This is my second blog.

My first blog chronicled my experiences over three years caring for my dad as he lived through and finally died from Alzheimer's. That is the book that is for sale.

This second blog kind of chronicles of life, what it is like to start your life over in your late 50's. After caretaking, you are damaged, file bankruptcy, and the world doesn't care what you did. After 8 months of unemployment, you wake each day knowing the world doesn't want you. Finally you do find a job, 5 weeks before homelessness, but doing what you did 30 years ago and getting paid what you did 30 years ago. So this is starting over.

The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.

Friday, November 29, 2013


Edited at 9:50pm same day.  Caught the song blended in with the paragraph and also was amazed at how many websites are referring to shoppers now as zombies.

The past two years, I wrote a blog on Black Friday mocking our culture.  This year, I am reposting them because there is nothing really more to say, other than in 2011 I predicted the continued encroachment of Black Friday into Thanksgiving itself and this year many stores were opening at 6am on Thanksgiving Day, now known as Grey Thursday.  

Friday, November 25, 2011 


Boy, Black Friday! You can now start shopping at 10pm midnight at others, still some hold off against the onslaught of commercialism and wait until a reasonable 4am to open the door to hoards of apes, hippos, and monkeys who trample, shoot, pepper spray, stampede, stab, punch, kick, and riot their way to toys, TVs, and a whole bunch of other diversions to keep them from thinking about living. So what if a few people have to die to get your child/lover/spouse that special gift this holiday season!   

And I sincerely apologize to all the apes and monkeys reading this blog for the comparison. If Darwin could observe our annual shopping ritual, he would instantly realize his theory was backwards.   

Watch the films today of how people behave at shopping malls and stores and remember these are the people who currently have jobs and can afford to buy Xmas presents this year. In other words, in capitalism, these are the best of the best. And watch them behave and ask yourself what would happen if supplies were ever short, cutoff, or inflated till a day's wage would buy a loaf of bread.   This won't be your grandparent’s depression. A moment of good advice this holiday season. Find a good local farmer with produce, chickens for eggs, cows for milking, and start buying direct and cut a deal with him if the EMP attack ever comes, you will be coming to live on his land and help protect his farm.   

And next year, since Walmart opened at 10 on Thanksgiving this year, someone will open at 6pm on thanksgiving and next year it will be noon and before you know it, it will be midnight on thanksgiving and another holiday spent giving thanks to God will be spent standing in lines buying crap made in China. 

Speaking of crap from China, anyone catch the story last week where someone went around buying lots of clothing from China, like fur gloves, coats, etc. and then tested the materials. Let's just say if you ever wondered what ever became of Lassie or Rin Tin Tin, well, you are wearing them.   Boy, you can't manufacture that type of quality dog wear in this country. But you can wear low quality dog skin products straight from China.   

Me? I put pop to bed at 10pm last night after a nice Thanksgiving dinner of Quiche and a salad with a lobster tail, stayed up reading until 1am and then slept until almost noon. I didn't save vast amounts of money, but then, I didn't spend any money either. Ran out to the grocery store around 1:30pm today and just for kicks cruised by a Super Target that just had to open at midnight.   Their parking lot was half empty. How stupid do you feel now late night shoppers?   

About 30 years ago, I moved to Dallas. They had Texas Blue Laws that kept malls closed on Sundays to protect the small business owners. It was strange, but I honestly miss those days. Progress ain't always progress. Soon, we will have no more holidays; Xmas will be a workday due to it's religious nature, Sundays are no longer a day of rest.

Interest rates were high back then too. You'd pay 15 percent for a mortgage. Of course, you'd also get 8 to 12 percent on your savings and CD's. So who really benefits from these artificially low interest rates? The consumer? No, while you paid more for the house, look how much more you wrote off from your taxable income with the interest deduction, thus you paid less in taxes. You also got to write off your credit card interest from your taxable income. Old people could get a nice monthly income from bonds and CD's. But, large corporations didn't like it, the government didn’t like it like they love the low rates, which lowers the debt, so we pay more in taxes. Think about that when you wake up from your overnight shopping spree.   

By the way, recommendation on lobster tails. Don't buy the BP Lobster from the gulf. Yea, you get a free quart of oil with every lobster, but it just tastes better with butter.   

How can you be so sure? 
How do you know what the earth will endure? 
How can you be so sure? 
That the wonders you've made in your life 
Will be seen By the millions who'll follow to visit the site 
Of your dream?

Lane, Dick (2013-07-17). FOLIE A DEUX: A Madness Shared By Two (Kindle Locations 2756-2769).  . Kindle Edition. 

Friday, November 23, 2012 ZOMBIE FRIDAY

Do you want to know one of the reasons we have preppers in this country?  It's called Black Friday, which is now really Zombie Weekend since it begins on Thanksgiving.   I slept in, though not as long as I would have liked, this morning.  My dad woke up first and kept opening the front door, which sets off the alarm.  Damn rude, Alzheimer's or not, if you ask me.  After the fourth time he did it in about 30 minutes, I gave up, got up, got him his breakfast, took dog for walk, picked up his dog crap, fed dog, and thought at least I don't have a wife dragging my ass to shopping malls at 1am.   I made myself a tall cold glass of Nestles Quick, the choice breakfast of people suffering a nervous breakdown everywhere,  and sat down at the computer to watch the video of all the moronic zombie shoppers shoving, punching, pulling, pushing, stabbing, and shooting one another over a toy, a phone, or some other piece of Chinese made crap that will probably give the winning Zombie cancer.   Dad is walking around right now picking up a pair of pants, a book, or something, wanting to take it to the car for his trip back to Princeton, MO; except we aren't going back to Princeton or anywhere else today.

Does anyone know what a stroke feels like?   But the shopping mania is why preppers prep.  We see the shopping mania and know all of these people will not have months of food, ways to get good drinking water, stay warm, or anything else in an emergency.

What you see on the TV right now, these shopping maniacs are the Zombie apocalypse who will mass rush stores and homes searching for food until they turn on each other and start eating the weak.  You really think I am kidding?  One solar flare, one nuke 20 miles above Ohio, and our whole electrical, electronic, "don't do anything without an app telling me to" society comes instantly to an end.  And one of the keys to survival will be to be able to withstand the initial rushes of the Zombie Black Friday Shopping Morons who think anything and everything belongs to them because they want it.  Hmm.  Maybe for Xmas this year I'll order a couple hundred more rounds of 357mag.  That was a lot of zombie this morning at the mall.

What happened to us as a people?  Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Day use to be days where nothing was open and everyone had a day with themselves, their families, etc.  On the day after Thanksgiving, the stores opened at 10am, people went shopping, music played, and people were nice to each other, wished each other Merry Christmas.   Now the corporations have mindless drones, formerly known as middle level management in companies that were moved to China and no longer exist in America, working for minimum wage to sell and stock the formerly made in America stuff now made in China shit to those fortunate enough to still have a chair in this game of musical chairs from hell, all working on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, and New Years Day; so moronic zombies can push, shove, trample, stab, and shoot their way to that special toy for their special kid or most likely that special toy for themselves.

 Well, I don't like it.  I'm not romanticizing the past.  I like change when change improves but change for the sake of change sucks and we are changing in ways that are not good.  It's like that new Apple podcast app that doesn't improve anything but seriously screws up your iPhone and your playlists and made me have to reset the damn phone yesterday just to get it back to what it was.

This country needs to reset or reboot.

I'm starting to think not only do we need to break up Goldman Sachs and other banks, we need to break up the whole damn corporate system.  Walmart, Target, McDonalds; break them all up into state or regional corporations.  Or maybe we should start a union.  The American People Union.  No corporate sponsors, no teaming up with corrupt unions like Teamsters, SEIU or UAW.  An American People Union who says NO to businesses being open on holidays, NO to businesses creating zombie hangouts, well, except Starbucks, NO to businesses moving overseas, NO to foreign imports made by slaves, NO NO NO.

Okay, I feel better.   Zombies.  We are nothing but mind numbed brain dead zombies.  I don't know if it is the food, the water, or the television, but we are a nation of brain dead go along with anything zombies.  Even the Alex Jones crowds are Zombies to whatever Alex says.  Followers.  We get up to go shopping in massive crowds at 4am then bitch most days getting to work by 8.  And pity the poor workers who have to put up with all this crap for minimum wage.  I think all employees of Walmart and Target and other such stores, if they have to work these insane hours with these insane crowds, should be issued handguns and be allowed to shoot any shopper that pisses them off.  Thin the herds.

