This is my second blog.

My first blog chronicled my experiences over three years caring for my dad as he lived through and finally died from Alzheimer's. That is the book that is for sale.

This second blog kind of chronicles of life, what it is like to start your life over in your late 50's. After caretaking, you are damaged, file bankruptcy, and the world doesn't care what you did. After 8 months of unemployment, you wake each day knowing the world doesn't want you. Finally you do find a job, 5 weeks before homelessness, but doing what you did 30 years ago and getting paid what you did 30 years ago. So this is starting over.


The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.

Sunday, October 23, 2016


This is an open letter to all those thinking of voting for Hillary Clinton and why you should not.

Last night I watched a rerun of a Dr. Who episode, the one with Simon Pegg as the guest star, where this giant ship orbits the earth, providing all the news to the planet, all designed to keep the people passive and under control.  How close we are to this today.  I mean, the news media in this country is every bit as fraudulent as Baghdad Bob or the old Soviet News Agency.

First, let's talk Wikileaks.  Are you paying attention to them?  If you get all your 'news' from the NYT, WP, WSJ, CBSNBCABCCNNMSNBC, GOOGLE/YAHOO,  the answer is no.  So let me quickly highlight an overview of what is in the wikileaks stuff, which comes directly from the emails of Hillary and people working for Hillary.

  1. The mainstream media, on this blog known as DemBitches, is totally in bed with the democratic party to the point of writing stories given to them by democrats or showing their stories to the powers of the democratic party before turning them in at work to make sure they are approved.
  2. Pay for play.  I mentioned yesterday the sweet deal Hillary worked out with Russia for 20% of the Uranium in this country and all Russia had to do was contribute a few million to the Clinton Foundation and give Bill this really good million dollar speaking tour in Russia.
  3. The Clinton Foundation collected millions and millions of dollars for relief aid in Haiti.  Less than 6% of the money collected was distributed in Haiti.  However, many companies were given millions to build hospitals, schools, homes, and roads in Haiti by the Clinton Foundation and as of yet not a brick has been laid.
  4. How the democratic party stole the primary election from Bernie Sanders.
I will stop right there.  Four simple reasons, documented in thousands of emails, that show large corruption.  And this is who you want?  This is the America you dream of?  This is not conspiracy theory people, this is documented for your reading pleasure if you take a moment out of NFL Sunday or from taking your 1,343,048 selfie to post to Facebook.

For the life of me, I can't understand how any person who was for Bernie Sanders can say now they will vote for Hillary.  She stole the primary election, the press worked for them to bury Sanders, she is on record calling Sanders supporters all sorts of variety of losers.  IT'S ALL DOCUMENTED IN THE EMAILS PEOPLE.   

Let me put it this way, there were two candidates in this election year that were going to shake rattle and roll the establishment and corruption; Bernie and Donald.  If Bernie had won the democratic nod and Cruz or Rubio or Kasich had won the republican nod, I'd be writing blogs supporting Bernie.  But to have that passion for Bernie and now walk into the voting booth and vote for Hillary is to give up, give in, and bend over and shout 'thank you sir, may I have another?" 

What will four years of Hillary be like?  What will America become under Hillary?  Let's look at what she's said.

  1. Immigration.  The 30 million illegal aliens in this country will become citizens.  In fact, Hillary, in a speech to Goldman Sacs, dreams of a world where there are no borders, one big hemisphere where people can work and move around all they want.  That is her dream, is that what you want?  This will not raise the standard of living to the rest of the hemisphere to what America is today, it will lower the standard of living in the USA and Canada to what it is in the poorest parts of the hemisphere.  Is this what you want?  Because this is what you are going to get.
  2. H-1B.  A pet peeve of mine.  Law allows corporations who cannot fill highly technical jobs with Americans to subcontract with companies in India or China to bring in those highly trained low paid workers from overseas to fill those gaps.  Says right in the law that corporations cannot use H-1B to replace American workers with low paid alternatives.  How is this working out?  Corporations absolutely love this law.  Corporations want it expanded.  Hillary speaks glowingly of the two companies in India most corporations are using and those two companies showered cash into her campaign and The Clinton Foundation.  So what is the problem?  Well, everyone is ignoring that "cannot use H-1B to replace American workers". The corporations are ignoring it and the justice department under Obama is ignoring it and over the last eight years hundreds of thousands of Americans have not only lost their jobs but they are literally 'forced' to train their replacements if they want any kind of severance pay.  Twenty plus years with a company and if you don't train your replacement, out the door with two weeks pay.  Now hear this:  Hillary plans to expand this law.  Hillary plans to expand it's usage.  So when you vote for Hillary, I hope and pray in 2017 or 2018 you will show up at work and be told you are being replaced by some bloke from India, you will have to suffer the humiliation of training the bloke, and then you can write the president and watch her laugh at you.
  3. There are 96,000,000 unemployed people in this country between the ages of 18 and 65.  There are around 150,000,000 people working between the ages of 18 and 65.  But wait, you cry, that can't be right!  Unemployment is only 5%!!!  Well, quick lesson for you.  The unemployment rate only measures the people collecting an unemployment check, once your 26 weeks are up, you don't have a job?  Tough, you are no longer considered unemployed by the government.  That 96,000,000 is about 25,000,000 more than it was in the 90's and 2000's.  For eight years, that number has hardly moved in any direction.  That is the Obama economic plan result.  Low growth, high unemployment.  And Hillary says she is going to continue the plan, with a few modifications.
  4. ObamaCare becomes Working Person Pays for Everyone's HealthCare.  See, here is a little secret.  ObamaCare was never meant to succeed.  It was meant to fail.  We were blatantly lied to; remember keep your doctor?  They knew that wasn't true - documented.  Remember cost less than cable?  A policy has just about now doubled in cost, more than doubled the out of pocket from what it was.  They KNEW it would implode and the solution will be universal single payer healthcare.  Colorado is about to vote on that state wide with a 10% payroll tax to pay for it.  And thus the problem, remember #1?  150 million working, 96 million not working?  That means the tax will require, and have to be high enough for the 150 million to not only pay for their health care but also the health care of 96 million plus those under 18 and over 65.  And by the way, notice anything else?   A single person will pay the same % as the married guy with a wife and four kids at home - that fair?  Are you working now?  Do a little math and take out 10% of your take home pay from each check.  What is that?  $100 bucks, $150?  That is how much less you will have to spend in the economy, which means what?  Slower economy, fewer jobs, see the slippery slope here people? (Technically, in Colorado, 3.5% is out of paycheck and 6.5% is paid by employer, but that is an additional 6.5% the company is paying for you and 6.5% that you will never see in a raise)
  5. Of course, history has taught us many things, well, for those who pay attention to it.  And Hillary does have a plan, it's war with Russia.  What this planet needs, she thinks,  is a good world war to cull the populations of the America's, Europe, Asia, Russia, Africa, and the middle east.  Call me a nut, but remember if you live, you read it here first.  Hillary getting elected will mean a war with Russia and I hate to say it, but we won't win that war.  Not saying Russia will win it either, cause when it happens there will be no winners.  Unfortunately, megalomaniacs always think they will survive, so Hillary thinks we can start the war, bomb the shit out of Russia, China, and stop them from hitting us though Europe, Japan, S. Korea will probably take a few hits with minor damage in this country to NY, Detroit, and a few other cities, heck, Hillary would probably nuke them herself to clear out the deadwood and then we would be able to manufacture again - hey, not making this up, this is actually the war game plans they play.  Think I'm nuts?  Russia just ran a war scenario where they attempted to move 40 million people out of the cities to the in mountain shelters they've spent the last 20 years building.
  6. By the way, if a nuclear war doesn't bother your liberal wine tasting ketchup on your hotdog little brain, just remember a nuclear war kills trees, birds, field mice and the speckled peckered salamanders too.  And we too have those underground hiding places but you and I are not invited and will be shot trying to get to them.
  7. Do you enjoy reading websites and blogs?  Well, kiss most of them goodbye.  This blog site will be shut down for sure, well, eventually, it's probably flying under the radar but they will get around to it eventually.  Because Hillary envisions a world where the alternative media is gone, where gun ownership by people not in the elite or defense of the elite, will be outlawed, where corporations rule, where the media and government are one and the same.
I feel sorry for millennials, I'm old.  I am just about to complete my 6th decade on the planet.  I've lived, loved, lost, succeeded, failed, laughed, cried, and rested many times over.  I watch the millennials run like lemmings towards the cliff, I guess this is my chance to say stop, but it's wasted, I know.  There is an east wind coming, as Sherlock would say.  But most will never see it coming until it gets over them and then wonder what the hell happened.

