This is my second blog.

My first blog chronicled my experiences over three years caring for my dad as he lived through and finally died from Alzheimer's. That is the book that is for sale.

This second blog kind of chronicles of life, what it is like to start your life over in your late 50's. After caretaking, you are damaged, file bankruptcy, and the world doesn't care what you did. After 8 months of unemployment, you wake each day knowing the world doesn't want you. Finally you do find a job, 5 weeks before homelessness, but doing what you did 30 years ago and getting paid what you did 30 years ago. So this is starting over.

The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.

Thursday, July 31, 2014


Let me ask you a question: if Barak Obama were white, would he be impeached for all the crap he's done as president?

Remember when Barak ran in 2008 how he was going to mend fences with all those foreign countries that didn't like us anymore.  Please, take your time, name one country where relations have improved?  Russia?  China?  Any European countries?  Africa?  Middle East?  South America?  But none of that is impeachable.

Supported the overthrow of the governments in Libya and Egypt, allowing a terrorist group to take over in each country.  When these groups took over, there was a slaughter of Christians as well as black Egyptians which no one seemed to mind.

Support with money and weapons the very same terrorist group the US has been fighting for over a decade.  In Syria, this group has been exterminating Christians by the hundreds with weapons paid for by our tax dollars.

Allowed Iraq, handed to him on a platter, to fall into chaos and again the slaughter of Christians by another Islamic terrorist group.

The shutdown of electric power plants in the USA that were burning coal to be replaced by "green energy" which hasn't come close to replacing the current needed and electric bills are skyrocketing.

The complete falsification of economic data to hide the fact 20 million americans have lost their jobs; okay, the last few presidents have been screwing with the numbers too, but the 'everybody does it' is no excuse - just try using that excuse with the IRS if you don't believe me.

The compete bypassing of the rules and laws by signing everything he wants into law as an executive order and now he's about to do some executive order that is going to legalize or provide untold millions of illegal aliens the right to live and work in this country when tens of millions of americans are already out of work.

And what is going on at the border, have you read the diseases being brought back into the US?  How you going to feel when you or someone you love gets TB?

Or what is going to happen when another terrorist attack occurs in the US, a big one, and we discover the bad boys and their bad toys came over the border in the mess of Obama's making?  Or if Ebola gets loose in this country because Obama is too busy raising money to take the steps to protect the country from a disease with 90% fatalities, do you understand how quickly this will spread in this country?  One person on a plane from Africa to NY, walks thru the airport, gets on a plane to LA, and by the end of the week everyone on that plane to NY that got on planes or buses or trains or went to work in an office building and over 10 million people will be infected and there is absolutely no chance to ever stop it.  90% fatality rate - a disease out of control and we are doing absolutely nothing to prevent it spreading to America.

Dereliction of duty.  Well, you know all this, let's get to the point.

The point is Barak Obama knows the republicans are never going to impeach him.  Nobody is going to impeach the first black president.  Barak knows it and everyone else knows it and he is doing and going to continue to do anything he wants to because he knows no one is going to stop him.

And most americans know this also, well, except the blindest of the blind.  And we won't forget.  This fall, unless the elections are going to be stolen like the 2012 election probably was, the republicans are going to roll big time across the country and take huge gains into the house and take over the Senate but it won't matter, Obama will just sign EO's left and right and then the american people will just remember.

They will remember how nobody could touch the first black president.  They will remember how any time they raised their voice in disagreement they were called racist and bigots.  And the next time a black man runs for the presidency they will say no, not again.

And the first woman who runs will also not win, because the american people will realize the same damn thing will happen again. Disagree with Hilary and it is because you are sexist.  And the first gay candidate will lose because any disagreement with him will be met with homophobic accusations.  Nor will the hispanic candidates have a chance now.

Basically, the american people are going to start voting for white guys again because white guys can be argued with, because white guys can be impeached, because white guys can be prosecuted without people being called racists, sexist, homophobic, bigoted, gay hating, race baiting, and all the other adjectives in the little red book of democratic debate 101.