For some reason, this reminds me of the old story about a small town that was having lots of problems with wild pigs.  Everything they tried didn't work.  Town Council held a meeting and were going to hire some big firm, probably Chinese, to come in and solve the problem and some old geezer in the back stood up and said he would take care of it for half of that.  Everyone laughed at him, but they said sure, if you succeed, and we will give you thirty days.  The old guy left, went out to the street, got into his old pickup an drove off.

One month later he collected his check and they asked him what he did.

"Well,", the old man began, "first you put some food out for the pigs.  They smell it, get real suspicious, but after a couple of days one of them tries it and then the rest dive right in and eat it all.  The next day, you put some more out and the pigs come right back again for the free food.  And you do this everyday for 30 days."   "But how did you capture the pigs?"   "Well, after a week, you slowly start building a cage.  Floor first, put the food on top, the pigs get nervous about the new floor, but eventually the thought of free food overwhelms their better sense.  Then you slowly add the walls and the roof at night over the next three weeks and finally a gate.  And the pigs just walk right in for their free food one day, you spring the gate, and all the pigs are caught."

There is a whole lot of lesson in that story for a whole lot of us.

Lane, Dick (2013-07-17). FOLIE A DEUX: A Madness Shared By Two (Kindle Locations 7253-7255).  . Kindle Edition.

Thursday, November 28, 2013


The apartment complex I live in does a really nice thing each year at Thanksgiving and provides a typical dinner for each resident.  So yesterday after 5, I dropped by the office and picked up my dinner with turkey, stuffing, potatoes, cranberry jell, roll, and pie.

I came home, opened it up and sat at the couch with the dinner on my pine box, which acts as a coffee table, book stacker, and could probably be used to crack walnuts (guess you have to be a Taxi fan to get that joke).  After a couple of bites, I looked up at the mantle over the fireplace and saw a picture of my parents.  I thought of all the Thanksgiving meals my mom made, the crowds of family and friends that ate at the maple dining room table.  Watching my nephews and nieces grow up, remembering how easily I could make Zach shoot milk out his nose with a well placed joke at the right moment, remembering my Uncle Ed who came and visited for about 10 years before he died, remembering taking over making Thanksgiving dinners when my mom's health went south and all those years, all those memories just flooded up from my subconscious as I sat, alone, eating dinner from a styrofoam box, knowing that those memories are gone forever, the table was sold last year for 100 bucks, the china given to my nephew, the silver sold to make ends meet.  All gone.  All dead.  Dust in the wind.  As I age, the memories will fade until one day I, and those memories, will no longer exist.

I threw the meal in the garbage.  Less than 30 days until Christmas.  That should be fun.

Tonight, my niece who lives in Loveland, had Thanksgiving.  The people were mostly made up of coworkers from a restaurant, all in their late 20's, all getting stoned and drinking beer, apple pie schnapps, and scotch.  When I walked in, there was an axe leaning up against the couch.  I knew this was going to be a strange evening, but never saw the axe as part of the scene.   My niece worked her ass off, but of course, like 99% of all Thanksgiving dinners, what was suppose to be dinner between 6:30 and 7 became dinner after 8 because the turkey wasn't done, the stuffing took longer to reheat and a few other incidents.

I wish I could tell you all the funny stories from tonight, but that wouldn't be nice, and I am sure glad I'm not in my 20's anymore.  I think 90% of the conversation they had was about other people from work, making fun of them, and watching this TV that looks like the size of a movie theatre screen when I was a kid, but they were not watching anything, just listening to some streaming music.  They don't even get to pick the music, which makes me wonder why they have a 3,000 dollar TV/Stereo setup to listen to the radio.

I didn't even have a chance for a good argument with someone on relativism.

There was about three times the amount of food as was required.  Her boyfriend sat down late - some of us were already starting to eat, then he  took two or three bites and announced he really wanted to lie down.  Her roommate and another friend were so stoned I'm not sure how much they ate, but pretty much giggled through about 20 minutes of dinner, barely said a word, then got up, took another hit, and just disappeared.  I think everyone was away from the table within 30 minutes, leaving just my niece and I.

Me?  I was still eating.  But I knew she was upset and I knew why.  She'd worked her ass off since Tuesday to put on her first Thanksgiving and no one gave a shit.   She was on the verge of crying, so I told her that there are two types of people in the world, doers and takers, and she is a doer and better get use the fact that most people are takers.  And then I told her about last night, about throwing my dinner away, thinking I'd never again have a thanksgiving dinner I could enjoy or remember but tonight, she made me realize there are still Thanksgivings in my future, that I appreciated everything she did to make this happen, how she really made a difference in my life.  She was crying, my voice was cracking, and then I added, "And it was even weirder than I'd imagined it would be!"

And we both broke out laughing, a great belly laugh of love and joy.  Her boyfriend and his mother, in the living room,  wondered what was so funny and we just laughed all the more.  Then she stepped outside for a few minutes and I did what I do best; I started getting things organized, started putting things away, got the dishwasher filled and running then started hand washing the rest.  When her boyfriend came out he asked me what he did wrong, I told him how he fucked it up and told him to go out and apologize and listen to what she had to get off her chest and just take it.   HIs mother and I kept working in the kitchen, they came back in and then I started telling all my funny ass stories about the time I got pepper sprayed while jogging, telling my nephew at a sushi bar those little orange things on the sushi were bonzi oranges from bonzi orange trees in Japan, and within the hour, we had everything packed up, put away, cleaned up, the stress was broken, and when I left I realized I had, at least one more, wonderful Thanksgiving memory.

Don't talk of love,
But I've heard the words before;
It's sleeping in my memory.
I won't disturb the slumber of feelings that have died.
If I never loved I never would have cried.

I am a rock,
I am an island.

I have my books
And my poetry to protect me;
I am shielded in my armor,
Hiding in my room, safe within my womb.
I touch no one and no one touches me.

I am a rock,
I am an island.

And a rock feels no pain;
And an island never cries.

Paul Simon

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Alec Baldwin's show is cancelled which must make Chevy Chase feel good for no longer having the shortest running show in the history of television.

I wonder if any of my imaginary readers even remembers that Chase once had a late night talk show. Then again, I'm making fun of Baldwin who had about 300k people watch his show and my book sales have not yet reached 25.

Someone mentioned to me that they are having a difficult time posting comments to the blog.  No seriously, it was a real person, I'm not making it up.  I have it set so anyone can post and can post anonymously, so it might be a browser setting maybe?  I know my regular use browser is seriously locked down and I can't read comments unless I allow discus or whatever it's called.  But if you want to email me, feel free to send an email to Barkley Pontree at gmail.


Okay, this my first annual Holiday tip guide, which will probably be my last year I do Holiday tips, but I'll try to do a few between now and Christmas; is it still legal to mention Christmas in a blog?

Lots of people worry about the uberguberment coming along and taking away our guns.  Possible, not probable, but nothing in our uberguberment would surprize me anymore.

Now, lots of people like the idea of burying their guns and ammo, or a to go kit, which I think is a good idea, unless you live in a typical  suburban setting.  It wouldn't take the uberguberment jack booted thugs long to run a metal detector over your property.  Now, you can be clever and if you have a shed, or are planning to get a shed, you can always bury it under the shed.

If you are a farmer or have lots of land, this is an easy and smart thing to do, bury a to go kit in four or five places around your property and then hope you don't forget where you buried them.

But for most of us, burying stuff is just not a reliable plan and so the question arises what to do with your guns.  And so this year's holiday guide will tell you what to do.

Go to Ace Hardware, your helpful hardware man, and buy the supplies to patch a hole in the wall and paint.  Then walk about your home or apartment, pick an inside wall with a picture hanging on the wall, take down the painting and punch yourself a nice size hole in the wall.  Once inside, place a shelf to stack some boxes of ammo and hang a couple of handguns on hooks.  Make sure they are well oiled and you can even place them in a plastic bag.  Also, don't preload magazines, you can wreck the springs, which is why I like revolvers.  Okay, then, place the patch over the hole, spread on the crap, scrape it down nice and smooth, then let it dry.  Sand it to make it real smooth, and now you can paint your wall, re hang the picture, and you can hide several guns and thousands of rounds of ammo in your apartment.

When the uberguberment shows up, let them take your pistol or shotgun you keep for security.  Act upset.  Wait patiently in case they come back a few days later.

The patch is really easy to punch your hand through, by the way, so it takes seconds to get to your guns in an emergency, like the uberguberment brown shirt is looking at your daughter or dog immorally.

By the way, anyone ever try using sour cream or vanilla in Thanksgiving stuffing?  I see some major experimenting tomorrow.  I think I'll mix up a huge bowl or two of stuffing then separate a little and play with different tastes before I make the big batch.

Oh, how about blue cheese in the stuffing?

