This is my second blog.

My first blog chronicled my experiences over three years caring for my dad as he lived through and finally died from Alzheimer's. That is the book that is for sale.

This second blog kind of chronicles of life, what it is like to start your life over in your late 50's. After caretaking, you are damaged, file bankruptcy, and the world doesn't care what you did. After 8 months of unemployment, you wake each day knowing the world doesn't want you. Finally you do find a job, 5 weeks before homelessness, but doing what you did 30 years ago and getting paid what you did 30 years ago. So this is starting over.

The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.

Sunday, March 11, 2018


Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but  Names will never hurt me.

Welcome to the 21st century!

Sticks and Stones may break my bones but call me a name and the jail time will double.


Late night blogs always turn out on the strange side of life.

Or not.

One of the head scratching strange things we older people ponder is censorship.  Growing up, there were rules and standards, for example married couples on TV slept in separate beds, like Dick Van Dyke and MTM.  News reporters were well aware of FDR's private lover for years and JFK's private lovers each night.  LBJ probably got more in the WH than Clinton.

Then came the 60's and 70's and rules dropped one by one and we called it good,  Young people today if they watch the first couple of seasons of SNL might laugh, but they don't get it.  They've grown up with much 'worse' on TV, they didn't have that OMG moment when "Jane, you ignorant slut" was said and you were just amazed that they said slut on TV.

Now, it appears, you have to be a slut to be on TV.

Or who can remember the job interview with Chevy Chase and Richard Prior?

Blazing Saddles?

But what scratches our heads is what is happening today.  The left, which freed artists, writers, actors, comedians, etc from the shackles of those standards have swung the pendulum so far now the left is the party of  racism and censorship.

Now the left does not want to hear about Christianity, God, etc.  It want's to block conservative speakers and will riot if one shows up on campus.  And in Britain, and I suspect the US, there is a case unfolding now where over the last 30 years young boys and girls have been grabbed and groomed - groomed to help men in the predominately moslem area have sex.  And police knew about, the government knew about it, the media knew it was going on and nobody did jack shit because they were afraid of charges of racism.

Sit down and let that soak in for a moment.  Over 1,000 children kidnapped and repeated raped and nobody did anything for fear of being called racists.

And we wonder why millennials are so screwed up today.  Raised in a world where kidnapping and raping 10 year old kids is preferred to people thinking you are a racist if you object.

And we all know in this country the godlike Bill Clinton to half this country has ridden on the Lolita Express over 2 dozen times and you are a blithering idiot if you think he went for the peanuts and in flight movie.  He rode those planes to have sex with underage girls, how underage?  Who the hell knows and why should you care if it was 10, 12 or 15?

Hey, don't just believe me, go read up on it.

A report by think tank Quilliam has found that more than eight out of ten men convicted of grooming gang offences have an 'Asian' background, while victims are "almost exclusively white girls". https://t.co/WMYGngGPDf

We can't show Charlie Chan movies on TV anymore because we might offend a culture and now we allow the same culture to kidnap and rape and prostitute young white girls lest we be called Racists.

Stop and let that sink in.  We live in the 21st century where being thought of as a racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe and other such things is WORSE THAN KIDNAPPING AND RAPING CHILDREN.

Sorry for my French, but fuck that.  And now the pendulum approaches to the left apex, the fear of being called a name trumps the raping of children, repeatedly, for years.  Good luck explaining that on Judgement Day.

Last weekend watched Lonesome Dove again.  Haven't seen that in a few years but I love that miniseries or movie or whatever it was.

'Course, those days of justice are gone where you catch the horse thieves and killers and just hang 'em where you find them.  Never gave them a fair trial with a lawyer who could find some reason for them to be excused for their violence like addiction or something.  Or when some injuns stole the woman and one of the rangers goes after them and shoots down about 12 Indians to get back the woman, racist bastard.

Anyone coming by and sees the sign horse thief under a hanging corpse will think world is a little better place today with him gone.

If we still hung car thieves or bike thieves, nobody would need be locking their cars or bikes up.

Does anyone watch Lonesome Dove today and think Gus and the Captain were bad guys who should be jailed for crimes?

But to be honest, in this country, even back in the 1950's and 1960's, I suspect many a local town or community dealt with a sexual attack on a child quietly to protect the child from public knowledge, which means there were never trials.

Fortunately, back then LSD was just out and locals could shove a couple down someone's throat and then toss them off the cliff and just write it off as another foolish drug addict thinking he could fly.......

Admit it, you remember reading those stories all the time back in the 60's.  LSD, thought he could fly.

"Do not post anything which could be considered offensive" – Police hunt down Facebook users who made "offensive" comments about Muslim grooming gangs online. #Priorities https://t.co/6rVLoX2OLX

— Jack Montgomery ن (@JackBMontgomery) January 13, 2018

Golly.  I will admit, I almost thought about opening a facebutt account after reading that.

Let's see, Pedophilems?  Mosophiles?  Pedlams?

By the way, please tell me none of my imaginary readers had a thought like "I wonder how much being a groomer pays".  Yuk.

I just don't get the whole ped thing.  I mean, did I ever think 14 or 15 year old girls were hot?  Yea, when I was like 8 to 15 years old.  Not when I was 21 or 51 or 60, it's wrong.  I'm sorry, but you are absolutely soulless if you are into sex with kids:  absolutely, completely, soulless.

I often suspect, but can't really ask, but suspect greatly that men that enjoy buggering little kids had been buggered themselves as children, but that can't possibly explain all the incidents of what is happening in society.

Good God, could the Brits have turned their back on their children because they secretly wanted to bugger them too?

I wonder how Gus and the Captain would handle this problem.  But not for long, we know.

She watched her boy grow into a man 
He had an angel's heart and the devil's hand 
He wore his star for all to see 
He was a Texas lawman legacy 
Then one day word blew into town 
It seemed the men that shot his father down 
Had robbed a bank in Jerico 
The only thing 'tween them and Mexico 
Was Lonesome Dove 

The shadows stretched across the land 
As the shots rang out down the Rio Grande 
And when the smoke had finally cleared the street 
The men lay at the ranger's feet 
But legend tells to this very day 
That shots were comin' from an alleyway 
Though no one knows who held the gun 
There ain't no doubt if you ask someone 
In Lonesome Dove 

Back to back with the Rio Grande 
A Christian woman in the devil's land 
She learned the language and she learned to fight 
But she never learned how to beat the lonely nights 
In Lonesome Dove, Lonesome Dove

Monday, March 5, 2018


When you read the news about politics and the coming election, most articles are trending towards the reps getting handed their lunches in the 2018 election, dems taking back both houses of congress, impeachment blah blah blah.

People are missing something big here.

We need to go back to the baby boomers for comparison.  Boomers were this huge population of kids born between 1945 and 1965, followed by a much smaller generation called Generation X.  Well, back in 1972, there was a takeover of the Democratic Party, led by the massive voting of young baby boomers, out went the old guard and in came the new much more liberal democrats.  And those democrats elected over the next 20 years or so are the old guard of the party today.

So here is the thing, the Millennials are as big as the baby boomers, actually a bigger population, in spite of the wars in the Middle East the total death toll is less than a year in Vietnam.

But these millennials stuck up their little heads in the clouds in 2016 and went for Bernie and truth is if the DNC and Hillary hadn't manipulated things Bernie would have won that primary - but no worries - the DNC is assuring us manipulating primaries is protected by the first amendment.

Those millennials have not gone away, they have gotten pissed off though.  And this is about to shake the politics of this country up something seriously.

Already you see Diane Feinstein not getting the nod out of the California primary convention, basically being told time to retire.  Will she get the nod in the actual primary, who knows, but I'd bet right now she is seriously thinking of hanging up the spurs and taking her 10's of millions she's earned insider trading and getting large government contracts directed to her husbands business interests.

The point is, the parties are just about to see a major shakeup because millennials are now all voting age and ready to rumble.  And they are about to do to the democrat party what the baby boomers did, kick out the old guard and go far left.

These millennials seem awful enamored with socialism and communism, showing their public school education much of made much of Lenin, Stalin, Mao etc.  Or they were taught that Sweden or Denmark were socialist systems and work great, failing to mention that Sweden and Denmark, if states of the US, would be in the bottom 10 in population.

