This is my second blog.

My first blog chronicled my experiences over three years caring for my dad as he lived through and finally died from Alzheimer's. That is the book that is for sale.

This second blog kind of chronicles of life, what it is like to start your life over in your late 50's. After caretaking, you are damaged, file bankruptcy, and the world doesn't care what you did. After 8 months of unemployment, you wake each day knowing the world doesn't want you. Finally you do find a job, 5 weeks before homelessness, but doing what you did 30 years ago and getting paid what you did 30 years ago. So this is starting over.

The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.

Thursday, October 30, 2014


Well, it sure is trendy for people to come out of the closet and announce they are gay, lesbian, bisexual, trisexual, transexual and whatever else makes them the toast of hip relativists everywhere.  I thought about being bisexual once, but didn't have enough self confidence in myself to be rejected twice as often as I already was being rejected.  Bad enough attractive women said no, but by men too?  I'd feel like those kids when we were all 12 years old, you know, the absolute last ones chosen when picking teams; you'd be down to two kids and when one was picked he was so relieved that he wasn't the last one, like I really suck, but not as much as you.

I'm still trying to figure out why people get all tatted up and pierce their bodies with metal.  Now they run around, all tatted up with pieces of metal sticking off their faces proudly proclaiming who they slept with last night.  Who defines themselves by who or what they sleep with?

It's bad enough we define each other by what we do for a living,  "Hi, nice to meet you, what do you do for a living?" not "Hi, how are you, who did you sleep with last night?"  Of course, if you are lucky, you have a job with someone and don't have to say what you do, just that you work for Google or Apple or the IRS.  You could be the janitor, but you work for them.

But I thought today, I too, would come out of the closet, come clean, and announce my true nature.

I am totally square.

That is right, I am square.  Totally square.  Square Power shirts coming soon.  Get a lobby group, a 501c3, special civil rights protection and make companies all over America hire a certain percentage of other squares like me.

So what does it mean to be square?

I believe in God, not man made global warming.

I believe Jesus died to take the punishment of mankind's sins, which means I also believe certain behaviors are sinful as opposed to those Christians who go to churches where rock bands play rock music with lots of Love words.  Squares wouldn't be caught dead in such a church.

James 4.17 would be my life verse if I believe in life verses, but being a square, I don't.  Life verses are for the hip Christians.

So, as a Square, I believe we are faced with choices between right and wrong and should do the right thing, which means you can't believe that truth is relative and be a square.  Squares have 4 sides and any relativist worth their salt cannot stand that kind of absoluteness.  To an relativist, they have no problem accepting that somewhere in the world, there are squares with 3 sides.

Squares are absolutists.  Hair gets grey, life does not.

Squares hold open doors for other people, man or woman, even if we're not sure which.  Squares like me get a confused look on our faces when someone asks why we don't shave our chest hair, leg hair, back hair, underarms, or other parts of our body and are greatly uncomfortable when a guy is asking.

Squares can make all sorts of things in the kitchen, but only if we like it and never order a drink at a bar that requires a blender or with fruit.

Squares might watch our weight, but we will never count points or calories.

A square bathroom has a tooth brush, toothpaste on sale,  razors, soap, shaving cream and stick deo.  One bottle of shampoo.  If you have more than one bottle in your shower, pay for expensive soaps, rub body lotions on your skin, or have smelling stuff other than Old Spice, you aren't square.  Plus, we don't floss, we just brush harder.

Squares don't cheat on their spouses or girlfriends, because it's wrong and most squares aren't good liars to get away with it anyways.  Plus it takes too much thinking time to keep lies straight, we like straight lines, 90 degree angles, and simple.  Affairs are too complicated.  They are like factorials.

If factorials are so cool, why are they always framed in a square?

Squares are not ashamed of being square, we just don't think it's anything to brag about and secondly we really don't want to hear others talking about their lives in such detail.  We never watch daytime talk shows, soaps, reality TV, or any other show that plays to our stupidity, which means a real square doesn't even own a television.

Squares, if asked who they think is really hot, will name women like Jackie Bissett, Ali McGraw, or some other actress or model from 25 years ago.  Squares have no idea who famous people are today because we like being totally out of touch with culture.  And we are.  If you can name more than 3 winners of that TV show singing thing, you aren't square.  A true square says Carrie Underwood and shrugs.

Squares smart phones have music, lists of workouts and groceries, and contacts we might need to call like police, fire, etc.  We memorized our friends numbers.  Squares don't text, facebook, instagram or have any games on our smartphones.  We refuse to stare at them for more than 5 minutes unless reading the news or getting sports scores.  Or reading obscure blogs  by other squares.

A squares most sophisticated exercise machine is a jump rope and are not ashamed to go outside and look like an idiot using it because squares like to act like they don't care what other people think.  Truth is squares do care, but realize as squares, people aren't going to think much of them anyways so might as well feed the dingos.

Squares never wore tie dye shirts, designer jeans or designer underwear, and certainly never wore a leisure suit, leather pants, or jeans showing underwear, cracks, or look like your grandma is wearing them.  We buy gym shoes and clothes by what is cheapest at the time, not because we think if we wear certain shoes or shirts we will be like Bo or be like Mike or, crap, I'm out of stars.  Squares have no idea if they under pronate or over pronate because we have no idea what pronate means nor do we care.  It sounds like something people drinking wine and eating french cheese would talk about.

Blue jeans by Lee or Levis, never calvin klein.  Underwear Hanes, never Fruit of the Loom because we are uncomfortable with having clothing with the word Fruit on them.  We shop at Sears or Penney's and worry late at night about where the hell we are going to shop if they both go out of business.  Does ACE carry clothing?

Squares don't understand what is happening in the world.  We don't mind change, we just don't like change that doesn't serve a purpose, costs more than what it was and doesn't improve things.  Squares don't buy the latest version or release of anything, we wait until the II version comes out with all the bugs worked out.  Squares still have a map book, or will look at an online map before going somewhere, but would never let some car navigation system tell them how to get somewhere.  We will drive around lost for hours before listening to a computer.

I'm a square.  I feel liberated now.  I am square and I'm proud of it.  No longer will we squares take the prejudice we face by the beautiful hip people of the world.

Wayfaring warrior Soul
still wild, the archer stands
Arrow measured to the goal -
sing of strong and living man
In his mind there is a vision wand'ring
through the forest towns
Telling of riches only given if through
the woods the way is found


Sunday, October 26, 2014


Okay, I'm a Chicagoan.  Which means from an early age I learned that teams will absolutely break your heart if you let them, which is why I can happily say since about 1972 I never let a sports team determine my happiness or sadness.  Win, that's great, lose, okay too.

So today, the Bears, a team many thought had a shot at the division and maybe even the Super Bowl, - stop laughing Brian, some were picking them - lost again.  And badly.  They got some junk points in the 4th quarter on NE, but this was a total blowout from start to finish.