Well, there is your first holiday tip of the year.  You can store more than just guns and ammo in your walls, by the way, I suggest hiding a Bible in every storage area and to go kit.  And look at the bright side, if you can get to ACE tomorrow to get all the supplies, then swing by the gun store to pick up some ammo and new guns,  when your wife gets up and 2am to stand in line for hours to save ten bucks on some Xmas present on Zombie Friday, you can hide all your new guns and ammo you bought tomorrow and all she will know when she gets home is you painted the walls!

Man, I really think that blue cheese in the stuffing is a winning idea.

For my next holiday tip, I will show you how to buy a surplus working canon and put it in your back yard, disguised as a children's slide.

Just take a pebble and cast it to the sea,
Then watch the ripples that unfold into me,
My face spill so gently into your eyes,
Disturbing the waters of our lives.

Shread of our memories are lying on the grass;
Wounded words of laughter are graveyards of the past.
Photographs are grey and torn, scattered in the fields
Letters of your mem'ries are not real.

Sadness on your shoulders like a wornout overcoat
In pockets creased and tattered hang the rags of your hope.
The daybreak is your midnight; the colours have all died.
Disturbing the waters of our lives,
Of our lives.

Emerson Lake and Palmer

Monday, November 25, 2013


Yes, I spell surprize with a 'z', the way it is suppose to be spelled.

Bored this morning, I checked my Amazon ranking, ambiguous word, that rank, and was absolutely floored by the wonderful book review I received by someone in Cincy:

5.0 out of 5 stars BUY THIS BOOK; IT'S A MUST-READ!!! November 25, 2013


Format:Paperback|Amazon Verified Purchase

About three weeks ago, I had never heard of the author, Dick Lane. But somehow, I managed to accidently stumble onto his blog. How, I don't know, because I certainly was not looking for anything related to Alzheimer. But I so enjoyed Mr. Lane's writing-style, that I bought his book "Folie a Deux: A Madness shared by Two".

In diary-entry form, it's his day-to-day story about caring for his aging parents (especially his father with Alzheimer.) What I love about Mr. Lane's style, is he writes as if he was talking to the reader around the kitchen table about the day's events. It's sad (and interesting) to learn about the transformation that happens physically and mentally to a person suffering from this awful disease. But then, in the middle of this sadness, OUT-OF-LEFT-FIELD, Mr. Lane will hit you with something so funny, you'll have tears rolling down your eyes as you're laughing out loud. (As one classic example, read his Mother's comments about his first attempt to make mashed potatoes.)

I think the tremendous humor Mr. Lane has laced through out the book is equivalent to Mel Brooks regarding his play, "The Producers". When Mr. Brooks was asked how he could find humor with Hitler and the Holocaust, Mr. Brooks said something to the effect that "if you can't find humor, it will kill you; humor is how you survive." Humor (and diary-writing) was how Mr. Lane was able to cope with this tragic situation.

Mr. Lane also muses daily about current events, linking them to the past and future; his commentary is fascinating with interesting ideas on a variety of topics. Aside from the topic of Alzheimer, he's intellectually deep, and this book makes the reader THINK.

So, whether you have a loved-one with Alzheimer, and you're looking for a book to prepare you for likely events, or just want a book that's a terrific read, THIS IS IT! Go buy this book NOW!!!

What a great way to start the day. I've been drifting on this blog of late, it's lost it's focus and reads now like so many other gazillioin blogs plus I will admit there is a thread of bitterness in my life of late due to my inability to land so much as a job interview. Debt is piling up and the bow is going to break very soon. I'm actually practicing Christmas songs on my flute, thinking, I might go out, put down a bucket, and play Christmas tunes for tips. Yes, I've sunk that far.

Of course, the way I play, I banking on people paying me more not to play, heck, I should sing and then I'd make thousands being paid to shut up!

So reading this review from a perfect stranger kind of made my day. I am glad he/she found the book thought provoking and that it made them laugh. What more can anyone writing ask for, to make the reader think and laugh.

I am currently reading two books, C.S. Lewis's God In The Dock and The Magicians Twin, which is a series of essays on Lewis and Scientism. I know, you are wondering how is this guy still single. What is fascinating is the misconstruction by so many evangelicals on Lewis and his opinions on evolution or design. He is taken seriously out of context by so many, but then, we all tend to see the facts we want to see to justify our already ingrained positions.

We see that in modern scientific inquiry, the data doesn't make the theory, the theory is formed then data is observed and what supports is kept and what contradicts is tossed out the door. Fact is, you see that in the pulpits also. Jimmy DeYoung does a great job tearing up The Book of Revelation in order to show a pre tribulation rapture, as if God needed Jimmy to come along and reorder the book for Him.

Making stuffing this week for Thanksgiving. My niece is having it at her place and it should be really strange, at least I hope so. I love my niece and she has some very Bohemian sort of ways about her so I'm expecting this to be a really cool day. I notice she didn't ask me to make the mash potatoes.

I'll post my stuffing recipe after I figure out how I'm going to make it this year. Key: sourdough bread from Panera. I might sneak some anchovy paste in this year for that taste no one can quite put their finger on…..

Everybody talks about some fateful day
I guess that this was mine
I may be here to tell some kind of story
But I think it's gonna take a little time, that's all right

See I'm rocking in a cradle
Down the hall somewhere and I am lost inside a dream
Maybe I am falling, maybe I am flying
But I know if I am crying she is holding me

And then the sky broke up
And then the rain came down
And it washed away everything on the ground
Wash it away, wash it away, wash it away

Marc Cohn

Sunday, November 24, 2013


I simply don't get it.

Katie Couric has done it again.  I love following her career.  She gets the gig on the Today Show for over 10 years after they shove Norville out the door because the viewers blamed her for the network shoving Pauley out the door,  then gets a big raise to go to CBS and anchor the Evening News.  After a few years of anchoring the Evening News and driving their ratings down about 50%, she gets even more money to jump to ABC and have a daytime talk show that apparently nobody watches.

Now this is where I get confused.  See, in my world, when you fail at a career, let's say sales, you don't get hired for another sales job at more money, only to fail, then get hired to be a salesperson at another company for even more money.  But not Katie, no sir, after trashing the CBS Evening News and crashing and burning at ABC daytime, she is going to get another 8 figure contract to have a show on Yahoo, which I thought was a search engine.

I would have thought by now a search engine would be required to find Katie Couric.

I don't get it.  The poor get poorer and the perky get richer.  I wonder if these people really do sell their souls…

Well, Alex Jones pulled off the publicity stunt of the decade over the weekend by organizing a march in Dallas to protest the JFK ceremony, or something.  I'm really not sure what he was trying to protest; who killed JFK, the fact the city blocked streets to have a ceremony and didn't invite Alex, or they refused to serve Tangy Tangerine or whatever he's hawking this month.

But hundreds, maybe thousands of Alex's loyal brainwashed listeners showed up to surround him, safety in numbers, and they marched to where they were told not to go and sure enough forced the sheriffs department to push them back and now he's screaming abuse, lawsuits, and all sorts of things.

Frankly, as a lad in Chicago in 1968, I remember seeing how Chicago Police handled protestors and thought the Dallas Country Sheriffs were very well behaved.  I found myself kind of wishing it was the Chicago Cops handling the situation: THAT would have made good TV.  Not Alex claiming a cop punched him in the tummy.

So much for Texans being tough.  "I'm going to sue, the cop punched me in the tummy!  I want my mommy!!!"

But that is not the point.  What I don't get are all the idiots that showed up in support of Alex, who brought their little kids, and put themselves and their kids in harms way to follow the modern version of a Gary Larson cartoon meets PT Barnum.

I like that Alex speaks out against things, covers stuff few others will touch, thought his radio coverage of the Fukushima disasters was the best out there, but there is something always bothering me about the guy.  He makes millions on those 9/11 DVD's.  It's a crock.  His MLM selling of vitamins.  I admit, I bought a can of Tangy Tangerine and it tasted like crap.  It's still sitting in the cabinet.  But when he starts getting listeners to show up to protest, what, JFK dying?  The coverup?  The private ceremony?  I am not sure what he was protesting!

It looked like a designed circus to see how powerful he could be.  Freaked me out a little.

Read a story this weekend about bugs.  Bugs bugs everywhere.  Bed bugs in hotels, homes, apartments.  All sorts of bugs we'd wiped out in America at one time are back and now we've got all sorts of new bugs coming into America from all these container ships.  They are wiping out our ecosystem, they have no predators, and they are spreading disease.

And not once did anyone in the article suggest a very simple solution.  Bring back, bring back, bring back back DDT (my apologies to Queen).  Yes, bring back DDT.  I know, some condor in CA will die and I say who cares.  I mean really, saving the condors has improved exactly what?  Would we really have missed the condor?  Yet millions around the world have died from malaria or other diseases so the condor could stay in CA.  DDT was safe, there is no proof, no real studies, that link it to cancer.  Hell the guy that created it ate a spoonful of it in front of cameras and didn't die, didn't get sick, lived a long and healthy life.