That is, if there are any of us left in a few years.

I dreamed I saw on a moonlit stair
Spreading his hands on the multitude there
A man who cried for a love gone stale
And ice cold hearts of charity bare.
I watched as fear took the old man's gaze
Hopes of the young in troubled graves
I see no day, I heard him say
So grey is the face of every mortal.
Oh Oh people of earth
Listen to the warning
The prophet he said
For soon the cold of night will fall
Summoned by your own hand.


Saturday, July 19, 2014


I use to write everyday it seemed, now it's once a week.

Amazing how a job can prevent a man from thinking, which makes me wonder in the next election if we should only elect unemployed people who've been spending the last few years pondering life.  Plus, they'd be grateful for the job and a lot less likely to rob the public blind.

So Fort Collins is contemplating a 10 cent a bag charge at all the grocery stores for every paper and plastic bag, with the store keeping the 10 cents per bag.  Claims it will cut down on all that plastic in landfills.  So why the hell have we spent the last 30 years being asked "paper or plastic" every time we shop?  We were suppose to use plastic, according to the environmentally disabled to save trees, then they said the plastic was bad for the environment, so now they want us all to buy bags made by asian slaves in some third world country.  My favorite part was their justification that other cities like Austin are doing it - which is a typical teenager response that is usually met with an adult asking if Austin jumped off a cliff, should we do it too?

We need everyone to go back to school for classes in logic and critical thinking.

Even Elizabeth Warren said something recently that just made he go 'uh?'.  She stated she was for raising wages for every working person, a living wage to make sure we could all afford cable, HDTV, and political contributions.  Then she said she was for amnesty for the 30 million illegal aliens.  Well, duh, we'd have a living wage if it weren't for the illegal aliens that have flooded the country for 30 years taking all the jobs Americans don't want, like high paying construction jobs, the few factory jobs not yet moved overseas, waiters, cooks, etc.  If you legalize them and all the flood coming across now, you will drive wages down even further.

Jeepers, Lizzy, let me put it a way even a Harvard professor can understand.  You are putting the ice cream in the oven.  It just doesn't work that way.  You want higher wages?  How about removing 30 million illegals from the country, stopping the flow of jobs overseas, and reducing the tax burden on start up businesses?  Remember how we didn't collect sales taxes on the internet for 15 years to help it grow?  How about doing the same for startup businesses?  No corporate taxes on profits for start up businesses for the next ten years?

Ol' Liz really preached to the choir the other day, I think they were called The Brainless Twits, about how progressives believe in science and we should save the planet.  Which I guess means that non progressives don't believe in science and want to blow the planet up - okay, maybe Muslims - but for the rest of us?  What exactly does it mean to "believe in science"?  Is believing in science an oxymoron?

A web site I read this week on critical thinking said the first premise of critical thinking is falsifyability:
it must be possible to conceive of evidence that will prove the claim false.  He thinks this first rule will eliminate people's believe in the paranormal, well, and God.  Problem is, his first postulate, in order to be true, it must be possible to conceive of evidence to prove the claim false.  Why don't people ever see this?

Presumptional apologetics tends to make the same mistake, in that while I agree that any attempt by an atheist to 'prove' or 'assume' things like morality or truth require a belief in God.  If we are all just the result of random chance evolution and all of our thoughts are nothing but the chemical reactions of our brains, then how can we be sure we really know anything, every thought is not knowledge or wisdom, just the firing of neurons in by brain fed by chemicals, including that thought.  The problem with presumptional apologetics is while it makes a great argument for God, it doesn't make a great argument for the God of the Bible and in it's philosophy of not using evidence kind of shuts the door on the very evidence needed to prove God of the Bible, His Son, and the Holy Ghost as true, not the moon demon or some space ship or some evolution of all of us to gods with our own planet some day.