Next week the Bears have a bye and may be the first team in football history to lose on the bye week.

Now, check this out on foxsports.com.  Down 48 to 23 with around 3 minutes left in the game, the backup QB for NE gets sacked by a Bear player named Houston.  It is the Bears first sack of the game. And the Bear player gets up and does some big sack dance like this is really cool, and blows out his knee.  Seriously, blows out his knee doing a sack dance when his team is down by 25 points in the fourth quarter.  He is carted off the field.  Absolutely the funniest thing you will ever see.

Sorry, just had to share that moment.  And no, I'm not watching the game, I just checked the score online.  Why would any Chicago sports fan want a TV?


Anyone who thinks life is normal of late is living in a dream.  Two stories today illustrate my point, with some additional rhetoric.

First in Oklahoma City, where they still dare to have a statue of the Ten Commandments, have a statue no more.  First, the individual walked up to the statue and pissed on it, then got back in his car, took a running start, and plowed into the marble and shattered it.  This all coming not long after some satanic ritual was performed in the state.  That is the least of the weird.

In Connecticut, some woman who kept a rescue Pit Bull in the backyard on a heavy chain because it was a vicious dog and they were trying to 'rescue' it, looked out into the backyard and saw a naked man, whom she thought was being killed by her dog.  She got her gun and when she came out on the back porch, realized the dog was not attacking the man, the man was sexually assaulting her dog.  She fired a shot into the ground, which will probably see her sent to prison, and the man stood up and walked toward her saying something like shoot me, we are all going to die, ISIS is coming, and prattled on about a great evil while apparently the vicious Pit Bull was smoking an after sex cigarette or something.

Signs and wonders people.  Pay attention to these stories.  They are warnings.

Which, of course, leads us to the Republican National Platform, which, unfortunately, isn't done in simple bullet points of ambiguous wording but is actually written out in compound sentences and full paragraphs, showing if you enjoy reading details, the republican party is your party.  If you prefer short simple cliches that sound nice, then the democratic party is for you.

So that is the Table of Contents of the reps platform which I guess means they want to turn back the clock some, not a bad idea, use the constitution again, good idea, suck up all the resources in our country, which I think means a chicken in every pot and a fracking well in every backyard, not sure if 'serving the people' means working for us or a cookbook, renew values which I think means those out of date JudeoChristian values liberals despise so much, and America's exceptionalism, which is a myth at this point in history.

It's a much better read than the democratic platform, one I really agree with overall.  Too bad it is all bull crap.

I promised that today, and I delivered, but what I really wanted to talk about is how through books, movies, and television shows of the past we really should have paid more attention to what was coming.

I am a big fan of Star Trek TNG, especially the last half of the series, they had some of the great sci fi stories of all time.  The episode I am thinking about today is the one with Ashley Judd, whom I don't care how liberally stupid she is, she is cute.  That would be sexism I am sure.  The episode was about some game that someone brought on the ship, which was worn on the head, and it was putting some disks in the right order and everyone on board started playing and getting hypnotized by the game and Wesley and Ashley were the only two catching on that something nefarious was afoot.

I thought of that show several times recently when I was out, and the number of people I saw with their face buried in their smart phones.  Eating, walking, standing around in the parking lot, just playing some game on their phone, and thought how fascinating the writers in the late 1980's saw a day when the population was totally whacked out on staring at smart phones and totally oblivious of their surroundings.  I swear if I were a bad guy, I could knock off dozens of people a day because they would never see me coming.  What I am really fighting is starting to walk up on these people when I see them and when I get close shouting "BOO".

Who the frack would want to rape a dog?  Note to self, next paycheck, add 200 rounds of ammo to supplies.

All along the icy wastes there are faces smiling in the gloom.
Roll up roll down, Feeling unwound? Step into the viewing room.
The cameras were all around.We've got you taped you're in the play.
Here's your I.D. (Ideal for identifying one and all.)
Invest your life in the memory bank ours the interest and we thank you.
The ice-cream lady wets her drawers, to see you in the passion play.
Take the prize for instant pleasure, captain of the cricket team
public speaking in all weathers, a knighthood from a queen.

All your best friends' telephones never cooled from the heat of your hand.
There's a line in a front-page story, 13 horses that also-ran.
Climb in your old umbrella. Does it have a nasty tear in the dome?
But the rain only gets in sometimes and the sun never leaves you alone,
you alone, you alone, you alone, you alone, you alone.

Lover of the black and white it's your first night.
The Passion Play, goes all the way, spoils your insight.
Tell me how the baby's made, how the lady's laid,
why the old dog howls in sadness.

Jethro Tull

Saturday, October 25, 2014


Strange.  The Polar Vortex, written last winter, is getting a lot of hits this week, weird how some old blog suddenly gets popular.

Even stranger, why when my alarm goes off at 8am 5 days a week, I hit snooze, and am asleep within 2 minutes again, dreaming when it goes off again at 8:15, but when the damn phone rang this morning at 8, I didn't answer, just rolled over and couldn't get back to sleep?  Who the frack was calling people at 8am on a Saturday?  This is a crime that demands we bring back public flogging!

So, a doctor comes back from Ebola Africa and last night goes bowling; this morning he is in hospital with the illness.  Shocking.  A doctor who bowls?  Poor sap that owns the bowling alley will probably have all the bowling balls and shoes confiscated and destroyed, I mean, would you want to put your feet in a pair of rentals or your fingers in a bowling ball some ebola victim used last night?

You know, there is a selfishness showing here.  A nurse who flies, a doctor riding subways and taxis and going bowling; I seriously doubt last night he had absolutely no fever.  But, that is why I don't bowl, never know what you could catch in a bowling alley.  Well, except that 7-10 split.  Never caught that.

But tonights blog is about why I can never again vote for a democrat.  I'm not crazy about voting for republicans either, but never again a democrat.  When I want to not vote for some republican that has been in office for too long, defined as two terms, I vote against the rep in the primary and I'll vote 3rd party in the general. I will not pull for a democrat again.

Story today about a woman in Iran who was put to death by the Islamic government because she killed the man who broke into her home and tried to rape her.  What does that have to do with my voting?  Tell me which political party supports Islam, which party wants us to be tolerant of Islam.

Hilary just said in a speech that we should not be fooled, that business owners and business does not create jobs, the government creates jobs.

What do democrats stand for?  Women's rights they claim, which as far as I can tell means allowing women to get abortions.  But how many woman's rights groups have you heard or seen burning their bras over the treatment of women by muslims?