Bring DDT back.  Spray every damn container as it's being unloaded, spray the country, fog it up for a couple of years.  Kill the bed bugs and all the other weird little bugs.  We can accept some soft eagle eggs or  a dead condor here or there for a couple of years.  Then stop, except for the shipping containers, and don't use it for 8 or 10 years, then hit it again.

We still get our birds and get rid of the bugs.

Katie gets another 8 figure contract and I sold 1 book this month.  This sucks.  Why do I even bother writing anymore.  I should just give up.

Now if there's a smile on my face,
it's only there tryin' to fool the public,
but when it comes down to foolin' you;
Now honey, that's quite a different subject.

But don't let my glad expression
give you the wrong impression.
Really I'm sad. I'm sadder than sad.
You're gone and I'm hurtin' so bad.
Like a clown I pretend to be glad.

Now there's some sad things known to man,
but ain't too much sadder than
the tears of a clown when there's no one around.

Friday, November 22, 2013


Fifty years ago.  It seems like just yesterday the world lost one of the last of the great men of the 20th century.  But I will write about CS Lewis another day.

It is one of the great cosmic jokes of history that CS Lewis died the same day JFK was killed.  The current popular theory is LBJ was behind the killing of JFK, which a good argument can be made, but then the list of possible killers would make a three dimensional game of Clue look simple.  Did LBJ kill him because the Justice Department was about to nail LBJ?  The CIA kill him because he was about to break up the CIA?  The FED because he was going to get rid of it?  The military because they wanted a war in Vietnam?  The Cubans?  The Russians?  Or was this a non funny version of the Inspector Clouseau movie where everyone was in Daley Plaza that day wanting to kill him?

My favorite is LBJ telling his mistress the night of the 21st that after tomorrow he won't have to worry about the SOB Kennedy anymore.

In the Gospels, we learn Judas had the devil enter him and he went off to turn in our Messiah.  Had to happen, Jesus had to die, had to be betrayed by one of the inner circle, and I often ponder whether Judas ever had a chance.  It really wrecks the whole argument of free will, don't you know.

And we have our Oswald.  A guy who apparently defects to Russia then comes back to the US and just picks up his life, which is the only known example of a US service man defecting to the Soviets and being allowed back into the country without spending a whole lot of time being questioned, sitting in jail, etc.  Was he allowed back in to one day be a patsy?

The past week, being sick, I've had plenty of time to watch video on the JFK stuff.  There is some great information on youtube, my favorite is just the raw footage on the networks where you see things that just don't make sense.

For example, in Houston and San Antonio, the SS is riding on the bumper and sides of the car.  In Dallas, as they leave Love Field, the agents are called off leaving one of the agents throwing his hands up in the air several times going "WTF"?  Or over two hours into the coverage, the Dallas County Sheriff announcing they'd recovered the Mauser from the Book Depository.  Then later, it's not a Mauser, it's some Italian bolt action rifle, which is like mistaking a Rolls for a Yugo.  Or the Parkland doctors press conference talking about the entrance wound at the front of the presidents throat. Or the bullet hole on the front windshield from a bullet entering the windshield?  Or that on Monday, November 25th the presidential limo was already at the manufacturers being fixed and repaired before any forensic work could be done as per LBJ?  Or that the only evidence linking Oswald to that Italian rifle is a palm print on the stock?  No finger prints on the barrel, no prints on bullets in the rifle, the shells, etc.

And who was responsible for the little cubby hole area they found with leftover chicken dinner and some other things that made the official tell the reporter in Dallas that it looked like the assassin had camped out overnight in the room?

Or that the trip earlier in the month to Chicago was called off because of the uncovered assassination plot, or the trip to Tampa was changed around because of the uncovered assassination plot the week before Dallas?

You should really search youtube today for JFK Assassination CBS, NBC, and ABC as well as Parkland press conference and the 1977 BBC documentary on the assassination where they will show you how that famous picture of Oswald holding a rifle is a faked photograph.  Skip the Hollywood stuff, skip the internet goofies, and just watch the raw news footage from the day.  Some of it is funny as hell, like McGee or something talking on the phone with an onsite reporter thinking everyone can hear the reporter but nobody can and so he starts repeating everything about the time the techs figure it out so you can hear the reporter but McGee keeps repeating it anyways.  And watch every reporter smoke the whole time while on the air.  I'm surprised they didn't have martinis too.

And don't miss the dead witness collection.  One show even provides the statistical analysis on the probability of all these people dying from murder, suicide, and accidents to show you how out of whack it really is.

Okay, I also got a kick out of the old commercials.  Gawd, I remember that bottle of Armstrong Floor Wax that cleans and waxes at the same time!  My mom used that!

The null hypothesis: Oswald acted alone and shot JFK.  The alternative is the NOT and the responsibility is to prove the alternative to a level of confidence to reject the Null and accept the alternative.  I've read and watched both sides of this issue for years and there is no question in my mind that the evidence supports rejecting the null.  That doesn't mean we know who actually killed JFK, but the theory of Oswald, alone, with a magic bullet is preposterous.

Fifty years and we still don't know what happened in Dallas.  We do know that because JFK died that day, we ended up in Vietnam and 50K young US soldiers never came back home.  The CIA gave birth to the NSA, TSA, HSA, CYA, and KYAGB.  LBJ recalled all those silver backed dollars and now we owe the FED something in the area of a gazillion dollars.

What was Nixon's famous line, something like the difference between he and LBJ is he didn't have the guts to kill JFK like LBJ did.

And while you are doing all this, I'm going to be reading CS Lewis.

He went to fight wars
For his country and his king
Of his honor and his glory
The people would sing

Ooooh, what a lucky man he was
Ooooh, what a lucky man he was

A bullet had found him
His blood ran as he cried
No money could save him
So he laid down and he died

Ooooh, what a lucky man he was
Ooooh, what a lucky man he was

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Okay, it's not like anyone is hiring me so who cares what I post in a blog anymore.  So today we will talk about race.

Oprah said we need for all the southern white boys to die in order to get rid of racism and while I am sure racism still exists in the south, most of the biggest racists in our society today are black.

Let's start out that it is real hard to listen to a woman who is probably the richest chick in the world complain about how tough it is being black.  Oprah started a TV talk show back in the 80's when Phil Donahue was about the only player in town.  And Ops took her show into the gutter quickly to distinguish it, causing Donahue to follow, then hundreds of gutter shows hit the air waves, Phil no longer asked is the caller there, and Ops then announced she was taking the high road and everyone applauded her courage.

The point is, America loved Oprah and didn't give a crap she was black.  The majority of americans watching Oprah were white.  The majority of americans watching Ellen are straight, and the majority of white americans voted for Obama.  But somehow we are still suppose to be racists, bigots, and homophobes.

We sanitize our news so when those rare occasions when a white person commits a crime against a black person, it's all about race, aka Zimmerman.  Yet this new knockout game going on where blacks are targeting white people walking down the street for a one punch knockout; that is not about race.

Make sure you are following: if a black guy out of the blue, punches you for no reason while their friends record the event, that is not a racial attack.  If you complain about losing your health insurance, it's because you are a racist because the president is black.

It was cool we elected a black man president.  Wish we could of picked one that had a clue, but such is life.  But here is a prediction: Obama will be the last black president for at least 100 years.  And do you want to know why?  Because people will remember the last time we elected a black man he just about ruined the country and if you disagreed with him you were labeled a racist and we just won't want to deal with that stupid logical fallacy again for awhile.

He is an idiot and I am a racist for pointing out he is an idiot.  Because other people notice he is black and apparently it's impossible for a black man to be an idiot so I must be a racist.

We have severe problems in this country, especially in black america.  Their education provided by the government is a joke, if they graduate they can't read or write.  We regularly fill our for profit prisons with blacks to keep the quarterly earnings reports good, we allow rampant corruption in a welfare state that allows blacks to get two to three times what is suppose to be paid out.  There are no jobs for unskilled high school graduates thanks to a government that sent all those jobs overseas.  And now the same political party that hijacked the black population into thinking they care are doing their best to provide amnesty for 30 million hispanics and how is that going to improve the life of black america?

We've spent trillions of dollars on black america and the poverty level of black america has not improved, it's gotten worse.  Why?

And there is Oprah making comments that is you disagree with Obama it's because you are racist.  Ten bucks says Oprah didn't lose her health insurance this fall.

Black on white crime is climbing rapidly.  What, you didn't see that story on the TV news?  Flash mobs of blacks are emptying out stores in many cities. What, you didn't see that story on the TV news?   Knockout has seriously crippled and killed about a dozen people this year.  What, you didn't see that on the TV news?

