This is my second blog.

My first blog chronicled my experiences over three years caring for my dad as he lived through and finally died from Alzheimer's. That is the book that is for sale.

This second blog kind of chronicles of life, what it is like to start your life over in your late 50's. After caretaking, you are damaged, file bankruptcy, and the world doesn't care what you did. After 8 months of unemployment, you wake each day knowing the world doesn't want you. Finally you do find a job, 5 weeks before homelessness, but doing what you did 30 years ago and getting paid what you did 30 years ago. So this is starting over.

The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.

Saturday, June 28, 2014


In my lifetime there were probably three presidents, no, that's not fair, four, that I think were not part of the goal to destroy this country: DDE, Kennedy, Carter, and Reagan.  DDE was at the beginning and if you ever want to read or listen to a real eye popping good bye speech, listen to DDE say goodbye.  That is where the military industrial complex was first named and he was careful what he said because he understood he should be scared.

Kennedy, not so smart and they took his head.  Johnson and Nixon played ball; Vietnam, bye bye to the gold standard and so much more.  Carter was like the intermission, then comes Reagan and they shoot him with the son of one of the VP's business partners in Texas.  So Bush has to wait 7 more years before he gets in and starts talking about the New World Order and then comes Clinton.

Clinton gave us NAFTA and CAFTA, with a republican congress, along with the repeal of The GS Act which protected us in banking for 70 years and after it's repeal it took less than 10 years for it to implode just like it was suppose to.

But let's get back to NAFTA and CAFTA.  Remember how that promised us a boom in jobs?  Remember how Clinton, Gore, Newt, Limbaugh and others spent day after day telling us this was going to be great for the economy and jobs?

Well, the most comprehensive report has come out and there was  a real boom for this country, but read on to find out whom benefited.

Now, unlike most bloggers who steal everyone else's stuff, change an adjective, and claim if for themselves, the info for this reports is from:

Steven A. Camarota is the Director of Research and Karen Zeigler is a demographer at the Center for Immigration Studies.
1629 K Street, NW, Suite 600 • Washington, DC 20006 • (202) 466-8185 • center@cis.org • www.cis.org

From their study:

Three conclusions can be drawn from this analysis:
First, the long-term decline in the employment for natives across age and education levels is a clear in- dication that there is no general labor shortage, which is a primary justification for the large increases in immigration (skilled and unskilled) in the Schumer-Rubio bill and similar House proposals.

Second, the decline in work among the native-born over the last 14 years of high immigration is consistent with research showing that immigration reduces employment for natives.

Third, the trends since 2000 challenge the argument that immigration on balance increases job opportunities for natives. Over 17 million immigrants arrived in the country in the last 14 years, yet native employment has deteriorated significantly.

Among the findings:
The total number of working-age (16 to 65) immigrants (legal and illegal) holding a job increased 5.7 million from the first quarter of 2000 to the first quarter of 2014, while declining 127,000 for natives.

In the first quarter of 2000, there were 114.8 million working-age natives holding a job; in the first quarter of 2014 it was 114.7 million.

Because the native-born population grew significantly, but the number working actually fell, there were 17 million more working-age natives not working in the first quarter of 2014 than in 2000.

Immigrants have made gains across the labor market, including lower-skilled jobs such as maintenance, construction, and food service; middle-skilled jobs like office support and health care support; and higher-skilled jobs, including management, computers, and health care practitioners.

The long-term decline in the share of working-age natives holding a job began before the 2007 recession, falling from 74 percent in 2000 to 71 percent in 2007. It is now an abysmal 66 percent, improving only slightly since the bottom of the recession.

The share of natives working or looking for work, referred to as labor force participation, shows the same decline as the employment rate. In fact, labor force participation has continued to decline for working-age natives even after the jobs recovery began in 2010.

Immigration has fallen in recent years. But despite the economy, between 2008 and the start of 2014 6.5 million new immigrants (legal and illegal) settled in the country and three million got jobs. Over the same time, the number of working-age natives holding a job declined 3.4 million.

In contrast to natives, the employment rate of working-age immigrants increased from 2000 to 2007 and has recovered more quickly from the Great Recession than natives, though it has not fully recovered.

Since the jobs recovery began in 2010, 43 percent of employment growth has gone to immigrants.