Life these days seems to be floating, waiting.  Not sure for what - can't seem to move forward.  Need 1200 bucks to file bankruptcy but living paycheck to paycheck where one check covers the rent for the month and the other must pay the loans, the bills, and food - it's not exactly easy to save 100 bucks let alone a thousand.  Maybe, God willing, I can continue like this for another 6 months and then in Dec there is that extra biannual paycheck plus the work from Christmas to New Years at double time and maybe I will be able to have enough to pay an attorney; otherwise I have to live the next 15 years with the weight of knowing that if I lose my job I will be homeless in less than 60 days.

It sucks when your retirement plan is die to early.

So that is my brain this week, wish I had more time to ponder this stuff more deeply, but I don't.  Thanks for the few of you that are left and still reading, hope it entertained.

There is no pain you are receding
A distant ship's smoke on the horizon
You are the only coming through in waves
Your lips move but I can't hear what you're saying

When I was a child I caught a fleeting glimpse
Out of the corner of my eye
I turned to look but it was gone
I cannot put my finger on it now
The child is grown the dream is gone

I have become comfortably numb

Sunday, July 13, 2014


And I say, "so what?"

I really don't understand the whole rhetoric over the one world currency.  Yes, it's in the Bible as part of the end times, I get that, what I don't get is why people are so against it.

First, if you are a Christian, are you trying to prevent God's plan from taking place?  If part of the end times requires a single world currency, then you would be fighting against God's plan, ever think of it that way?  It's God's Will, not our will.  I feel the same way today about the disaster at the border: did you know 80% of those 'children' are actually between 14 and 18?  And 75% of them are male.  That is an army, not children.

Secondly, all the preppers who want a precious metal currency as the only real form of money, wouldn't that be a one world currency?  One thousand years ago, did anyone care whether that 1/2 ounce gold coin had Queen Isabella or Queen Elizabeth on it - yea, I know, that wasn't 1000 years ago but you get my point.  It was a 1/2 ounce of gold, regardless of the king or queen on the coin.

For example, when you buy gold or silver today, do you really care whether it's a canadian maple leaf, a US Eagle, or just an ounce of silver or gold?   So a precious metal system IS a one world currency.

Not to mention for all you masculine males, do you realize if we went to gold and silver you would have to start carrying those coins around in a purse?  Can a guy get a purse that will go with his AK47 or Glock?  You wouldn't want your buddies laughing at you for your purse not going with your M16 and shoes would you?

And let's face it, our money today is just fake paper we all agree to trade for goods and services.  It's not worth anything other than the value we give it.  Think of it this way, if  the Earth got EMP'd, would you rather have 1,000 twenty dollar bills or a roll of toilet paper?  Once in my life, I made 100 of them an hour, dollars, not toilet paper.  Now, after taxes, insurance, stock purchase plans, and my obligatory contribution to the pozi schemes known as SS/MED, I get 13 something an hour.  Now instead of just buying what I want I have to figure out how many minutes/hours I have to work to purchase X and decide if it is really worth that many minutes/hours of my labor.  Strange, make so much less now but value each dollar more, is that normal?

Mind you, I'm not complaining.  We play the hands we are dealt in a life of 5 card stud and for many years I was drawing hands of straights, flushes, or four of a kind.  Now, I play with pairs or Jack high, that is okay.

As Sun Tzu once said, "if you are depressed, you are living in the past - if you are anxious, you are living in the future - if you are at peace, you are living in the present".  Of course, Sun Tzu didn't understand that if you at peace in the present, you are delusional and oblivious to how bad things are right now.

So we are headed to a one world currency and I say good, it means God is going to start playing the final hand soon.  It's all fake anyways, so what difference does it make if we work and slave away our days for fake dollars which mostly exist in computer databases or fake credits which mostly exist in computer databases.

So how will  a one world currency affect us?  Well, if you have a lot of money now, you will have a lot of credits.  Rest assured, the rich will stay rich and the poor will stay poor but those in the middle will most likely join the poor.  Face it, the 'middle class' like a 'free people' is pretty much an outlier in history;  life is mostly the elites and the poor; the noble and the slaves, and this great experiment in freedom is coming to a close very soon.