Saturday, October 22, 2016


Yes, it's that time imaginary readers when I stick my neck out and make my election prediction for the next presidential election.  Unfortunately, I've never been right, but I don't let failure after failure stop me from looking like a blooming idiot once again.

That being said, all these predictions are based upon one false premise.  That the 30,000,000 illegal aliens in this country right now will not be voting.  This premise is why I am never correct in my predictions, because truth be told, millions and millions of illegal aliens who are not able to vote legally do vote in our elections and many more than once.  So when predicting how states like AZ, CO, MI, TX and others will go, it only takes 3 million illegal aliens to change one or two states from republican to democrat.

Nor can I understand what the hell the people of Utah are doing.  It seems there is a 3rd party candidate in Utah that is polling 30% of the vote and might actually win the state, thus removing their 6 electoral votes from Trump.  Wouldn't that be a kick, if the election is decided in Clinton's favor because the morons of Utah voted for some slick hick in their state and we get 4 years of Clinton instead of 4 years of Trump; 30 years of liberal supreme court decisions all because the people of Utah went total moron.

Remember this little fact: If not for Ross Perot in 1992, Bill Clinton would never have been elected president (Bill Clinton in two elections, never got to 50% of the vote - in fact, in 2000, when Bush lost the popular vote, he still had a higher % of the vote than Clinton ever got).  The point of this is, Perot's 3rd party run gave us two terms of Clinton and now Utah may allow another Clinton in office with a 3rd party vote.

But, okay, here we go with the electoral map predictions!!!!!

Okay, the first map is my prediction of what this election will look like with no illegal alien multiple voting democratic systems working so it's a relatively free and accurate election.  Michigan and Pennsylvania will go Trump along with Florida and Colorado.

Now this next map is more interesting, assuming Colorado, Michigan, PA and NV go Clinton, what we have here is a 269 to 269 tie.  Talk about a cluster bomb of epic proportions.  Picture this further, a tie between the two, let's say Trump wins popular vote, and the senate is tied 50/50 after the election.

Can you say civil war?  What would happen is if the new senate votes 50/50, Biden would cast the vote for Clinton and the tie with the fewer popular votes would be president.  Or, let's say Utah goes third party and now the vote is Clinton 269 and Trump 263 with Utah's 6 going to a third party.  Trump wins popular vote.  Senate is 51/49 republican.  Think the democrats are going to be happy with the outcome?

Now the pea under the mattress in all this is Maine, which it looks like right now is going to split.  Their votes of 4 but they are split 3/1, meaning, right now in polling, Clinton is leading in the areas that get the 3 votes, Trump in the areas that have the 1 vote, so if this map happens, then Trump would win 270 to 268.

But, once again, the joker in the deck is illegal alien voting and how FL, TX AZ, CO, MI and other states could see the election turn on illegal aliens voting once, twice, three times.

Frankly, Trump could have run a much better campaign.  Wikileaks has provided so much information, so much detail of the corruption of Hillary and the Clinton Foundation.  As Secretary of State, she brokers a deal with Russia for 20% of the Uranium in the United States.  The Russian companies contribute over 100 million dollars to the Clinton Foundation.  Bill gets a multi million dollar speaking tour in Russia.  And all the media Dembitches can talk about is Donald Trump cornering Mary Sue Finkelstein in the 3rd grade on the playground and kissing her.

I don't know my imaginary readers, I've got this list of things to do and buy coming up.  Was looking at getting a new winter coat, mine is over 25 years old now, new furniture for the living room, and the catalytic converter finally fixed on my car with the extra paycheck and overtime I'll earn the next two months.  If Hillary is elected, then I'm getting a new 9mm conceal carry Walther, ammo, my permit to cancel carry, and maybe another 6 months of emergency food supplies plus extra bags of dog food, a good 4 season tent, sleeping bag and other supplies like a bag of old silver quarters for barter.

Did you catch the comments by the British General yesterday?  Basically, he said that war with Russia is on the horizon, that the US has basically already declared the war, and that the brilliant idea to let the baltic states into the NATO has guaranteed the coming war and when it's over, life on earth as we've known it will be over.

If this nation elects Hillary, all 50 states may soon be red, with the blood of 300 million people.  On the plus side though, all those illegal aliens will run back to Mexico and we won't have to worry about them anymore.

So my prediction?  Trump wins and Hillary becomes president due to 30 million illegal aliens voting, the borders will be removed and we will all be speaking spanish, chinese, aramaic or russian by this time 2020, well, if any of us are still alive.

Some things in life are bad.
They can really make you mad.
Other things just make you swear and curse.
When you're chewing on life's gristle,
Don't grumble. Give a whistle.
And this'll help things turn out for the best.

Always look on the bright side of life.
Always look on the light side of life.

If life seems jolly rotten,
There's something you've forgotten,
And that's to laugh and smile and dance and sing.
When you're feeling in the dumps,
Don't be silly chumps.
Just purse your lips and whistle. That's the thing.

Always look on the bright side of life.
Always look on the right side of life,

For life is quite absurd
And death's the final word.
You must always face the curtain with a bow.
Forget about your sin.
Give the audience a grin.

Enjoy it. It's your last chance, anyhow.

Always look on the bright side of death,
Just before you draw your terminal breath.

Life's a piece of shit,
When you look at it.
Life's a laugh and death's a joke. It's true.
You'll see it's all a show.
Keep 'em laughing as you go.
Just remember that the last laugh is on you.

Thursday, October 13, 2016


While most of the world is massively upset with Donald Trump using the 'P' word 11 years ago, Wikileaks has been releasing thousands and thousands of emails and, well, there are tons of things to talk about, but the one thing that shines throughout the emails is how mainstream media reporters are totally owned by Clinton's and the Democrats.

I wonder what Woodward and Bernstein think about all of this.

As a young lad, I remember those Nixon years, the stories in the papers and the news, the downfall and resignation of Nixon.  I read the book All The Presidents Men when it came out, saw the movie and unlike millions, did not want to change my major to be a journalist.

Thank heavens.

Woodward and Bernstein dug thru things and uncovered corruption at the highest levels of government and brought down a president.  Millions were motivated by their efforts, book, and the movie and majored in journalism, dreaming of greatness, dreaming of bringing down powerful corrupt politicians.

And how does that story end?  Those millions became DemBitches.

DemBitches who go out of their way to grease the life for democrats, especially like the Clintons.
DemBitches who provide Hillary with debate questions ahead of time, DemBitches who write stories and let the Clinton's read it first, DemBitches who help spread the lies of a corrupt couple.

Imagine Woodward and Bernstein providing Nixon with everything they had, writing stories supporting Nixon.  And if it were not for Wikileaks, nobody would know any of this - oh wait, nobody does know anything about this because the DemBitches are talking about it on their shows and in their reports, they got a hot new story of some woman claiming 35 years ago on a plane flight Trump fondled her.

Riddle me this Batman, think back to the 1980's, can you remember who you sat next to on any flight - spouses don't count.  I can't even get a mental image in my head and I only flew twice round trip the entire decade.

So Woodward and Bernstein inspired a whole generation of reporters who gave it up, left their morals and search for truth on the bathroom floor.

The fifth estate is dead. Long live the memory.  We now have a country where half the people pay no attention and 90% of the other half are totally brainwashed by DemBitches.

Saturday, September 24, 2016


There is something coming down the path, something barreling towards us, and I don't remember anywhere people saying this is what we want.

Self driving cars.

Hey, I get a handicapped blind paraplegic or elderly person thinking this is a good thing.  But for the rest of us, this really what you want?

Apparently, we won't have a choice, as soon as it gets mass produced, roads will be dedicated to self driving vehicles only, insurance on cars you drive yourself will skyrocket, probably to cover all the accidents self driving cars have, and eventually, we will all give over our lives to the same people that bring us the blue screen of death, wipe out our music libraries with an update, and the great Goog in the net who collects every keystroke you make on your keyboard.

And a host of hackers who will take control of your car and smash it into the nearest inanimate object Her' Hacker desires.  Or governments desire.

Why are we just going along with this?  Why are people not saying NO.

Well, okay, most people are oblivious to what is going on in the world and until it makes them unemployed they keep their heads in their shell watching college football....

Have you seen the predictions?  By early 2020's, Uber Taxis buses trains ferries etc etc etc will all be automated and driven by machines, all programmed by some 30 year old pencil neck living on mountain dew and playing video games when taking a break from coding your cars.

But, they cry, think how much safer the roads will be!  No drunk drivers, no sleepy drivers, no bad drivers, distracted drivers, think how safer that would be - and that is always the argument made - "imagine" and then the Utopia: how can you be against that?