If the employment rate of working-age natives in the first quarter of this year were what it was in 2007, 7.9 million more natives would have a job. If the share working were what it was in the first quarter of 2000, 12.5 million more natives would have a job today.

There were a total of 69 million working-age immigrants and natives not working in the first quarter of 2014. There were an additional 7.3 million forced to work part-time despite wanting full-time work.

The supply of potential workers is enormous: 8.7 million native college graduates are not working, as are 17 million with some college, and 25.3 million with no more than a high school education.

No commentary on the graph, just let them sink in.

Got to admit, it took a little while to get use to being called a native.  But the point here, for all the liberal progressive types reaching for their approved adjective dictionary, is that natives are whites, blacks, hispanic, asian and whomever else was born and raised here while the illegal immigrants are hispanic, asian, white, black and whatever other color you want.

What we can see here, now tie this into what is happening on our border, is a systematic destruction of middle America - tens of millions of people who were born in the US, raised on our streets, paid taxes, and dreamed the American Dream being pushed out and off a cliff to be replaced by people illegally entering the country and working for less than 10 bucks an hour.

Wait, idea forming, why don't we replace everyone in DC with illegal aliens?  Think of the money we'd save in salaries and housing, not to mention those golden parachute pensions becoming a thing of the past.

Anyways, now do you understand, from these last two blogs, that there has been a long term series of plans designed to fill this country with what is basically slave labor and push tens of millions out of the job market?

What is the plan for all the whites and blacks without college degrees?  Obsolete, unnecessary, and in the way of the illegal aliens.

Robotics from the right, slaves from the left, getting a little crowded in the middle of the field of late.

Dream on if you think all those people that are streaming across our border right now ever going to be sent back from which they came, they, like the 30 million other illegal aliens, are here to stay, they will be given citizenship, the right to vote, benefits, and everything else.

And very soon, the lines between countries will be erased, one big happy family of Canada, Mexico, and the US-together.

Which means there are about 100 million Americans, white and black, who are going to need to be dealt with - dealt with like Stalin, Mao, Castro, Pol Pot, Lenin, Hitler and every other leader dealt with those foolish enough to stand in the way of progress have been dealt with for centuries.

But I will not go along.  I will not hire an illegal alien to install my Electronic transporter or whatever the hell it is.

A Swede maybe, where do those illegal alien swede auto mechanics hang out.

In the glass I saw a strange reflection was that lonely
man really me? 

Those were the days my friend 

We thought they'd never end 
We'd sing and dance forever and a day
We'd live the life we'd choose 

We'd fight and never lose 
Those were the days, oh yes, those were the days
Through the door there came familiar laughter 

I saw your face and heard you call my name
Oh my friend we're older but no wiser, for in our
hearts the dreams are still the same..

Those were the days my friend 

We thought they'd never end 
We'd sing and dance forever and a day
We'd live the life we'd choose 

We'd fight and never lose 
Those were the days, oh yes, those were the days


I don't even know where to begin on this topic.

I am reading the stories of this massive number of people all rushing the borders, children, women, men, gang members, people sick, and probably terrorists all flooding over our borders in this rush to get here.

And if you don't see that this is a planned invasion I can't help you.  Just stop reading and turn on the TV, there must be a sitcom on.

This is all planned.  Flooding Texas, NM, AZ and CA with millions of illegal aliens, flooding our systems so they break down, bussing these illegals to other states as fast as they can.

And if you dare say a word about it, well you are a racist.

So here is question one, if open borders is such a great idea, why do people lock their doors at night?  Rep GutiĆ©rrez, do you lock your doors?  Why?  Because you don't want strangers who don't belong coming into your home but you want us to do that for our country?  Hypocrite.

In fact, I have a great idea for all this busing - bus them right to Obama's home in Chicago, GutiĆ©rrez home in Chicago and DC, Pelosi's homes all over the country, and all the other democrats and republicans in congress and across the country, let's make them take these people into their homes.

This whole thing is staged.  It is staged to get terrorists in or it is staged to flood republican states with illegal aliens who will change the voting demographics, or maybe it's just to take this country down another notch.

I'm sorry to say this, but let me say it here: if you step into a voting booth this fall and vote for any democrat, you are a traitor.  Plain and simple.  Don't feel bad, if you vote republican, you are a fool and probably will also be a traitor eventually.