Fact of life, what works for a few won't work for the many and what works for the many won't work with the few.  Can't compare Sweden to US, or Japan to US when populations, cultures, etc all play a harmonious whole that won't exist here.

But to the point, when the older democrat voters see their party become outright socialists and communists, what will they do?  Will they fight for their party control or look at alternatives?  Then again, watch what the dems decided to stand for and watch for the term Universal Income, a guaranteed living wage paid to everyone in America.

Might see a lot of older people worried about their retirements go 'yea!'.

So what will republicans do?  Swing right?  Swing middle to pick up more in the middle and give up the far right?  And where does the far right voter go then?  Do parties split?  Do dems split to the Socialist Party and the Democratic Capitalistic Party?  Does that latter combine with middle of the road republicans and those finger in the air politicians like Kaisach or a Bush or middle of the road democrats join forces so we have the two extremes and the middle?

It's kind of interesting but I suspect it will be much worse than what baby boomers did.  See, baby boomers were better educated in high school and college than millennials; more core reading writing and arithmetic than millennials who were brainwashed with social classes to make them, well, communists and socialists.

I know, there were commies and socialists in college in the 70's, but there were opposing views and the freedom existed to argue, debate, even with professors.  Now, that is squelched, and these little darlings haven't really been tested in their knowledge or theories.

And is there a silent majority in millennials?  We see the protestors but for every protestor there are 10 not protesting, where do they land?  What do they think?  How will they vote?  Will more jobs being created be enough for many millennials to wake up and think maybe capitalism is better than socialism?  Or voting is better than not being able to vote?
Will they educate themselves beyond regurgitating what professors told them and learn that communism works great in the 20th century if you were not one of the 150 million that were murdered by Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Castro, and other communist leaders to 'make it work'.

For the good of the state, don't you know.

In 1984, baby boomers and Gen X were asked to step up to the plate and have the SS/Med taxes doubled to save SS/Medicare.  Promises were made, promises were broken, like the extra tax would never be touched or borrowed against and it was less than a year before IOU's got tossed in for all that cash coming in and now those IOU's make up about 8 trillion of our 21 trillion in debt and baby boomers are going to want their SS they paid for, we carried the WWII generation and Silent Generation thru their retirements and now it's time for the millennials and the next generation to pony up and protect us in old age.

Except baby boomers and GenX graduates were not saddled with 100k in college loans.  And those WWII/Silents had lots of pensions besides the SS.  Baby boomers don't get the pensions and less than 20% have over 100k in retirement funds, so that SS money is going to be necessary and it will need to be increased dramatically less we want a nation with 50 million senior citizens living on the streets.

And no millennials, euthanasia is not an option, shut up.  On the other hand, Vonnegut wrote a short story in Welcome to the Monkey House back in 1961 that predicted suicide centers and old people doing themselves in would become the patriotic thing to do.  For Country and Family, end it now.  Save the country!  Save your family the horrible expenses and pain of your old age.  Visit a local suicide center.

Public and private pension funds are horribly underfunded, throw that into the equation.

So the millennials, unable to get really good jobs out of college, saddled with 100k in debts for college so they could work 3 part time jobs, are going to revolt big time and they will revolt at the ballot box.

Trump was not an outlier, a blip, he was the start of what is going to be a very unsure and uncomfortable time ahead for many.

Frankly, at this point, I'm betting on the 50 million homeless seniors.  I don't think the millennial generation is going to have the foundation to sacrifice for older generations and frankly, saddling them with that kind of debt in their 20's how do you blame them?

Sunday, March 4, 2018


How do celebrities define gun control?

You cannot have one, but their 24 hour body guards can.

Remember that if you watch the Oscars tonight and listen to them dribble out about gun control.  They are talking about YOU, not THEM.

Sad thing about all these rules you must be 21 to buy a gun, well unless you join the military then they train you to kill with them.  Too bad that 20 year old young woman in her apartment late into the night when a serial rapists breaks in and she is being raped she can thank all those other millennials that she couldn't own a gun and have shot the asshole raping her.  Have to be 21 for that.

Something really bad happened this week that nobody is paying attention to, and should be.  Apparently there is this woman Pamala Gellar who is a very outspoken and anti moslem. There is even a jihad out for her life and that famous attempt in Texas but also several men in MA were arrested for a plot to behead her and have been sent to prison.

So what happened?  Some liberal rag, part of the main stream media darlings, wrote some story about her daughters and their online social media stuff and some internet show and named those two teens and also her two other daughters who apparently used another last name - didn't look up whether Gellar is a fake name or what - but basically they outed her teen and younger daughters, who they are, area they live, and all the mainstream media picks it up and blares it out.

They just put those four young girls lives in danger big big time.

What now if something happens to them?  Can those writers and capped toothed pretty faced idiots who read the news be held responsible for outing them and what happens?

They should be held responsible now by the American public.  The American public should call all their advertisers for The Daily Beast and everyone who parroted the story and boycott them, use liberalism against the liberals.  The reporter and editors should get their asses canned.

But won't happen, Pam is conservative and christian so it's okay.  Liberal relativism, all truths are valid, except christian and conservatism and all views are tolerated except christians and conservatism.

Some days I look forward the US being overrun by Moslems and all these professors and news people being put to death.  Oh who is kidding who, they will cave so fast to Sharia law their toupees will spin.


Trump voters all over America are in mourning, their beloved Moses turns out to be one of those wussy, pencil necked liberal bed wetting hoity toity gun grabbing democrats hoping to turn us into a nation of slaves.

The telling thing though is the comment first we grab the guns and then we do due process and it's such a bold direct attack and redefining to the 4th Amendment and everyone knows it, and wise speakers and writers are pointing out that if you give the government the ability to bypass the 4th amendment with guns, what will be next?  How about the IRS confiscates all of Donald Trumps rental properties because they THINK he MIGHT cheat on his taxes in the future?

Not that I consider myself a wise writer.

Does this scare you, no, not that I'm a wise writer, the confiscation stuff stupid?  To think we are moving into an time and area where the government can confiscate or detain you and anything you own is gone because an anonymous phone call or report is made that you MIGHT do something in the future?

Why are you so shocked?  This is not the 'cause', it's simply another effect, the next step in the slippery slope that began 20 or 25 years ago thanks to the drug war.

The Drug War - where several US  agencies make billions supporting the growth cultivation and distribution of coca and poppy all over the world and several other  agencies make billions arresting and confiscating assets from the people who earn a living growing, cultivating, distributing and using the end products of coca and poppies.  Like snakes eating their tails, the war is.

See folks, almost 3 decades ago some smart people bamboozled the folks in America with the idea that law departments should get to keep and sell for cash assets of anyone arrested for drug dealing.  Notice I did not say convicted of drug distribution, nor proof something was purchased with cash gained from the drug trade, nope, just arrested.   Oh heck, it doesn't even require arrest though, just suspicion of drug trade.

The past 30 years are full of stories of an individual going to bank, taking out 7k in cash and getting a ride to purchase a used car.  And 'somehow' police will pull over the car and 'suspect' something and next thing they know they find a guy wit 7k in cash on him and 'suspect' a drug deal either went down or was going to go down so they 'confiscate' the cash and now it is up to that person to hire lawyers and go to court to prove they were not conducting drug business but was, in fact, going to buy a used car for his daughter to take to college or something else so innocent.

We've sat on our asses for nearly 30 years and let a semi police state develop where you today can drive to your bank and want to take out a few grand in cash and the bank will want to know why you want your money. (by the way, best answer to give a banker is you've started a side business buying and selling bull semen and you'd already used your petty cash this morning gathering bull semen from one rancher but need another X, 000 to go to the next ranch to gather more bull semen for some buyers in Japan - then make sure to shake their hand before you leave).

So next the cops pull you over, somehow just smelling that cash in your wallet, and come up with some reason to check your body and vehicle for something illegal (due process) and when they find the cash immediately assume that illegal drug activity is involved and whoosh that cash is gone and now the citizen has to prove to the courts that they were not about to buy drugs but that dream car or Art Deco piece.

Due Process?  Please, exited the building before Kurt Cobain took his final trip.

Most millennials hadn't gotten their first zit by the time due process has left the building.  Just watching the constitution burn, one word, one phrase, one freedom at a time.

But millennials are another blog.  And yes, still on my Warren Zevon thing.