I will tell you why.  Because when I go out to get in my car, I don't want it telling me where I can go, if I can go or not.  And that is the logical next step in our Utopia.  Hackers will not be the only one controlling your car, so will police, local governments, state governments, and federal governments will have the ability to control where you go, when you can go; probably will pick up other passengers along the way without your consent too.

I'll bet you can't control the radio/TV/Internet in the vehicles either, just sit back and watch what we tell you to watch as we drive you to where we want you to go, when we want you to get there.

And people are just going along with this?  It's always the same, "Imagine for a moment, a Utopia..." and when ever people buy into a Utopia, they by in to slavery, to controlled beings, lives, thoughts.

As always there will be voices screaming against this change, henceforth known as 'nuts' who will stand in the way of progress, stand in the way of a better civilization.

Consider me one of those voices.  Cars mean freedom.  The ability to move from place to place on your own, in your own time, to leave behind the past and go to the future, whatever it may hold.  To take the road less travelled.

And what happens when the computer controlled car kills a kid, a bike rider, whom to you hold responsible?  The programmer, the vehicle?

One article I was reading was discussing the automated car not understanding the nuances of driving, like two vehicles pull up to a stop sign at same time and a driver waves for the other car to go, which made me think how much fun it would be to have four automated cars all pull up to a stop sign and exactly the same moment, each recognizing no one got there first, each thinking the car on the right has the right of way and none will move, thus eventually shutting down the entire traffic system across the country.

People really need to stop, just stop, and think about what is happening in our society these days; not the news stories of riots which is just fodder to keep us distracted, I'm talking about the automation that is soon to eliminate the cooks, waiters, bartenders, retail sales, drivers, etc.  The H-1B workers replacing the college educated accountants, programmers etc, the illegal aliens replacing the laborers, stop and ask yourself, is all this just random chaotic accidents or part of a plan and where does that leave you?  Tens of millions of people with no jobs no income, no homes, all getting into government controlled vehicles to be taken, where?

Well, it will leave you where ever they want you to be, if you can only move around in an automated vehicle programmed by the same people.

We continually sell our freedom of choice for some greater imagined Utopia and eventually we will no longer have any choices in the dark side of Utopia.

Sorry to disturb you, now back to your local college football game.....

Nobody gonna take my car
I'm gonna race it to the ground
Nobody gonna beat my car
It's gonna break the speed of sound

Ooh it's a killing machine
It's got everything
Like a driving power big fat tyres
And everything

I love it and I need it, I bleed it
Yeah, it's a wild hurricane
Alright, hold tight
I'm a highway star

Nobody gonna take my girl
I'm gonna keep her to the end
Nobody gonna have my girl
She stays close on every bend

Ooh she's a killing machine
She got everything
Like a moving mouth body control
And everything

I love her, I need her, I seed her
Yeah, she turns me on
Alright, hold on tight
I'm a highway star

Nobody gonna take my head
I got speed inside my brain
Nobody gonna steal my head
Now that I'm on the road again

Ooh I'm in Heaven again
I got everything
Like a moving ground, an open road
And everything

I love it and I need it, I seed it
Eight cylinders all mine
Alright, hold on tight
I'm a highway star

Deep Purple

Thursday, September 22, 2016


If time is suppose to be a constant, why does a week off seem to fly by at 5x the speed of a week of work?

Let's face it, black lives don't matter, but then neither do white lives, hispanic lives, asian lives etc etc etc.  I know in campaign seasons, politicians like to act like you and your race are the most important thing in the world, but then after the election they ignore everyone until they need money for reelection.

Remember 8 years ago when The Man from Kenya was elected president - hey, not a birther, just going off of all his appearances and PR stuff in the 90's and early 2000's when HE said he was born in Kenya - but blacks thought they finally had equality and how's that worked out for black america?

Well, you might have gotten a free phone to call someone who cares.  But, nobody does.

Bill Clinton recently came up with a really great idea to resurrect Detroit from the slum that it is; his idea was to bring in 10,000 Syrian refugees, give them free homes and jobs that paid to rebuild the homes.  Funny, 8 years as president, he never came up with a job plan like that for blacks.

Nor did Obama.  In fact, just about anyway you measure things, black america is seriously worse off today than they were 8 years ago, well unless you live in Charlotte and managed to grab yourself a new TV, iPhone, microwave, Jordan Airs and whatever else you could carry out of the local stores that were vandalized while protesting the unfair shooting of an armed black man by a black cop because whites are racists.

And that wonderful video of the white guy being dragged, beaten and stripped naked has made gun sales around the country skyrocket this weekend.  Nice job living up to the stereotype you so argue is unfair.

I hope the white guy that was dragged, beaten, stomped and stripped was a racist sob before that happened because if he survives, he will be from now on.

Saw a graph today, sorry, didn't save it, was a bar chart of whites killing blacks, blacks killing whites, whites killing whites, blacks killing blacks, cops shooting whites and cops shooting blacks and guess which of those was the smallest barely readable bar on the chart.......  I'll give you another minute.....that's right, cops shooting blacks.

Let's give the millionaire football players a moment to get off their knee, there we go.

But back to the larger philosophical point of all this; black lives, white lives etc don't really matter.  Let's face it, most of us are little blips in history and will quickly be forgotten the moment we join the majority of humanity in death.  At best we are just part of a continuing series of cause and effects and maybe touched a life here or there but most of us will matter no more than Fred Clausic who died in 1854.

Don't know Fred, me either, made it up, but there might have been a Fred then.

It's like when I was going thru these picture books after my dad died, these old black books with black and white pictures of men and women and I was related to them, no idea who they were, and realized this is the last thing left of them on the planet, these pictures, and I'm tossing them into the garbage and that last thread of having lived on this earth was about to be snipped once and for all.  Took me nearly 4 hours to look thru two books, staring at the photos, wonder who they were, what they did, what they dreamed, how did they live?  And then into the dumpster and it still haunts me to this day.

And so it goes with all of us, we dreamed as youths of being great and being famous and 99.9999% of us never will be, never were meant to be, and are just filler in between historic events.

We just go thru the motions, go thru the days, hoping we don't get sick, don't lose a job, the car starts, the kids are okay, no war breaks out, and we avoid the black riots.

But those hopes are getting harder and harder.  I use to use the simile of we are all in this massive game of musical chairs and we cling to our seats as long as we can and when the music starts we see not one chair disappear about thousands and then the music stops and i've come to the conclusion it doesn't really matter anymore whether you know this is happening or go thru life with this illusion it will never happen to you; it's color blind, sex blind, race blind - we don't matter, no one cares, no one listens, and there is little we can do.

Black Lives Matter is funded by Soros, some blacks are getting seriously wealthy from that, but most are not going to see a dime.  Illegals are being rushed thru naturalization so they can vote for Hillary this fall.  Soros if funding an overseas drive to get 8 million americans living abroad to vote democratic - let's face it, there will be 8 million ballots coming over whether an actual US citizen fills it out is another story, while soldiers ballots will be delayed, dumped and rejected.

It's not that black lives don't matter, it's we don't matter anymore.  Rod Serling, your table is ready.

I found this photograph
Stashed between the old joist walls
In a place where time is lost
Lost behind, where all things fall

Broken books and calendars
Letters script in careful hand
Music too, a standard tune by
Some forgotten big brass band

From the threshold what's to see
Of our brave new century?
The television's just a dream
Radio, silver screen
Big smile for the camera

How did she know?
The moment could be lost forever
Forever more


Wednesday, September 21, 2016


First, I know, it's been ages since I've posted but here is the problem.

Back in 2012, when I was neck deep in caring for my dad, I posted a ton of blogs on the 3,524 republican debates, the debates between Obama and Romney, and this time around I just didn't feel like adding to the overflow of blogs posting political commentary on a daily basis.

Let's face it, what else is there to talk about?

I'm doing okay, not great, keeping head above water though the 99 Volvo is sucking my bank account dry but not much I can do about it unless I just junk the car and bike everywhere, which may sound like a good idea to some but let me tell you biking or walking 2 miles to a grocery store in a foot of snow and zero degrees is not, nor ever will be, fun.  And I've had enough character building, thank you very much.  But I am two to three years away from being able to afford a new used car.  Which of course, will probably start sucking me dry too.

I wonder if it's just smarter to buy some car for 1000 and run it till it dies, then get another one and just keep doing that over and over.

Work is fine, always feel like there is an axe over my head but I suspect everyone over 50 feels that way these days.

I did want to link to you two articles from Briebart, which I hardly ever read but after reading these two might change my mind about that:


and I can't find the other one dammit!