Because here is the gist of all this.  there is a planned invasion of this country that is part of a larger scale plan that has been taking place for decades and it will result in the blending of mexico, canada, and the united states into a single unit.  There will be two classes of people and if you are reading this chances are you will not like your class.

Think I'm full of crap?  I submit this for your reading pleasure:

“After America comes North America,” Petraeus said confidently in answering the question about what comes after the United States, the theme of the panel discussion. “Are we on the threshold of the North American decade, question mark? I threw that away — threw away the question mark — and boldly proclaimed the coming North American decade, says the title now.” He also boasted about how the three economies have been put “together” over the last 20 years as part of the “implementation” of the North American Free Trade Act.

The “highly integrated” forces of Canada, the United States, and Mexico, Petraeus continued, will become the world’s powerhouse for energy and science. “There are four revolutions that are ongoing at various levels in each of the countries but foremost in the United States,” said the former CIA chief, who now serves as chairman of the KKR Global Institute. “The energy revolution is the first of those, which has created the biggest change in geopolitics since the rise of China since 1978.” The other “revolutions” include IT, manufacturing, and life sciences, which, “as highly integrated as they are, allow you to argue that after America comes North America,” he added.


There you have it, all wrapped up by General Petraeus himself, the long term plan that many warned against when NAFTA was put in by Newt and Clinton.  It's been a long term plan to destroy the middle class of this country, to destroy the United States and the fact that a General in our military is espousing this, supporting this, and bragging about it, well, should be considered treasonous also.

But no longer do we need to worry about being called conspiracy nuts.  Notice the governors of these states are doing nothing to stop this invasion; notice Perry is barking and doing nothing.

Doing nothing.  We did nothing for so long, there is no chance of changing the course we are on now.  We can paddle all we want against the current but we are going over the falls.

Still don't believe me?  Still think this is not some sort of designed plot?  Read the next blog on economics, jobs, and what has really been going on.

A hundred and eighty were challenged by Travis to die

A line that he drew with his sword when the battle was nigh

"The man who would fight to the death cross over but he who that would live better fly,"

And over the line stepped a hundred and seventy-nine

Hi! Up! Santa Anna, we're killing your soldiers below

So the rest of Texas will know and remember the Alamo

Jim Bowie lay dyin', his powder was ready and dry

From flat on his back, Bowie killed him a few in reply

And young Davy Crockett was smilin' and laughin'. The challenge was fierce in his eye

For Texas and freedom, a man more than willin' to die

Hi! Up! Santa Anna, we're killing your soldiers below

So the rest of Texas will know and remember the Alamo

A courier sent to the battlements, bloody and loud

With words of fare well in the letters he carried were proud

"Grieve not, little darlin', my dyin' if Texas is sovereign and free

We'll never surrender and ever will liberty be!"

Hi! Up! Santa Anna, we're killing your soldiers below

So the rest of Texas will know and remember the Alamo


Ever hear the old saying about watched pots never boil?  Here is a new twist.

One of the stats for my job is the time spent on a call.  And we got this cool little program that we can run that lists that time on the top bar next to date time and all that stuff. And very slowing my times were climbing.  Now I understand where I might have higher times because of my need to take care of callers, holding on when others would schedule callbacks, etc, but this was just going up and up.  So, my solution, don't run the program, don't have the time on calls for the day posted, and guess what happened?

The next two days shaved 10 minutes off the time on call.  Weird huh.

Don't you love driving along and suddenly a light appears on your dash display?  I know I do.  And last Friday it was the ETS light, which I had no clue what that meant.  So as I drove home, waiting for the car to explode, dissolve, drop the engine or just catch fire, I played, 'gee, what could ETS stand for?' in my head.  I figured the E was easy, electronic.

The joy of technology.

After getting home is discovered that just about every Volvo owner from the late 1990's and early 2000's should know this one by heart, the Electronic Throttle Module, you know, ETS.  Clever of the Swedes to put in a warning light that doesn't actually match the part about to be history.

Near as I can put together, what the Electronic Throttle Module does is what the points, rotor, condenser use to do under the distributor cap - except those parts which cost about 30 bucks are now contained in the cool little 20lb thing with computer chips and required programming modules and run about 800 bucks, if you buy at Volvo - labor not included.