Roland searched the continent for the man who'd done him in
He found him in Mombassa in a barroom drinking gin
Roland aimed his Thompson gun - he didn't say a word
But he blew Van Owen's body from there to Johannesburg

Roland the headless Thompson gunner...
The eternal Thompson gunner
still wandering through the night
Now it's ten years later but he still keeps up the fight
In Ireland, in Lebanon, in Palestine and Berkeley
Patty Hearst heard the burst of Roland's Thompson gun and bought it

Monday, February 26, 2018


Well, once again the 100 year floods are about to swamp the midwest, for the 20th time in my lifetime.  They really should rename those 100 year storms something like once a decade storm.

But rivers all over the midwest are over flood stage, and I keep thinking about a blog I wrote either in the book or on this blog about building a canal system in this country, mostly underground, with pumping stations and reservoirs that would allow us to move water from overflowing rivers to other parts of the country where drought is rampant.

Think of all the jobs it would create.  Think of the benefit to society and the country it would create.

Wait a minute!  Oh my, wait a minute, having an idea here, build the canal system as said but also have it run to the Mexican border and turn the Rio into a huge water wall between the countries!

But what really pissed me off this week is finding out there is another government program been running for a few years called the Optional Practical Training or OPT.

Basically, it's a program for businesses to hire recent foreign college graduates from a US school for an indeterminate period of time.

So here is what it means.  Little Billy and Little Suzy grow up in the US and go to college, folks take out second mortgages and kids take out 100k loans to get that college degree.  They go to school with lots of foreign students, many on foreign student scholarships paid for by US taxpayers and others are from really rich backgrounds who don't blink at paying higher prices which have allowed universities to raise the cost of education more in the last 25 years than health care has increased.  Or home prices have increased.  Combined.

And now Billy and Suzy are college graduates and can't find work.  Why?  Well, one reason is business can hire these foreign graduates at about 60% of what they would have to pay Billy or Suzy AND they don't have to pay SS/MED on those foreign graduates of US colleges.

And how many of these workers are there?  300,000.  That's 300,000 per year, so we are now looking at several million by now.

Think about that.  You bust your ass thru college, borrow yourself more debt than your grandparents spent for a home and car, and you are losing out in your job search because that company can hired the  foreign student sitting next to you and will not pay SS/MED and pocket about 30,000 or more in salary and benefits not needing to pay.  And you can't figure out what is wrong with your resume.

This is another side of the immigration debate that doesn't often hit the press.  Millions of foreigners here on work visas for manual labor to engineering and medicine.  All being paid less than a native born American would be paid, taxed less than an American born  would be paid.  And all perfectly legal, bought and paid for by the companies that hire these workers with large cash donations to your elected representative.

So, Mr. President Trump, if you could take a few moments off from the This Weeks Twitter War with a Hollywood Celebrity Show, you want to put America and Americans first?  How about scrapping the OPT and the other 1B and 2B visa programs that employ foreign workers rather than the 95 million Americans between the ages of 18 and 65 who are not currently working?

You can have the canal program too.

Heck, do those two things Mr. President and you will put about 30 million of those 95 million to work.

Why do I bother.

Said the straight man to the late man
"Where have you been?" 
I've been here and I've been there
And I've been in between

I talk to the wind
My words are all carried away
I talk to the wind
The wind does not hear
The wind cannot hear

I'm on the outside looking inside
What do I see
Much confusion, disillusion
All around me

I talk to the wind
My words are all carried away
I talk to the wind
The wind does not hear
The wind cannot hear

You don't possess me
Don't impress me
Just upset my mind
Can't instruct me or conduct me
Just use up my time

I talk to the wind
My words are all carried away
I talk to the wind
The wind does not hear
The wind cannot hear

Sunday, February 25, 2018


So now it appears 4 Broward County Sheriff Deputies were outside and behind their cars at the school shooting.  I would bet the farm that somewhere, probably being erased, there is an Iso900x Book of Procedures and the procedure was to wait outside, secure the perimeter, until blah blah blah.

Just saying, if the procedure was to enter the school, they would have entered the school.  You can only be fired for not following procedure.  Follow the written procedures and you can have a colossal screw up and your job is safe as long as you can prove you followed the procedure for that situation.  Well, unless you wrote the procedure in the first place.  Or ordered by the Sheriff to stay put until he gets there.



So let me try to get this straight.

Kylie Jenner posts on social media she no longer uses SnapChat and the stock crashes?

First, I had to look up what's snapchat.  Then I had to look up who the hell Kylie Jenner is.  I thought she was some sort of stock hedge fund manager or something.

Now my brain exploded.

A young woman, who's absolutely only claim to fame or significance seems to be she is the daughter of a former US Olympic Decathlon Male Athlete of the Decade who decided he'd rather be Betty Crocker and a woman who was married to one of OJ's lawyers who produced a whole flock of children who never actually accomplish anything significant other than being followed by people who think they are special and famous for big butts or something, my mind started to wander, or maybe started up again, after reading some of this.

What started the brain working again and realizing life is too short to even attempt to follow all of this crap was the number of people around the world who follow this Kylie Jenner on social media.  I mean 10s of millions of people.  Enough that the stock crashed after she announces it was so yesterday - (an ironic statement that will come back to haunt her someday, like when we find out her father froze some sperm before he had the surgery to become a woman and now he has thawed the old tadpoles out and impregnated himself and is now about to give birth to some sort of Fibonacci Sequence of himself) - and I could not help but thinking - "you mean that after what I'm sure is at least a decade on the planet 10's of millions of people cannot find anything better to do than follow Kylie Jenner on social media?"  Seriously?  Hiking?  Biking? Art? Libraries? Education? Philosophy?  Theology? Sciences? Skiing? Swimming?  Camping?  Friends? (real people type friends, not the tv show)

Golly, in the 1990's I made fun of Tony Robbins followers, but at least they were trying to improve their lives, but now in the 2010's we have 10s of millions of people who follow people on social media who have done absolutely nothing of value in living and they, oh never mind.

Now maybe you understand why I root for those earthquakes on the left coast and that volcano in the Atlantic going and producing that tidal wave that in less than 8 hours will take out everything on the east coast about 100 miles inland.  I mean, come on, can't you just picture all the Kylie Jenner type followers standing in front of a 300 foot tidal wave taking selfies of themselves?  Golly I hope Kylie and Kim can survive!

Is this new?  Or just a new form of People Magazine of the 70's or all those tabloids and Hollywood papers people have been reading for decades?  Somehow I don't figure anthropologists centuries from now will look to kindly on our current culture.  I mean think about it, we like to think God in Heaven is looking down favorably on the good ol' USA but really, why should HE?

We abort over a million babies a year.

We have factories of 'aborted' babies providing blood and body parts for elites.

We have allowed sin to become normal, faith to become sinful, and turned churches into cheap grace factories producing delusional believers.

Do you believe in God?  What if you died right now, found yourself standing in line for judgement, started a conversation with the person in front of you who is from some mideast, asian or African  country who suffered for Christ year after year and finally was killed for his belief while trying to go to a secret church meeting and after God listens to that person story it's now your turn?  Well, Kylie says......

Fear God and follow HIS commandments, that is the whole of man.

Anyone follow God on tweeter?  No, not Trump.  God.  In Heaven.

Uh Oh, got to go, Kylie just posted a picture of she and her mates at a disco last night!!!

I worked hard, but not for the money
Did my best to please
I used to think it was funny
'Til I realized it was just a tease

Don Quixote had his windmills
Ponce de Leon took his cruise
Took Sinbad seven voyages
To see that it was all a ruse

(That's why I'm) Looking for the next best thing
Looking for the next best thing
I appreciate the best
But I'm settling for less
'Cause I'm looking for the next best thing

Looking for the next best thing

All alone on the road to perfection
At the inspection booth they tried to discourage me
You can believe what you want--that'll never change it
You'll have to come around eventually

(And you'll be) Looking for the next best thing
Looking for the next best thing
I appreciate the best
But I'm settling for less
'Cause I'm looking for the next best thing

Monday, February 19, 2018


Why has no one in the White House or First Family not grabbed that damn Tweeter Machine and smashed it to smithereens?   I'm sorry, don't pick a fight with Oprah, even if you win, you lose.