And think how wonderful that will be for business: no more currency rates to calculate.  Labor will go to those willing to work for the fewest credits.  Just think how wonderful North America will look in this new world with all manufacturing done in Asia and Africa, a small population of slaves to fix the computers, fix the cars, build the roads, run the sewers, and wait the tables.  A beautiful open space with a maximum of 50 million people and all those cities cleared of the rift raft, gangs, homeless, and bottom dwellers that blight the landscape.

Finally, remember, it's not the 'mark' that kills your soul, it's the worship.  We've heard the SS number was the mark, then it's the credit card, then it's the debit card, and so it goes but the truth is you will know when it is the mark of the beast when you have to worship some man, or man-god, in order to live, eat, buy, etc.

How strong are you?  How strong am I?  For me, it will be easier, no family in the equation, getting older, and stubborn for life - plus I just love pissing off people in authority.  But what of those with spouses and children, would I have the strength to say no with a sword or gun at the head of my wife or children?  Will God, the one true God, really punish a man who falters to save the life of their child?

Glad I'm not God, wouldn't want to make that call.

So is this all coming down soon?  Probably.  I owe Obama an apology, joking that he did keep some of his campaign promises, he got a dog.  He also told us we needed an internal police force as strong as the military and he certainly is creating such a force; those billions of rounds of ammo for the EPA, SS Admin, Post Office, etc; the decimation of military leadership and the soon tearing apart of our army, navy, marine corp, and air force.

And all those men and women who will be joining those Brown Shirts, though I bet they will be Blue Shirts, who have lost their jobs, or come here across the border illegally, will gladly rape and murder for Obama and a paycheck - let's face it - they are the fools, the evil goblins who never paid attention to history.

Once again, back to LOTR, who saw the movie and envisioned themselves a Elf, a Hobbit, a Wizard, or Horseman, a King; but in reality when the evil comes to middle earth here, most will become goblins.  My soul for a meal and a paycheck.

History, the brown shirts of Germany.  The SA who went around in the 1930's and beat, robbed, raped and murdered - small men given the power to get even with those they felt slighted them in life.  And we recently passed the anniversary of the Night of Long Knives; do you know what that is?

It's history.  It's when a ruler gathers small men to do the dirty work and then when their job is done, the ruler then eliminates the small men, time and time again in history and small men never learn.  They line up people and put bullets in their heads and think they are somebody, only to discover the ultimate reward on Earth is to be kneeling in front of a similar hole before they are shot in the head.  And our blue shirts will be germany's brown shirts, with the same results coming and going.

A Zen riddle to consider: would you rather be lined up to be shot by your former neighbors or would you rather be the person shooting your former neighbor?  Search your soul now.

If I could go back the same way I got here
And see the people that I once held so near
I'd do my best to find an answer for you

But first I must wait till I'm set free
And I don't know how long that's gonna be
'Cause I'm a man with a whole lot on his mind
Just out there somewhere travelling in time

Travelling in time

Uriah Heep

Wednesday, July 9, 2014


Well, the good and faithful serpent visited Texas - didn't have time to go see the border but did have time for two fundraisers, even though he is not running in 2016.  And when he came to Colorado, it was interesting.

Our democratic governor in a close election, well, was busy so couldn't meet the president.  Nor could Udall our senator who is in a tight race.  You can tell when a guy is poison, no politician wants to been seen with him.  BUT, after Obama had dinner in Denver, he decided to take a walk down some street in Denver and then decided to stop into a brewery pub and who is in there playing pool but our governor who was too busy to meet the prez earlier, so they played a game of pool.

And I read not one, not two, but three different articles about this amazing coincidence.

And herein lies what is so sick about this country.

Presidents work on schedules in 10 minute increments.  Governors are probably not quite so regulated but pretty close; but for Obama to just happen into the restaurant where the governor is?  It would be not quite the odds of me meeting someone somewhere who says "Hey, I read your book!"  Funny how a Secret Service team also just happened to be in same restaurant an hour before the president just happened to drop by.