So here is the 2012 Platform of the Democratic Party:



    1. Putting Americans Back to Work    golly, that has worked out well, how many 10's of millions people lost their jobs and are either not working or working for 1/2 of what they use to make.
    2. The Middle Class Bargain  delivered on this, most of the middle class has to shop at dollar stores and Goodwill nowadays, that's a bargain.
    3. Cutting Waste, Reducing the Deficit, Asking All to Pay Their Fair Share  really?  Seriously?
    4. Economy Built to Last and soon to be powered by 30 million illegal aliens

    1. Wall Street Reform  cough, um, please, any examples?
    2. 21st Century Government: Transparent and Accountable  that is even funnier than Wall Street Reform
    3. Lobbying Reform and Campaign Finance Reform only campaign reform democrats want is to silence talk radio and the internet

    1. Strengthening the American Community  name one community, one, just one.
    2. Protecting Rights and Freedoms  I'd like to comment on this but the NSA won't allow me to comment
    3. Ensuring Safety and Quality of Life  clever, not wanting to quarantine and prohibit travel from countries ravaged by Ebola but then now wants to quarantine Americans

    1. Responsibly Ending the War in Iraq  yea, that worked, first Marine killed today in our going back into Iraq
    2. Disrupting, Dismantling, and Defeating Al-Qaeda  solved by marketing MBA who changed their name to ISIS
    3. Responsibly Ending the War in Afghanistan  so, the good news is, they failed at this?
    4. Preventing the Spread and Use of Nuclear Weapons  who needs nuke weapons when we have Fukushima releasing more radiation than all the nuke weapons could have done
    5. Countering Emerging Threats  well, unless the threat are illegal aliens who keep coming over the border, like the guy this weekend who killed two California sheriff deputies and we find out he's been deported twice before and just walked right back into the country compliments of Obama
    6. Strengthening Alliances, Expanding Partnerships, and Reinvigorating International Institutions  Obama definitely did this, the alliance between Russia and China has never been stronger
    7. Promoting Global Prosperity and Development  by turning our economy into a 3rd world country
    8. Maintaining the Strongest Military in the World  well, yea, China's.
    9. Advancing Universal Values  this is the sentence that scares me.  How do you define Universal and Values?

    This is not a joke.

    Tomorrow, the 2012 republican platform.

    Saturday night I was downtown
    Working for the FBI
    Sitting in a nest of bad men
    Whiskey bottles piling high

    Bootlegging boozer on the west side
    Full of people who are doing wrong
    Just about to call up the DA man
    When I heard this woman singing a song

    A pair of moneybags made me open my eyes
    My temperature started to rise

    She was a long cool woman in a black dress
    Just a 5'9" beautiful 'n' tall
    Just one look I was a bad mess
    'Cause that long cool woman had it all

    The Hollies

    Monday, October 20, 2014


    Anyone who believes the sum of the parts is equal to the whole has never owned an old car.  My 99 Volvo is worth, in excellent condition, about 4300 bucks.  Right now my cat convertor is going bad, fortunately, passed the emissions test in July so no worries for two years.  But now the oxygen sensors are going, there are two of them, one before the converter and one after the converter, and the cost with labor to replace the two oxygen sensors and the converter would be about 1200 bucks.

    To replace the engine would be 5k.  To replace the transmission would be 2k.  Some of the computer boards would be 2k a piece.  Which means you could spend 15k in parts and labor to fix a 4k car.

    And, let's talk about cars and computers.  Do you know why a simple system board for a car costs as much as 5 iphones?  Because each car maker orders their own boards, some car makers use different boards in different cars they make, meaning it costs a few ipads to get one system board. First of all, they really don't need 15 different computer boards in one car (Benz), you could use just one board to control it all, and if automaker got together and designed one board for all cars it would cost about 100 bucks for the board and then a cost to program the board for your car.

    And frankly, we had cars for 90 years without any computer boards in them and life was pretty good.

    But this is not about cars, this is for all of the bloggers and talkers who laughed at the 10 million number of illegal aliens in this country and said the number was more like 30 million.  Take a bow.  On Drudge Report today, there is a link to a story where Numb Nuts, er, I mean, President Numb Nuts is looking for bids to print up to 34 million green cards.

    34 million people who came to America illegally are about to begin to be legalized in this country - after the November election and before the new congress is sworn in come January.  Stroke of the pen.

    Note to people running for president in 2016.  Say that the first day in office you will sign an Executive Order nullifying every Executive Order signed by Numb Nuts and you will cake walk to the White House.

    Why do unions support Obama?  What will 34 million illegals now being legal do to the unions?  Why do blacks support Obama?  What will 34 million illegals do to black unemployment?  How do high school and college kids expect to get part time jobs?

    Would a republican house and senate have the guts to overturn Obama's executive order?  Hardly.  Thirty four million more legal workers in a country that has real unemployment right now over 20% overall, over 30% for blacks.

    Yea, this is going to work out real well.  That will be 34 million people illegally voting very soon in our  elections.  The sum is greater than the whole.

    A couple of years ago, when gay marriage was getting voted down time and time again in each state, I remember reading an article where the supporters promised that they would never try to force pastors and churches to perform the weddings if it was against their beliefs.  And today we have a pair of ministers in Idaho who are being threatened with jail for refusing to perform gay marriages.

    I'm telling you, every conservative Christian better decide on about 20 states and move their butts there as soon as possible before it's too late to check out of the coming disorder.

    Have a nice day.

    Who wants to brave those
    bronze beauties lying in the sun?
    With their long soft hair falling
    flying as they run
    Oh they smile so shy
    and they flirt so well
    And they lay you down so fast
    Till you look straight up and say
    "Oh Lord, am I really here at last?"

    Who wants to play those eights and aces?
    Who wants a raise?
    Who needs a stake?
    Who wants to take that long shot gamble
    and head out to fire lake?

    Bob Seger

    Saturday, October 18, 2014


    Where did all go so wrong.  My second favorite line from LOTR.  And nowhere is it better applied than in Christianity.

    I can't even begin to list all the denominations.  Most people think it was the Catholic Church and then Luther nailed some questions on the door and then everything else came.  Not so, oh so not so.

    If you lived in the 1st century AD, and were a Christian, most likely you met with fellow believers in someone's home.  As the century developed, you had churches sort of centralized and there were Bishops in Alexandria, Jerusalem, Rome, Antioch and a fifth one I can never remember and am too lazy to look up right now.  Now if there was a 'lead' bishop, it was in Jerusalem, not Rome.  Peter was never Bishop of Rome.  Never a Pope, which didn't show up until the late 2nd or early 3rd Century.

    Eventually though, the Bishop of Rome started breaking rules, no longer going along with the group, and caused lots of problems and finally the Bishop decided he was a Pope and The Catholic Church was born.  What follows next is why I can never be Catholic.