Isn't that a great improvement?

Apparently these modules were badly designed and after millions of people complained Volvo offered Americans so sort of recall special deal to cover their butts, which I guess is the definition of lagoom, it is enough to keep us out of court.

But, of course, mine won't be covered.

What was real cool was last Sunday the light went out, there were no signs normally that accompany the thing going and I thought "thank you God".

Then last night, again on Friday, it came on again.  Still not seeing any problems with the car and after spending all last weekend reading the history of ETS/Volvo's and ways to make sure you car is stolen while having plausible deniability, I know it could be a simple wire or the whole assembly.  Plus I found a place that will provide a preprogrammed Electronic Throttle Module for 499 with instructions on how to install.  And fortunately, this is happening as my bi annual extra monthly check is about to hit in July, though I really was hoping to put 50% down with an attorney to file bankruptcy, buy some shoes and get a physical, but what the hell.

Also debating can I live without a car?

I promise if I have to change out an Electronic Throttle Module that I will record the whole thing in a video and post the comedy on you tube.  Will make sure my first aid kit is well stocked, buy some extra peroxide and have several tourniquets ready build and ready to go.  Plus I thought I'd just cover my knuckles and fingers in bandaids before I start to save time.

Twenty bucks for points, rotors and a condensor that can be installed in less than 30 minutes replaced by technology that costs an arm and a leg, another example of life designed to cost an arm and a leg.

But then, as the next blog will discuss, by now we better be use to da man, or da system, or whatever you want to call it screwing us into the ground.

 Thank you very much, Mr. Roboto
For doing the jobs that nobody wants to
And thank you very much, Mr. Roboto
For helping me escape

Just when I needed to
Thank you, thank you, thank you
I want to thank you
Please, thank you, oh

The problem's plain to see
Too much technology
Machines to save our lives
Machines, de-humanize

The time has come at last
To throw away this mask
Now everyone can see
My true identity, I'm Kilroy, Kilroy, Kilroy, Kilroy


Thursday, June 19, 2014


I honestly didn't think today would be difficult.  Which shows you how stupid I can be sometimes.  I think, sometimes, I'm a shallow puddle on a sidewalk dreaming of being a Scottish Loch.

It was a year ago today my dad died.  It was coming up like a black storm,  getting closer and closer, impossible to ignore.

This whole week is bad.  Dad on the 19th, mom on the 24th, a dog on the 27th.  It's like Death Week.  If my phone rings, I'm almost sure someone else would be dead.  So I am keeping it on airplane mode this week.

And a year has gone by and what has happened.  Almost homeless, barely living paycheck to paycheck now, trying to save up enough money to pay a lawyer to hire to file bankruptcy, wondering where it's all leading and for what purpose.

Drifting now, waiting for what comes next.  Will it be good, will it be bad or like so much else, just both?

I'm walkin' down this rocky road wonderin' where my life is leading
Rollin' on to the bitter end
I'm finding out along the way what it takes to keep love living
You should know how it feels my friend

Now I'm on my feet again better things are bound to happen
All my dues surely must be paid
Many miles and many tears, times were hard  but now there changing 

you should know that I'm not afraid

Bad Company


"We cannot let a minority of people - and that is what it is, it is a minority of people - hold a viewpoint that terrorizes the majority of people"

Hilary Clinton

I made a copy of this quote on Monday but couldn't post about it until today because I couldn't stop laughing each time I read it.  Hilary was addressing the ownership of semi automatic weapons by the peons of the country, that being the 85% of the population that is not part of the 1% elite and the other 14% that are criminals, though that percentage may be increasing with the free citizenship plan we are now offering on the southern border.

Speaking of the border, why aren't Canadians flocking over the northern border.  Better question, if Canada offered a Get Across the Border and Become a Canuck Card for Americans, how many Americans would flock to Canada right now?

There are three possibilities to consider with Hilary's statement.  One, she is totally out of touch and doesn't realize what she said.  Two, she thinks the peons are total morons and won't realize what she said or three, both are true.

For the latter, it's true over 50% of the public won't realize the absolute stupidity and hypocrisy of a progressive uttering such a statement.  Then again, the former possibility is open for discussion.

