End of the high-speed car chase? Engineers invent system that disables a vehicle's engine remotely using radio beams

  • The RF Safe-Stop uses a blast of electromagnetic waves to stop engines
  • It can be triggered at a distance of up to 165ft and also works on boats
  • The waves is also used to disable a vehicle’s on-board electronic systems
  • Future plans could see the technology fitted onto helicopters
  • Police and governments could also use it as a 'non-lethal weapon' to stop joyriders and even car bombs

By Victoria Woollaston
In a move that could spell the end of high-speed car chases, joyriding, and even terrorist attacks, a UK company has created a system that can stop vehicles at the press of a button.

The RF Safe-Stop system uses blasts of electromagnetic pulses to remotely shut off any car engines that targeted by the device.