    This blog is not a great place to give a detailed history of what happens next, but in general we get the splits starting here.  Greek Orthodox splits, the church in Ethiopia splits, and you start having serious manipulation of texts, first by the Hebrew Rabbi's rewriting the Old Testament and then people like Origen starting the great blending of greek philosophy into the Christian texts, followed by Augustine and Aquinas with many other contributions in between.  Jerome did a great job translating the OT to Latin, except he used the MT, the corrupted Jewish texts instead of the AT, which the Septuagint was translated from, but then some of the Greek Orthodox priests started changing the Septuagint to match the MT just to confound the whole thing.

    As the church in Rome gained power, they thirsted for more.  And using that great Biblical principle Jesus taught, they began to seek out those groups that did not agree with them and pretty much wiped them out.  Some of the most famous Catholic saints are mass murders.  Pope Innocent III put more Christians to death than all the Roman Emperors combined.  Amen.

    Somewhere, it went wrong.  Somewhere the Catholic church became a monster seeking power.  But not to pick on them, let's jump some centuries and Luther nails his questions of the door and the Protestant Church is born, which has never gained the power of the Vatican, but has certainly screwed things up probably just as much.  The Church of England which came about in England's battles with Rome, the Calvin comes along, and so on and so on and so on.

    By the way, remember the "remember remember the 5th of November" and the Guy Fawkes thing?  Fawkes was catholic and was doing the deed for the Church in Rome.  And the whole Thomas Moore or the Bloody Mary thing and it's just damn ugly and how God has put up with us and this mess so long may be a greater miracle than the whole creation thing.

    And it's continued for centuries. There are more denominations of Christianity in the world today than soccer players, and there are always way too many soccer players.  Even within each denomination, it's all torn up and apart.  You can walk into one Assemblies of God church and see snakes and in another it's a golf sermon.  Baptists, methodists, lutherans, pressies, AG's, yada yada yada.  Free evangelicals, free methodists, faith free, etc.  One baptist preacher preaches one thing, another another thing, and is it no wonder people just stay home and watch football?

    So many stupid PhD papers have created an absolute mess of the Bible.  'Sons of God' in Genesis; read the old stuff and it's clearly angels but then the Catholic Church changed it to Seth and now AG's thinks it's noble men and commoner women, and so it goes.

    Pick up your Bible, turn to Deut 32:8.  Does it say 'angels of God' or a variation of Children of Israel?
    The rabbi's changed it to the latter in the MT, most english translations used the MT to translate, but the Sept uses angels of God an the Dead Sea Scrolls show'd it to be Angels of God.  BIG DIFFERENCE.

    Here is the issue; most pastors and churches don't speak of supernatural things.  Oh, sure, virgin birth and resurrection, but that's where they stop.  Which is why when I sit in any protestant church I rarely 'feel' God's presence.

    Why doesn't God just reboot the whole thing?

    I have issues with the Catholic Church, and the Greeks, on a couple of issues.  One is the Virgin Mary thing, which if you accept that she was always a Virgin it kind of messes up many of the written things in the NT, where Jesus has brothers and sisters.  Since Jesus was not JOSEPH'S son, but was MARY'S son, then how can they be brothers and sisters from Joseph and another wife?  And the Eucharist I also have an issue with.  In one verse, I can see it, sort of, but in another it clearly says represents.  Plus now every time I take communion and get cracker stuck in my teeth, I think "Is Jesus stuck in my teeth?" which makes me laugh.  Hmm, maybe that's why I don't feel God's presence.

    I don't mean to be flippant, I seriously ponder these things.  I fight the urge to cover the walls of my apartment in poster board so I can think things thru, stringing yarn across the room, because I know once I start it will be just a matter of time before I am locked up at the funny farm.

    Now, before ending, let me also stress something.  Every denomination has good Christian people in it, priests, pastors, and lay people.  And I read writings from Catholic, Greek, and others.  I have 3 Bishop Sheen books, many Kreeft, several from Greek Orthodox writers, and others.  It's just so confusing.  I want to just chuck it all and lock myself away with the Bible, but which one?  I confess I use the Greek Orthodox right now for the OT and am probably signing up for Michael Heiser's online Greek I class after the first of the year.

    I wish God would send some clarification on these things.

    I know there is a God.  I know his Son died for my sins.  But I fear God, I worry, will Jesus step forward for me? We are all going to be so wrong on so much.

    This is my father's world
    The birds their carols raise
    The morning light, the lily white
    Declare their maker's praise

    This is my father's world
    I rest me in the thought
    Of rocks and trees, of skies and seas
    His hand the wonders wrought

    This is my father's world
    Oh, let me never forget
    That though the wrong seems oft so strong
    God is the ruler yet

    This is my father's world
    Why should my heart be sad?
    The Lord is king, let the heavens ring
    God reigns, let the earth be glad

    Wednesday, October 15, 2014


    I would like to ask a favor of some of you who are not imaginary.  If you read my book and if you like it, though I'm not sure anyone could actually enjoy the story, could you write a review on Amazon if you haven't?  I have three great reviews, but it would be cool to see some more and I'm too honest to do what other authors do and fake them.  Or have family members post reviews.

    I gave my book to my sister, nephews, and nieces and none of them posted a review; wouldn't surprise me if none of them read the book.  Which is why recently when someone asked me if I had any family I said no - an interesting response I pondered later.

    Following the line of the end of the previous blog, another interesting story of the coming persecution of Christians in this country.  Seems some Christian Colleges in the New England area have been informed if they don't start teaching, wait, let me look up the exact wording, the New England Associations of Schools and Colleges are informing the christian schools if they don't remove their standard against co habitation and homosexual relationships they will lose their accreditation.  So soon christian high schools and colleges will no longer be accredited by the state.


    I would think it would be a black mark to by approved by the state these days.

    I wonder when all these liberal LGBT, who insist that Christianity to totally removed from the political process are going to say Martin Luther King was wrong to force his religious views on the south?  Because if they are going to be consistent in their philosophy, they have to be against MLK - but they will insist they are not.  Just as they will have no problem with pastors who embrace the LGBT positions - that is okay, it's only bad if the pastors disagree.

    And while on the topic of a small vocal minority creating all sorts of chaos in our lives, did anyone catch the story about the Great Lakes?  Seems the water temperature is about 6 degrees below last year and about 4 degrees off the average.  What this means is the likelihood of much colder weather for many of the Great Lakes states, an earlier winter, more likely another freeze of all the lakes, and it's a trend beginning.  Siberia is already seeing heavy snow.  And the current that rides up the US East Coast towards England is slowing again and will produce a much more serious winter in Europe, again.

    Gee, I wonder if that BP oil spill could affect that current?  Where did we read that before?

    Point of all this is this; all indicators are that we are cooling, not warming.  Scientists and statisticians who are not earning their living on government grants are showing time and time again that the numbers coming out of those paid mouthpieces are being manipulated, how they are being manipulated, how the readings are being biased towards warming, and yet our governments are still pushing the world towards carbon taxes.  Electric bills and other heating bills will skyrocket this winter as the effect of closing the coal plants will be realized in higher bills.