Why are all these wealthy elitists buying up land in NZ, Hawaii, Wyoming, Argentina or Costa Rica?  I mean, if you are going to buy an escape bunker to save yourself in a global catastrophe, why do you buy on the Ring of Fire?  Or near a super volcano?  NZ might be a great place in some sort of economic collapse, but if the earth goes wonky it will be the last place you'd want to be.

I can see the bunkers made from former missile tubes in Kansas and Nebraska, those make sense, about the only thing that will get you is if you find NB or KS under 100 feet of ash or water.

John Moore likes to tout Missouri Ozarks as some secret place ex military are all going to but then, based on all the other predictions he's made, I'd stay far away from there since little else he says has come to pass.

Frankly, a massive movement with earthquakes and volcanos around the ring of fire will also set off several super volcanoes in the US, Indonesia, and it won't really matter where you are at on the planet because if several super volcanos blow, there will be no growing seasons for several years, air quality will be very high in sulfur, methane and a few other gases that are known to kill mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and I'll bet the fish won't do well either.

Point is, there is no place to hide, which gets back to my theory you can prep all you want or not prep at all and when the SHTF if God needs you around, you will survive and if God doesn't need you around all the prepping in the world won't save you.

That's why when I buy prep things, I do duplicate and also think what will someone need if they come around after 6 months of hell and I'm long dead, what might they need to survive?  You may be moved to prep, but your efforts might not be for you.  And I'm okay with that.

So, the atheist professor asks, "where was God" at the last school shooting, well, same place He was at all the other ones, but that is not the point.

Since Job's wife asked "where is your God now" doubters have always asked that question every time something bad happens.  Is there a good answer?  Yea, but not an answer that any atheist would accept.

This all goes back to the logical syllogism of:

 "If there was a God there would be no pain and suffering".
"there is pain and suffering"
"therefore, there is no God."

The problem with that is the first premise - where does it come from?  The Bible explains pain and suffering, so where does the premise come from?  People's heads.  What they are really saying is "If I were God, there would be no pain or suffering".  Of course, since there is all they proved is they aren't God and most people today I suspect think they are so that argument goes nowhere.

We kicked God out of the schools in the 1960's, we kicked God out of the public square in the 1980's.  Mostly by the efforts and works of professors like they guy at Harvard.  So why would he ask now where is God?

Maybe you went and stuck your key
In somebody else's door
Maybe you went and helped yourself
To something that wasn't yours
Maybe you simply criticized
Someone you hardly knew
You ruined part of their life for them
Part of your own life, too

How you gonna pay for
How you gonna pay for
How you gonna pay for the sin?
How you gonna pay for
How you gonna pay for
How you gonna pay for it then?

If and when you feel an ill wind
Don't be too surprised
Remember when you should have
Picked on somebody your own size

Sunday, February 18, 2018


Funny how if a dozen or so Russians pretend to be Americans and attempt to influence an election is considered a crime.  Democrats trying to legalize 30 million illegal aliens so they can vote for democrats thus influencing coming elections is not considered a crime.

Speaking of Russia and Russians, twice as many readers of this blog this month are Russian compared to those in this country.  Does this mean Mueller is going to want me to testify in front of a Grand Jury?

Another school/mass shooting and another two things in common: access to guns and drugged out  brains by the education / pharmaceutical industries.  I don't know why we don't just give out Paxil with every ammunition purchase.  Or include a free bullet with every bottle of  Ritalin!  Turn in the labels from 100 bottles of Prozac and win a free AK 47!   So a liberal is someone who thinks the world would be safer if there were no guns and millions of drugged with psych pharmaceuticals children and adults and a conservative is someone who thinks the world is safer when people can have guns and there are not any drugged up psychologically ruined children and adults.

Way to deep for Urban Dictionary.  Way to shallow for a popular blogger.  Story of my life.

When did we reach the point where the Olympics becomes boring and down the list of things to do?  Once upon a time, it was watched almost like the launches at Cape Kennedy - that would be the space program, not a bio of Ted Kennedy's sex life - but today nobody is watching or caring.  Well, unless you are dumb enough to drag the flag on the ground one day after the president acknowledges William Carney.

Laura Ingraham verses James for the next MMA Championship!

Which professional basketball player will do for basketball what Colin K did for football?

Athletes and actors are people too.  They have a right to speak up and say whatever they want on politics, society, and the president.  What they haven't realized is the rest of America, while supporting their right to speak, also can exercise their right of the people to turn the actors and athletes off, not buy the tickets or watch the games, protest the advertisers, and not buy the jerseys.

What  athletes don't realize is their ability to dribble, throw, run,  or catch an object or memorize their lines may pay them millions of dollars a year  does not make them wise.  An actors ability to memorize and recite complicated terminology does not make them smart.  Neither are better than some obscure blogger blathering on and on and on about nothing, confusing snarky with wisdom and nobody reads or hears anything they say.

I am confused on something.  For 70 years the Russian government infiltrated the Democratic Party.  McCarthy is vilified for his attempts to unmask these Russian spies and supporters.  Today the democrats are going after republicans because some Russians supposedly wanted to get Trump elected.  So the party made up and supported for 70 years by Russian communists has become so left wing that Russian communists are now supporting the Republican Party?

Robert Mueller versus Joe McCarthy for the next MMA Championship!

Well, I went home with the waitress
The way I always do
How was I to know
She was with the Russians, too

I was gambling in Havana
I took a little risk
Send lawyers, guns and money
Dad, get me out of this

I'm the innocent bystander
Somehow I got stuck
Between the rock and the hard place
And I'm down on my luck
And I'm down on my luck
And I'm down on my luck

Now I'm hiding in Honduras
I'm a desperate man
Send lawyers, guns and money
The shit has hit the fan

Thursday, February 15, 2018


I found it disconcerting.  February 12th, read my daily news from Mother Jones to Alex Jones and everything in between and I did not notice a single story about Abe Lincoln's birthday.

It use to be a holiday, well, in Illinois it was.  Lincoln's birthday was a day off school.  Then there was Washington's Birthday.  Now we have President's Day.

Then the next day, the president gives a speech and talks of William Carney.  Who is William?  The first black man to win the Metal of Honor.  How'd he do it?  During the civil war he notice the flag carrier, the guy carrying the American flag get shot and start to fall and he dropped his gun and grabbed the flag and held it in the air and the union army charged.  William was shot several times, but he refused to die, to let that flag hit the ground.

I wonder how many black men have heard of William Carney?

And the next day, a hip cool snowboarding dude, walks away with his gold metal around his neck, his snow board in his hand, and dragging the American flag behind him on the snow.

Once children said the Pledge of Allegiance every morning at the beginning of the school day - I can still remember the words.

I wonder if Burton Dude ever heard of William Carney?

I wonder what William Carney would think of Burton Dude?


So last Saturday I went to the doggie adoption and picked up my next border collie, Fidget.  Fidget was a 1 year old, house trained, currently 25lbs, estimated 30 to 60lbs in future.

Brought him home after buying about 90 bucks of food and toys, brought him in and he promptly peed on the carpet - hey, I get that, dog marking his territory.  Bought the time I got that cleaned up I turn around and he's taking a dump.  Took two days to get him house trained.

And by then I realized I'd adopted Ricochet Rabbit.  On LSD.  I've been walking 50 to 65lbs border collies for the last 18 years and this little 20lbs nearly pulled out of my hands several times.

And the chewing, the chewing.  That damn dog would get on the desktop, pull books or DVD Seasons in boxes on the book shelves and just chew things up.  So I'd be working, taking calls, and little tripping RR would constantly be trying to jump up on my lap - I didn't want a lap dog - and then about 30 minutes later I'd realized the dog wasn't in the room and I'd go on break and walk out to the living room and there was chewed paper or plastic all over the place.  Books, cartons, handles to things.

And, I don't think it was a bit of border collie.  Or like it's great grand ma or something was part border collie.

By yesterday, I had stress headaches and could tell my BP was shooting up - and I realized I felt just like I did taking care of my dad, always having to watch and if for a minute I took my eyes off a new disaster would happen.

So I did something today I've never done before, I gave the dog back.  They tried to convince me that crating the dog would break that chewing thing but I don't like the idea of crating a dog.  I was so torn, 20 hours a day, she was a good dog, but four hours a day she was a destructive demon.  And barking.