So here is the question: If knockout is primarily a black on white crime and not racist, can a white person, punched, pull a gun and shoot the idiot and it not be a race issue?

We voted for a black man to show the world the US does not have a race problem and today race relations are worse than they've been since the 1960's and the scary part is no one has yet lit the fuse.  Yet.

Obama's polls are below 40% and falling faster than anyone can remember since Nixon.  How do you suppose he might deal with it?  Fixing things?  Saying the Obamacare is a cluster bomb and not working so we are going to kill it, redo a new plan without the errors, and try again?  Nope, it's going to be about race, race wars, and chaos you can't imagine.  Black against white; white against hispanic; hispanic against blacks.

Reality:  there are many blacks that don't like white people.  There are many white people that don't like blacks.  Pretty much been that way for several thousand years.  Americans are constantly being bombarded with the slavery thing but I rarely see any of the black or white liberal people trying to make Joe America guilty for slavery 150 years ago ever do jack squat about the slavery in the world today; the genocide of black Egyptians that took place after Obama's Muslim Brotherhood buddies took over.  Why?  I don't see them caring about the human sex traffic trade.  Why?

Because race isn't a problem, it's an issue; an issue to be manipulated by the powers that be to control the populace.  And if amnesty is passed, 30 million new hispanic voters will  make the hispanic voting block almost twice the size of the black voting block and then the black american will find out very quickly the the democratic party no longer cares and the light bulb will go off and they will realize they never did.

And people like Oprah helped facilitate the lie.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I reread this today and can't believe I wrote it.  So I'm editing it to make it readable, I think.  I am having this dreaded realization my blog is becoming boring.

Still sick as a dog.

I wonder why dogs always get the short end of the stick.  Sick as a dog.  My dog never actually gets sick, he's not coughing, sneezing, etc.  Dogs are a mans best friend, best thing a guy can have is a dog.  Except maybe a horse.  Wow, a dog and a horse.  Definitely shouldn't have both a dog and a horse, why have friends?

Yes, still sick.  Still not sleeping, got dizzy as crap at the grocery store and forgot the damn ice cream.  So this blog may wander.

Interesting article which should send most conservatives up the wall:


Here is the summary idea: every month, every working american age citizen gets a government check.  Now the plan, as laid out in the article, is not a good plan.  But it is something to think about.

Now, before you freak, Switzerland is considering a similar plan.

The problem with the plan laid out in Slate is they just add this 2.4 trillion dollar plan on top of almost all the other stuff and then come up with typical liberal thinking of a carbon tax would raise 100 billion a year, which could help pay for it, except 100 billion is about 1/24th of what is needed.  Plus they stop it at 65 for SS.

What really shocked me was the thought that the poverty line in this country is considered just under 12k a year.  You mean to tell me those idiotic moronic megalomaniac crooks we send to DC think people can live on 12k a year?  They have dinners where people pay 3 to 10 times that amount for one meal. They pay the Madam more than 12k a month on their Amex.  Their teeth capping cost more than 12k a tooth.  And I'm sure their drug and booze bill runs well over 12k a month.  And they have the audacity to say anyone live on 12k a year?

Poverty level should be about 24k, but I do have a new idea for the annual salary for members of congress….

But forget all that and look at the Swiss idea and think.  What if we guaranteed a 2500 a month check to every person?  The catch to all this would be the following: It will replace EVERYTHING.  No more food stamps, Medicare, SS, Medicaid, unemployment, obamacare, or any other federal or state supplement program.  Every american citizen, yes, you have to be a citizen, would get 30k a year.  But that is all,  you have to buy your own food, health insurance, rent, etc.  And since all those departments in DC and state capitols will no longer be required, federal payrolls will be slashed.

Cost to implement?  7.5 trillion, based on 250 million people above 18.

WTF?  I know that sounds like a lot, but I suspect it's not far off what Washington is really spending each year.  I know what the budgets say, but by now you must realize what is happening is not what we are being shown.

But wait?  What if we did the transaction tax or a sales tax of 10%?  No income taxes on income below 100k.  A 50% tax on income above 100k.  They already know the transaction tax of 1% would raise about 8 trillion a year.  Oh, quit whining about a 50% income tax above 100k.  I'd also tax gross sales of a business.  I know, not fair, but think of the billions spent each year trying to cheat on taxes that would go away.  A 2 or 3% federal gross sales tax at the end of the fiscal year.  Yea, I know, prices will go up, but then you are already paying for these corporations to hire ivy league MBAs to figure out how to cheat.

That is the problem with that argument, the people will always pay, regardless of the plan, so using it has an argument is specious.

So what would it look like?  Well, millions wouldn't work, drink, smoke legal pot, meth, or crack, and die young.  They do that now.  Others will coast on 30k a year and quickly complain it's not enough but then they would be the same who would complain 100k wasn't enough.  We will always have a subculture of people who will be like that, well, unless you want to start a conversation on eliminating such people through some uberguberment retroactive abortion policy.

By the way, speaking of uberguberment, did you catch the story where they now figured out the census department was faking the unemployment numbers leading up to the election?  Gee, no shit?  We just caught the administration faking numbers and you know what will happen?  Nothing.  Nothing ever happens to the uberguberment.  They can do whatever they want and there are never any repercussions for illegal activity.

This is like a great sociological experiment unfolding before our eyes; monitor the effects of a large group of wealthy sociopaths and psychopaths when they manipulate the system so there are no negative consequences for their immoral and formerly considered illegal behavior.  Remember that term, retroactive abortion policy?

So will this create a new middle class, people who will still work all the piece of crap service jobs we are only left with since all our good jobs moved overseas?  Hey, wait, fever kicking in, new idea, 100% tariff on all foreign goods other than fruits and veggies imported to the US.  Where was I, okay so now the grocery clerks, store clerks, etc who use to be well paid middle class americans can make about 30k working, another 30k from the government, and the middle class reemerges.  Spending will increase by consumers, people will pay cash for colleges and stop borrowing forcing education costs down.

I know, it's nuts, but the Swiss are about to do it so there must be something to this idea.  I keep coming back to that thought: when I read the article, I was ripping it every which way then went, oh, the Swiss?  Really?  Maybe this should be thought through.  I'm playing with most of the numbers, but be honest, would you stop working?  No, but you could take jobs you now can't afford to take.  It would also clear out the workforces of lazy deadwood which we both know and see daily.  So we'd have a motivated workforce who like to work, more independent people because of that 30k safety net, and people would just have to understand they are no longer going to get free food, free medical, etc, they have to pay for it out of the 30k.  And herein lies the problem: while I can paint a rosy picture of more independents, more middle class, I can't get past that percentage of society that will fritter and waste away the 30k and still demand free medical care, etc.

Once again, a solution that sounds intriguing, that may very well work in a country the size of Switzerland, Sweden, or Denmark, but will not apply to the US with a 300 million population of such diversity there can never again be any type of consensus on any subject.

We really need to start thinking of breaking the US up into about 5 to 8 countries and the only common element will be a national military to defend the borders and land mass as a whole.

I want the sun to shine on me
I want the truth to set me free
I wish the followers would lead
with a voice so strong it could knock me to my knees

Hold on world 'cause you don't know what's coming
Hold on world 'cause I'm not jumping off
Hold onto this boy a little longer
Take another trip around the sun


Thursday, November 14, 2013


WOW, was that a great story this morning or what?  I mean scientists find evidence for early man and it proves the Annunaki once were here and left Earth.  What did scientists find?  A 20,304 set of stone tablets, estimated to be over 10,000 years old, outlining The Pharaoh Obamus Rectumi Health Care Plan.

Okay, I'm back.

Did you laugh, I thought it was funny as hell, that opening joke, except I am in the early stages of some sort of throat chest cold thing and when I started laughing I started coughing and then got dizzy which just goes to show you that you can be too funny for your own good.

Have you forgiven me for saying I like Elizabeth Warren?

Just read a wonderful story about Kirsten Powers.  I always liked watching her or reading her columns because while she is liberal, she seemed to be one of those that didn't just lather rinse repeat the party lines for the day and actually would take off on liberal thinking when it was obviously stupid, which can get to be a high count on any given day.

But she wrote a wonderful piece for Christianity Today:


It is a beautiful story of an atheist/agnostic who was led to Christ and is now a Bible Thumping Member of the Saved for Eternity Club, which is cool, because hopefully I will meet her in heaven because there is a fat chance I'll ever meet her here on Earth.

Then again, I don't have a TV anymore, are balding guys with no job, lots of debt, and a book no one buys the new sex symbol?  I didn't think so.