    I guess, if we were smart, we might think of all these things in the next election.  Maybe we could walk in and make sure incumbents are voted out, regardless of party.  Hey, I have no problem with a congressman having 3 terms, but that is it.  I have no problem with a senator with 2 terms, but no more. Lifers are killing us, they go and make 200k a year, approximately, and leave 20 years later with 10 million in the bank.  And we wonder why our jobs are gone, why are incomes are  dropping, why costs are through the roof.

    But, what is God's Will?  Danged if I know.  I've said before if overnight the big earthquake happened in the Atlantic and a tidal wave of 500ft high took out DC to Boston, I'd deep down inside say "thank you God".  I don't know if anything else could save us.  If Yellowstone goes, well, we all go and as I die I would think, "I understand".

    Saw a film at church tonite from Africa, where people were given Bibles in their language, and watched them hug and kiss and cry with getting their own Bible.  I have at least 12 in my home, not counting electronic versions, most I haven't touched in a year.  I sure don't hold them, hug them, and kiss them.

    Oh well, painting tomorrow, I promise, no blogging, I may be wearing out my welcome into your homes or into the imagination of my imaginary readers.  Last night was the first night I didn't have any dreams or nightmares about people and computer problems, I found that, interesting.

    That picture hangin' on the wall
    Was painted by a friend
    He gave it to me all down and out
    When he owed me ten

    It doesn't look like much I guess
    But it's all that's left of him
    It sure is nice from right over here
    When the light's a little dim

    Step inside this house girl
    I'll sing for you a song
    I'll tell you 'bout just where I've been
    It shouldn't take too long

    I'll show you all the things that I own
    My treasures you might say
    It couldn't be more then ten dollars worth
    They brighten up my day

    And this book of poems was given to me
    By a girl I used to know
    I guess I read it front to back
    Fifty times or so

    It's all about the good life
    And stayin' at ease with the world
    It's funny how I love that book
    And I never loved that girl

    Step inside this house girl
    I'll sing for you a song
    I'll tell you 'bout just where I've been
    It shouldn't take too long

    I'll show you all the things that I own
    My treasures you might say
    It couldn't be more then ten dollars worth
    That brighten up my day

    And you hold this piece of glass
    Up to the light that's shining through the door
    It's a prism glass I found it on the road
    And can't you see that tiny rainbow?

    It's not really a prism I guess
    It just kinda broke a funny way
    I was on my way through Houston
    And I was headed for L.A.

    And step inside this house girl
    I'll sing for you a song
    I'll tell you 'bout just where I've been
    It shouldn't take too long

    I'll show you all the things that I own
    My treasures you might say
    It couldn't be more then ten dollars worth
    That brighten up my day

    Lyle Lovett


    Started this blog yesterday on a story but didn't post it, then last might tuned into Hagmann for the Stan Deyo Night, and Doug Hagmann spent a good 45 minutes doing an absolutely excellent analysis of what I was writing about.  He who hesitates is lost.

    Wow, anyone who thought those Christians who were warning against the coming persecutions as being conspiracy nuts of some sort, take a seat and apologize.

    The Houston mayor has sent subpoenas to over 400 Christian pastors demanding they turn over copies of all sermons related to the topic of homosexuality.

    Among those slapped with a subpoena is Steve Riggle, the senior pastor of Grace Community Church. He was ordered to produce all speeches and sermons related to Mayor Annise Parker, homosexuality and gender identity.
    The mega-church pastor was also ordered to hand over “all communications with members of your congregation” regarding the non-discrimination law.
    “This is an attempt to chill pastors from speaking to the cultural issues of the day,” Riggle told me. “The mayor would like to silence our voice. She’s a bully.”
    Rev. Dave Welch, executive director of the Texas Pastor Council, also received a subpoena. He said he will not be intimidated by the mayor.
    “We’re not afraid of this bully,” he said. “We’re not intimidated at all.”


    Does that chill you to the bone?  The local mayor - and by the way - what the hell has happened to Houston?  Houston use to be one of the toughest most cowboy conservative cities in the nation, Dallas with an attitude.  Urban Cowboy and all that.  Now they have a lesbian mayor elected 3 times who is going to stomp down on churches who preach what is in the Bible because she disagrees with it?  Why don't they just change the name of Houston to San Houstansisco?  Jeesh.

    But here you have it.  I think a long time ago, I made fun of some study where the reporter committed statistical fraud.  It showed some extensive study in the US and what percentage of people were gay, lesbian, trans, and whatever else there is.  The numbers for each were below 4%, like 3.2%, 3.5%, 2.2% etc and then the author added them all up to prove that over 10% of the population was perverted,  though those were not her exact words.

    The point is, adding those numbers up and claiming over 10% is like adding all the batting averages of each starter on a baseball team and claiming the team is hitting 1.6549 - it doesn't work that way.  In fact, you can't even add them up and then divide by the perversion stratifications and get an average.

    So basically, what you get is the whole gay/les/trans/whatever population of this country is around 3-4%.  But the other 96% is being held hostage to the 4%.  We cannot dare speak out or disagree without being subject to a hate crime, re education classes to teach us to be 'tolerant' and acceptant of such behavior.

    How in one lifetime, mine, has homosexuality gone from a mental illness to Christianity being the mental illness?

    Now, before the hate police come looking for me trying to imprison me or get me fired or prevent me from writing, let me stress this again.  I don't care who slept, poked, porked, or cuddled with who last night.  I'd greatly appreciate you not telling me.  As long as it's not with a child, I don't care. Keep it to yourself.  I don't even mind the legal civil union thing because I do think a couple of guys or gals who lived together for 20 years or so should have some legal rights in the relationship.

    But it is a sin.  I'm not cutting it out of my Bible.  So is stealing a sin, which is why I despise Goldman Sachs and other such entities that are robbing the american people blind.  Murder is wrong, which is why I despise Numb Nuts for letting all these diseases come into our country.  Fornication is wrong, oops, never mind that one, guilty as charged, well, not any more, bankrupt bald headed middle age men are not exactly high on the sex appeal thermometer unless things have changed - should really read People once a year at least.

    If the mayor of San Houstansisco gets away with this, it will start happening everywhere.  Every pastor that got one of those should burn them in the pulpit this Sunday, then give a fire and brimstone sermon about sin, shame, and redemption in Christ, and send the video to the mayor's office.