When I picked her up, there is this room with 25 dogs in cages all barking their heads off except for one or two and Fidget was one of the two.  Boy did she sucker me.  Take her for a walk and he not only barked and barked and anything moving but she'd race around and wrap the leash around my legs and almost fell several times.

So I gave her back.  No regrets, better now than weeks or a couple of months from now when she would be more attached to me and I to her. Well, there is a regret I just spent $400 bucks to have a dog I didn't like for 6 days.  No wonder I'm broke.

So back to being alone, and you know how I feel?  Calm and kind of happy to be honest.

Yea, I know, I mixed up a few hims' instead of hers' but the last 18 years I've been calling my dog a him and it's a hard habit to break.

Friday, February 9, 2018


Once upon a time, I wrote a blog about taking care of my dad while he went thru Alzheimer's.  Or maybe it was a blog about a son taking care of his dad dying from Alzheimer's and what it took to get through the ordeal.  Never was quite sure, I thought it was about him, but maybe it was about me.

And after he died I killed that blog, well, it ended and I published a book which, let me check, doing the math, add this, add that, carry the two, and it has sold 98 copies in 4 years.  I thought writing was through but found I missed it and started this blog to tell the tales of someone who is starting life over in his late 50's, broke, bankrupt, friendless and unemployed.

I'm not sure how many times the blog actually reflected that purpose, somewhere it fell into me just commenting on politics and the world doesn't really need another blogger blathering on about how life sucks in DC.

I thought when my dad died the story was over.  We'd taken care of my mom for about 8 years, the last six she spent most of the time in a bed in the family room and after she died there was about a year lull and then job ended and move to Colorado was a year of trying to sell a house in Chicago area and almost losing it before it sold about 100k less than we started at asking, moving to Colorado and taking care of my dad and when he died the story was over.  So here is what happened when Bosco died.

I just realized now the story is over.  When Bosco died a whole lot of everything came up and out and I realized I'd been asleep or something for over four years.  I mean a couple of times I'm walking around the apartment and this little voice in my head is saying "you have to wake up, wake up" and so everything has been a mess and I realize I've just let everything go in some ways.  Not paying any attention to the small stuff.

So I started questioning everything I was doing.  Why am I hiding in my little 2 bedroom apartment working?  Why am I just doing what I did 30 years ago again?  Why in Colorado?  Why am I planning this bike trip in 2020 to take my mom's ashes back to West Virginia?  Am I insane?  Riding a bike while carrying a gun across America during the election year which will most likely be incredibly violent?  

So I said stop.  Don't make any decisions for a month and see what is going on.  I mean I almost bought a new used car for 4k, nice Saab 9-3 with less than 100k on it and a manual transmission rather than spend another 1k on getting the Volvo fixed.

So I didn't and just picked up the Volvo today, it was 1350 for the repairs on a car I probably could get 2k for selling.  Oops.  Should of spent that on the Saab I thinks.

But I did decide to get a new dog.  See, here is the thing, I am a loner, hiding from the world I don't understand or don't like anymore.  And after spending a couple of weeks all by myself I realized I don't like talking to myself either.

So I filled out an app two week ago with a BC rescue in Colorado.  Still haven't heard back from them and 3 of the 4 dogs they had listed they are no longer accepting applications for.  So a few days after than I did another BC rescue in Wyoming and have not heard from them either.  I mean 3 border collies owned over the last 33 years and they want to do some sort of anal exam.

So yesterday found another dog rescue of all sorts and they have this part BC.  So I filled out the app and it was approved, immediately.  I don't think they bothered to even call a reference.  So tomorrow I am suppose to pick up Fidget, I one year old mixed female.

Things are looking better, I think. Wished I bought the car though.  A manual transmission Swedish car and a new dog only 1 year old so I have a new friend that will be counting on me to take care of her for the next 14 years or however long it can last before the RFID chip creates an inoperable tumor.

You need someone counting on you.  Even a damn dog.  It give you reason to live.

I don't need no arms around me
And I dont need no drugs to calm me.
I have seen the writing on the wall.
Don't think I need anything at all.
No! Don't think I'll need anything at all.
All in all it was all just bricks in the wall.
All in all you were all just bricks in the wall.


Daddy's flown across the ocean
Leaving just a memory
Snapshot in the family album
Daddy what else did you leave for me?
Daddy, what'd'ja leave behind for me?!?
All in all it was just a brick in the wall.
All in all it was all just bricks in the wall.

So, we have a bipartisan budget - which is defined as both democrats and republicans were able to get more money for all those corporations, non profits, organizations, and billionaires that give them millions.  So the wealthy contributors to the cesspool and their minions in Congress are happy today, the president is happy and declaring victory for the military which he hopes will keep him alive for a few years, and our debt just jumped a trillion dollars.

Apparently, Trump is determined to surpass Obama's record of 10 trillion added to the debt, hey, who knows, Bush doubled the debt, Obama doubled the debt, maybe Trump has decided that doubling the debt is in his future.

One dollar a second, you get to a million in around 12 days.  You get to a billion in around 32 years.  You get to a trillion at a dollar a second in 32,000 years.

But some are upset because amnesty for 10's of millions of illegal aliens wasn't included, another side is upset because The Wall was not included

By pouring their derision 
Upon anything we did
And exposing every weakness 
However carefully hidden by the kids
But in the town, it was well known
When they got home at night, their fat and
Psychopathic wives would thrash them
Within inches of their lives.

Well, the president is Commander in Chief.  He is the head of the military, not congress, and once that money is designated by Congress to the military they decided how to spend it.  So....

Why doesn't the president build the wall as part of a military operation?  Training?  Build like 5 different types of walls to stretch the length of the border.  Give the Coast Guard the  areas with big lakes and wide rivers, then give some to the Marines and the Army and let them build these big walls and hold regular training on the ranch lands and you will basically shut down the border.

Pretty smart, huh. Unfortunately, none of my imaginary readers work at the White House.

We don't need no education 
We dont need no thought control
No dark sarcasm in the classroom
Teachers leave them kids alone
Hey! Teachers! Leave them kids alone!
All in all it's just another brick in the wall.
All in all you're just another brick in the wall.

Or maybe Trump didn't care about the wall being in the budget, maybe he wants it part of the amnesty or dreamers act as a bargaining chip.

Here is food for thought, though.  Walls are funny things, build it to keep people out and one day you will find the wall is keeping people in.  Mexico is against the wall, but one day they will love it because a mass exodus of the United States and Mexico will close the border so fast and those walls will keep Americans in, and so it goes.

And the Democratic Party which fights so hard against the wall will suddenly love the wall because, trust me on this, when our government turns on the citizens of this country, it will be with a democrat in the WH and a Congress controlled by the democrats.

It's strange how things have evolved.  Back in the 60's and 70's the left were all about freedom, from hippies to politics to humor to movies and shows.  And our society swung further and further to the left, with Reagan bringing things back, and now Trump attempting to bring things back but the flow keeps going left and that will only lead to a final situation as rights keep disappearing.

If you remember the 60's, say, we will start there, look at the freedoms of this country that have disappeared.  Back in the 60's or 70's a bike rider with a gun was no big deal as long as you don't do something illegal with it, now just having it makes you all sorts of a criminal.  Our rights of privacy, search, landowner rights, are all evolving towards those final moments.

Had an opportunity recently to have an amazing discussion with a customer at work who is one of those bankers who lives in Hong Kong, New York, Chicago and Geneva during the year and we talked about the crypto currencies and the coming biometrics and he was just all excited about it explaining how it would all work and all I heard is if you are not part of this system, there is no buying or selling; no roof over your head, no jobs, no food.

And you think today a computer mistake takes quite some time to get fixed, just wait until someone deletes you in this new system, you will, for all practical purposes, cease to exist and would have no way to fight it because only those part of the system could travel, purchase tickets, enter buildings, use communications etc.

The point of all this rambling is our move towards a totalitarian state and if you look at history; it's always from the left.  In spite of the medias attempts at making Russia 'hard right' it is actually hard left, so is China.  German Nazi's were the National Socialist Party.  Fascism is a socialist system of the government running private businesses.  That is from the left.

And one day, that wall all the right wants built, will be the death of the 'right' trying to escape a leftist death of America.

Did you see the frightened ones? 
Did you hear the falling bombs? 
Did you ever wonder why we had to run for shelter when the 
promise of a brave new world unfurled beneath a clear blue sky? 


