are no cases of illegal spending or no cases of accepting illegal donations as reported by the 'very bad alt right wing media who is being very mean to my mommy'.

The list of very important wealthy people who make their living smiling capped teeth into a TV camera while reading what other people have written for them who are threatening to leave the US if Trump is elected just keeps growing causing readers of People Magazine to worry if Trump is elected and all these people actually leave, what they will read while sitting on the toilet?

So Hollywood has improved on a great SciFi movie by making a modern TV show based on robotic naked cowboys having orgies in the new TV series Brokeback Systemboard, er, wait West Hollywood, no wait, Westworld - now leaving the rest of the world to think the Mountain Time Zone of the US is nothing but a bunch of gay cowboys.

Have you been to Denver lately?

Dilbert creator has decided since the government is already taking 50% of his income and if he dies will take another 50% of what he has left that if Hillary wins he's just going to quit working and live off his money until he goes broke and not pay anymore taxes which I thought was a good idea until I realized my total savings would last 13 days and then I'd be a homeless person making twice what I do now in government benefits and thinking 'huh'?

Which, when you think about it, might actually be the thing to do if Hillary wins.  Shut down your businesses, quit your jobs - they are trying to steal them from you anyways with illegal aliens and off shoring, so just close it up, liquidate it all, and let the 150m working people stop working for a year, take the year off, and shut down the flow of cash to governments, starve them.  Nobody working, nobody to hire illegals, do everything barter, fix the plumbing in return for fixing the computer, no cash changing hands, no trucks or trains moving food, shop local, this for that, just for a year and starve the system dry.

Dreaming again.

The world is too heavy,
too big for my shoulders,
come take the weight off me, now.

Thousands of answers,
for one simple question,
come take the weight off me, now.

I'm like a kid who just won't let it go,
Twisting and turning the colours in rows,
I'm so intensified that's what it is.
This is my Rubik's Cube
And all i can't figure it out.

We're lost in the playground,
Late night nostalgia,
open the sky for me, now.

Friends round the fire,
Outside in December
Open the sky for me now.

I'm like a kid who just won't let it go,
Twisting and turning the colours in rows,
I'm so intensified thats what it is.
This is my Rubik's Cube
And all i can't figure it out.

Credits roll over,
the edge of the horizons,
but I haven't discovered yet.

I'm like a kid who just won't let it go,
Twisting and turning the colours in rows,
I'm so intensified thats what it is.
This is my Rubik's Cube
And all I can't figure it out.