And we have an 'independent' media that writes it up as a coincidence.  We have a large segment of the public gullible enough to actually believe in the coincidence.  Need we wonder why people in Washington rob rape and plunder without fear of reprisal?

The president is blatantly violating the law and his oath of office but no one would have the guts to impeach the first black president.  Think about that, we don't because of his race, which is normally defined as racism, but in this case we don't because of race because if we do irregardless of race, that would be racist.

Political correctness sure is confusing sometimes.

The president is doing fundraisers, shooting pool, playing golf while a major crisis that dwarfs Katrina is happening on our border.

And no one is going to cowboy up, millions will flood the border, another few million will be given amnesty in the coming immigration bill.  There are huge outbreaks of diseases that are about to be unleashed on the rest of the country.  Untold number of criminals are about to flood our streets, committing theft, rape, and murder.

Maybe, some father or husband, after his daughter or wife is kidnapped and raped by some of these 'dreamers' will have the balls to file a trillion dollar lawsuit against Obama, the US Government, the Border Patrol, and Congress for failure to do their jobs.

Lots of dead people before that happens though.

And what of the possibility the outbreak of Ebola in Africa makes it's way into the US from the border?  Terrorists?  This is going to suck big time folks.

I was thinking of learning Spanish so if I'm ever pulled over I can just claim to be an illegal alien and avoid all traffic violations.

Oh, who cares.  Buy more ammo, buy more water filters, make a nice poncho out of two wool blankets with one of those high tech heat blankets sewed in between to hide from drones and pray often.

You won't need a cab to find a priest
Maybe you should find a place to stay
Some place where they never change the sheets
And you just roll around Denver all day

Then LeRoy says there's something you should know
Not everybody has a place to go
And home is just a place to hang your head
And dream up things to do in Denver when you're dead

Warren Zevon

Saturday, July 5, 2014


I read recently that Glenn Campbell's daughter wants to bring him home from the 12k a month home where he has 24 hour care for his Alzheimer's so she can care for him at home.  Perhaps she should read my book before making that decision.  But my heart goes out to her.

What if everything you thought about God was wrong?

I don't mean that the Muslims or the Mormons are right, nor am I questioning the Bible, just that our frame of reference is so skewed we miss the whole thing?

Think about church, when was the last time the pastor gave a sermon about supernaturalism?  It's strange how Christians accept a virgin birth, raised from the dead, feeding 5,000, parting of the Red Sea, and much other events but scoff at angels and demons and such.

Then, of course, we read an English version of the text and maybe it came from the Hebrew AT, maybe the Septuagint which was Greek based on the AT or most likely it was the Hebrew MT for the Old Testament.   Then we throw into the mix the total bastardization of things by the Catholic Church for 1,500 years.   Problem is, so much is lost on our brains because it was written for people reading back in the days.

Think of going back 2,000 years and describe a baseball game to people of those days, no frame of reference for them to understand.  Try explaining how soccer is an exciting game to me, I'd have the same dumb look on my face.

So we have often a frame of reference issue and I wonder mightily about such things as I read the Bible, what am I missing, what am I misunderstanding?

I read and see many people writing books about verses in the Bible and trying to say they apply to today, like The Harbinger, how that section of Isaiah fits the ground zero area in New York.  Problem is, Isaiah was writing about Israel and the middle east, laying out future events that came to pass two to three thousand years ago.

So is projecting a prophecy meant for Israel on America today correct?  Heck if I know.  But projecting such things on the world has been going on for centuries.  And then there is this little bit: Americans are seriously egotistical about ourselves, we think the world begins and ends at our shores and can't seem to understand why we aren't OBVIOUSLY prevalent in Revelation.  Heck, many of our churches today think THEY replaced Israel as the 'chosen people', replacement theology, except the Catholic Church thinks they replaced the jews, the Protestants think they replaced the jews, and of course those pesky squirrel petting, nuts and berry eating Muslims think they are the chosen people.