So former President George W Bush said "there is clear evidence of Russia meddling" in the last election and I'm thinking "yea, they must have hid it next to those weapons of mass destruction".

That was just too easy.

Thursday, February 1, 2018


Who exactly is M&M, why does he dress like a black rapper and why does anyone care what his opinion of Trump is? And I love the way Trump just ignores him.  Wish Trump would do that more often.

Sorry dems, but Trump hit that SOTU out of the park.  What surprised me was how many other people watching or listening were counting the number of times he said "I".  I didn't hear it until about the 53 minute mark, total speech count was 29.

Obama once said "I" 199 times in a SOTU.  Barak Obama couldn't say The Lords' Prayer without using "I" at least a dozen times.

What more proof does the world need about the current democratic party?  Obama wants a path to citizen ship for 600,000 dreamers.  Dems raise the number to 800,000.  Trump, knowing full well that anytime congress comes up with a figure of how many or how much it will cost, you want to immediately multiply by 2 or 10 to get a more accurate count, so he goes for 1.8 million dreamers getting to stay and earning citizenship and voting in 12 years.

And what do dems say?  NO!!!!!!
What do the protesters say?  NO!!!!!!

You just can't please some people.  Give them what they want, and they still disagree with you.

And that is the topic of the blog today, well, until I ramble and start writing about something else and lose all focus on what I was talking about.

But the point is this:  people do not want to solve most problems.  They would rather live with the problem; problems suffered give us that martyr feeling.  Problems unsolved give candidates comfortable topics to run on each election, parties have their pet problems, politicians have their pet problems and the public all run to the candidate that promises the most to those suffering from their pet problem and the last thing we need is someone actually solving the problem!  It's comfortable.

Like the old person with incontinence, it's embarrassing but it's the only time they are warm all day.  Or the person in therapy for 20 years to deal with mother issues or bully issues or whatever nuts see shrinks for.  They would rather go see the shrink, pay the bills and have the martyrdom of issues and trying to fix than actually wake up one day free of the problem and now left with no excuses.

Remember back when the attempts at peace with Israel and Palestinians and Israel gave 99% of what Arafat was asking for and then Arafat said NO!!!!!  It's easier to lead against a perceived persecution than it is to actually run a country.

Ask yourself this; biggest issue in most cities is massive unemployment for the less educated.  If tomorrow some companies opened  new plans on some massive scale that would require 1 million laborers to build and had an open house interview thing going, how many people who have never worked would show up?  The answer out of the ghettos of our cities and over 50% I suspect would just stay at home and complain.  It's easier.

What else is really going on here (oh, he's starting to ramble - off topic now), is the desire by many to have a borderless world, where people can travel, live, and work anywhere they want.  A planet wide Euro Zone.   I think the plan is to open up all the borders, then when all the criminals and poor flee Africa and South America all the wealthy elites will move to Africa and South America and take it over and live happily ever after.  It's a theory, stop laughing.

So what did Trump do that pissed so many off.  He actually offered a solution - one that pissed off the far right and some that pissed off the left.  And the snowflakes go wild!

Here is a major issue with snowflakes - baseball.  See, when Gen X and Baby Boomers were young, we'd spend a summers day playing baseball with the kids in the neighborhood.  All day except for the mad rush home for lunch and back to the field and spend another 3 hours.  No parents.  And what we learned was conflict resolution.  Safe or out at second?  We would argue, yell, sometimes tussle, but generally in the end we would come to a conclusion all would live with.  And you would not let the biggest kids always get his way, sometimes we'd team up in arguing against the biggest kid and they would usually compromise.

Snowflakes?  Never played baseball that way as a whole.  It was always organized games with parents and umps.  Course parents needed the umps more than the kids many times, but that point is that skill set was never learned.  No wonder they can't put together a logical argument and just resort to name calling whenever they meet someone with an opposing opinion.

It's when they shout 'tolerance' that I start laughing out loud at them.  I try real hard not to go to downtown FC much because I don't want to run into a gaggle of students protesting and start discussing it with them and pissing them off and getting yelled at and followed as I leave.

Then again, on a nice spring or summer day, it is a lot of fun.

So, once again, Trumps plan is pretty good.  I would be against taking someone who was dragged over the border by his/her parents when they were 2 and have grown up, gone to high school, gone to college in the US and is now 23 years old, you can't send that person back to Russia, or China, or Mexico.  So I'm cool with the 1.8, as long as they get the end to chain migration, start sending home people here illegally, like maybe the first examples parents when the kids are past 20, anyone with a criminal record, gang memberships, etc.  And build the wall  to put a stop to it.  I'm cool with all that.

It's a solution, it's not perfect, but it's a solution that solves a problem.  Something you don't see very often anymore.

 At the end of the day you're another day
And that's all you can say for the life of
the poor
It's a struggle, it's a war
And there's nothing that anyone's giving
One more day, standing about, what is it
One day less to be living.
At the end of the day you're another day
And the shirt on your back doesn't keep out
the chill
And the righteous hurry past
They don't hear the little ones crying
And the plague is coming on fast, ready to
One day nearer to dying!
At the end of the day there's another day
And the sun in the morning is waiting to
Like the waves crash on the sand
Like a storm that'll break any second
There's a hunger in the land
There's a reckoning still to be reckoned
And there's gonna be hell to pay
At the end of the day!

Friday, January 26, 2018


Been thinking a lot about the immigration thing.

First of all, go look at the front pages of papers today.  Multiple stories on the front pages of Trump considered firing Mueller last June.  But you got to look into the Post and Times types to find any articles on Trumps immigration proposal.  So, think about that a second, the media thinks a story about what did not happen 8 months ago is more important than Trumps proposal for immigration.

I had thought, in thinking never posted, that if they keep using this 800,000 dreamer figure say fine, we will grant 800,000 dreamers citizenship!  But the dems and the snowflakes or cupcakes or whatever they are called protesting would never accept this.  Why?

Cause the number is badly off reality.

Look, back in the 1990's under Clinton they always said 10m illegal aliens.  During the Bush years, it was 10m.  During the Obama years it was 10m illegal aliens in the country.


So that is 30 million illegally in this country, probably more than that since I don't think any one has a clue how many illegally entered this country under Obama's Invasion.

When does illegal immigration become an invasion?  I'm sure there is a line somewhere, I think that line has been crossed in Sweden for sure, probably France and Germany now too.  Hate to say it, but there is a great ethnic cleansing going to happen in Europe, probably during the 2020's for sure.  Who is going to get cleansed I think is still up for debate and betting.

Back to numbers,  sure enough, in the Trump proposal it says that 800k is far short of the actual number of 'dreamers', it's more like 1.8 million.

So, what he proposes is taking those 1.8 million dragged here by parents coming to the country illegally and making them permanent residents and in 10 years if there is a clean record, they can take the citizen ship exam and become citizens.  I like that idea.

Dems will hate it.  They want this issue, they want the votes on this issue, hell California is looking at automatically getting registered to vote when you get a drivers license which means millions more in CA will be voting for federal offices who are not legally allowed to vote.  That is what dems want, they want the illegal votes and when they get back in power they will grant amnesty and citizenship to 30 million illegals who will then all be voting democrat for the next 100 years.  300 years in Chicago since the dead vote there.

Now, what can save republicans?  The House take the Trump plan and pass it.  Then the Senate take the plan, screw down the thumbs of every republican senator and put it up for a vote and pass it and Trump sign it.

So Trump will legalize the 1.8 million dreamers.  It would also end chain migration, it would also allow us to kick out 10's of millions here illegally.  But it does not require EVerify, need to fix that.

Can you imagine the number of dems that will be dropping off of buildings if the republicans pass an immigration bill?  I bet if it actually comes to a vote the dems will try to impeach Trump.

Final note.  Recently read an article about the Charlottesville driver who plowed into the crowd and killed a protester.  There is a story out there that a alt-left person posted on Facebook a picture of himself with an assault rifle and was bragging how he and his buds ran into this driver a few blocks away and chased him.  The guy jumps into his car to escape and this guy on facebook with the rifle with him jumps into his car to chase him and kept chasing him about 4 blocks where the guy hit the crowd.

And I'm thinking, wait a second, is this true?  Cause it changes the story completely if this guy who hit and killed the protester was being chased by some idiot with an assault rifle.