But the article is about one of my pet peeves I've written about before, that damn H-1B and h-2B that specifically states that companies cannot use the thing to replace american workers and company after company are doing just that and our justice department under Obama doesn't do squat about it.

Hillary, well, she wants to double the number of foreign workers under the program.  Trump, wants to end it and prosecute companies that are firing Americans.  Gee, guess who I'm voting for.

I don't know who will write the history of this country, but some of the stuff going on is downright treasonous.  Millions of illegals being brought in for physical blue collar jobs, hundreds of thousands under the H-1B to replace college educated white collar Americans.

Got to make a man wonder exactly what are they expecting to do with 100,000,000 baby boomers and Gen X'ers in the middle class when all the jobs are going to foreigners - is there a plan?  Here is a bet, whatever that plan is, we aren't going to like it.

Anyone else thinking Hillary is more and more becoming like Gollum from Lord of the Rings?
The evil is just eating at her and destroying her from within.  Oh well.

Still waiting to see which of the two end up dead before the election - if Trump wins I hope he goes into hiding and takes the oath inside the Oval Office - hey, call me paranoid but they shot Kennedy, they shot Reagan and the shadow government is going to shoot Trump too.

And probably blame the Russians, which seems to be the new mantra of the elite.  Where did that start?

One day, Trump announces he wants watchers at all the poling places to make sure things are on the up and up, when the president is asked about this, he laughs and says what election fraud, there is no election fraud, (19.000 votes for Obama, zero for anyone else in the Philly area, yeah nothing to see there), and that elections are a state by state thing and the federal government doesn't control them.    But then, like two weeks later, suddenly Washington is all abuzz and Obama is announcing that Homeland Security is going to oversee the elections because the Russians are going to steal the election from Hillary.


So I feel better now, the same agency that just admitted they screwed up and nearly 1,000 middle eastern immigrants that were suppose to be deported due to their terrorists ties were in fact granted citizenship and will be voting this November instead of returning to their tents and caves in the deserts.

Yea, feel a lot better about it.

One thing, if I still have any readers left, don't use computer voting, demand a paper ballot.  How I wish everyone voting this November would demand an old fashion ballot and reject the computer voting.

By the way, new browser out, Vivaldi, and it's by the people who originally founded Opera and recently left.  Worth downloading and definitely what should be used instead of Chrome.

Oh, Oh baby don't you know I'm human
Have thoughts like any other one
Sometimes I find myself long regretting
Some foolish thing some little simple thing I've done
But I'm just a soul whose intentions are good
Oh Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood

Sunday, August 28, 2016


As many of my imaginary readers know, I've never been a fan of Obama.  Guy was greased in Illinois each time he ran, judge threw off the competition due to signature irregularities so he cakewalked to the state senate, press spread false story on his opponent he was trailing in the senate primary and by the time they cleared and said 'oops, we were wrong, never mind' Obama was leading and that worked so well they did the same thing again to the republican running against Obama for the senate and this time all they came up with was on the honeymoon, they were drunk and he tried to talk his new wife into some public sex in Paris and he had to resign because, well, you can't have someone in the Senate who wants to have sex with his own wife - the precedent would ruin the whole orgy.

And I will admit, I don't think anyone stepping into the Oval Office on his first day is really prepared for what the job is like, but most tend to learn.  Obama, after 7.5 years in office, still is a rookie and this past week made a major major mistake we will be paying for in the future - well, actually, we will be paying for everything he did in office for years to come but this is a big mistake I can't believe no one told him not to do.

Basically, we 'released 400,000,000' to Iran and they release four prisoners.  100,000,000 per prisoner - do they need to declare that as income on their taxes?

Now the State Department issued a travel warning to Americans not to travel to Iran - was that really necessary, who the hell would travel to Iran - because of the concern of the Iranian government kidnapping them, charging them with crimes and trying to get another 100,000,000 per prisoner.

See the issue?

And if you think Iran is the only country now considering the kidnapping of US Citizens, trumping up false charges and trying to get a few million for their return, you are dreaming.

Obama just opened up hunting season on Americans around the world.

Speaking of paying, if you want to buy a BCBS policy, you can get a 5k deductible and pay 40% after deductible for just 596/month.  When Obama came into office, I had a BCBS plan that was 2500 deductible and 100% after deductible and it was 272 a month.
Ain't ObamaCare great!  Who exactly saved money with this deal?

Now Colorado is taking this head on and this fall on the ballot is a plan called ColoradoCare where everyone in Colorado will be covered and it's just 3.5% payroll tax on the employee and 6.5% to employer, so basically an additional 10% payroll tax to fund universal healthcare for everyone.  Yea, that will work out well, and you can't exempt yourself, as far as I know - well, unless you work for the state or federal government - they are exempt, so basically the need to move from colorado will be coming very soon unless it's voted down this fall.

Jerome Corsi has a new book everyone should read.  It's the corruption of the Clinton Foundation, the hundreds of millions that have gone to that organization and tracking quid pro quo's:  meeting with Sec of State Clinton, contribution to CF, sweet deal overseas follows. Did you know when Hillary became SofS, she had to sign a paper that basically said no foreign donations to her CF and that lasted about a week before millions came piling in from Saudi Arabia.

And their daughter, well don't worry about her, she pulls in 6 million a year to 'run' the Clinton Foundation.

If she wins the election, I shall forever refer to her as Don Clinton, woman makes the mob look legit.

Sunday, August 14, 2016


Let's face it, somethings just don't make sense nor have a good solution.

Watched a video on YouTube this morning by The Young Turk about some gal on Fox News who has come forth and talked about how she was harassed by Ailes too.  Andrea something, semi remember her.

Here is what I don't understand.  Hey, I get Ailes was surrounded by some seriously beautiful women and wanted some for himself, I get that, lush that he is, oh, heck, any man would be thinking about it, we are all lushes at heart.  And I get the pressure some of these babes were under knowing their careers would be toast if they spoke out.  What I don't get are all the liberal commentators blasting Ailes and wanting him out and supporting the chicks about sexual harassment when liberal commentators were the ones telling us Bill Clinton's harassment of women as president was okay.

If you carry it to it's logical conclusion, only democrats who support a woman's right to choose an abortion can sexually harass a woman in the workplace, get BJ's from interns under the desk, fly on Lolita Express and have sex with underage girls and the liberal media will support you 100%.

Be conservative and hug a woman and you are scum and need to be fired.

Speaking of the liberal media, odd how protective they are against demands Hillary release all her medical records, calling it a conspiracy theory.  Yet it's not hard to find Brian Williams, katie Couric, and other liberal news types demanding John McCain release all his medical records because he once had skin cancer and the American people had the right to know whether he was physically able to do the job.

You know, the Russians had less control on the media at the height of the Soviet Empire than the Dems have control over our media today.  Understand, if you watch the news, you are being brainwashed - plain and simple brainwashing.

Now they are demanding Trump's wife prove she is not an illegal alien when she came to this country and if they had any sense of humor the Trump campaign should just take the fake birth certificate Obama handed out and cross out his name and write her's on top of it and say there, it was good enough before it should still be good now.

Why did Obama think Bush was bordering on treasonous doubling the debt from 4 something to 9 trillion and then Obama double the debt from 9 something to 20 trillion?  Would the media let Obama say it was treasonous for Bush but good economic policy for Obama?  Of course they would.

I still suspect Trump is running interference for Hillary and cannot believe we are looking forward to 8 years of a Clinton Presidency again.  And there is not a damn thing we can do about it.  This is what happens when you raise 60 million stupid people, allow 20 or 30 million illegal aliens into the country, don't demand proof of citizenship or voting rights  to vote (the states that do require picture ID's ironically have not seen a democrat win the state in a presidential election in 30 years or so) and people use the 'easy' computer voting which can easily be programmed to register your vote however they want it to register.

If you vote this fall, do not use the computer terminal to vote.  And you better vote early, less an illegal use your name and cast a vote before you do with your name.

What will 8 years of Clinton look like?  Not even going there, no matter what I imagine, it will be worse.  Just know that money I'm saving for a really good touring bicycle, might be going for a really good 9mm and another 357 revolver this December and a few hundred rounds of ammo before she takes office and starts piling liberals into the Supreme Court.  Better get my CC before those are determined to be illegal too.

Do you realize is she wins, she could easily put 4 or 5 justices on the SC and turn the court into an 7-2 advantage for ever liberal cause for the next 25 years?  No wonder the government's been sealing all the caves around the country under the guise of protecting the bats from some virus.

Hillary and her judges will do their best to ban gun ownership, well, for citizens.  In fact, when you are forced to turn them in, they will probably go to members of ISIS with your address on a tag.