The whole antichrist thing is really interesting.  If you read Revelation, it says 5 who were, one who is,  one to come for a short time, and then the one that was, who is no more, and will be again.  That always fascinates me, because depending on when Rev was written, it was either Nero or Domitian.  Then, probably, you would jump to Hitler for the one to come for a short time, but let's face it, was Hitler worse than some of the Popes?  Stalin?  Mao?  The difference would be Hitler was definitely attacking the Jews, and because of Hitler, the Jews returned to Israel and formed their country again right on schedule with the timeline provided in the Bible.

It's the last part the is mind blowing; and then the one that was, is no more, and will be again.  If you don't have a supernatural worldview - you can't possibly deal with that statement - with a supernatural view, it would imply that he who was, one of the first five because of the is no more, will be again.

So what screwball science group is going to try to clone so former murderous emperor like Nimrod?

Or am I totally off base with my reading?

Point of all this is our frames of reference really can mess up understanding anything and everything.  The Bible or our issues today.  I think the trick is don't assume you know what you are talking about much beyond the basics, be very open to being wrong as you form you philosophies, and read and listen to many points of view before making your decisions as to what is right or not.

And hope the Holy Spirit is lending a very helping hand along the way.

It was only yesterday
When I heard the teacher say
Patiently, one and two make three
We were children, you and me
Let us pray for the ones they call
The children of today

Nothin' left but promises
Nothin' much is certain
All we see is want and need across the board, why thank you lord
We're livin' in the glory of your care
Skies of blue have all turned brown
To the sound of cryin
Lord abide, let us stem the tide
Of broken dreams
Sometimes you seem to tell us
It's too late for prayin'


If the English language banned or eliminated adjectives, would a liberal be able to talk?

Turns out some communities around the US are not real happy with being 'chosen' by Satan's 'chosen one' to house all of these people coming over the border.  Can you believe they are actually standing on highways waving the flag and refusing to allow the buses with future democrat party members, otherwise known as illegal aliens, being moved into their communities.

Of course, all of these people are now labeled as being racist and xenophobic.  I wonder how many previous democratic voters are upset today to learn they are racist and xenophobic?  You can almost see light bulbs going off over heads all over the country right now.

So now, not wanting illegal aliens in our country is a psychological disease of the brain, a phobia which will require the removal of weapons and forced prescription, which should also be a new word, perscripted - the combination of persecution and prescription.

Just where do they plan to house all these new people?

Well, interestingly enough, a solution to our population problem is right around the corner, the new rule of 62 that goes into effect in January.  Now where have you heard of this before?  Basically if you are 62 or older and no longer a "producer" in the eyes of whomever, then most surgeries are going to be off limits to you.

Aren't you happy you voted for Obama in 2008!  If only all of this only effected Obama voters - hey, there is an idea, let's house all these illegals streaming over the border in the homes of people who voted for Obama!

I see millions of people rushing out to scrape those Obama Biden stickers off their Subaru's as I type.

Now we got a big ol' black mass planned for Oklahoma - what is it with OK lately?  First it's like tornado central, then for the past few years it's become earthquake central where not a day goes by without Okies being shaked rattled and rolled.  And now a Black Mass?  Strange happenings in the world.

Got a great link    www.stevegoddard.wordpress.com/2014/07/05/progressives-trashing-us-history/
which is worth a read.


Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Rick Perry.  I kind of liked this guy.  Thought he'd make a good president.

Now, off the map.

First of all, for a guy walking around talking about independence, states rights, smaller government, and now he is bitching and moaning for what?  Federal support.  No different than wall street robbers who make billions and billions while telling the government to stay out of banking then they suffer a loss and want the taxpayers to bail them out.

I said before, if Perry had mobilized whatever it took to block that border, to herd up all the illegals and started shipping them back across the border, he'd of been a hero and swept to the republican nomination.

Now, he's just another faux cowboy; all hat and no boots.