I have no idea at this point if it's true.  I spent an entire evening tracking those stories backwards and they all seem to lead back to one article by one person.  Which, I guess is always true, but I don't see any subsequent articles doing anything but quoting, nobody else is bothering with their own research to verify.  So I don't know if that is true or not.  However, it will sure make the trial interesting if the defense brings this up and can produce the evidence from facebook, messages, etc to show this guy was being chased into that crowd.


This story of the gymnastics/olympic doctor is so weird.

I've only followed it by headline but then read a couple of articles from the alt-left and the alt-right to try to get a balanced sort of story.  And it left me with questions.

1.  The first report against him was in the 1990's.  How the hell did it take this long to catch that bastard?
2.  There were over 150 women who testified against him with sobbing horror stories of what he did.   Many/Several/A few of these same women, when younger, recommended the doctor to their friends and teammates.  Why would they have recommended him if he was doing these things to his patients?  I'm semi okay with a young woman, teenager, pre teen, not coming forward for fears imagined - but when these women got into their 20's and 30's, why did they wait so long?
3.  If 150 people from your past came forward together and accused you of, pick something, how would you defend yourself?
4.  He was originally arrested for child porn on the computer?  Can't they just say he was targeted by the government with the stale old child porn on the computer routine?  This child porn on the computer thing is getting to be as old a stereotype as interrogation with a  phone book once was.  Do they still make phone books or do cops use smart phones or iPads to head smack suspects today?

Now don't peek, but when was the last time you checked your computer for inappropriate pictures?  How many partitions are on your hard drive right now?  Do you leave your computer on and connected to wifi overnight, over a weekend you are away?  I know people to this day who still leave their home and work computers on overnight because back in the 80's and 90's people were told it was better to leave them on that keep turning them on and off.

A good hacker could create a 1g partition on your hard drive, download pics into it and you would never know.  Put it all on a thumb drive with a quick programs in terminal to create the partition, dump the pics and the government can have porn on a computer in less than 10 minutes.

Look, don't misunderstand me.  If this guy was taking advantage of his position and doing things to these young girls I'm all for hanging, seriously,   I find adults verbally, physically, or sexually abusing children to be an abomination requiring a death sentence.

But this trial bugged me.  I almost reminds me of the Day Care Center paranoia of the 1980's.  Remember that?  Day Care Center operators and employees across the nation were charged, tried and some convicted and sent to prison for mass satanic rituals and sexual orgies with the children; great tunnel systems underground were described by the kids.  Lives were destroyed.  And it was all crap perpetrated by, well, not sure, psychs were certainly involved with their interviews of kids and their doll touching thing.

Point being, we are seeing a hysteria ripping across the nation right now, like we did back then except it's got 24 hour cable coverage now and internet bloggers talking about it now.  This could get out of hand.


Can't we just put bars on the windows and doors and turn the FBI building into a prison, would save a lot of time and money.

I don't have a TV so I have no idea how this is playing, not seeing it that much in the newspapers, but some of the revelations this week that higher ups in the FBI and other departments were actively meeting and thinking of ways to get rid of a president is mind boggling.  Why more people are not flipping out over this I will never understand.  I mean think how many people for how long would love to find a memo from 1963 discussing knocking off JFK and what a huge story it would be to find such a memo and now we have numerous emails mentioning meetings, mentioning that there is no 'there there' in the Trump Russia thing, mentioning physically removing the president and all the papers have as headlines is Trump considered firing Mueller last June but didn't.

Saturday, January 20, 2018


Well, today millions of women across the country have gathered in cities to march and protest.

I honestly have no idea what they are protesting for or against.  But I thought this would be a great day for MEN'S BEER AND GRILL DAY.

While millions of women travel by car, bus and plane to cities to around the United States to march for whatever they are marching about now, men have the perfect day to fire up the grill, get those steaks out, pile on the baked beans, potato salads, use paper plates, glasses and plastic wear so you can swoop it all up and get it in the garbage cans before the women get home and pound a few beers with no cares in the world.

That is why I support The Woman's Day March.

Ducking for cover now.


 So, no dog at home and what do I do?

I found these really great old Civil Defense videos from the 1950's on YouTube.  Right now I'm watching "A New Look at the H-Bomb.  The videos are creepy and hilarious at the same time.

Do we still have a Civil Defense system in this country?
Do we still have the bomb shelters stocked with supplies in communities?

Why not?  I'll have to research this....

There was one of these short films that really got me thinking.  Starts with a guy driving up to a farmer, the hey Bill hey Ben how's Audrey fine hows Betty blah blah blah.  But the local store was closed and the guy was coming straight to the farmer for some milk, eggs, and would stop by Thursday for a butchered cow from the farmer.

Then the movie goes into how this isn't who things work anymore and show all the automation in the farming industry for the milk, cattle, etc.

They totally left out how much now we are the cattle and are being totally automized.

Once the cows roamed and the farmer would walk up, put down the stool and bucket and get the milk and when done the cow wanders off.   Today the cows are all lined up in their narrow stalls; cattle are put thru the gates to control which way they turn, all marching towards that cattle gun to the head.

Till today you find the stories of lab grown meat and milk products, no need for the cows.

I wonder what will happen to cows when companies can produce lab meats faster, cheaper and quicker?

Of course, you can look at people today and see the cattle.  Just has the cow got milk and then wandered off to play, people then did a lot of wandering and playing; when was the last time you drove by a field and just saw a group of kids playing baseball or football on a Saturday afternoon - no parents, just neighborhood kids all getting together?  Nope, all inside in their narrow chairs glued to the screen of their phone, TV, Xbox etc.

You listen to shows about AI and robots coming and the efforts of the tech companies to move us into those environments - I don't just mean us as in using them, I mean US!  Our consciousness, memories, our souls.

This is the goal being worked on and it took all the fun out of watching those 1950s civil defense videos, to realize, how far we've come as a culture, how far we've fallen behind as human beings.

Sad again.  Government has now been shutdown for 8 hours and so far nothing has happened.

Government Shutdown

Well, the government's been shut down now for about 6 hours and nothing has happened.

Continue viewing updates of the government shutdown at afterthecaretaker.blogspot.com

Sunday, January 14, 2018


Here are two little truths about politics and Washington.

1.  No solution will ever be offered when not having a solution means more votes
2.  The president and his party will get the credit for a solution.

Let's go back to the Civil War.  For nearly a century after the end of the war the south voted democrat more often than dead people in Chicago.  Well, the white south voted democratic,  black America loved Lincoln and the Republican Party.  Why?  Because Lincoln went to war to free the slaves, the Emancipation Proclamation says so, well, sort of, it actually only frees slaves in confederate states and then they only have to escape to union states in  order to be free and hey, while you are now here, how about a nice blue uniform.  But Lincoln signed it and got the credit for a century.

Then LBJ, probably one of the most evil corrupt racist pigs that ever lived signed the Civil Rights Law that Kennedy wanted and only passed congress because of republican votes - look it up, more dems voted against than for - and LBJ signed it and since the 1960's black America has been voting for democrats.

So you can understand why democrats have absolutely no interest in seeing an immigration bill signed by Trump.  That is the absolute last thing democrats in congress want.  They want to go into the 2018 elections using the lack of a bill to try and retake congress.  That is what they want - to use the issue until 2020 and when a democrat gets into office, then they can do a blanket amnesty and lock up another 30 to 50 million democratic voters, formerly known as illegal aliens.

The one thing I don't understand is why black members of congress and black America is going along with this.  The larger the latino population, the larger the moslem population, the less dems will need the black population.

Imagine in 2018 if black Americans woke up to 50+ years of being snookered and switched in mass to the Republican Party.

Of course, the republicans could just write their own bill, they have control of congress, well sort of, but could pass a bill granting amnesty to dreamers, rounding up the criminals and sending them back, building the wall, and Trump could sign it....

Okay, fantasyland for sure.  More likely to have a flying saucer land on the White House lawn and have transgender aliens from Uranus disembark asking for asylum than expect the republicans to be organized and support their president.

Saturday, January 13, 2018


So, the president may have called some countries in Africa and the Americas 'shitholes' and the left is absolutely bonkers, they are running out of adjectives in their little red book at this point.