But I hope everyone takes a moment to read the article.

What was interesting was an interview she gave on Fox News where she talked about she had a health insurance policy that was 2500 deductible and cost 160 bucks a month and now it's been cancelled and it will cost her twice that much for a 2500 dollar deductible policy and I'm thinking, "holy crap, where do you live that you got an insurance policy for that kind of money?"  I mean that is CHEAP compared to most, even at 320 bucks a month.  I mean I am healthy, no prescriptions, no history of any problems and when I dropped my 3k deductible out here in Colorado it was going to go up over 400 bucks a month and that was in 2012!

Which leads us to health care and the total cluster bomb it is and all I can say is, this is exactly what they had planned.  What they really want, is a single payer system, but they knew it would never fly so they are creating this absolute chaos and then they are going to blame the insurance companies for all the problems and after millions are without insurance, after thousands of stories of people dying cause their evil corporate insurance companies dropped them mid treatment, after millions lose their jobs or lose their benefits at work, once again evil corporations, THEN they will propose a single payer system as the rescue for everyone.  Probably right before the 2016 elections so everybody will be grateful to the dems for saving them from evil corporations and providing free health care for everyone.

Then after the election, they will define "free".

Oh well, if you know Kirsten Powers, tell her I'm so happy she found God and ask her to read my book and if she likes it, write a column about it.  Then maybe I could sell another 10 or 15 copies by the end of the year.

I'm dreaming, better statistical odds of us marrying than me selling a damn book.

No, I can't forget this evening
Or your face as you were leaving
But I guess that's just the way the story goes
You always smile but in your eyes your sorrow shows
Yes, it shows

No, I can't forget tomorrorow
When I think of all my sorrows
When I had you there but then I let you go
And now it's only fair that I should let you know
What you should know

I can't live if living is without you
I can't live, I can't give any more
Can't live if living is without you
I can't give, I can't give any more

Harry Nilsson

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Yes, it's true.  I really like the woman.

About 5 years ago, an old internet bud whom I rarely ever agreed with on anything sent me some links to some presentations EW recorded on the middle class.  It was a stats geek wet dream.  She had so many graphs and charts I thought I would hyperventilate.

I loved the graph where she showed how the recessions today are so much more damaging to the family than in the 60's and 70's.  The data showed back then, there was one wage earner and when he lost his job, the wife could go out and find a job that would keep them afloat until the husband was able to find another job.  Think of it this way; take one person's income and their living expenses were less than the income.  When he loses his job, she would work and they could keep up the house payments.

In the dual income world, their expenses are greater than any one income and they can't make it up because the fixed living costs are so much greater because they were based on two incomes, not one.

I also felt for her with the Indian ancestry.  My great great grandmother was a Shawnee Indian and married my great great grandpa who was a Methodist minister that traveled around on horseback.  I still have his Bible book, which is about 3 inches by 4 inches and 3 inches thick with such small writing I don't know how he could read it.  But I can prove none of that, it is what was passed on by word of mouth, so that is very similar to what happened with her, so I took her word for it and let it go.

Unfortunately, she appears to me to be one of those people who is great at research and then falls flat when proposing solutions, but then again, she'd probably say the same thing about me.  And I am sure we probably disagree on abortion, gun ownership, and a few other areas.

But she seems to be one of the few people in DC that has the balls to take on the banks.  And she is pushing a new bill to reinstate Glass Steagall that Clinton and Newt tossed in 1999, which led to all the banking failure/fraud when they used depositors money to place risky bets and lost.  And she totally hosed CNBC hosts who questioned her on this topic, it was great.

I've harped on this before, but I'd bet the farm that when DC went to the banks to press them to make home loans to millions who otherwise would not qualify for a home loan that the banks said sure, but you have to get rid of Glass Steagall.  So they killed it and in less than 10 years the banks had gambled depositors money on risky stuff and in 2008 had to be bailed out.  But, and I can't say this enough, the bail out was for the big banks. Small local banks did not get a cent of bail out money, so the local town named bank was forced to 'close' and be taken over by middle to large banks, which then were taken over by the larger banks with all that bailout cash.  So Bank of America, Wells, and others got all the assets and none of the debt, which is why they are so much bigger today than in 2008.

But Main Street took it on the chin.  How much better off we would have been as a country if that big ass bailout had paid off every mortgage in the US.  Then the homeowners would have kept their homes, the local banks would have gotten their money, thousands in mortgage payment cash would have been freed up for the American citizen to buy new cars, new homes, etc and the economy would have boomed, well, except for Wall Street where the big banks would have failed but who the hell cares?  Oh, politicians care because the big banks give big money to politicians and DC is run by former employees of Goldman, Wells, Bank of America, etc.

So it really doesn't matter if you are republican or democrat, you got screwed.

But what brought her to my attention is the plight of the middle class in America.  So let's do a little research, time to graph up my imaginary readers.

When old geezers like me start talking about the 'old days' most young people will roll their eyes but stop the eye rolling for a moment and pay attention to what I am going to explain.
Over the past 40 years, prices have gone up drastically but wages of lower and middle class have not been rising with the rising prices.  However, you will be happy to note that pay for executives has actually far outpaced inflation over the same time period, so the people at the top of an organization have actually seen salaries and benefits keep far ahead of rising costs while those further down the corporate ladder, well, not so lucky.

Frankly, the Toil Index says it all.  How many hours a month do you have to work just to pay the rent.  Notice back in 1970, it was a weeks pay.  By 1980, it was 7 work days, up from 5.  Even by 2000, it was below two weeks pay, so in 30 years it went up by about a day a decade.  Since 2000?  It's jumped an entire extra week so now the average jane or joe in America will work half the month to pay the rent.
It's not all the landlords fault folks.  Rents have increased, but so have the taxes coming out of the paychecks so you need more days because you take home less because of taxation.  I'm not even going to talk about health care costs out of the paychecks.  Plus, back before the 80's, companies paid into pension funds for workers, but by the end of the decade, most of those were disappearing for the 401k and IRA world so that is more money out of the paycheck of the middle class.

The final graph I am including because it might be confusing.  There are two numbers being batted around as far as the percentage of working age people actually employed.  One number is around 63% but that needs to be understood that if you pull out government employees, but in the private sector, the rate is at 58.3 and holding pretty steady over the last 3 years at 58.3 to 58.7.  To put it in perspective, there is always a portion of this group not working; retired early, housewives, unemployed, disabled, etc.

During the mid 1980's until about 2008, the numbers were between 62% and 65%

Which brings me to my final point.  How will granting amnesty to between 20 and 30 million illegal aliens help these problems?  One major reason hourly wages have not kept up with productivity and inflation is because of the illegal alien workforce in this country and now it will be exasperated by making 20 million illegals legal?

If you want to see black unemployment triple, pass the amnesty bill.  If you want to see wages drop even further, pass the amnesty bill.

But if you are an executive, you must be drooling at what passing the amnesty bill is going to do for your profit margins.

But back to Warren.  Is she correct that the minimum wage today, if factored properly with inflation and productivity should be 22 bucks an hour?  Yes and no.  See, the cost of benefits are not included in her calculation so it's a little misleading.  She is using the hourly pay wage, not the accounting cost of the employee, which includes taxation, health care, workers comp, and all the other things.

But at least she is raising the issues, not in the pocket of the banks, and trying to do something in DC.  I wonder how they will destroy her?

Fourteen junkies
too weak to work
One sells diamonds
for what they're worth
Down on pain street,
disappointment lurks
Son, don't be home too late.
Try to get back by eight
Son, don't wait
till the break of day
'Cause you know
how time fades away.
Time fades away
You know how time fades away.

All day presidents
look out windows
All night sentries
watch the moonglow
All are waiting till
the time is right
Son, don't be home too late
Try to get back by eight
Son, don't wait
till the break of day
'Cause you know
how time fades away.

Neil Young 

Friday, November 8, 2013


There is the old joke, which is no longer all that funny, that Darwin was right, he just had it backwards.

I am pondering today a few things I read this morning that just made me want to go back to bed.  Let's get the easy stuff out of the way first.  It appears the Obama administration has struck a deal with Iran over nukes.  The way it works is Iran gets to do all it wants with it's nuclear program and the US and the rest of the western world will end sanctions and free up all their cash that has been held since the Carter years.

Boy, do Obama and Kerry drive a hard bargain or what?  I hope no one in Iran looses their heads over this deal, getting everything they want and giving up nothing.  I will bet when all is said and done, we are going to send them billions in US dollars too.

Meanwhile, Israel and the Saudi's are crapping in their pants.  Israel has come out and basically said Obama sold them down the river and the Saudi's are reported to be purchasing a few nukes from Pakistan to protect themselves.  Then to top it  off, Kerry apparently suggested to Israel that they recognize the Palestinian State and oh, yea, Jerusalem will be the capital.