    So, anyways, that was the blog not posted yesterday.  But let's move on.  Ebola is now officially out.  Seems another nurse in Dallas has it, a nurse who between exposure and getting the disease flew from DFW to Cleveland and back to DFW - actually, might have been Love Field on Frontier, not sure now.  And the plane was used 5 times afterwards before taken out of service.  When she flew back to Dallas, she was running a fever.  Everyone in the airport, everyone the flew on the plane, everyone that flew on the plane afterwards and everyone in the airports where that plane landed and departed can now be carrying the virus.  It is loose and now it's only a matter of time before it's time to barricade yourself in your home, no school, no work, no church, no stores, and wait it out.  Water goes from faucet to pot, drop of chlorine, thru the filters, into bottles.  Got about 3 more days to prep for it, shop at night, late, when stores are empty, no more fresh fruits and veggies.

    Meanwhile, on the lighter side, globalism has now brought a new mosquito to southern california.  It's the one that carries all sorts of diseases like yellow fever, dengue. Sleep well my friends, life is about to change.

    Golden country your face is so red
    With all of your money your poor can be fed
    You strut around and you flirt with disaster
    And never really carin' just what comes after

    Well your blacks are dyin' but your back is still turned
    And your freaks are cryin' but your back is still turned
    You better stop your hidin' or your country will burn

    And the time has come for you my friend
    To all this ugliness we must put an end
    Before we leave we must make a stand, oh

    Mortgage people you crawl to your homes
    Your security lies in your bed of white foam
    You act concerned but then why turn away
    When a lady was raped on your doorstep today

    REO Speedwagon

    Tuesday, October 14, 2014


    Ask any Christian what they think of CS Lewis and you get a variety of answers.  Some will swear he supports evolution, others swear he supports multiple ways to God, some say he is a closet catholic and some catholics hate him.

    Trouble is, many have opinions, few have read him.

    I've listened  thru God in the Dock and Miracles, now reading them and highlighting.  Lewis is a fascinating read, I think I know why I like him though.  Similar to him, I also realized the problems with evolution long before I was a Christian.  And several articles in God in the Dock and chapters of miracles does a much better job explaining things about science and scientism in ways I wish I had said.

    Which I guess makes me an illiterate CS Lewis, which, all in all, is not a bad thing to be as things go.

    But there was a section that made me go 'WHAT" and listening to several times, go back and listen to the whole article, then pick it up in the book and read it and that is when it comes to other religions.  I can see where superficially others might make claims about him believing in other religions, but you have to read it to get what he is saying.

    Small side note: Why, in my 50's, have I so fallen in love with Jackson Browne's music?  For Everyman might actually be my favorite album now, and 10 years ago JB wouldn't have shown up in a top 25 list.

    Back to Lewis.  What I finally figured out Lewis was talking about is this:  The ancient religions have religious practices adopted by the Jews and later the Christians because they got a small part of it, a small picture, bits and pieces right and those traveled thru time to Judaism and into the New Testament. Trouble is, the Hebrew's missed the conclusion of what the whole OT was about; the slow unfolding of the Glory of God realized in one Man.  It's not that Christianity copied from pagan religious practices and stories at all, it's that those pagan religions were knocking on the door but didn't come close to grasping the truth God gave the Jews.

    Take several stories of miracles performed by Jesus.  The water into wine.  God has been doing that for thousands of years.  God created the water, the roots of the plant that suck up the water and produce the fruit which produces the wine.  The miracle of God, Jesus only did, what God the father does yearly, turns the water into wine.

    I read that and my mind raced for hours last night.  That each miracle Jesus performed was a small scale version of the Creation of the Father.  Not a metaphor or simile exactly, but an HO Gage version.  The seeds from one plant that create a field that feeds hundreds and the loaf of bread that feeds thousands.

    Of course, Lewis isn't right on everything, neither am I, and I cannot tell you where either of us is wrong, that is one of the answers we get on judgement day.  But in spite of his errors, just think of the millions Lewis has led to Christ, I don't know for sure if I ever led anyone there.

    Most people, if they've ever read Lewis, have read Screwtape and Mere Christianity.  You really need to read Miracles and God in the Dock, which is a collection of articles, speeches or papers he wrote.  Not so much into his fiction or science fiction stuff, I'm not good at reading or catching allegory so it usually flies over my head, but others swear by his 3 science fiction books.  The Magicians Twin does a good job explaining much of those stories if you are dumb like me and don't get allegory very often.

    It's nice to be writing everyday.  I've missed this.

    Awake to understand
    You are not dreaming
    It is not seaming
    Just to be this way

    Dying men draw numbers in the air
    Dream to conquer little bits of time
    Scuffle with the crowd to get their share
    And fall behind their little bits of time

    Voices in the air
    Sympathetic harmony
    Coming from the trees

    Hanging at my door
    Many shiny surfaces
    Clinging in the breeze

    Oh, leave me where I am
    I am not losing
    If I am choosing
    Not to plan my life

    Jackson Browne


    Got an email from a friend, yes, I have a friend or two, don't seem so surprised, and it was the Darwin awards and this years winner is the first time the winner didn't actually kill himself.  Apparently, as the story goes, two good ol' boys were out hunting frogs and caught themselves quite a bag full and when they got back to the old pickup to drive home they discovered they'd blown a fuse and the headlights didn't work.  Well, these creative ol' boys figured out a 22 bullet fits in the fuse box perfectly so stuck the bullet in the fuse holder and had their headlights so they could drive home.

    All went well until the bullet heated up and fired, blowing off the guys testicles.  The cop quoted was quite shocked, not that it happened but they were so readily to admit how stupid they were.  When they went to the house to inform the man's wife what happened, like a typical caring woman she asked "what happened to the frogs".

    And yes, the friends are real people, not imaginary.  At least, I think they are real.  I use to know them, but how do I know they aren't dead and some government AI computer hasn't taken over their identity?
    Wow, to think I have no friends, only AI messages from some data center.  That is why I don't bother sending Xmas cards.

    Well, most of the food survived the night and I must say they replaced the fridge today with a much nicer and bigger one.  I did have to broil up all the prime rib burgers, they were thawed through.  Toss the chicken away.  But overall, rather happy how it ended.  I wonder if I complained about the range if they would replace it and save me having to clean it this week.

    By the way, talking about the GMO vote in Colorado this fall, here is an interesting tidbit:

    As of the end of September, Right to Know has raised $334,297 in funds while supporters of NO to the GMO labeling has raised $9.7 million.  Monsanto has donated $4.7 million to reject the ballot measure.

    Yea, so basically, people that want GMO labels on food have raised 3% of what the NO lobby led by Monsanto have raised.  I'm sorry, anytime I see a major WallStreet/Industrial/Entertainment/Government entity spending that kind of money, I just have to vote FOR it because it can't possibly be good for the average guy or gal on the street.  So vote YES to labeling GMO!!!!!  Piss off the globalists while you still can.