Know a couple of people in the apartment complex who had Sanders bumper stickers on their car and we talked about it sometimes and am kind of shocked they are now going to vote for Hillary.  The evidence is very strong that Hillary and the DNC stole that election primary from Sanders and Sanders voters will just vote for her?

60 million stupid people.

Course Hillary will also get the neo con vote since they like wars and control as much as dems.

I don't know, glad my folks died before this country goes totally in the toilet.  It could be worse, of course, you could live in Sweden, where they once had two car companies that made the safest most reliable cars ever and now both are gone, okay, Volvo is owned by a Chinese company now, and the country is overrun by middle eastern immigrants and Swedes are now being told to cover up so as not to antagonize the moslems and cause them to rape you.

What would happen in most areas of America if a group of moslems grabbed a young girl or two and started to molest them?

So the good news is apparently God is going to destroy Europe before he gets to the USA, so we have some time.  I'm not sure if everyone spend a day of fasting and praying to God,  He'd give us a break at this point.  Why should He?

 And speaking of unsolvable problems we created, last night in Milwaukee, the black lives matter group went wild in their protest against life and destroyed all the black businesses in their neighborhoods while any white person stupid or unlucky enough to be in the area got the crap beat out of them, including the media.

So how do you fix a problem in the making since the 1960's Great Society Plan to make blacks irrelevant in society?

Saw a video yesterday of a black pastor pushing all this black lives matter crap and leading marches etc.  The police invited him for a day of training as a police officer.  At the end of the day, when he shot two people (play shots) and learned he probably shouldn't have pulled the trigger in those situations, he learned how important compliance is when dealing with police.

But what did black america learn 20 years ago?  Rodney King.  There were two black men in that car, one got out, put hands on head, got on the ground, was handcuffed and put in car with no issues or problems.  Rodney fought the cops and got the crap beat out of him and was rewarded with millions of dollars for his efforts.

Message learned?

But now we've got 5 generations of black americans living on welfare in slums, gangs running the neighborhoods and how do you reverse that?  More welfare?  Jobs?  Really?

I don't mean to just be picking on blacks, skin color really is not the issue here, this can be white, hispanic, asian neighborhoods of 40 years of poverty too.  For every kid born in these areas that rises above it all and gets educated and gets out, there are hundreds that are destined for that life from the moment they are born and that will just continue the process.

History provide the answer, it's just the answer sucks.

Every day I have to look to the sun
To see where it was that I have come from
I have a feeling that there must be a time

When I'll get a chance to go home
'Cause I'm so tired of being here alone
But I?m just a traveller in time
Trying so hard to pay for my crime

If I could go back the same way I got here
And see the people that I once held so near
I'd do my best to find an answer for you

But first I must wait till I'm set free
And I don't know how long that's gonna be
'Cause I'm a man with a whole lot on his mind
Just out there somewhere travelling in time

Travelling in time

I've tried for so long to find
Some way of helping mankind

Uriah Heep 

Saturday, July 30, 2016


I forget where I first heard this, but when people were talking about the person who killed more people in the 20th century and names like Stalin, Lenin etc were being tossed about someone suggested Rachel Carlson, author of Silent Spring.  The book that led to the banning of DDT.  Seems DDT caused condor and eagle eggs to have thin shells.

Looking back now some 40 years, there are countries where malaria killed hundreds of thousands of people every year, DDT was introduced and the cases dropped to less than 100 each year, then DDT was removed and it climbed back up to hundreds of thousands, see Sri Lanka for example.

Now some third world said "condors, we don't care about no stinkin' condors" and have kept using DDT and insect born deaths are fairly rare.

Over the past 30 years, we've seen Lyme Disease and West Nile infect this country.  We now have bed bug problems many places that never was an issue until we opened the door for anyone who could reach our border to come on in with no delousing or health checks.

And now we got this new Z thing carried by mosquitos and they are finding it in mosquitos and people in Florida with the rest of the southeast and southwest soon to follow.

It's not too bad if you are not elderly, a child, or going to have kids.  The kids if a parent has it tend to have heads several sizes larger than normal - which will probably lead to a jump in abortions.

Did some research today on DDT and you know, it was actually hard to find articles that were not in the vein of "no real evidence it causes any problems to people" in spite of the baby boom generation being doused in the fog of DDT machines in the 1950's and 1960's.

Even such publications as the NY Times had articles saying DDT is not the health threat it was made out to be and should be considered.

Of course the fruit and berries publications still rant and rage about it's dangers to bird eggs but while I like birds and eagles and all that, maybe they could have a couple of bad years of eggs so humanity could be saved?  Ya think?

Although this is obviously not (and was never intended to be) a comprehensive report, based on toxicology and carcinogen data from multiple sources, it is safe to say that DDT’s reputation as a deadly poison is not based on real evidence. In fact, it’s the opposite.
The chemical is no more acutely toxic than drugs that we ingest every day. People who were fed a capsule containing a significant dose of the chemical for one-and-a-half years suffered no ill effects, and evidence for DDT causing cancer is so weak as to be in the realm of chance; scientifically nonexistent. It is, in fact, a rather ordinary chemical with a very bad reputation.

In one of the more famous moments in scientific risk, there is the story of the scientist at a press conference who actually ate DDT right in front of everyone and 40 years later still told the story, no cancer no nothing.

And while our EPA would scream bloody murder, as the article points out our same EPA worked with the WHO to provide and instruction people in OTHER COUNTRIES how to safely use DDT spraying in the home.

So, there is the solution to the problem of many diseases affecting millions of Americans and future Americans and carpetbagging Obamaians, a way to stop west nile, lyme, Z and other things and we will never do it.

Hope the condor's are happy.  I wonder if they ever sit perched on some cliff and think how many humans died so they could live.

I was told a million times
Of all the troubles in my way
Might he grow a little wiser
Little better ev'ry day
But if I crossed a million rivers
And I rode a million miles
Then I'd still be where I started
Bread and butter for a smile
Well I sold a million mirrors
In a shop in Alley Way
But I never saw my face
In any window any day
Now they say your folks are telling you
Be a super star
But I tell you just be satisfied
To stay right where you are
Keep yourself alive keep yourself alive
It'll take you all your time and money
To keep you satisfied



There are a lot of changes in the body as a man gets older, I understand my reflexes are not as quick as they were, whereas once I had to eat 5000 calories to gain 1 pound now I only need to look at cupcakes at the bakery to put on a pound.

But there is one change I am confused about, where the hell did my ass go?

Pants that use to fit just fine now there is no ass mass to stop them from sliding down and I keep wondering, when the heck did that happen?

I'm cool with knowing that while hair no longer seems to grow on the top of my head, it flourishes in my ears, nose and on my back.  I'm cool with that.  I understand now that when I walk into a room and smile at a young lady she rolls her eyes and turns away, heck, old enough to be her father and I'm okay with that.

I just wonder where my ass went.

Now when people talk bout miracles in the Bible they like to talk about the talking ass in the OT, but to me that was never all that much of a miracle.  After all, the democratic convention was last week and I saw dozens and dozens of talking asses all week long.

Still not sure about Trump, was all ready to say I'm in but this thought keeps bugging me. If he tries to do half of what he's promised, now that would be a miracle, they are going to assassinate him.  Why he picked Pence, someone the powers that be would like is beyond me, should of picked someone like Carson, Cain, Coulter, Pat Buchanan or something.

But I keep thinking a vote for Trump is to be alerted one day that they are interrupting this broadcast for a special news bulletin and Trump will join JFK, MLK, and RFK in the line of men who tried to buck the systems and were killed for it.

And don't forget Reagan being shot 3 months into his first term by the nephew of George HW Bush's business partner and who's brother had dinner with Neil Bush two days before the assassination.

Saturday, July 23, 2016


Well, do you really think if Trump gets elected and actually tries to do the things he promised, that he's not going to go the way of JFK and nearly Reagan?

Frankly, picking an establishment lackey like Pence was really dumb, it's like inviting the bullet.

Based on speeches, he should have chosen Laura Ingraham for VP.

But there is a lawsuit about Trump and having raped a 15 year old that was part of the Epstein plane rides and island.  I'm not saying it's lying, but let me ask you this.  Some woman waits 20 years till Trump is running for prez and now comes out with the story?  Why?

I smell a rat.  A rat named Clinton.

See, Bill Clinton is good buddies with Epstein.  They have documented over two dozen times Bill took trips on the Lolita Express, about a dozen times to the private island.  This Epstein multi million dollar pervert has been running this underage stews and hostess thing for 30 years with some seriously famous and powerful men enjoying sex with 16 year old girls - most likely because when they were 16 no girl would give them the time of day.

