This is my second blog.

My first blog chronicled my experiences over three years caring for my dad as he lived through and finally died from Alzheimer's. That is the book that is for sale.

This second blog kind of chronicles of life, what it is like to start your life over in your late 50's. After caretaking, you are damaged, file bankruptcy, and the world doesn't care what you did. After 8 months of unemployment, you wake each day knowing the world doesn't want you. Finally you do find a job, 5 weeks before homelessness, but doing what you did 30 years ago and getting paid what you did 30 years ago. So this is starting over.

The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.

Sunday, April 24, 2016


I finally have broken free from the constraints of political correctness, I am free worrying about what I say, and the solution was so simple why didn't I think of it before.

Create your own language!

That's right, it was that simple!

I think i've told this story before, hell I think I've told every story twice on these blogs, but in college back in the late 70's, went to WMU, but one of the big rivalries in college basketball back in those days was DePaul versus U of Detroit.  Stop laughing, really!

So they were both in the Top Five and getting ready to play each other and being from Chicago area in a Michigan college my roommate and I took the state loyalty thing and rooted for DePaul though I don't think either of us gave a crap and a 1/2 as to who would win - me less that him because I have to admit this: I've never given a crap about college football or basketball.

But anyways star player for UofD was some guy named Durod and the announcer would always say things like Dooooooooorod.   Well, on this night, unfortunately, Terry Durod couldn't hit air let alone a basket, the rim, or the backboard.  Totally stunk which motivated my roommate and I to mimic the Doooooorod thing and the next thing you know we started calling people Durods and created a whole new word.

But if I say it now, nobody knows what the hell I'm talking about.  And that happened very recently and suddenly I realized I could create a whole new vocabulary of words.

So I am currently working thru a list of all the words we can no longer use, such as 'you fatass bimbo' or oh the world is my oyster now, because I'm making up words all over the place.

My favorite method is to take simple words from english, like to, do, so, da - okay da is not a word but it works for this, and then add a word to it, like a fruit or veggie, so now I can say  "what a sobroc"  or "jeepers you are such a lucorn" and people get this confused look on their face, not sure if they've been insulted and I've just called them a *&&^%&^^%^*&% and a %&*^&^*#@# and only I know it because I created the language and didn't share it with anyone.  And best of all is you can't get in trouble because nobody knows what the word means and if pushed to the wall, since you created the word, you can create whatever meaning you want and nobody will make it stick!!!!!

Why didn't I think of this before, my imaginary corads?  Think of what this will mean to the fuberries!!  To the gutators!

Am I a genut or what!

Oh yea for all you Prince or artist formerly known as Prince fans, sorry you 5'2" sex symbol is dead - I mean the guy made Davey Jones look tall - now we find he was one serious drug addict with one serious case of stage fright and the need to continually look invincible and successful to others.

That is why I like looking like a loser.  Any false expectations people will have will end up positive and I feel no need to live up to something.

So rest in peace, posquash.