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Monday, November 23, 2015


Yea, I know, more JFK stuff.  Sorry, it totally fascinates me like the Missing 411 stuff does.

So, let's talk about specific facts.  The problem with JFK stuff is there is so much 'fact' that aren't facts and things that are that don't actually prove anything but support a theory.  So here we go.

1.  Doctor's press conference at Parkland Hospital that afternoon.  Five doctors, just hours after Kennedy is killed, are in a press conference before anyone can 'get to them' and all agreed that the bullet wound at the front of the throat is an entry wound.  Yes, they had to cut it for the tube to be inserted to try to get him to breath, but all saw it, all agreed, entry wound.  This is the one fact - the doctors themselves all confirm there was a shooter in front.  Now, a few years later two of the doctors wavered, the others did not.

2.  All the doctors also agreed that there was a large exit wound at the back of his head.  Later, when shown autopsy photos, all the doctors said the photos were doctored because there was no exit wound in the autopsy photos done in DC - more on that later.

3.  Parkland Hospital Parking Lot - while Kennedy is in the hospital, cops and media are going over the car and see two very important things.  One is at the top frame of the windshield, you can see where a bullet struck the frame.  There is also a spot on the windshield where it was hit by something and cracked.  Unfortunately, the limo was picked up the next day, sent to a factory, torn apart and put back together, it was one of LBJ's first actions as president to destroy all the evidence the limo might have provided.

4.  Several days after taking office, LBJ executive order to increase advisors and troops to Vietnam, overriding Kennedy's order from October to pull everyone out by the end of the year. That is fact.  The strange thing is a draft of this order LBJ signed was found and is dated November 21st, 1963, the day before Kennedy is shot.  Secondly, Hoover at the FBI and Justice Department killed all the investigations into some of LBJ's doings that had already convicted two of his partners.  These are facts, what they imply is up to the reader.

5.  There have been many attempts to fire the rifle that Oswald supposedly used to shoot the president in the time period the shots had to occur.  It's always, can you aim, reload the bolt action rifle, aim, fire, reload, aim fire, 3x in the 6.8 seconds.  Most experts have failed, a couple did succeed, thus 'proving' it could be done.  What no one has ever been able to do is fire, work the bolt, aim and fire in less than two seconds, which is the time difference supposedly between shot one and shot two.

6.  Let me ask you this: if a president is shot, who does the autopsy?  Well, in 1963, it was not a federal crime to shoot the president.  thus the law required the autopsy be done in Texas.  Now this is where it gets real interesting.  If you go to youtube and watch the news coverage from the three networks and the local Dallas station that day, Kennedy was shot and killed, Connelly was shot and wounded, a Dallas cop Tibbets was shot and killed on the streets of Oak Cliff and a secret service agent was shot and killed.

Uh?  What secret service agent?  Well, this is where it gets interesting.  ALL THREE NETWORKS TALKED ABOUT A SECRET SERVICE AGENT BEING SHOT AND KILLED.  And by the next day, nothing, nada.  BUT, a secret service agent being killed makes it a federal crime, thus what happened at the hospital.

Texas officials had contacted the two top pathologists in the state to come to Parkland to do the autopsy, suddenly the room is filled with Secret Service and FBI agents who are taking control of the body.  There is a standoff between the feds and the Texas law enforcement with the doctors in the room.  According to the doctors, the feds drew guns, they got the body, and it was shipped to Bethesda for the autopsy which was performed by a top doctor who had not done and autopsy since med school.

And all the doctors notes from Parkland were lost in transit.

So the doctor, looking at the body, lacking any notes from Dallas, said the throat would was an exit would because he did not know a tracheometry had been performed in Dallas.

The big difference?  The rear head wound was a small entry, completely opposite of what was viewed and documented in Dallas.

7.  Funeral home director in Texas who handled Oswalds body was present and working on Oswald when two FBI agents showed up with a rifle.  They backed him off, then placed Oswald's hands on the rifle, where they would be if firing the gun.  So the next day the announcement is made that they have finger prints of Oswald on the murder weapon.