So here is the thing.  If you were a teen girl who got brought into this, most likely against her will, and then was paid off to go away and shut up, and not one has come forward about Clinton which is a guaranteed book deal, movie etc.  But Trump runs and suddenly out of the woodwork...

I smell a rat.

Trust me, I can help you
Feel free, we can save you
Join us in the good life
And better days, better days

Campaign for the new life
Champagne and the bright lights
Make way for the right way
Better days, better days

You didn't realize about the other life
That we can give you
We'll open up your eyes and make you see
The light that's all around you

We'll help you work it out
And then you'll never doubt
Our intuition, our vision
Our decision, our mission, so listen

No war and no inflation
No more desperation
You'll see, we can show you
Better days, much better days

No hunger, higher wages
Good schools and smiling faces
Make way for the new way
And better days, better days

We're gonna lead you down
To where the sun is always brightly shining
We'll push away the clouds and show you
There's a gold and silver lining



Okay, it's another baseball blog, deal with it, I'm a pig, remember?

So Chris Sale is probably the best pitcher in the American League, has a really 'cheap' contract if more than 10m a year is cheap, and is signed for the next 4 or 5 years.  And the White Sox kind of suck.

Then tonite, Sales is scheduled to pitch, going for win number 15 this year, and the Sox have some sort of thing going where they like to wear throwback uniforms so all the old fans remember the good ol' days, except the Sox pretty much didn't win anything like a division or pennant when they wore these uniforms either.  And the ones they were suppose to wear tonite are generally considered thru out baseball as one of the worst uniforms in sports history and Sale feels real uncomfortable wearing it.  So he asked the Sox if they could wear a different uniform tonite when he pitched and they said no.

So Sales shredded his uniforms during batting practice.

Now the Cubs, who historically are worse than the Sox, haven't been to a World Series since Truman was president, they never really change their uniforms giving their fans that consistency and connection with history of all the losing seasons of decades past.  The Sox seem to change every few years like you can paint a dump in the slums and people will think it's a better product.

So here is the thing.  Pick up the phone, if you are the Sox GM, and call Boston, NY,  Washington, St. Louis, Texas, and the Dodgers and say Sale is on sale for 48 hours and we want the pick of any six of your minor leaguers or major leaguers with less than 1 year of major league experience.  Call the Cubs and demand eight.

You could rebuild a ball club pretty quickly with the six best minor league players from those organizations.  There is another pitcher they could probably get 4 from one of those teams, and a couple of players worth 2 or 3.  I mean you could clean out and come up with 15 of the top 100 minor league players in baseball.

But trust the Sox to screw this up.  That is why they are in Chicago.  Think about it.  Two teams, 100 years, 1 World Series victory.

So they will probably trade Sale for 2 or 3 players that will never make the majors, while Sale's will capture a few Cy Youngs and WS championships for a team that knows the difference between putting a good team on the field and putting a good looking team on the field.

I started following the Sox in 1967, that was an amazing year for baseball.  Four teams, the Red Sox, Tigers, Twins and White Sox were all within a game of winning the pennant with 5 games left in the season.  The White Sox were the best off, win two to tie, three and it's theirs, and they had a double header against the worst team in baseball and then 3 games against the second worst team.

They lost all 5.

Should have figure it out then.

The moon and the sun
We all come undone
The night steals the ground
We all fall down

A blue whisper rain
Dark shadows again
The crush of a prayer
Hangs in the air

Sweet Talk Radio 


Okay, ladies, don't read this blog, just go on to the next one please.

No cheating.

I'm waiting.

Okay, now it's just us guys here.

Guys, want to talk to you about the presidential election and give you the best reason in the world for voting for Trump.

Did you see the convention?  Did you see the Trump wife?  How about the daughters?

Now, ask yourself this one question.  Over the next four years, do you want to see the Trump chicks constantly or do you want to see Hilary and Chelsea Clinton all the time.

This is a no brainer and why every red blooded straight american male in this country should be voting for Trump this fall.

Yea, I know, I'm such a pig.  But guys, tell me, you already figured this out too, didn't you?  We're all pigs.

Saturday, July 16, 2016



Great articles this week picking the 10 best players at each position and making it so everyone could read it without signing up for your 'special access' crap.  And I did appreciate you left off the steroid kids like Bonds, Palmero, etc.

And I was surprised at how good it was, though some of the current players being included is a little presumptuous.


The guy hit 500 homers, 3,000 hits, won gold gloves and you put David Ortiz on there because he played 20 games at first base back last century?  No Eddie Murray?  Seriously?  You could argue he was better than Mantle as the greatest switch hitter of all time, maybe not, but a good argument could be made.

And no Louis Aparicio at short stop?  Better hitter than Smith, better base stealer than Smith, and probably a better fielder.  Aparicio played in an era of all grass and dirt, smaller gloves, and some seriously bad infields.  Smith played all home games and over 1/2 of the away games on nothing but smooth astro turf for miles in front of him, which is why he could park is ass in short left field to play short stop, hell, a paraplegic could play a decent short stop in those conditions.

But no Eddie Murray, mind boggling.

Sorry imaginary readers, that's been bugging me for 24 hours and I had to let it out.


Hmm, wonder how long that title will last on Google....

When history is written, provided God wins and Satan loses of course, how will people look back at our world today and not wonder "how stupid were those people"?

The two words I most despise today are 'offended' and 'tolerance'.  The phrases I most despise are 'it is what it is' and 'perception is reality'.  Well, there is a new one joining the group and maybe moving to the lead, 'Islam is a religion of peace'.

Well sure it is, or will be, as soon as they kill anyone who disagrees with them and doesn't want to follow Sharian laws.

Did you catch the article this week about the terrorist event in France, no, not the truck thing, we will get to that, I'm talking about that one a while back with all the shooters and kidnappers.  Turns out there was this little itty bitty part of the story that had been kept secret.  In the hall where they took hundreds of captives, the second floor had been converted to a torture chamber where people had their eyes remove, sex organs cut off and stuffed in mouths, etc etc etc.  By the peaceful Moslems.

But that had been kept secret by the governments of Europe from the people.

How stupid are we?

Now turns out we find the Saudi's were deeply involved in 9/11 and it was covered up by the Bush administration.  And the presumptive Democrat nominee is wanting to import 1,000,000 more Moslems from the middle east her first year in office.

The brilliance of Mohammad, or whatever evil spirit took over his body and mind, was he was able to wrap up this violent political system into a religion; an effort Hitler tried to copy but failed at, and so this system to conquer the world and leave in it's wake the dead bodies of anyone who disagrees with them hides behind the veil of religion which I guess is fair since Satanism is technically considered a religion.

But Satan is a clever one, first he convinces the population that while the one true God in Heaven says "I am who I am" Satan say "I am who am not" and the world eventually ceases to understand his existence.

Then he bastardizes a religion, claiming it's a continuation of Judism and Christianity except the only damn thing similar is an aversion to pork.

Allah, as referred to by Moslems is Satan and someone has to say it while there is still an iota of free speech left in this country, not that anyone will listen.

The war is coming to America soon.  Be tolerant and convert and you may live for awhile.

And you know, part of me would almost welcome it.  I mean think of all the liberal democratic voters out there who are welcoming Islam with open arms and claiming people like me are evil and haters.  Just wait until it happens.  You know those debates on abortion?  Well that will end, no more abortions.  Know those debates on gays?  That will end, you will be killed or tossed off roofs - unless those leaders have the hots for you and want to keep you around as a sex slave.  Children's rights?  They have a right to be buggered.  Woman's rights?  You have a right to be raped by any Moslem that takes a fancy to you and you better cover up - who wears short shorts will be replaced by head to toe coverings.

Am I wrong?  Do you pay attention to Europe?  Sweden and Norway?  The mass sexual molestations that occurred at a recent concert by middle eastern men on blonde future St. Paulie Girls?  Where were the swedish men when this happened?  Are there men in Sweden?

You can capitulate and try to get along but it only buys you some time.  How stupid are we?

Remember where you heard it: Islam is terrorism.  The only peace in Islam is when there are no humans left who disagree with Islam.

Now I'll say something positive about Islam: they do not discriminate.  They don't care if you are Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, agnostic or atheist, they will cut your head off just the same.  And they don't care if you are asian, black, white, or brown.

Would one brave reporter during a debate or press conference ask Hillary how many black Egyptians were killed when we helped overthrow the government of Egypt and why is that genocide of black Egyptians not an issue with black voters in this country?

Oh well, time to read while I still have a head to read a book.