So buckle down folks, God has a way of slapping the US when we do things like this to Israel, though at this point I can't imagine anything worse than Obama; I know, Yellowstone, Fukushima, New Madrid, and all those other things but at this point I'm not sure they would do anymore damage.

But, that was the good news I read this morning.

What I read next made me realize stupidity was evolving and getting, well, stupider.  Back in the 50's, when drugs regained popularity, pot and heroin were the choice; then the 60's came along with acid/LSD which flowed into the 70's where cocaine and disco went together like polyester suits and dancing.  In the 80's, coke and LSD derivatives like  Ecstasy were popular.  Then meth showed up in the 1990's and made heroin addicts look normal.  But now?

Krokodil which is dihydrodesoxymorphine, or disomorphine, and a  derivative of morphine is now the hot hip cool thing to do.  You can make it at home in your kitchen.  Great buzz.  Only side effect is that it will actually rot the skin right off your body starting after a few weeks or so of taking it.

Now, before you follow the link, some of the pictures are really gross, so if you got a weak tummy, don't look.  But young people are literally getting off on getting high and peeling their bodies apart.

One girl said the following, which to me says a lot:  Lisa Earnhart, a 23 year old zoology student at McGill university, was another early convert. She first read about the drug on a popular internet forum devoted to self-loathing. “I hate myself,” says Lisa, “and I’m always looking for new ways to ruin my life. I was posting on a thread about self-mutilation when one of the other posters suggested getting high on krokodil. The next day, I cooked some up, and wow, it was the best decision I’ve ever made. Within a month, most of my hair had fallen out, my skin was rotting, and I looked like an extra from the Walking Dead. It’s a lot easier to hate yourself when you look like a monster.”


Did that last line make you catch your breath or what?  This is our future?

Look, when growing up in the 60's or 70's, there was always a chance of dying from taking something, then again, there is always a chance of dying every day a few million ways.  Like the idiot on Horsetooth this afternoon that almost caused a 5 car accident.  But no one I know would have touched a drug or whatever when the guaranteed side effect is "your skin falls off and then you die".

Are we witnessing the slippery slope of evolution?  A Godless society raising each generation with fewer and fewer believers?  A child is raised, sent off to college, and she thinks the best decision she ever made was cooking up a batch of a drug that caused her hair to fall out, rot her skin, and makes her look like a zombie?  I'm sure it's a cheap costume on Halloween, but what do you do the other 364 days of the year.  I wonder how her parents feel, look what thou has wrought?  Then again, if I am dad, no since in paying for anymore Zoology tuition for a daughter who will be dead soon.

Of course, SHE probably has a job.  Hopefully not in food prep.

I'm dumbfounded.  I am dumbfounded at what people are doing to themselves, to their lives, to their country, and to the world.  But mostly I am dumbfounded that God still hasn't pulled the plug, which means it is only going to get worse.

There's no time for us
There's no place for us
What is this thing that builds our dreams, yet slips away from us

Who wants to live forever
Who wants to live forever

There's no chance for us
It's all decided for us
This world has only one sweet moment set aside for us

Who wants to live forever
Who dares to love forever
When love must die


Thursday, November 7, 2013


A couple of my long term readers who began reading my blog back when it was the Barkley Pontree thing and mostly about my dad will remember I often went off on tangents and one of my favorite was the idiocy of this whole 'cloud' computing model.  The whole point of the Apple II and the IBM PC was to take the power of computing and put it on your desktop; no longer be beholden to the strange computer aliens that ran the large computer rooms.

And after spending 30 years and a gazillion dollars making the Jobs and other rich, what are they doing?  Going back to the centralized computer model called the 'cloud' where all your stuff is stored on server farms run by Apple, Google, the Federal Government, etc.

Here, in a nutshell, is the point.  If the internet goes down tomorrow, all the movies, music, TV shows, youtube things, documents, spreadsheets, etc I've got on my hard drive, I will still have total access to with the internet down.  If you fall for the cloud model and the internet is down, you got squat.  Nada.  Nothing.  No tunes, no movies, no papers, no addresses, phone numbers, nothing.

When did I first rant about that?  2011?  So imagine my surprise today when some 250 buck an hour computer security consultant writes a column that is getting big hits about the dangers of 'cloud' computing.  Two years later.

The frustrations of the unknown blogger everywhere.  We think, we write, and no one reads.  Then a year or two later, someone gets paid big bucks to write and regurgitates just about everything you'd said.  Maybe that is the lot of the life of the unknown blogger, to feed the collective unconsciousness information.

I do remember about 20 years ago the study where they proved a collective unconsciousness using the Times Crossword puzzle.  I won't go through the whole thing again, but  it was a very well designed DOE and basically it was almost impossible to solve the whole puzzle the night before it came out, the morning it came out the solve rate moves to somewhere between 30 and 50% and the evening after it's release the solve rate jumped to over 80%:  in other words, it became easier to solve as more people in the world solved it.

And perhaps that is our role in life for the unknown bloggers, to feed the collective so the capped tooth toupee's bleached blonde world can finally catch on, think it's their original thought, and write columns and go on talk shows.

Geez, I'm starting to sound like Lame Cherry claiming Limbaugh reads her stuff and steals it all.  I quit reading Lame Cherry when I found out she listened to Rush Limbaugh.  She seemed, deeper than that.

By the way, while I'm feeling sorry for myself, my softcover book has been out for several days and sold, let me check for an up to date figure, zero.  However, some other guy who apparently was a abusing kids released his book in September with the same name Folie A Deux and he is outselling me big time.  Imagine how that makes me feel, that some guy whopping kids names his book the same as mine about Alzheimer's and taking care of things and he outsells me.

More people want to read about a guy abusing kids than a guy taking care of his dad and you wonder why I am losing the battle with bitterness.

But at least this time, the softcover release, I didn't have delusions of having a best seller, I expected it to not sell any copies.  But I will buy some copies and give them as Xmas presents but the truth is, it is just so cool to have a book in the one bookcase I haven't sold and see a book with my name on it.  It is mine, it may be the crappiest magus opus in the history of mankind, but it's mine.

While in the mood, I'm getting tired of hearing from former football players whining about their early onset of dementia and how unfair it is.  Look, I certainly can relate, I'm sorry Tony D is having issues, I'm sorry any of them are, but what did you expect to happen?  You greased through college courses for free playing football, you made millions playing pro football, you made millions in endorsements because you played football and you actually thought all that violence against your body was free?  Crap,  I knew in my 20's that my recreational skiing was going to cause me some issues in old age, I knew the powerlifting was going to cause some regrets when I was 60.  I got a buddy who is 55 and never was an athlete and has two artificial hips and an artificial knee because of something he was born with.

There are millions of people suffering from mental and physical aliments as bad and worse as any football player and these people never asked for it, never got to ride at the front of the parade, never had the red carpet thrown out in front of them as they walked.  As a two time caretaker, I understand what you are facing, but you are not special anymore, you are just like the rest of us who have to go through the same thing.

TD was a great running back for Pitt and then the Dallas Cowboys.  One of the best.  But running with large men tackling you, ramming you, landing on you, was going to produce a bad body in old age.  As they guy said in "Somebody Up There Likes Me", you can order anything you like, but before you leave, you gotta pay the bill.

Thanks for reading but if you didn't, don't worry, it will be on O'Reilly or some other show/web site in a year or two.

Nothing's good the news is bad
The heat goes on and it drives you mad
Scornful thoughts that fly your way
You should turn away 'cause there's nothing more to say

You gave the best you had to give
You only have one life to live
You fought so hard you were a slave
After all you gave there was nothing left to save

Alan Parsons

Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Am working a temp job this month from home.  Old friend and boss of mine hired me for the month to follow up leads for his product, which is actually a seriously cool product.  I think he hopes I will take this on full time as a rep here on the front range, but right now not sure starting a business already 16K in debt is a good idea.  Cold calling is never fun, I listen to Mozart's Requiem in the background.  Bad numbers, Left Messages, and then about every dozen calls you talk to a person and about every 5 or 6 of those people you talk to, you get a lead.  It's like fishing and I hate fishing.

Last night they started a new workout program at Fundamental Strength and I picked the Shredding class over the other one they wanted me to be in.  More cardio, less heavy weights.  I figured the 'shredding' was symbolic for my life since I am constantly shredding stuff in order to eat each month.  Unfortunately, the youthful instructors have no idea what jump rope - push ups- jump rope - squats - jump rope - steps repeat 5x then move on to the next series and then there are 4 more series and what that means to a 55 year old body.  I'm going to save these workouts and then vow to live another 30 years so when they are 55 I can find them and force them to do the workouts they are providing me now or I will smack them with my cane or walker.