Now, is that a fact?  Or did the funeral director make that up.  Well, on Saturday, the day after the assassination, Hoover himself in DC said there were NO FINGERPRINTS ON THE RIFLE THEY FOUND.

And, Dallas police did tests on Oswald and while they did find gun powder residue on his hands and sleeves, there was no other residue, none on the shoulders, face, hair which will have residue when you fire a bolt action rifle.

8.  Oswald.  Stop and ask yourself this: a member of the US Marine Corps goes AWOL.  Not only does he go AWOL, but he shows up in the Soviet Union and lives in the Soviet Union for a few years.

Now remember, this is early 1960's, the Cold War, McCarthy of the 1950's.  The Cuban Missile Crisis.
An AWOL US Marine who defects to the Soviet Union comes back to the United States with his Russian wife and nothing.  No military prison for AWOL.  No military trial for treason.  And there is Oswald in New Orleans, passing out communist propaganda on the streets of New Orleans.  What does that tell you.  It is factual, but what does it mean?

The CIA has something called a 201 file.  They are files on people who work with the CIA.  There is a 201 file on Oswald.

9.  Speaking of news media coverage that day, you can't watch it without wondering about the rifle.  The cop who found it, who moonlights at a gun shop, immediately identified it as a Mauser, other officials identified it as a Mauser, everyone is reporting it a Mauser, then suddenly, it's some Italian rifle, not a Mauser.  The area where Oswald was suppose to be shooting from had stuff like chicken dinners and things that implied someone was stationed there for quite some time, certainly overnight.  Yet Oswald was seen coming to work, clocking in, etc.  When police were charging up stairs some stopped at each floor and locked it down.  Oswald was seen in the first floor cafateria with several others, not out of breath.  He had been outside, in fact, a reporter, McNeil of later McNeil Lerner News Report on PBS, walked up the steps to the building right after the shooting and asked if there was a phone and believes to the end of his life that the person that took him towards the phone was Oswald, which put him outside when the shootings were taking place.

10.  Finally, the killing of Officer Tibbets.  Somehow, less than 45 minutes after Oswald was in the Book Depository, he was walking in Oak Cliff and shot the cop.  He then unloaded the shells from his revolver on a front lawn, dropped his wallet, and went to a movie theatre where when arrested they claim he tried to fire his gun at one of the cops and it didn't fire.  When arrested he had a wallet with two sets of ID.

There were 11 witnesses to the shooting of Tippett.  Two identified Oswald as the shooter,  nine did not.  Most claimed the shooter was shorter and squat in shape.  Some of the 9 saw two men (why is there always a missing John Doe Number Two?).  But the shells found on the lawn matched having been fired from Oswald's gun.  Was a man who supposedly planned the assassination of a president, able to get away, shoot a cop then drop the shells from his revolver on the lawn with his wallet for police to find?

It always makes me nervous, at the shooting range, when done, sweeping up the shells and putting them in the bucket.  Anyone could come along, grab a handful of them, then commit a crime and drop my shells at the scene of the crime.  So if Oswald was at a range, they pick up the shells, drop them at the murder site and a wallet with his ID, to direct police to him.  EXCEPT HE HAD A WALLET WITH TWO SETS OF ID WITH HIM WHEN ARRESTED.

So there you go, 10 reasons in my opinion to question the JFK assassination.  But there is one more thing that is really really strange.

Did you ever see a picture of Tippett?  He looks like JFK, about the same height, little heavier but not much, same hair cut.  Because there is one other 'fact' that has never been explained.  Why, back in Washington, when Bobby and Jackie were in to see the body of JFK after the autopsy and the funeral home director had prepared the body for the closed casket display, why when they left was she crying saying "that's not Jack, that's not Jack" as they left the room.

Why was she saying "that's not Jack"?

A bullet had found him
His blood ran as he cried
No money could save him
So he laid down and he died

Ooooh, what a lucky man he was
Ooooh, what a lucky man he was