Meanwhile, if you visited Haiti, or Venezuela, or Mexico or Nigeria, or Zimbabwe; you'd probably think 'what a shit hole' too.  I'm sorry, didn't mean to omit the Middle East.

What is the problem?  That the president said certain parts of the planet are in the crapper and that is why tens of millions of people are trying to get into the US because their country sucks.  And everyone outside of the Virginia to Boston corridor and Hollywood knows it and understands it and thinks the president is correct in his observation.

I mean, when was the last time we had an issue with a Swiss citizen trying to sneak into the US or overstay a VISA?  Duh.

Ask yourself this question:  how bad does the USA have to become to make you pack up what you can carry on your back and do whatever it takes to get you and your loved ones into another country?  Think about that for awhile and build how bad it has to get here and when you think you've reached that point, that is how bad, or worse, all these other countries are that people are trying to escape.

What I find so odd is the nearly fainting outrage in the media to the president using the term shithole and yet didn't so much as bat an eyelash when small investigations into the Clinton Foundation and their Haiti relief fund found tens of millions of dollars coming in, much less headed to Haiti, and the contracts with companies to help rebuild Haiti and there is nothing that gets rebuilt or built new.

How many hundreds of millions has the US poured into Haiti, Mexico, etc etc etc and they never get any better, unless you are the leader of the country, then you get a nice Swiss account for your retirement.

Why is Haiti still such a disaster?  Not a money issue in terms of what was provided and donated.  Has to be 'the system'.  Why, in a continent  with the riches Africa holds such a cesspool of disease, corruption, and poverty.  Africans should be one of the wealthiest continents on the planet, but instead it is a shithole of disease, some of which is probably some experiment, corrupt leaders who slaughter people without feeling so much as a dip in their soul, wars, no plumbing.

Let's face it, if you went to the average African, Middle Eastern, South American country and spent a month you'd be thinking shit hole too.

And they are designed to be shitholes for a reason.   And,  I could be a real jerk and ask a simple question:  Name in the last 2000 years a country predominately black, run by a black government, that has been out front on education, technology, life styles, philosophy, agriculture, anything?  How about a Latin country.  Heck, even Asia, you have Japan and China but name something since the abacus that was invented?  Japan and China are great at copying and perfecting what others have created, not so good at innovation though.

Is there a cultural reason for all of this?

And let's face it, there are parts of this country that are pretty much shit holes too.  Those areas of every major city where jobs haven't existed in decades, areas of Appalachia where the only thing anyone ever did was work in the mines but now those mines are closed.

And I bet a map showing the changes will show those shit holes growing year after year after year.

And. once again, it's the use of a word that people find offensive, not the corruption, waste, and instigated wars; that is okay.  Just don't call it a shit hole.

And I find that offensive.

Friday, January 12, 2018


Okay, last week I made fun of how fat Jeremy, Richard, and James had gotten.  Clearly that free shipping with Amazon Prime is crumpet heaven of some sorts across the pond.

But today, I want to say thank you.

I lay awake last night for hours, just staring at the ceiling.  In the middle of the night when I hit the head, I saw one of his squeezy toys and squeezed it a couple of times, almost thinking he would sudden appear back in this reality, ready to play.

This morning has not been better.  Big payday today with all the over time hit my checking account, don't give a shit.

Shit.  I have sighed a million times the last 24 hours, always followed by the word shit.  All I say or do.  Like just now when I realized I never took a shower yesterday, did I eat?

Then remembered new episode of Grand Tour comes out today so I decided to watch it while I lay on the couch.

And they made me laugh.  Not once, not twice, but many times; belly bouncing can't catch my breath laughter.

Tomorrow is another day, this too shall pass, I will survive putting my dog to sleep too.  Again.

Thursday, January 11, 2018


Do you know how many times I got up today and made sure I wasn't going to step on the dog?  Or to feed him?  Or to take him for his walk?  I use to carry a half empty glass of water from the living room to the kitchen and would always pour the water into his bowl.  Started to do that 3 times today.

I am amazed at what a mess I was at the vet.  I knew this was probably going to be the result of the visit, known for a week, and still, I couldn't speak two sentences without choking up.

And yet, sitting on the floor, the dogs head in my lap, dead, and the thought crossed my mind "if I'd been a millennial, I'd probably of taken 4 dozen selfies of this and be posting them on Facebook this evening"

Why am I still here?  On Earth.  In Colorado.  I don't really like it here, but I'm kind of stuck.  And today, laying on the couch, staring at the ceiling for hours, it is all unravelling.  Do I really want to ride from Colorado to WV and back on a bike to take my mom's ashes back to WV?  Would she really give a crap if I put them in Colorado?  Why do I live paycheck to paycheck, socking 10% away for a retirement I probably won't have because I'm either not going to live that long or the house of cards will crash.  The idea of a 2020 bike trip might derail or end my career where I work and I put other things off 'till after the trip'.  Do I really want to spend 1500 bucks this year getting a new power steering pump, cat convertor, and a few other things on a car I would have a hard time getting 2k for if I tried to sell it?

Or do I hang the 2020 trip, sell current car for 500 and there are a couple of nice Saabs on sale locally between 3 and 4k but I'd probably wait for another Volvo and after some time get another dog.  Then just keep working to 65 and hope I can stick around longer.  Live simple with a dog and a manual transmission.  Seriously, that is what I really want in life, a good dog and a car with a manual trans.

And I could have it all now if I gave up the 2020 trip.

Yea, that's an idea, get another dog so I can go thru this again in 8 to 15 years.

Round and round it's going in my head today.  I'm missing my dog. Badly.

Sorry about not taking selfies of the dog and me at the vet today.  Clearly, I wasn't thinking normally.


Well, 2018 is off to a flying start.

Taking a weeks vacation and could not have come at a better time.  Last call I took the college girl got a new computer for Xmas from her parents, she left the computer in the trunk of her car for a couple of days during the Alberta Clipper when temps didn't see zero for a high and now has discovered a crack in the computer and wants <name of company withheld> to replace.  Did not buy insurance plan which would have covered and after arguing begging crying threatening and asking if I could sell her the insurance plan now and I explained I could but since I know it's already broken I would get fired for that and she replied, " I don't care".

Which brings up the question; should the spoiled brat be spanked for the first time in her life or should we spank her parents for raising such a spoiled entitled brat.

Fortunately, the next day started my week off.

Last night I was leaving the sushi bar with take out and I apparently cut the corner to quickly and my left ankle twisted badly and I did a face plant on the sidewalk, no, didn't spill the sushi.  But today ankle and foot hurt, both wrists hurt and the right knee hurts along with other muscles and bones not feeling real good.

And you know what?  That is the good news.

Bosco has gone on to be with his grandpa.

About three or four months ago, notice he was appearing to get fat.  Wasn't eating as much or as well.  Turns out he had a big ass tumor and I could have spent 3k for surgery to determine if it could be removed and he might make it or last a few weeks or months.

So I had to have him put to sleep this morning.

You would think after taking care of my mom for 6 years, lifting her out of a bed to get on a toilet to the Hospice which turned out to be Swedish for Euthanasia, since my previous border collie Barkley and the story of him passing, to taking care of my dad for 4 years as he went thru the process of dying from Alzheimers, this would be easier.

Death is never easier.  I could not stop crying.  One of the gifts I received taking care of my dad, whatever firewall or fuses existed in my head to not cry, to be a man, blew out with his Alzheimers and now I cry easily.  Today it flowed like a river.

I don't know if I would have made it thru taking care of my dad if we had not gotten Bosco when we moved to Colorado, he was great with my dad and meant the world to me.  And now he is gone.

The apartment is void of life.

And life just keeps moving on, indifferent.

Yep, 2018 sucks so far.

Thank you Bosco.  See you in the afterlife one day, at the end of the Rainbow Bridge.  Along with Jock, Daisy, Kahlua, and Barkley.  You were a good dog, a loyal dog and will not be forgotten.

All dead
all dead
at the rainbow's end
and still I hear her own sweet song
all dead
all dead
take me back again
you know my little friend's
all dead.....and gone.......all dead.......and gone

Her ways are always with me
I wander all the while
but please you must forgive me
I am old but still a child

All dead all dead
but I should not grieve
in time it comes to everyone
all dead all dead
but in hope I breathe
of course I don't believe
you're dead.........and gone..........all dead..........and gone.