Let's take the logic of Hilary's statement, that a minority viewpoint and a minority of people should not hold the majority in terror and just pick your favorite liberal/progressive cause.

How about illegal immigration?  How does the quest of democrats to grant amnesty play in light of Hilary's statement?  Are the majority of Americans being forced to go along with allowing illegal immigrants to flood into this country, take jobs, resources, and votes?

How about abortion?  Polls the last decade have shown a majority of Americans are not in favor of the blood sacrifices to Satan we perform over a million times a year - I'm sorry, did that frame my opinion into the debate?

Gay rights and gay marriage?  Most americans don't care if someone is gay or not, we just don't like it rubbed in our faces and until just recently, any time a vote was put forth, people rejected it outright.  I think the score now is like For 2 Against 23 in votes.  But then, it doesn't matter how many times we vote against something, it only takes one vote For to make it the rule - kind of like terrorism.

How about the bail out of Wall Street, Monsanto, corporate subsidies and all the other theft that goes on in DC and Wall Street?  Aren't we held hostage to such practices by the wealthy 1% minority?

Climate change?  Anyone who has played with the raw data, anyone who looks that the data provided, can see that every projection their computer models have made for over 20 years as been wrong, but that hasn't stopped them from moving forward.  And now we are shutting down hundreds of coal burning power plants with nothing to replace them and our electric bills are going to start going up faster than health care, food, education, and everything else.

Or political correctness.  I grew up on the south side of Chicago in an area that required knowing a dozen polish jokes in order to graduate from 3rd grade.  Now you have to take a Sensitivity Class if you tell a joke about blacks, gays, fat people, muslims, or any other segment of society that has a good group of talking heads willing to get on TV and scream and moan about the inhumanity of it all.

In fact, if you make any joke today that doesn't involve a conservative, christian, gun owner you pretty much can be railroaded right out of town while being tarred and feathered.

Simple truth is that every damn progressive position is nothing more than a minority position forced upon the majority and if you dare speak up they pull out the debate by adjectives and call you homophobe, bigot, racist, sexist, and whatever else they can fit into a soundbite before the commercial.

The trouble is, it's working.

For nearly 40 years, the 'majority' in this country have been terrorized and held hostage, not to mention paying the tab, for every progressive minority idea that has come along.  And it is going to continue all the way till the whole system collapses.  When it collapses, are we going to get rid of all this progressive crap?  No!  We will get rid of any opposition to progressivism.  And we won't be able to stop it.  We are going to legalize and make voters out of 30 million plus illegal aliens in this country and any hope of conservatism will go right out of the voters booth; never again to see a conservative president, a moderate president, or a republican congress.

Which is why, Hilary, the majority won't give up their guns.

The phone don't ring
And the sun refused to shine
Never thought I'd have to pay so dearly
For what was already mine
For such a long, long time
We made mad love
Shadow love
Random love
And abandoned love
Accidentally like a martyr
The hurt gets worse and the heart gets harder
The days slide by
Should have done, should have done, we all sigh
Never thought I'd ever be so lonely
After such a long, long time
Time out of mind

Warren Zevon
Warren Zevon

Monday, June 16, 2014


Well, there sure are a ton of articles out lately about how dangerous sitting is to our health.  Is this the next don't eat eggs, don't eat butter - eat margarine, oh wait, margarine is twice as bad as butter.

I swear, one day they will decide cigarettes are really good for us.

I sometimes think of the WWII generation and the generations before.  Most worked in fields and farms, ate meats, dairy, smoked, drank, worked all day long and into the evening in the fields, building the roads, building the skyscrapers, and all died quite happy and content in their 60's.

Today most people sit on their butts to commute hours to work, sit on their butts at work all day, sit on their butts driving/riding home, then sit on their butts watching the tube at night and live 20 years longer than their parents and grandparents.

The trouble with all these studies is that you can't isolate all the variables and then most of the studies come off looking pretty stupid.

If you read these articles, a person who works out each morning for an hour, then sits at a desk all day, then relaxes at home is more at risk then the mailman walking a route, eating fast food and smoking.

Which makes me wonder where all of this is leading.  What are all these studies really trying to do?