On the other hand, if I ever intend to actually make that cross country bike ride when I'm 60, this is what I need; but then again I'm not sure we will have a country to ride across in 2018.

Shredding your life is sad.  My dad has a collection of about two dozen books, probably cost him over $600 bucks to buy over the years, all railroad stuff, and the best offer I had so far was 100 bucks.  I had a great CD collection which I tried to sell and people were offering about a nickel a CD for the collection so you know what I did, I tossed them all in the garbage.  I'd rather throw out the past than prostitute myself for a dime.  Everyone is so give me give me give me.  I don't know why it makes me so sad, so I'm dumping things and I fear this whole collection of rail books and pictures is going to end up in the trash.

Voting today in Colorado on whether to tax pot sales something like 50% in order to raise money and I am sure it will pass since most pot smokers won't remember today was the day to vote.  The bigger issue is fracking.  I studied this one week taking care of my dad and am pretty convinced the science of fracking is not all it's cracked up to be and I am sure residents of Arkansas and Oklahoma would agree.  The number of earthquakes produced in fracking areas is mind boggling.  A few years ago, right here in Colorado, they started fracking in an area and small tremors started occurring.  So they stopped the fracking and the earthquakes stopped.  Started up again, more earthquakes.  Stopped, no earthquakes.  Took them awhile to figure it out and fracking was halted and haven't had any quakes since.  But with voters, who knows.  This area also had a slight problem, well they thought it was a problem but I thought it would be kind of cool, where they could turn on the faucets and light a match and ignite the water coming out of the faucet. That is even cooler than blue darts.

We need our own oil, but not that bad.

Two big anniversaries this month.  We will be hearing, reading and watching a lot about the 50 year anniversary of JFK's murder this month.  The lone gunman nobody believes. I suggest to everyone, in the onslaught of books, to read Dr. Mary's Monkey which is a great book about the efforts to create a fast acting cancer and all the characters involved including a man named Lee Harvey Oswald and how Dr. Mary ended up dead.  THEN read all the JFK stuff with a perspective.

But this is also the 75th anniversary of Kristallnacht.  I am sure most don't know what Kristallnacht is if your knowledge of history is limited to a public school system, but it is a dark moment in history and chilling when you read stories today about how there are calls for the TSA to be armed and the new story about a special force being setup in WI and MN.

My second sophomore year of college, I lived in an old house in the student slums on Bellevue Ave. in Kalamazoo with five other guys.  It was this narrow T street and we lived in the house right on the top of the T.  The street was a narrow one car width street so houses were really close.  Right across from us, on the top of the left side of the vertical part of the T, four girls lived; Michelle, Leslie, Suzie and Granmama.  I can't remember the last gals name but she looked with her hair like a young Gramama on the 60's show The Adams Family.  They were Jewish which didn't mean anything much to us, they were cute.

Well, one weekend we had this big party and I mean big.  We had friends from our home towns coming up for the weekend so from SIU, NIU, IL State, Uof I, U of M, and all the working friends who didn't go to college descended on Kalamazoo, plus students. I don't remember if this was the official end of the year Bellevue block party or not, memories fade, but I don't think so.  Nor was this the party where the old lady next door died, but that's another story.  But because beer was so expensive in MI because of the new 10 cent a bottle/can recycle thing, all the guys from IL loaded up with bottles of Stroh's and Old Style before heading up.  So, around 4 in the morning, we have about a dozen drunk, tired, stoned, guys sitting on the porch with a dozen cases of empty beer bottles and someone got the great idea to have a contest of bouncing the bottles off the house across the street, back into the street, and see who could bounce the bottle the farthest without breaking the bottle.

I'm not sure who actually won, if anyone won, but an hour later, the street was littered with broken glass.  What was amazing was not one window was broken on the house where the girls lived.

But, oh gawd, were they pissed.  Michelle came out the next morning with a plant that had somehow managed to get broken sitting on their porch, slammed in down on our porch and said a string of words I'm not sure I'd ever heard a girl say before.  Oh yea, the police came too.  But by 7am, we managed to completely sweep the street, yards, porches, and whatever else of all the broken glass so you never knew it happened.

The girls, however, never forgot.  I think the only thing they said to us the rest of the year was 'F You!".  That was not a compliment, even in the 1970's.

Sometime in the middle 1980's, so about not quite 10 years after this occurred, I was reading a history book about Germany post WWI and when I got to Kristallnacht I just went "Oh shit!".  What was fun for a bunch of drunk stoned college boys was just so much more to a house of four jewish girls.  The difference between a public school education and living history.

I don't know how, but someday I hope to run into Michelle, Leslie, Suzie, or Granmama again, they are actually four of the people on my Top Ten List of people from the past I would most like to meet again, just so I can say I am sorry.

So sometime between all the JFK stuff this month, take a moment on the 9th or 10th, and read about Kristallnacht,  Coming soon to a country named America.

I went to a Garden party
To reminisce with my old friends
A chance to share old memories
And play our songs again

When I got to the Garden party
They all knew my name
No one recognized me
I didn't look the same

But it's, all right now
I learned my lesson well
You see ya can't please everyone
So ya got to please yourself

Ricky Nelson

Monday, November 4, 2013


I love to connect dots.  My brain is a giant decision tree that seems at times when given a problem will start filling out parts of the tree without me even thinking or focusing on the  area.  I joke my brain is a giant diorama and my big problem in life is that the yarn gets all tangled up.

And my dot connecting what ifs lately keep pointing to something that is not good.

Let me state: I am not a psychic.  I don't have visions, well, I do but nothing comes true cause I've never met Kathy Ireland.  Nor do I "know" people.  I'm not one of these bloggers or radio hosts that all have these secret connections to A or Z or MM or someone who feeds them all this highly classified intel that no one else knows about.

And come to think about it, hardly ever comes true.

But I'm going to say something here and try to explain where the dots are and where the yarn stretches.  And I want people, especially all the government law enforcement officials, to know this is not something I advocate, desire, wish, or intend.  Nor will I be the patsy.

I keep coming to the conclusion that President Obama is going to be assassinated.  I don't know when, I don't know where.  Like I said this is a deductive, or is it inductive, I can never keep the two straight - one goes big to specific and the other specific to big - crap now I'm going to have to make a note and look it up.

Here is what I am seeing.  The world's countries are all seriously pissed at the US, big time, for the NSA listening in on all the foreign leaders, corporations, citizens, etc.  I don't know why, we've been screaming for years why doesn't the government listen to us and now they do and we bitch.  But start with all the heads of state being pissed.  Add to that the economic issues and the threat of the US defaulting on it's bonds, or the theft of gold from other countries that they thought they were safely storing in the US.

I wonder how much gold was under the WTC in the vaults and what happened to all that gold?

Then you have the gutting of the military of generals, admirals, and other top of the line officers.  What is up with that?  Are all these people bad or are all these the types that take their oath seriously and won't go along with whatever is attempting to be served for dinner?

Obamacare.  It is a disaster and it may show in tomorrow's elections.  McClinton in Virginia was way ahead in the polls two or three weeks ago and now they are scared and in a dead heat because the republican simply ran against Obamacare the last two weeks.  The whole democratic party is petrified that Obamacare is going to cause a republican revolution in 2014 that will make 1994 or 2010 look mild.

And then the stories are starting to come out of people with cancer finding their policies will be cancelled at the first of the year, their doctors are being dropped, the doctors are retiring and pretty soon you are going to see some stories in the news about some young wife dying because she lost her health insurance and a husband looking for vengeance.

How many more people are going to lose their job?  There is no recovery, there has been no recovery.  All we've done is the equivalent of a person losing their leg and getting use to only having one leg.  We've simply gotten use to 50 million new unemployed.

Somewhere, this is all going to come to a point.  And that point will be the president.  Again, I stress Secret Service, I am not supporting this, calling for this, advocating this, suggesting this is a good thing, or in any way suggesting anything but a little deductive logical reasoning. ( I looked it up)

Will the military decided this has to stop?  Will the democrats decide the best thing that could happen is if he is eliminated then they can push through all their other stuff like, oh, I don't know, like they did 50 years ago this month?  LBJ got to be president and the military got their war in Vietnam.  The dems go from getting their clocked cleaned to cleaning up in 2014.

Or do the foreign governments get involved to stop Obama?  Or some pissed off dude just tired of how his life has been ruined since 2008?  Pissed of vets of Iraq or Afghanistan?

Too many variables to choose from.  This is one of those blogs I am not going to post right away and think about; not about my logic, but about whether I want to post it or leave up.

I don't like the president, but I sure don't want to see this happen to the guy, no matter how much he is ruining this country.