This is my second blog.

My first blog chronicled my experiences over three years caring for my dad as he lived through and finally died from Alzheimer's. That is the book that is for sale.

This second blog kind of chronicles of life, what it is like to start your life over in your late 50's. After caretaking, you are damaged, file bankruptcy, and the world doesn't care what you did. After 8 months of unemployment, you wake each day knowing the world doesn't want you. Finally you do find a job, 5 weeks before homelessness, but doing what you did 30 years ago and getting paid what you did 30 years ago. So this is starting over.

The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


In the course of human events, there are times when the people of the United States must stand united against tyranny.  For those reasons, listed below, this petition is for the recall of President Obama from The Office of President of the United States of America.

Technically, the law does not exist for recall of a president.  The goal of this petition is to have a volume of signatures to encourage the House of Representatives to bring impeachment charges against the President and encourage the Senate to take up the hearing.

Malfeasance or misconduct while in office must be identified to justify impeachment or recall.  To this extent, I provide the following evidence in support of recall/impeachment of the President of the United States.

1.  Obama's Health Care Plan - Americans were promised by the president that if they like their current plan, they can keep it.  Americans were promised by the president that if they like their doctor, they can keep their doctor.  Not only are both these statements outright falsehoods, evidence this past week show the president knew that millions would lose their health insurance and millions would lose their doctors.   The president was under contractual obligations with the American people when he made these promises and by knowingly misleading the American public on these issues are grounds for malfeasance and misconduct.

2.  Spying - the United States Government is out of control spying on it's citizens, our neighbors, other countries, and the executives of said countries.  While the petition recognizes the importance of 'spying on enemies of the state' that does not give the government the authority to spy on heads of state of our allies, citizens of the United States with no criminal records, or citizens of other countries with no criminal intent against the United States of America.  The blanket monitoring of every phone call, email, text, letter, and conversation by the government is an infringement of the rights of every American and thus is grounds for recall/impeachment under the definition of malfeasance and misconduct.

3.  Irresponsible Spending - The United States Government is irresponsibly spending the tax dollars of US citizens, failing to collect taxes from corporations that make large contributions to said government, and criminally increasing the debt on the US citizen with allowing the Federal Reserve to print money continuously.  At the current rate of spending, when President Obama would leave office in 2016, our national debt will be over 24 trillion dollars, a 15 trillion dollar increase over when he took office in 2008.  Where was this money spent?  The war in Iraq was winding down, the war in Afghanistan is winding down.  While the area damaged by Hurricane Sandy still leaves tens of thousand homeless, the president freely gives billions of dollars to radical Islamic governments in the middle east, takes 100 million dollar vacations, and gives weapons and financial aid to terrorist groups in Syria who are torturing and slaughtering ancient Christian towns and people.  While tens of millions of Americans have lost their jobs and cannot find new work, job creation is non existent, the corporations that run their income through Ireland to avoid US taxes and make large contributions to the current administration, the democratic party, and the republican party; are lobbying the recipients of their cash to allow amnesty for illegal aliens and increase immigration to bring in more cheap labor while nearly 100 million americans are either unemployed or underemployed.

Beginning with these three examples of malfeasance and misconduct, we the citizens of the United States demand a recall election of the President of the United States.  Should the Courts deem a recall election of a President unconstitutional, we demand the Congress undertake Impeachment Proceedings immediately.