Let's face it, if sitting is bad, then why do we make kids sit at desks all day in school?  Aren't we concerned for the children?  Are we going to let the kids sit all day wrecking their lives?

And what of the lawyers?  Is this the new lawsuit of the next decade?

So you go to work for a company for 30 years, sitting in meetings, sitting at desks, and then get some disease and now you can sue the business for making you sit 40 hours a week?  What about churches, sitting in pews, quilting clubs where old ladies sit around at quilt - okay talk with occasional stitching.  Can we sue the churches?

But wait, what about the manufacturers of chairs?   Steelcase doesn't make really expensive office chairs, they make comfortable death traps - get me my lawyer on the phone!  Lazyboy, SteelCase, and all the other furniture companies are about to get smashed with lawsuits from people who get cancer of the this or cancer of the that who spent the better part of their lives sitting on their butts.

Are we really happier in our lives today?  I sometimes look back at people in the 40's, 50's, and 60's and they may have been out of shape; smoked, drank, look 60 when they were 35, but they did seem just a whole lot happier in life.

The American Dream was alive and well.  Jobs for life, pension plans for retirement, insurance, and croak before the body falls apart completely.

Mostly because they weren't bombarded with idiotic studies every week of their lives telling them everything the say, do, eat, sleep, don't do, don't smoke, don't eat, don't think is going to kill them.

The longer I live, the more I think each of us, somewhere buried deep inside, is a clock that already has our death date stamped.  Sure, you can get killed in an accident, but otherwise you are going to live those years and when you reach that date, it won't matter, times up.  That's why otherwise healthy seeming people drop dead and other live thru disease after disease and illness and keep getting up the next day.

Diet, attitude, exercise?  Maybe the quality of your years are better because of the habits, but it won't add to the years.  Had an uncle that started smoking at 14, couple of drinks each day and lived to 90 before his clock stopped.

Think I will just sit here and ponder this whole sitting thing a little while longer.

Seems that nothing is black and white anymore
Shades of gray and I feel the weight over my shoulder
It's tough getting older
I always thought that I knew where I'd wanna go
But now I'm here and I find that I'm still getting colder
It's kinda tough getting older

Here before my eyes, many roads ahead
Time for me to choose one way now
If I take a chance, what lies down the road?
Feeling so confused, turned around

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


My dad, very early in Alzheimer's, tended to say what he would hope would happen to Obama, what he wished someone would do.  I would tell him to be quiet, not to say things like that, if someone heard him we both would be in a heap of bad.

Six years later, and the way this country is going down the toilet makes me want to scream.

I bought my dad a mug, back in 1999, a picture of Bush, smirking and waving, with the caption, Miss Me Yet.  Well, do we?

President Obama was worshiped by the world stage and now how is that looking today?

Iraq: Iraq, in spite of Obama voting against the spending for the surge, was handed to Obama - a package all wrapped up and ribbon and all he had to do is stick his finger on the spot so the bow would be tied.  Today, Islamic rebels began overthrowing cities, slaughtering people, now Baghdad is about to fall and the whole country is about to go to those famous enemies of ours, Al Quackos, whom we are supplying in Syria with weapons to slaughter Christians and now finding their way to Iraq to overthrow the government.  Nice work Barak, imagine how all the families of soldiers who died in Iraq feel today.

Iran:  Well, we sure showed them, we huffed and we puffed and Iraq's nuke program is doing great.  Great, Al Quacko with nuclear materials, that should work great.

Europe hates the US, the dollar is about to become toilet paper around the world.  Dirty little secret: we have about 200 billion in actual cash in this country, paper bills.  There are about 600 billion outside the country.  Of course, most dollars don't really exist except on computers but as long as we nod and wink, we trade our labor for imaginary money and people take our imaginary money for food and housing.  Works great until the wizard is revealed behind the curtain.

And now we have a health care system that had serious problems so our esteemed president had no trouble totally turning into a complete mess.

Now look at our southern border.  Tens of thousands of Mexicans, Central Americans, and South Americans are streaming across the border each day right now, adding to the 30 million already illegally in this country, so they can get 'amnesty' and become voting citizens.

Are you pissed yet?

We've had almost a 10% drop in working age people who have jobs.  People from 18 to 65 thrown out of the workforce and the solution is to add tens of millions more?  The diseases bringing brought north are going to flood the medical system and bring it crashing down since most don't really know if they have insurance and doctors are not being paid.

And now Rand Paul supports amnesty?  WTF?  And Cantor got his butt kicked in the primary.

Do you really think we can change this at the voting booth?  Not if they add 30 million illegal aliens as voters we can't.  What will it take?  Do you think there is really a Helm's Deep you will be able to hide in?

Perry could sweep to the election in 2016 if he mobilized the state police, rangers, and militia to go to the border and stop it.  Get the governors of NM and AZ to join Texas and then block the CA border as well.

So, with two year left, anyone want to speculate on what the US will look like in 2016?  I'm seriously asking readers, can you name one thing, economically, culturally, internationally, or universally, that has improved under Obama?  Seriously, please, tell me.

Someday in the future, I see Obama, after he dies, being welcomed in Hell by Satan himself, and being told "Welcome, my good and faithful Serpent".

Sunday, June 8, 2014


When I was on my journey, going thru life as an atheist, one thing bothered me, a simple word that threw the whole theory of atheism out the window.

Evil.  And this week, I've read several articles that have me thinking about evil again.

I don't understand the behavior of some people in our world.  Forget the megalomaniacs of history that wipe out millions in order to have power, I actually understand that - the need to kill your enemies, there is a logic to that decision and rarely do the megalomaniacs actually pull the triggers - they leave that to others.

It's those people who pull the triggers.  It's those people who line up people over a pit and shoot them in the back of the head.  Whether in Germany, Russia, Kosovo, or America to come.  I thought about 20 years ago, the story out of the Chicago area, where a guy and gal kill and cut the baby out of another woman - I honestly thought that was it, we'd reached the end of the line, nothing would ever be worse than that act of evil - though as time went on I began to ask myself why killing the woman and saving one baby was so much worse that killing millions of babies.

Two stories this week.  First from Dave Hodges whom I have not really mentioned before because I'm not really a fan, though the number of times I wrote about a topic and then he wrote about the same topic within a couple of days is strange.  And his use this week of the term "mental masturbation" perked my ears because I've been using that term since the 1970's and never heard it used by anyone else.  Be that as it may, I'm mostly not a fan because he's one of those that have drawn lines in the sand for the last couple of years, that in month X, that's it, whole thing coming down, collapse is here!  And then X comes and nothing happens so a new time is set, always claiming not date setting, blah blah blah.

It's not that he's wrong about some of the things coming, but after being wrong multiple times he will then claim "See, told you so".

But this week he ran another story, carrying and following up from a story in May, about how the Children Protective Services are taking kids from parents, how thousands of kids go missing in those programs, and how said kids are being used for sex slaves for the wealthy.

Now Hodges points a finger at Papa Bush, I have no idea - I'm not pointing at individuals, just the fact that very wealthy people in Hollywood, Washington, and world wide are fracking scum perverts who use their position to molest children.  They are evil.

So take some time to read the links to Dave Hodges and the stories, including his links for verification, because this crap is going on by our fearless leaders, as Boris Badinoff would say, and it just makes me want to cry.




My hat is off to Dave Hodges for taking on this issue and bringing it to people's attention.

So, let's move on to happier thoughts….no, I'm not done.  It's going to get worse.

Worse?  How could it possibly get worse?

Before I start, let me apologize to any of my imaginary readers who are Catholic.  I will not be attacking you personally.  There are many fine saved Christians in Catholic churches - probably not any priests or nuns, but we will get to that.  I could spend hours discussing what it is about Catholic doctrine that is unBiblical, how it developed, etc.  But one of the main reasons is that the Catholic Church has been responsible for more genocide than any government in history.

I will say it again if you would like.  Pope Innocent III killed more Christians than all the roman emperors combined. It wasn't about God, it was greed and power that drives the Vatican.

Now, I am going to break your hearts.


Mass graves at Catholic orphanages.  The bloody fracking septic tank?  Around the world, the mass killing of the little children God told us to protect.  Look, I understand orphanages would have cemeteries for all the children who would die over time, I could even grasp a mass grave situation when the flu of 1918 ripped around the world.  But this ain't that.