    Saw story today where Ben Aflac, not sure if he is an actor or owns the ducky insurance company,  cursed Jesus while supporting Mohammad and it's moments like these that make me understand while I waste a lot of my money, actors like him never see a penny of my money.  I can't think of any movie I've rented or bought with him in it, oh, wait, he was in that oil workers destroy the meteor movie I took my nephew to see, okay, I've seen one to many of his movies.  So I read what he said and then looked him up to see he is married to an actress and they have kids.  So, here is the thing, Ben.  When Islamic law takes over this country, they will kill you.  Now, that is no great loss to history or cinema, but understand you are supporting a political philosophy hiding behind a false satanic moon god that when they gain control if you and the family are still here, you will be killed, your wife repeatedly raped and beaten, your daughter(s) would be sold for sex and your boys cornhold.  And you don't like Christians because we are against killing babies in the womb.  Christians tell you about God and if you don't want to hear it we move on.  Muslims tell you to accept their moon god and if you don't they pull you and your family out of your home and cut your head off.

    Muslims record beheading people they don't like.  Christians, well, we have Joel Osteen on TV, so maybe that's a draw.

    Yes, I know the argument that not every muslim supports this, my question is, name one.  Name one muslim leader who has spoken out against jihad, beheadings, or whatever.  They don't.  Christians speak out all the time against weird pastors or clergy, like that Westboro or whomever they are.  But muslims don't say squat.  They quietly go along, which is why islamic law is taking root in areas of this country and europe.  

    And Ben Affleck's cursing of Christ and support of Mohammad is just another example of airheaded actors and what happens when they start talking without a script.  Proof positive, in some people, it's better to not actually have a thought of your own.  The trouble is, so many people in this country see him in movies where he appears 'smart' and think he is smart, not just reading lines.

    It's like the X Files.  Mulder and Scully are always reading greek, navajo, quoting things in latin, with full understanding of a wide range of topics and you think here are two brilliant people.  But, alas, not so, just good line readers.

    Actors as people are not the characters they play on television folks.  Most took acting classes in school, not science, not philosophy, not math, not theology; they took how to stand 101 and voice inflection 210.  You are more likely to an get intelligent thought at a local tavern from the bartender or drunk at the bar than from a room of 100 of Hollywood's most famous all speaking for an hour.

    See, I grew up with movie stars or TV actors who were men.  Go startpage WWII hollywood actors and you will find some actors who fought in WWII, like Burgess Meredith, yes, tiny little Burgess could kick most of these actors today across the parking lot and make them bark.  Don Addams, Maxwell Smart himself, actually was a marine in the pacific, as was Rod Serling.  Real men, not metrosexual morons.

    And speaking of bartenders, some one has developed a fully robotic bartender which while it might make a good back room thing for waitri to get drinks for customers, somehow I don't picture people sitting at a bar telling a robot bartender how their day's been.  Then again, I think I just found the perfect movie roll for Ben Affleck to win an Oscar.

    You can see all the stars as you walk down Hollywood Boulevard,
    Some that you recognise, some that you've hardly even heard of.
    People who worked and suffered and struggled for fame,
    Some who succeeded and some who suffered in vain.

    Everybody's a dreamer and everybody's a star
    And everybody's in show biz, it doesn't matter who you are.

    And those who are successful,
    Be always on your guard,
    Success walks hand in hand with failure
    Along Hollywood Boulevard.

    I wish my life was a non-stop Hollywood movie show,
    A fantasy world of celluloid villains and heroes,
    Because celluloid heroes never feel any pain
    And celluloid heroes never really die.

    The Kinks 

    Sunday, October 12, 2014


    The door to the bar opens, and in walks a lawyer, a muslim, a sociopathical liar, a homosexual, and an illegal alien.

    The bartender says "What will it be, Mr. President?"

    Well, it seems my relaxing vacation is going to be interrupted by a fridge that is dying.  I called the office today and they said they can't have someone out to tomorrow.  Unfortunately, the 12 Evol frozen meals, 4 Amy's frozen meals, the unopened box of 8 prime rib burgers and 8 healthy bean and cheese burritos couldn't wait and have thawed, which means the garbage.  Bet the milk isn't real good by morning.  Ten bucks the management will tell me the loss of 100 bucks of food won't be their fault, it will be against corporate policy.

    Also found out the 30 bucks I pay a month to have a dog doesn't cover dog damage in the apartment, it's for cleaning the grounds which makes me wonder why I've been picking up dog crap three times a day for 30 months.  But if they don't cover the food, at least I won't be picking up dog crap anymore.

    The dog has been licking up the carpeting, but only by the patio door, which makes me think there is something under there, like an ant farm, bee's nest or mice.  That is how I found out the 30 bucks a month won't cover the carpet repair, which contradicts the reason I was told when I signed a lease 2.34 years ago.  I've written some nice internet comments for this place in the past, now the wrath of me is about to spend my holiday writing not so flattering comments on every damn apartment board in Colorado if they don't cover those lost groceries.

    Oh well, still have my health, so far.  Colorado has a major outbreak of the flu bug that mostly is affecting kids, but also some adults, who don't seem to live thru it.  Now they have traced the source of the bug.  Central America.  Brought here by all those kids Numb Nuts brought in and spread around the country and put them in the public schools.

    Speaking of Fort Collins, there was a story several months ago in the local paper about a anonymous looking building on the west side of town.  There is a fence around it.  Seems the building is home to just about every deadly virus and bacterium known to man.  It's part of CSU.  The really funny part is write in the article it says 'there is absolutely nothing for the residents of Fort Collins to worry about" which is basically one of those ironic sentences that always come back to haunt.

    Took me almost 14 minutes to find the place recently.  I wonder if Islamic nutjobs read the local paper? Kind of irresponsible of the media to point something like this out, but then, so am I, yet I'm not stupid enough to tell you exactly where it is at, lest I have Islamic nutjobs reading my blog.

    Good ballot in Colorado this fall.  Have a vote on whether foods have to be labelled if they have GMO ingredients in them.  Apparently, Monsanto has been funneling serious bucks into the state to try to get a down vote on this, but I don't think they will win.  And right now it appears we should have a republican governor and senator come next year, which, in the end, probably won't make a whole hill of beans different, but who knows.

    I wasn't going to vote anymore, but the chance to stick it to Monsanto is just too appealing.  I may just punch that and skip the rest.

    Well, that's it from the land of thawed frozen foods and home to all the worst bugs on the planet.

    Now, for ten years we've been on our own
    And moss grows fat on a rolling stone
    But that's not how it used to be
    When the jester sang for the king and queen
    In a coat he borrowed from James Dean
    And a voice that came from you and me

    Oh, and while the king was looking down
    The jester stole his thorny crown
    The courtroom was adjourned
    No verdict was returned

    And while Lenin read a book on Marx
    The quartet practiced in the park
    And we sang dirges in the dark
    The day the music died

    Don McLean

    Saturday, October 11, 2014


    Well, for my few readers left and the millions of imaginary readers, have you caught all the stories coming out this week about Numb Nuts sending in the Marines to fight Ebola and now the speculation that it is for the purpose of exposing them to the virus to infect our entire military and population upon their return.