When you're asleep they may show you
Aerial views of the ground
Freudian slumber empty of sound

Over the rooftops and houses
Lost as it tries to be seen
Fields of incentive covered with green

Mesmerised children are playing
Meant to be seen but not heard
"Stop me from dreaming!"
"Don't be absurd!"

"Well if we can help you we will
You're looking tired and ill
As I count backwards
Your eyes become heavier still
Sleep, won't you allow yourself fall ?
Nothing can hurt you at all
With your consent
I can experiment further still."

Madrigal music is playing
Voices can faintly be heard
"Please leave this patient undisturbed."

Sentenced to drift far away now
Nothing is quite what it seems
Sometimes entangled in your own dreams

"Well, if we can help you we will
Soon as you're tired and ill
With your consent
We can experiment further still

Well, thanks to our kindness and skill
You'll have no trouble until
You catch your breath
And the nurse will present you the bill"



Liberals across Europe and America are now demanding strict new controls of trucks in wake of the slaughter in France.

The Teamsters Union in the US is claiming Trucks don't kill, people kill.

Stay tuned.

Friday, July 8, 2016


When all is said and done, some of us while having no sympathy for the shooters in Dallas, wonder about the police sending in a robot with a bomb to just kill the guy.  Judge Roy Bean must be grinning in his grave.

Well, I'm sure glad I didn't jump to conclusions after reading where some black guy said he wants to kill whites especially cops who are white because I might have jumped to the conclusion this guy was some serious racist nut or something.

But after watching clips of our president, potential second coming of Clinton, and others, I've come to realize that this shooter was not a racist, I am a racist and it's all my fault because I'm a white guy.

And the really sad thing, there are tens of millions of people in this country who actually bought this line of bullshit and think it is true.

How about this perspective, most of these black lives matter people are serious dupes and the radical ones are the ColoredCluxClan.  They are financed by people like George Soros, a man who started life turning in Jews to the Nazi's and later learned how to make billions screwing with the economies and currencies of countries so that millions and millions of everyday people would lose jobs, homes, and lives so Soros could pocket the profits.

And now Soros and his buddies are sewing loads of cash to to reap a race war in this country.

Do you really want to know at who's feet the fault the plight of black america rests at?  Black people.  Not whitey.

Whitey don't care.  Whitey reveres the great black athletes, authors and actors.  Whitey works side by side with blacks in many fields today and doesn't think twice about the skin color issues.  Whitey, well, the stupid ones, voted twice a black president.

Whitey doesn't care about skin color.  Intelligence, yes, skin color no.

Well, except liberals, they love keeping the black man down.  White liberals don't think blacks are smart enough to pass thru school.  White liberals use money from people like Soros to fund Planned Parenthood programs to abort millions of black babies - oh go look up who started planned eugenics hood, who they supported (Hitler) etc.

Johnson did the big civil rights thing that forced millions of blacks into subsidized towers of terror and and gave them enough money to eat junk food, booze and drugs and as long as nobody strayed to far from the towers of terror, cops stayed away.  Oh, yea, and this was brilliant, pay the women to have kids but only if they don't have a husband.  So millions and millions of black boys and girls grew up with no dads. Then liberals redesigned the education system and assured generation after generation of kids would just pass thru school not being able to spell, read, add, or think.  The liberals built prisons to house the black youth that looked at the horizon so today nearly 50% of black men do time.

And Clinton signed NAFTA and CAFTA so that millions of good paying factory jobs that many a black men worked and raised families on in the 30's 40's 50's 60's and 70's were shipped overseas.  And since they couldn't ship away those jobs fast enough, those same liberals that blacks have been voting for the past several decades started allowing millions and millions of mexicans and other immigrants into this country to take the jobs at the lower end of things.  No more cab driving, cooks, landscaping, construction, or factories.

And black america just kept voting for these leaders who promised them election after election more free this and more free that and now look where you are at.

Unemployment in this country is over 40%, but if black, it's over 60%.  Blacks have hissy fits if a cop shoots a black man but don't say squat about last weekend in Chicago 60 people were shot, almost all blacks and shot by blacks.  One black gets killed by a cop and it's a march and riot.  Hundreds of blacks shot by hundreds of blacks and that's just life.

Here is a promise.  Vote for Hillary black america.  She will say all the right things, promise you the sun and the moon, the jessie's and al's will tell you to vote for them,  and in 4 years you will still be where you are at today, unless you've been shot by another black man or put in prison.  But your life will not be better.

Just stop blaming me for your own apathy, your own stupidity, your own choices and stop being patsies for Soros, Clinton and the others that don't give a crap about you.  They just want your vote.  Then if the cops kill you great, they can use that for more votes.

Devolving backwards with glorious abandon
Delirium  In a gilded cage
Aching like an open wound
In consecrated disillusion
Man crawls back into the slime
Like carrion upon carcasses of slaughtered beasts
Successors  scraping at your gates
Spine broken underfoot in rotten evolution
Drowning in eternities of neglect
Constant and eternal
As it carved into the flesh of earth
Under the sovereign-doctrines
The inner iron-discipline

The slaves shall serve
Chaos reign supreme
The slaves shall serve
In corrupt insanity
The slaves shall serve
Alone in decrepitude
The slaves shall serve
In reverse spirituality
The slaves shall serve
Chaos reign supreme
The slaves shall serve
In corrupt insanity
The slaves shall serve
Alone in decrepitude
The slaves shall serve
In reverse spirituality

In piles of bone building towers to the sky
Kneeling  In dying contemplation
Spitting the futile prayers
Towering to be closest to the gods
In spineless submission
Swarming under isoclinic cromlechs of death
Culling  mormillion opiate-masses
Resting on the laurels of mass graves
Climbing gold mountains, in disposable waves

Tuesday, July 5, 2016


I had an epiphany today.  I am changing my name to Clinton.

Now I can rape a woman and not be prosecuted, and if I am, I can lie about it under oath and not be convicted.

I can ride on luxury jets with rich guys and teenage girls and have my way with them and no one will care.

I can sell military secrets to our enemies for millions and millions of dollars to my 'charity'.

And now, in spite of the law saying I can be negligent with state secrets being a crime, the head of the FBI can investigate and say being negligent is no excuse and then say I was negligent and then "ah heck, why bother a Clinton with pesky little details that has sent thousands of people to prison in the past".

I mean did you see the FBI statement?  If you are Hillary Clinton, you and your people can erase thousands of emails from a server you know is wanted for an investigation and, nada.  Nothing.

If it were you and I, that would be destroying evidence.

The server was illegal.  The use of private email by a high ranking government official is illegal.  Using said server and email to send and store top secret and secret files is illegal.

But hey, it's a Clinton, that's okay.  We let them get away with murder, rape, intimidating witnesses, selling military secrets, illegal campaign contributions, I mean really, what is the big deal.

You really want four more years of this shit?

Friday, June 24, 2016


Well, I was totally shocked.

Never thought for a moment that the leave vote would win.  Oh, I was sure the majority would vote for it, just couldn't believe the world powers that be couldn't fix an election in Britain.  I stayed up late waiting for one of those last areas to come in 2,000,000 votes for and zero to leave in an area with 500,000 registered voters.

Like that area of Philly that went 19,000 for Obama and zero for anyone else.

But you gotta give the Brits credit, now give them your prayers.

Because those world banks and such are going to crush the Brits.  And for all those thinking that this bodes well for Trump, when the British economy is totally tanked in October with massive unemployment as a warning to the USA.

What is amazing is they have one vote and it's a done deal.  Doesn't work like that in the good ol' USA.  See, in the USA they just keep having vote after vote.  Like gay marriage.

At one point, after over 30 votes state by state, some multiple times, all saying NO to gay marriage, the Americans have another wonderful little feature to let the people know you can vote all you want, we don't care.

They go to court and get a judge they have blackmail evidence on to overturn the will of the people and say Screw You, gay marriage is okay.

Then and only then is it a done deal.

But not our motherland, say what you will about having an official Queen named Sir Elton as well as a royal family of inbred Germans, but the people spoke and now all hell breaks loose.

First, Scotland and Northern Ireland are going to do everything they can to bolt so they can stay part of the EU, which will have plenty of room because France, Denmark, Netherlands and Italy want out now too.  Germany is not happy because the EU is expecting them to make up the billions lost when England left.

One wonders when history is written, will the vote in Britain be the spark of a future war?

There is really only one place to put the blame on this, though they would never admit it, it's the EU who caused all this.

First of all, when the EU started, it was sold on the economics and traveling between countries made easy.  What it turned into was some unelected group in Brussels making up law after law after law like how loud you can listen to music on your iPhone.  Imagine sitting in Brighton England and being arrested for listening to your music too loud thru your headphones.