Evil.  Nothing else can explain it.  "Beep Beep Richie, they all float down here" Evil.  We live now in a world where our government is filled with people lining their pockets as reward for satanic loyalty, where the police, day after day stories are available to back up this statement, are literally assassinating citizens, where the clergy is more evil that the serpent in the Garden itself.

I take a very different view of Revelation that most seminaries teach.  They tend to look at the Revelation given John was 'the future'.  The end of the story.  But that is not what it is - it is the history of the world, from beginning to end.  The release of the four horsemen is not a future event, it is a past event.  They were released long ago.  Satan is here, death is here, war is here, famine and pestilence are here and have been here since the beginning of days.

Evil is here and only God can protect us from this evil.  The mental angst  is why does God allow such evil on children?  Why would a child cry for God and not be saved from the pain and torture about to be released on him or her?  Why God?  I seriously would like an answer.  I understand punishment for sins, I've done more than my share, I can understand.  But why do you allow this to continue?

You want more time for more people to accept you?  How about some zapping of the many Sodoms' of the world?  Nice little announcement ahead of time, this Wednesday, here are the cities that will disappear and BOOM.

You want full churches and daily Bible reading, that would work.  But instead, the evil ones continue to succeed, those trying to be good continue to be trampled, and the blood and tears of little children are all we have.


 'Cause I have wandered through this world
And as each moment has unfurled
I've been waiting to awaken from these dreams
People go just where they will
I never noticed them until I got this feeling
That it's later than it seems

Doctor, my eyes, tell me what you see
I hear their cries, just say if it's too late for me

Saturday, June 7, 2014


Read an article today that made me smile.  The article warned swimmers about how cold Lake Michigan was and the dangers of swimming in the lake.

One spring in college, it got really warm in early May and a bunch of us from McGonigles Saloon headed to the beach; we went to the beach near the Cook or McCook nuke plant, thinking the water would be warmer there.

One of my best friends in life, we will call her, let's see, Ronnie, well we went out on this little pool raft just sharing it and kicking, resting, kicking, etc.  Dang was the water cold.  So we finally decided to head in but quickly discovered we were caught in a riptide and were nearly a mile off shore.  So we started in, not getting anywhere, and then I said let's head north until we felt a change in water temp.  By then she was on the raft and freezing so I kicked us into shore finally.

I think it took 4 hours of laying in the hot sun for my nuts to drop back down - I wonder if I told that story before, don't remember, age don't you know.

Ronnie was like a sister but what I remember most is when I first started working at McGonigles and one Monday night she called and invited me over and Ronny, another gal and I sat out on the balcony that evening just catching a buzz and chatting; why do I remember it?  Because she called and invited me over.

It is those little things, those little moments in life that we remember.  I will never forget the nurses aid, the day my dad was leaving the hospital, who gave me a hug.  Two people, for a moment in time our lives touched, and that hug meant the world to me.  Don't remember the name, don't really remember what she looked like, but I remember the hug.

Bad times I don't remember much.  Just those little moments that when you tell others probably won't make much sense, but then that is the point, those really important moments are when time stops, trains pass in the night, and then go away never to be again.

I don't remember anything about my high school prom, but I do remember the time the girl and I were just sitting in the forest preserves and she made me some stupid dandelion  necklace.

I often wonder, as I travel thru the world, what moments such as those have I provided those around me, friends or strangers passing.  Have I given anyone such a moment, a time when they think staring at the fire about the time…

But I guess that is the point of those moments, you just never know the memory you leave in passing.  And how rich those moments make a life.

 It's coming from so far away
It's hard to say for sure
Whether what I hear is music or the wind
Through an open door
There's a fire high in the empty sky
Where the sound meets the shore
There's a long distance loneliness
Rolling out over the desert floor

And the years that I spent lost in the mystery
Fall away leaving only the sound of the drum

Friday, June 6, 2014


Quicky tonite bashing our fearless leader and her pet President Obama

We release 5 known terrorists, responsible for the deaths of many men, in exchange for one soldier who deserted and cost the lives of 18 men looking for him.

And republicans said if you do that again, we are going to impeach.

Now do you understand why I root for that giant tidal wave to swamp the east coast of America?

Funny thing, article up all week on Drudge commented that Obama has the presidency Nixon always wanted, which reminded me of my writing in my book Obama is Nixon with a good tan.  Called that one.

More later this weekend