Nuff said on that topic.


You would have thought by now I'd become accustom to living poor, but things do surprise me.

Just about ready for a hair cut.  Real complicated for me, it's a buzz cut with the #4.  Takes the gal less than ten minutes to cut my hair, that is from the time she calls my name to collecting the cash.  But I'll be danged if I can find a place anywhere charging less than 15 bucks for such a hair cut.

And now I realize, after taxes, I have to work over an hour to pay someone to work 10 minutes.

Now I understand when seeing a doctor or lawyer or such, all that education to provide the expertise, and I know to get a hair license it takes two years but this is a frigging buzz cut I could probably get some gal at Petsmart to do - except they would probably charge more.

I am starting to look at almost everything now like this, how many hours do I have to work to afford to buy this.  I work two weeks a month to pay my rent, four hours a month to pay this bill, four hours that bill, so basically another week of the month to pay all the bills, leaving me about 6 or 7 days a month to buy food and whatever.  After the federal and state governments take their ounce of blood.

I make less a week now than I made in a day before taking care of my dad.  Seriously.  When I did my own consulting company, I made 100 bucks an hour.  Only worked two or three days a week on average because, well, didn't have a wife pushing me.  Want it, buy it.  So, maybe this is kismet.  Oh well,  no good deed goes unpunished, as the saying goes.

Then I wake today to see the headline on Drudge that some artist in Britain took her bed with the used sheets, spread some food on it, dumped an ashtray on it, threw a few used condoms on it and then called it art and sold it at auction.  Are you sitting down?

Four point four million pounds, which is, oh who cares, it's still nearly 4 million bucks.  Somebody just spent 4 million bucks to buy a mess on a bed.  Someone else just got paid 4 million bucks selling her bed, and didn't even wash the sheets first.

If you love the world, you aren't of God - but somehow I don't think these people care.


I was so looking forward to July, the month with the extra paycheck.  That biannual extra check to enjoy, to build up a little protection, to buy some things I'd been putting off, like underwear, shoes, a cushion to sit on so my butt doesn't get so damn sore working, and the brakes fixed.  And maybe hire a lawyer to do the bankruptcy.  But now I have this light on my dash that if I fix will cost me $600 bucks, pretty much taking away much of everything else.

And, at least I have a job.  Nor do I kid myself that most people are going thru the same sort of decisions and have been for years.  Fortunately, I don't have kids I have to disappoint, that would be so much tougher.

So we wake each day, struggling to hang on another week, to another paycheck, while someone else spends 4 million of petty cash to buy an unmade used bed with condoms and ashes, and I try to form a logical argument against the idea that the wealthy shouldn't have to pay a very serious tax on wealth.

But even if such a thing happened, or my prediction stolen from John Loeffler, that the government would confiscate all the IRA's and 401k's to provide a guaranteed pension for everyone, even if such a thing happened, I would never see it, nor will you.  It won't go to the plodders of the world, it will go to the bankers, the blood suckers, the takers, the vocal minority groups, and the politicians.

We will never see a good fair tax plan in this country.  A sales tax of 5% and an income tax of 20% on earned and unearned income over, oh, say 84K?  Everyone pays and the rich pay more.

Now we are going to add 30 million new people to this country who will further erode wages, further tax our crumbling infrastructure, all padding the pockets of a few people who can waste 4 billion pounds on seriously stupid bedding called art.

Gonna take a freight train
down at the station, Lord
I don't care where it goes
Gonna climb a mountain
the highest mountain now
but gonna jump off
ain't nobody gonna know

Can't you see, woh can't you see
what that woman, Lord
she been doing to me?
Can't you see, can't you see
ah what that woman
she been doing to me

I'm gonna find me
a hole in the wall
I'm gonna crawl inside and die
Come a later now
a mean ol' woman, Lord
never told me goodbye

I'm gonna buy me a ticket now
as far as I can
ain't a never coming back
Got me a south bound
all the way to Georgia now
till the train a run out of track

Marshall Tucker Band