And then there is this immigration thing of the western world having to open their doors to hundreds of thousands, hey, selling Brussels short here, millions and millions of immigrants from third world countries flooding into their country, sucking billions a year in welfare, education, and medical dollars from citizens.  Now you have entire areas in European countries where Sharia Law is the Law and local police don't dare drive into without a tank escort.

Let's face it, the English had enough.  They had enough of tens of thousands of middle eastern young men being brought into their towns and communities.

Do you read overseas papers?  Do you know the number of rapes occurring in England, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, and France done by middle eastern men of local girls and boys.

Oh yea, boys too, those middle eastern men seem to skip right over Mohammad's rules against buggering the little boys.  Guy at a public pool in England did a young english lad and when was done - he went swimming.  Cops got there, kid pointed him out, and he's like 'what is the big deal'.

Let's face it, we all, unless we are native americans, come from immigrants.  But people immigrated to this country to become Americans, well, except the original ones, if they did we'd all be living in TeePees and our congressional representatives would be screaming for arrow control.

What is happening now is we are being flooded with people south of the border that have no interest in becoming American, they raise the mexican flag or the Saudi flag, they don't try to learn English so now we have to wait when making a call for the robot to say "press 1 for english, press 2 for spanish, press 3 for fasi, press 4 for swedish, press 5 for portugese, press 6 for german, press 7 for creole, press 8 for french, press 118 for russian and 20 minutes later you don't remember why you called in the first place.

Oh wait, it was 911 and you were reporting the three saudi's for raping the 8th grade cheerleader next door - never mind, they left.

Just keep your eyes on that case in Idaho where three young middle eastern boys raped the 5 year old girl, well, not all of them raped, some were not old enough to get it up so they just peed on her beaten naked body.

And the democrats want to take away your guns so the 30 million illegal aliens can rape and pillage all they want.  Vote to get them out and the judges will just overturn it.

I wonder if the english will vote back gun ownership, if they do, might be time to move back to the home country.

Please take me away
Far from this place
Leaving me here
Take me away

To the furthest star in the sky
Take me away
To the deepest cave of the night
Take me away
Voices of love, here I am
In the sad sad world of fear
Take me away
From the power of my ambition
And I'll be happy

I - I've conquered time
Where will I go ?
Am I still mine ?
Take me away

To the furthest star in the sky
Take me away
To the deepest cave of the night
Take me away
Voices of love, here I am
In the sad sad world of fear
Take me away
From the power of my ambition
And I'll be happy

Peace - floating in limbo
Limbo - Leading me nowhere
Peace, now without motion
I cry, when will I die ?
God - Where is my soul now ?
My world, please set me free
Peace, now without motion
I cry, when will I die ?


Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Tiger gotta eat, bird gotta fly
Man gotta wonder why why why
Tiger gotta sleep, bird gotta land.
Man gotta think he needs to understand.

Wow, even I didn't see this coming.

To think the shooter, well, apparently liked the walk on the wild side.

His ex wife, possibly the stupidest woman on the planet, first said he was violent, then said he was probably gay, now says she knew what he was planning, was on the buying trip with him, and told the authorities all about it, making her a co conspirator in the killing of 50 people.

I think we've found a future democratic nominee for president.

There is nothing funny about what happened, nothing funny in 50 people losing their lives and another 50 shot up and in the hospital with a variety of injuries that will affect them the rest of their lives.  What is funny is watching the reactions of the different  players.

Liberal democrats immediately blamed gun control laws, we need more.  Problem is, they guy had a gun license in NY, one of the toughest states to get a license.  He legally purchased the guns.  He'd been investigated and questioned by the FBI.  He'd passed background checks for his job as an armed security guard for a company with DHS contracts.

Of course, this should bring up questions how a guy when in high school was cheering when the planes hit the towers - I don't have all the training of an FBI agent, but shouldn't that be some sort of clue or negative thing - a guy who apparently had a work partner once who quit his job because he couldn't stand listening to this guy go on and on about his hatred of gays and others, expressing the desire to kill them.

But of course one side is blaming Islam, another is blaming guns, another is blaming the plight of gays in this country.

And our president, man how smart is this guy, immediately picked up on the situation and blamed the mass killing on hate while the rest of us were confused, not sure if it was due to hate or love.  We have so many mass killings caused by love for our fellow mankind.

But now, what will people say?  Turns out the killer didn't just hate gays, he was gay.  Been going to gay bars for years.  Dating on gay apps.  So now what will they say?  That it was because of some deep psychological trauma of being muslim and gay drove him to do this?

Tiger gotta eat, bird gotta fly
Man gotta wonder why why why
Tiger gotta sleep, bird gotta land.
Man gotta think he needs to understand.

I don't get the whole gay thing anymore.  Look, no doubt, at one time people who were gay had to hide their live style, but now?  No one really cares anymore, it won't hurt you getting or keeping a job, might even help you get the job.  You can rent, buy, get married to your partner, what is the oppression?  Not in America.

Now in the Islamic world, well, not so much.  You are hung, tossed of roof tops, beaten, mutilated, and all those other fun things those pesky peace loving muslims like to do in their spare time.

So now President Numb Nuts, a man rumored to have enjoyed a few walks on the wild side himself since high school, is filling this country with Islamic soldiers who are attacking gays.  And liberals, gays, blacks, hispanics, jews, and muslims all voted for him for being so open minded.

The problem with being open minded is eventually your brains pour out.   Get over your grieving quickly my imaginary readers, there are going to be many more mass shootings, bombings, and such in our future.  Compliments of your friend neighborhood Numb Nuts.

Tiger gotta eat, bird gotta fly
Man gotta wonder why why why
Tiger gotta sleep, bird gotta land.
Man gotta think he needs to understand.

Monday, June 13, 2016


And people wonder why I pray for God to reboot.

Well, the Canadian Supreme Court has determined that oral sex with animals is perfectly legal as long as it doesn't involve penetration.  That is right, now hockey players will have something to do once the ice melts, the hosers can spread peanut butter on their hoser and let their dog lick it off and not worry about those pesky Canadian Mounties from disturbing their summer picnics, eh?  Which is probably for the best since the Mounties might be too busy with their horses.

And a bunch of law school graduates have determined this is okay.  Maybe Lenin was right after all.

Just to keep the flow, big story out of California, gee, there is a surprise, where what started as something in Oakland is now spreading about cops and young girls in sexual encounters. A whole underground system of cops and 15 year old girls.  Which, when asked at a press conference about what was happening, led former President Clinton to say "I always wanted to be a cop".

Now the shooting in Florida.  Still confused as to what it is; some say it's a hate crime of some homophobe shooting a bunch of gay people.  Others think it is Islamic terrorism.  The president thinks it is inanimate objects gone wild as guns just opened fire in a gay bar.

Tonight on Fox:  Are bullets homophobic?

Now the shooter is a first generation American, apparently.  Strong muslim ties to a mosque the feds expected would be trouble but were prevented investigating further a few years ago so as to not upset the muslims.  Liked to beat his wife, then she left.

Frankly, I think the whole thing started when the bar held Retro Bee Gees Disco Night at the bar; that would set anyone off with an automatic weapon.

Here is the point without the dribble.  A muslim went whacko and shot up a bar of people, killing over 50 of them.  Of course, this is a well respected person who apparently is an armed security guard working for a company with contracts with the Department of Homeland Security.

Get a grip on that: one department under DHS was investigating this guy for his radical islamic ties and was told to stop while another department in DHS approved him to be an armed security guard with one of their contractors.

We are allowing this country to be overrun with foreigners.  Foreigners that don't go thru medical testing and now have little kids in our schools with TB sitting next to your little kids.  We are allowing young men trained in terrorist camps in the middle east to flood into this country.

What happened Saturday night is the first of many times to come.  But then if you read this blog, you already knew that didn't you.

Admit it, when you woke up Sunday morning and read the news, you really were not the least bit surprised, were you.

Guess I got what I deserve
Kept you waiting there, too long my love
All that time, without a word
Didn't know you'd think, that I'd forget, or I'd regret

The special love I have for you
My baby blue

All the days became so long
Did you really think I'd do you wrong
Dixie, when I let you go
Thought you'd realize,thatI would know, I would show

The special love I have for you
My baby blue

What can I do, what can I say?
Except that I want you by my side
How can I show you? Show me a way
Don't you know, the times I tried

Guess that's all I have to say
Except the feeling just grows stronger everyday
Just one thing, before I go
Take good care, baby let me know, let it grow

The special love you have for me