    Kind of makes a blogger like me feel left out.  I posted that on the first day, September 20th, that Numb Nuts was sending them in to expose them and then bring them out.  Now Ann, Alex, Hodges, Hagmann's, Quayle and others are all singing the theory and selling books, emergency supplies, and DVD's while my brilliant blogging goes unsung.

    Poor baby.

    Actually really happy, work going well and I've already built enough hours with overtime to take a weeks vacation, which begins today.  Going to bike and hike and workout, seriously read or listen to my complete CS Lewis collection, and paint a couple of walls blue.  Right now one is brown and after all the crap I cleaned up from 7 years of my mom and four or five years of my dad, I really hate the color brown now.  So that brown wall goes and then the opposing wall will also go blue.

    I figure I'm going to be here a while.  When I file bankruptcy in January, June would probably be to soon to be able to rent elsewhere, so I'm going to make myself at home here for another two years I guess.

    But I also am in a good mood because I love Fall, my favorite season.  It's crisp, the smell, the colors, and it just charges me up with energy.  It just makes me smile.

    And kudos to FoxSports.  They have a story today about a year long investigation they've done into the Florida State quarterback and the rape allegation.  They have uncovered so much corruption in the case, like the campus police turning over everything to the quarterbacks attorneys and the school before ever turning it over to the prosecutor, the two 'witnesses' working with the QB's attorney's and getting their statements down before they met with the police or the prosecutor.  And the media's role in helping keep this rapist on the field and then giving him a damn trophy.

    I tolerate a lot in this world, but rape is one thing I will not tolerate and everyone involved in the coverup should lose their jobs and face prosecution for allowing a rapist to go free.  My heart bleeds for the young woman.

    You definitely don't want me on a jury if you commit rape.  I'll sentence you to life in a heartbeat with only 80% certainty.

    I've now gone nearly 16 months with no TV or radio and noticed something recently.  I was at a restaurant getting takeout and they had 3 large screens on different stations and in the 20 minutes I was there I noticed each screen had about 10 minutes of commercials or more in the time I was there.  I was like WOW.  So I did some perusing on iTunes at the actual time of TV shows today and some are now actually almost dropping down to 42 minutes for a 60 minute show.  Same on the 1/2 hour ones, that means 1/3 of the show is commercials.  Talk about the dumbing down of America.

    Probably see more blogs this week my imaginary readers and I am really sorry i can't find that other blog, I cannot imagine why I would have removed it, it was a good blog on literal and lateral thinking, so I have no idea what happened to it.  I do sometimes remove blogs that have like 3 reads or ones I was just not happy with, but I can't imagine where that one would have gone.  Such is life, words lost to the myst of time.

    Ocean of motion
    Squirming around and up and down
    Pushing together
    Scattering mountains all around you
    That is the sound of a new born world
    And a light from a curious sky
    It has begun
    You're in the hands of destiny

    Is that the chariot with stallions gold
    Is that a prince of heaven on the ground
    Is that the roar of a thunderflash
    This is my world and it's waiting to be crowned
    Father, son, looks down with happiness, life is on its way


    Wednesday, October 1, 2014


    It's here.

    What President Numb Nuts and other denied was likely, what average americans who are not glued to a TV figured out, Ebola is here.

    Why?  Because our government dropped the ball completely. One month ago all travel to and from Africa should have been banned.  No flights out, you travel there, you are going to stay there until the disease has run it's course.  Air drop supplies, no landings.  Quarantine.  Where did I read that before.....

    So it's out in Dallas.  Guy with it was apparently involved with local schools so now hundreds of children may have been exposed.  And all their family members.  And all their friends.

    I'm pretty isolated, a trip or two a week to grocery stores, church, maybe a take out place once a week.  Pretty much a loner.  Yet in one week I probably am in the same building with 1000 people - each of whom were in contact with thousands of others who were in contact with thousands of others.

    The punch line, when the guy first went to the hospital complaining of symptoms and telling them he'd just flown home from Liberia, well, they went into action and prescribed antibiotics and sent him home.  That is why they call it 'practicing'  medicine.

    I'm really angry about this, why aren't you?

    It was either gross negligence, incompetence, or intentional that we did not take the steps necessary to fight this and prevent it from reaching American shores.  And now it's here.  It will take a miracle of God Almighty to prevent this from spreading across America.

    Maybe we deserve it.  Maybe this is God's way of punishing us for using Africa as a lab for human experiments, treating God's creations as rodents for profit and to support an unholy lifestyle.

    Would one reporter, just one White House reporter, ask the president "WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING??"  Not taking any steps to prevent this would be like letting a pedophile move into your home with your 5 small children and then expressing shock that the pedophile would sexually assault your kids.

    Here is a Zen Riddle.  Ebola wipes out humanity.  But you survive.  For over a year, you live alone on the planet.  Then one day you see another person in the distance.  You are thrilled, you approach this person and as you get closer, you discover the other survivor on the planet is Numb Nuts himself.  The riddle is:  Do you just shoot him or beat the living crap out of him until he's dead?  Ponder your decision.

    In the end, the elite will go into hiding, probably already are, and the rest of us will take our chances.  Maybe God will show mercy, maybe  it won't be bad, a few thousand and gone.  Maybe we will announce a miracle vaccine and we will all rush out and get injected with whatever the government wants running through our bloodstreams.

    Have to think about that.

    So stock up on some things.  Bleach, medical gloves and masks, soap, toilet paper and vitamins.  Plenty of that good bacteria stuff.  Canned fruit and veggies; you really want to get fresh stuff everyone has been picking up and putting back now?  Soups would be great.  Time to get into that 5 month food supply.  Better buy a few months of dog food too.

    If I'm the last person left alive, do I still need to sign in and take support calls?

    The actors and jesters are here
    The stage is in darkness and clear
    For raising the curtain
    And no one's quite certain whose play it is

    How long ago, how long, if only we had listened then
    If we'd known just how right we were going to be
    For we dreamed a lot and we schemed a lot
    And we tried to sing of love before the stage fell apart

    If everyone was listening you know
    There'd be a chance that we could save the show
    Who'll be the last clown to bring the house down?
    Oh no, please no, don't let the curtain fall

    Well, what is your costume today?
    And who are the props in your play?
    You're acting a part which you thought from the start
    Was an honest one

    Well, how do you plead? An actor indeed
    Go re-learn your lines
    You don't know what you've done
    The finale's begun

    If everyone was listening you know
    There'd be a chance that we could save the show
    Who'll be the last clown to bring the house down?
    Oh no, please no, don't let the curtain fall