This is my second blog.

My first blog chronicled my experiences over three years caring for my dad as he lived through and finally died from Alzheimer's. That is the book that is for sale.

This second blog kind of chronicles of life, what it is like to start your life over in your late 50's. After caretaking, you are damaged, file bankruptcy, and the world doesn't care what you did. After 8 months of unemployment, you wake each day knowing the world doesn't want you. Finally you do find a job, 5 weeks before homelessness, but doing what you did 30 years ago and getting paid what you did 30 years ago. So this is starting over.

The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


You don't have to be paranoid to get the feeling something evil this way comes.  Latest reports have jobs down again, more people of working age unemployed than ever before, a higher percentage of working age not working than ever before,  but fear not, in spite of fewer jobs, more people unemployed, the government unemployment number will go down and Wall Street will sour!  I mean soar!

On Nov 1st they are going to cut food stamp benefits so instead of food stamps feeding a family for three weeks a month, it will now feed them for two weeks a month.  But I'm sure all those people you saw rioting a couple of weeks ago when they couldn't buy food with their government card will act very maturely when they find out their benefits were cut by 25% or so.  Very Mature.

My advice, do some major grocery shopping on Oct 31st to cover yourself for several weeks.

I wonder if you can get a bumper sticker or T shirt, written in Russian and Chinese, that reads "Don't shoot me.  I didn't vote for Obama, lost my job during his administration, was spied on by the NSA during his administration, and got financially hosed by his administration, too!"

I saw recently those Christians in Syria are getting pulled out of their homes, watching their homes torched, then beheaded unless the rebels get creative and cut open the chest of young girls and pull their hearts out, yes, they video taped it.  All paid for with your tax dollars, my imaginary readers.  We provide aid, weapons, and food for these rebels.

The Christians in these communities are calling Russia for help.  Think about that, some of the oldest Christian villages on Earth, around since 1st century A.D., are asking Russia for help from US backed rebels who are slaughtering them.

What does this administration have to do to get a couple of hundred million Americans off their ass and say no more?  What more can this administration do before Christians in this country refuse to pay any taxes because their tax money is being used to fund the slaughter of Christians in Syria, Egypt, or where ever Obama is planning to attack next.

What is the difference between the tens of thousands of innocent men, women, and children who have been killed the last four years by Obama's Drone Attacks and the Brits killed by Hitler's air attacks?

We are not the good guys anymore folks.  Remember how you were sold the bill of goods by the media that the world hated us because of Bush?  It was a lie.  But NOW, the world hates us because the French and Germans have found out that our Obama administration has been tapping the phones, cell phones, and email accounts of all the government officials in France and Germany including Merkel.

And what is Obama doing with all this information?  Blackmail.  Just like Justice Roberts was blackmailed into his Obamacare vote.  That was the little secret Glenn Beck had and was going to announce last fall then disappeared for awhile and never came out with the news that was going to bring down the government.

So what is the point?  The point is for over 200 years, when the SHTF anywhere in the world, the US was there to help.  The american people pulled out their wallets to help, even if the country that had an earthquake was "an enemy", we pulled out the wallets and rolled up our sleeves to help those people in those countries.

But when it happens here, don't expect to see any help. The world now hates us, it blames us, it doesn't trust us.  Russia is more loved and respected by the free world than we are under Obama.   The world is going to look at the US and say it's about time the chickens came home to roost.  And they will sit back and wait until most of us are dead then sweep in for the resources.

Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap.