This is my second blog.

My first blog chronicled my experiences over three years caring for my dad as he lived through and finally died from Alzheimer's. That is the book that is for sale.

This second blog kind of chronicles of life, what it is like to start your life over in your late 50's. After caretaking, you are damaged, file bankruptcy, and the world doesn't care what you did. After 8 months of unemployment, you wake each day knowing the world doesn't want you. Finally you do find a job, 5 weeks before homelessness, but doing what you did 30 years ago and getting paid what you did 30 years ago. So this is starting over.

The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.

Sunday, June 24, 2018


So, Sarah was denied service at a restaurant for moral reasons while bakers are out of business for not baking gay wedding cakes for moral reasons.  Another member of the Trump Group was semi attacked outside a restaurant or movie or something and now her home is surrounded.  The AG of Florida was harassed leaving the movie theater.

Now Maxine Waters is demanding more of this, attacks and harassment of Trump Group members.  Right before her speech to school children against bullying.

And the media is going right along with it.  Wikileaks, whom I normally support, has published a list of ICE agents and their addresses.

And so it goes and then someone is going to be killed.

Of course, Maxine, the media and others will deny any culpability in the person or family being slaughtered, but this is where it is leading.

I really do not understand the current 'liberal' mind.  I'm not sure which of those words should be adjusted, liberals of the past have no connection to the current cult but then using the word mind is also taking liberty with the language.

The unconscious lack of understanding of the cognitive dissonance of positions taken; bullying is bad, then you support and demand more of it against Trump team members.  Moral reason for denial of service is either an abomination that will not be tolerated or it's a strong brave moral stance.  This would blow my brain up trying to reconcile my thinking.  I mean you literally have to suspend logic and rational thought to be a modern progressive.

The idea we no longer need any borders and not understanding the simplest ramifications of  10 million people from around the world suddenly flooding the USA will bring the country crashing down.

Which brings up another idea.  Is this all planned?  This attempt to open the borders so 10 million people from Mexico to Chile immigrate to the USA?

Think of it this way, say you know that some major event will occur that will destroy America, Yellowstone blowing it's top, Madrid, California falls into the ocean, massive title wave on east coast, all the above and make the USA uninhabitable.  What would you do if you ran the Illuminate or whatever it's called?

Well, first you would want to buy large parts of land in South America, NZ, Australia and Africa.  Then, understanding that all the wealthy elite can't just move to Brazil and be welcome, you need to clear out the population drastically and if you suddenly open the USA and Canada and Britain and France and Germany you get tens of millions of people exiting their homeland to come to the USA and then when SHTF all the powerful and wealthy move to the emptied countries and start building it all over into the new country.  Have to flesh that out some more.  Where was I.......

Here is the thing, when does the snap back happen?  Because eventually, that silent majority, is going to say enough is enough and snap.  When crime becomes more rampant across the country, armed neighborhood watch will closely follow and pity the black/mideastern/hispanic person driving thru the wrong neighborhood at the wrong time.

And God have mercy on us if the currency/market collapses and we have massive unemployment while this is happening, which it obviously will occur.

Is that a goal?  Sucker the good ol' boys, the conservatives, to rise up to be shut down and radical gun confiscation takes place, as 10 million illegals flood the country.

Or do they think people will just go along with this.

This is all coming to a head, something big is about to happen, and then like dominoes falling it will get carried away and nobody will be able to stop it.


On a Sunday morning sidewalk, 
I'm wishing, Lord, that I was stoned. 
'Cause there's something in a Sunday 
That makes a body feel alone. 
And there's nothing short a' dying 
That's half as lonesome as the sound 
Of the sleeping city sidewalk 
And Sunday morning coming down. 

A truism for your Sunday morning, death never gets easier, you just learn to live with it and when the memories come up past the firewall in your brain, there is guilt you haven't thought of the deceased in a while.  Or as the song goes, memories fade but the scars still linger.

In the park I saw a daddy 
With a laughing little girl that he was swinging. 
And I stopped beside a Sunday school 
And listened to the songs they were singing. 
Then I headed down the street, 
And somewhere far away a lonely bell was ringing, 
And it echoed through the canyon 
Like the disappearing dreams of yesterday.  

Today is the ten year anniversary of the passing of my mom.  I don't talk about her as much as I did my dad, heck, my dad got himself a blog and book that no one reads, and sometimes I think mom was training for taking care of dad but that regulates her to a back seat she doesn't deserve.

There was something about the generation that grew up during a depression, there is a toughness to them.  She was 12 or 13 when the '29 market crash that started the depression.  Okay, I know some argue that this was recoverable and the depression started blah blah blah, focus on the intent here okay?  So where little 12 year olds today are dealing with is her iPhone cool enough, I didn't know you could do this with a cucumber in her sexual education class, and whatever else goes on in the mind of a 12 year old.  But surviving isn't part of it for most.
Then again, maybe for millions today it is, what do I know, don't have kids and truth be told, don't even like 'em much.

But back in the 1930's, that was pretty much all anyone thought of most of that decade, surviving.  My mom was smart, she knew Latin, had a bunch of poems memorized that she could recite for life, all from a high school education.  She did the Chicago Tribune crossword puzzle every day.

Funny, I graduated college and didn't know a second language nor recall ever having read a poem let alone memorized one.  And if I can fill in three clues in a crossword puzzle it's a bloody miracle.  Anyhow, she didn't go to college, she worked, mostly as a legal secretary for a couple of lawyers in Morgantown WV.  Frankly, for those days, she was approaching old maid territory when she robbed the cradle and married my dad eight years her junior.  I loved teasing her about that.

I really didn't like my mom for a period of time.  About 2 weeks before I was to leave for college she told me I had to have the dog put down.  Now, in fairness, Jock was old, couldn't go up or down steps, had trouble with controlling his bowels and was partially blind.  But I did not appreciate putting Jock down and held it against her for years.

But one day I realized something.  Jock was on his last legs and was probably not going to make the end of the year and rather than calling me while I was in school to tell me my dog I'd had since I was 2 was dead she made me deal with it, have my two weeks to mourn, and then it was off to college and would be forgotten with all the new things in life.

It always amazed me how smart my parents starting getting as I got older.  It is also very strange as I just realized my mom was just like Jock in her old age; she couldn't get up and down or use stairs, had little or no control of her bowels, and was partially blind with macular degeneration.  Huh.  Never saw that before.

And I put them both down.  Yea, this is going to be a fun day.

To this day I do not know if my mom understood what Hospice was, I obviously did not, and what she would have chosen had she known.  She'd been bedridden nearly 80% of the last 6 years, compression fractures littered her spine from her neck to the tailbone, no bladder control, no bowel control and in pain from it all that nothing would dull.  And we thought hospice would help with that, never realized Hospice is Swedish for euthanasia.  And by the time I figured it out, it was too late, she was unconscious and organs were starting to shut down so if I'd stopped the morphine and took her out of Hospice she'd go the the hospital and then I'd have to tell them she doesn't want life support here is the paper work and they would give her morphine till she died.  But she always said when they bought that house, it was the last time she was moving and she was wanting to die in that house.  So, I kept her home, gave her the morphine, and on Tuesday June 24th she died and had her wish fulfilled.

Some choice,  huh.  Dipshit me didn't realize what was happening.  I wonder if that is why today I tear everything apart, don't believe what anyone says without pulling, pushing, prodding, what are the unintended consequences, what is being said on Alex Jones, what is being said on Mother Jones.  Draw out decision trees as far as the eye can see.  Nah, well, maybe.

Somehow, I don't see any way to avoid introspection today.

On a Sunday morning sidewalk, 
I'm wishing, Lord, that I was stoned. 
'Cause there's something in a Sunday 
That makes a body feel alone. 
And there's nothing short a' dying 
That's half as lonesome as the sound 
Of the sleeping city sidewalk 
And Sunday morning coming down.

Saturday, June 23, 2018


What if Schrodinger had a dog and Pavlov owned a cat?  Would the world be different today?

Timing in life is everything.  What kid in the 1950's and 1960's didn't grow up playing spaceman, dreaming one day of flying the cosmos with a cool ship that shoots lasers and battles aliens in some far off galaxy.

Trump announced the forming of a new branch of the military, Space Force.  Tell me, admit it, you said that in a deep voice didn't you, SPACE FORCE.  I mean this is the thing dreams are made of.  It's seriously so cool.

But stop and consider it for a moment, why?  Why are we setting up a new branch of the military designed for space.  It's a head scratcher.

So some restaurant owner was at home, gets a call from her staff, Sarah Huckabee and another 8 people just came into the restaurant and they wanted to know what to do.  Owner comes to restaurant, verifies it's them and asks them to leave on "moral grounds".

Strange isn't it, a guy doesn't want to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple and he's dragged thru the mud and courts till bankrupt and the progressive marxists of our world go bananas, you cannot deny service for moral reasons.

But a member of the Trump administration goes to a restaurant WITH A PARTY OF 8,  and it's okay to refuse service on moral grounds.  It's brave, courageous!

Lot of former bakers around America must be scratching their heads today.

But I"m thinking seriously, you see a member of the Trump admin and get 'triggered'?  What a bunch of wimps.  You get a party of nine walking in and that is a lot of money, especially a small restaurant in a small town.  They lost a 40 dollar tip with dinner and drinks for sure, 20 bucks or more if no booze involved.

I mean, this ain't a tightwad liberal like Obama or Clinton stiffing a waitress sort of moment.  Triggered.  On moral grounds.

Now, understand, there are two things, no baker ever refused service to gays;  it was doing a wedding cake.  And I fully support the woman doing what she did to Huckabee just as I support the bakers who refuse to bake cakes.

What I can't comprehend is how progressive marxists don't see any similarity here and have no problems with the restaurant owner doing what she did but will scream bloody murder and bring out their little books of adjectives to use every adjective in the book in destroying a baker.

Still on the rabid skunk media outrage over separation of children from adults at border.  Zero Hedge had this in a story:

ACLU Obtains Documents Showing Widespread Abuse Of Child Immigrants In US Custody

Documents obtained by the American Civil Liberties Union featured in a new report released today show the pervasive abuse and neglect of unaccompanied immigrant children detained by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. The report was produced in conjunction with the International Human Rights Clinic at the University of Chicago Law School.

“These documents provide a glimpse into a federal immigration enforcement system marked by brutality and lawlessness,” said Mitra Ebadolahi, ACLU Border Litigation Project staff attorney. “All human beings deserve to be treated with dignity and respect regardless of their immigration status — and children, in particular, deserve special protection. The misconduct demonstrated in these records is breathtaking, as is the government’s complete failure to hold officials who abuse their power accountable. The abuse that takes place by government officials is reprehensible and un-American.”

Why no wonder the rapid skunk media is outraged!  No wonder liberals are marching in the streets demanding whatever it is liberals demand.  Oh, by the way:

The report is based on over 30,000 pages of documents dated between 2009 and 2014.

Yea, report and data are from the Obama years.

I still think there is a pedophilia elite thing going on here, but you have to ask the question why now.  What made this across the board on every news outlet the rabid skunk story now.

First question is what else is happening they don't want us to pay attention to?  Pay attention over here, do not look behind the curtain....

Well, the inspector general report came out the very same day this started, a week ago Friday, and last week he gave testimony which pretty much destroyed the integrity of the FBI and several other three letter agencies.  You need to read it to really understand how in the pocket the upper areas of government were to get Hillary elected and destroy Trump.

And why this doesn't bother people more is beyond me.

Had another thought today, lead based paint.  If we'd never banned lead based paints, would an EMP have such a damaging effect?  What about wifi or cellular signals and data transmission.  If I were paranoid I'd almost think the whole lead based paint scare was designed to get rid of it so our walls and ceiling couldn't block signals, radiation, etc.

Monday, June 18, 2018


I like to tell people I read Alex Jones and Mother Jones.  The reason is to say I read both sides and everything in between.  And then, I like to think.  Connect dots.  What fits, what doesn't fit and why.  Do that Bowie thing and put all the phrases on notecards and throw them around the floor and put together a song.

So this week's media going ape poop is that we are taking the children from the parents who come over the border illegally, separating them.  Well, some are the parents of the kids.  Apparently there are lots of cases where the adult and the kids are not even related, they just think it will be easier to get through by saying mom or dad and kids.  Trump mentioned that.  Some stories have us putting the kids in dog kennels or cages.  All the kids are crying.  There is one picture gong around showing this little kid holding onto the fence that makes his cage and crying.  One person posted it and a gazillion others pass it around.

Only problem is that picture is from a protest in Dallas and the protesters built the cage and put the kid in the cage as a protest.  Even snores or scopes or whatever that liberal fact checking site is admits this is where the picture came from.

Here is an idea, Trump should claim this is all performance art. Then Hollywood elites and NY Snobs would stand around shouting 'brilliant, brilliant!"

Did you catch another story last week?  About the feds and locals busting like 2500 people in a child sex/porn ring?  Apparently wasn't front page news anywhere, I wonder why.  More on this later.

But other news agency, those supposedly fake news sites, got video of some of these places and show bedrooms with 2 bunk beds, classrooms where kids take schooling, soccer games and paints a different picture.  One woman who worked there described what she does and said they are not allow to touch or hold the children which breaks her heart sometimes.

Now, first thing to know is separating children from parents is not new, the Obama Administration did it also, for years, but quickly they were released.  That is usually left out of MSNBCBSBABCXYZ.

Second thing to know is that there have been more federal busts of child porn stuff in Trump's first 17 months than in all of Obama's 8 years.  Trump despises child porn, child sex, etc.  See, I like the guy.

Now put this all together.

Hundreds of thousands of children being moved across the border, many with adults who are not the parents, they get release and do you think maybe, just maybe some of them are being used in the child sex industry?  And what Trump is doing is shutting down the supply chain to these elitist perverts.  Why else would there be a rule in the camps not to touch the kids?  And we know Trump is on a war against child porn and child sex.

Look, at this point do you really still believe what you hear from Washington, state capitals and news talk shows?  Rumors for years of an underground kiddie sex mill amongst the elite.  Sally Quinn admits she's this Washington Witch of some sort.  Pizzagate, was that really all BS or just the wrong restaurant?  Former GOP Speaker Hassert from Illinois (is there any former ILL politician NOT in prison somewhere), do you really think he gave up his love of young boys when he quit teaching and became a congressman?  Look at the kiddie sex racket in Hollywood and who do Hollywood power players hang with, Washington DC power players.  Who is screaming the loudest at the situation, Hollywood and Washington.  We know Clinton road Lolita Express with Epstein over 2 dozen times and that is known to have kids and young teens available for enjoyment.  You see where all of this is going?

Why would Trump be making a big deal out of this now, while a bill is debated and six months to the mid terms?

I don't know, I just put all these facts in a pile and start sorting and moving them around and connecting them and suddenly, today, it all made sense.  This is about trafficking children and putting an end to the supply chain and seriously pissing off the most perverted power players of this country.  It is the only explanation that fits the comment about no touching, that so many are not with their actual parents but tagged with adult strangers who say they are the parent, it just fits.

Puts all of this in a different light, no?

So I called an imaginary anonymous source of mine in the White House to confirm what I thought is going on.  She said, "man, are you smart".  So there you go.  And by the way if I get murdered or suicided, this will be the blog that did it.  Unless it was Robert De Niro or David Hogg for previous blogs.

Sunday, June 17, 2018


"Hi, you may not remember me, but I was one of the hottest actors of the 1970's.  Taxi Driver, The Deer Hunter, and The Godfather II.  But for the past 40 years, I have not made a great movie, just been phoning it in, a regular Hollywood Has Been.

That is why I carry this, the Liberal Express Card.  With the Liberal Express Card, I can get onto any MSM news talk show; be quoted by members of the media; be considered an expert in economics, foreign policy, morality, and immigration; get invited to all the great parties with bribed FBI agents; and even dinner at the White House when genius liberals are in office.  With the Liberal Express Card, I can act like I'm still hot stuff.

The Liberal Express Card, don't leave one of your mansions without it."


Did you ever see or hear something and it caused you to think of so many smart ass retorts that your brain could not process them into any order or keep up with the retorts and your brain just freezes and then explodes?

No?  Oh, happens to me fairly often, like the following photo in front of an article on Zero Hedge, seriously, no one at ZH caught this?

Even after an hour, I want to type something smart ass and so much rushes forward, ouch it hurts.

You are on your own, my imaginary readers, to fill in the punch line.

Going back to bed with ice on my head.

Saturday, June 16, 2018


Time will tell.

Time will tell whether the agreement with NK will pan out.  Will NK dump their nuke program and allow hotels and resorts and hiking and all those sorts of things?  Will NK become the next hotbed of manufacturing?  Time will tell.

But all I can say is if it does work out, Trump accomplished something no president in my lifetime was able to do, and that is from DDE, JFK, LBJ, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Cheney - er I mean Bush Jr, Obama and Trump did what none of them could do.

Time will tell.  Speaking of time, still reading the IG report.  I don't care how liberals will spin all this, it is blatantly obvious, many in the FBI were working hand in hand with Obama and the Clintons to get Hillary elected.  Ask yourself this: what is more important to you, the possibility Russia tried to influence the election or the fact that the US Government legal arm was working to influence the election against the party not in power?  Seriously, you have to think about that?

Perhaps it's time besides presidents we vote for cabinet positions also and let the people put in our choices for running the Justice Department, Commerce, etc.  Because once the legal arm of the federal government becomes political, working on cases, bringing to court, people that disagree with their political positions and letting people whom agree with their political positions get a free ride, we are toast.

Like the one email that said the Clinton IT person was "lying thru his teeth, but nothing will be done".

What happened to us?  We have thousands of unsolved murders in any county in any state and cops are busting kids for lemonade stands?  For cooking for the poor?  Go to the bank and take out 9k for a used car and if you get pulled over and the cops find the 9k on you, they can take it and make you hire a lawyer and spend 3 years to try and get your money back.

Every time Washington declares a war on drugs or war on terror, read you are about to lose more rights from the constitution.  Do we have any left?

Does Vegas take bets on which will be the last right left?  I'd bet press, because they have been bought off.

By the way, turns out the government doesn't just buy members of the media, seems many in the FBI were getting lots of freebies from members of the press, tickets to Redskins games, social get togethers, concerts, etc.

Joe Schmoe offers an FBI agent 5 bucks to look the other way and goes to prison for 5 years.  Member of the press gives front row tickets to the Stanley Cup to an FBI agent and that's okay.

We have millions of illegal aliens who entered this country over the last 10 years that are gang members of gangs like MS 13 that are taking over Long Island one town at a time.  We let millions of unknown middle eastern men into the country and who is going to have the balls to stand up and blame Obama one day where there are hundreds of attacks across this nation on the same day.

If you answered the main stream media, thanks for that laugh.

Tough week coming up, this is the 10 day period when my dad passed, my mom passed, my favorite dog passed, and an old friend passed.  I hate the end of June.  Every year it gets here and I wonder who is going to die this year.  I turn my ringer on my phone off.

Speaking of ringer, found a very cool one, it's the sound of an old Hayes 2400 baud modem attempting to make a connection.  Remember that sound?  Come on, sure you do, it's not like any of my imaginary readers are too young to remember those.

Five years since my dad died and that trial/ordeal ended.  As I suspected, it hasn't gotten better over time.  I feel guilty sometimes I don't think of my mom more, it wasn't easy taking care of her either, and while it happened I thought it was tough and intense, but I really didn't know what intense was yet.

But keeping my spirits up listening to The Monkees.  In fact, watched some of the old TV shows on googletube today.  Man,  those shows were stupid, yet it still brings such a smile to my face.  Hard to be depressed after singing along with Davey, Mike, Peter and Mickey.  Probably saved me thousands of dollars in therapy costs just by listening to The Monkees.

But by the fourth show your brain does start to explode they are so corny.  Saw someone comment on one of them how offended they are by the racial stereotypes of Mexican bandits.  Jeepers, get a life.

Maybe when we 'build the wall' we should put up speakers and play The Monkees over and over and drive illegals back to whence they came.  Okay, that is probably not a winner, though there are lots of cases where store owners put out speakers and would play classical music to keep kids from hanging out, so who knows.


Monday, June 11, 2018


Robert De Niro apparently got in front of a mic without a script again and all he could come up with was F*$K Trump.  You could train an ape to have a larger vocabulary.  Actors are kind of like athletes, one or two good seasons and you can milk it for an entire lifetime.  I mean when was the last time De Niro 'acted' in a movie other than playing the carefully laid out image public relations experts have carved for this guy?  Godfather II?  Taxi Driver?  Deer Hunter?

Everything after that is just De Niro playing his PR image.  And it's so cute, I love these brainless morons our country produces in greater and greater numbers; people who think it's just so funny, so cutting edge, so deep, to get in front of a mic and say F*$K or P****Y or now the C word itself.  So Lenny Bruce.

I am sorry, but cussing is rarely funny.  Back in the 80's, Eddie Murphy did some comedy special on cable and I like Eddie Murphy, but 5 minutes into it all I could do was count the number of times he said F or D or MF and by the end of the hour he'd pretty much blown thru over 3 dozen times on each word.  It wasn't funny.

Now you have some chick who called Trump's daughter a C***T and will she lose her job?  Nope, a week of bad press and back to normal.  But what would happen if you called a gay man a F*G?  Think that would go away in a week?  Depends how liberal you are.

Job security in the 21st century: the more liberal you are, the more secure your job is.  That is terrifying.

Once upon a time, not so long ago, we had decency laws and people understood them and Hollywood did quite well, then the rules started to slide and now liberals have complete carte blanche to call anyone a P or C or DH, use the F, MF words and it's okay, it's artistic expression.  Even good for KKK liberal Robert Byrd got on Fox News one morning just slinging the N word around and it was okay.

Hell, even that stupid chick that calls herself a comedian who's only claim to fame has been swearing on the NYE shows and held up a decapitated head of Trump is now back

But you know something, those people who voted for Trump?  Those union workers in the midwest, the middle class, the farmers in the middle; they view De Niro as a classless jerk.  Not cool, classless. An ass who's mom should have washed his mouth out with soap more often.

Maybe what this country really needs is another recession or depression.  No, I'm not agreeing with Bill Maher speaking of another classless bloke, who wants a recession to make sure Trump is not re elected.  What Bill wants is YOU to LOSE YOUR JOB, your home, your car so you will vote for a democratic in 2020.

What this country really needs is a depression in Hollywood.  What really needs to happen is everyone from the Appalachians to the Sierras to stop watching movies, don't go to the movie theaters, don't subscribe to Netflix or Amazon and just quit paying these spoiled brats and put the lot of them out of work.  Let them lose their homes, their cars, their livelihoods.  Yes, I know, bikini waxers, spray tanners, trainers, hair stylists - and that is just for De Niro - will lose their jobs along with the actors and actresses and we will appreciate your sacrifice.  But let's put Bill Maher and De Niro on the food lines, let them understand what it feels like to be passed by, your home, savings, and everything gone and let's see how liberal you are then with other peoples suffering.

Robert, when you have lost it all, when it's all gone and you are at the bottom of the abyss, that is the time to say F**K.

And thinking of Hollywood, remember, once upon a time, not too long ago, Hollywood oozed class.  Bob Hope, Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart, Hepburns, Myrna Loy, Grace Kelly: they just epitomized what classy was in public.  Hope or Marx, Groucho - not Karl, could get a laugh every 5 seconds and never once utter the F word.

Now you look at the typical Hollywood star and are pretty sure if you want to find classy, you'd have a better chance of finding it at some homeless shelter in any US city than you would at any awards show for TV, Music, Movies or Plays.

Or bus station for that matter.

I'd suggest drug rehab but those are usually full of actors and actresses, no class there.

But hey, maybe I'm being unfair to De Niro and read this totally wrong.  Maybe De Niro is actually expressing suppressed sexual desires towards the president and felt that if there ever could be a place to safely come out of the closet, it would be the Tony Awards.

See, that was funny.  No swear words needed, just a little cleverness.

The trouble with buying movies on iTunes is I can't take my Deer Hunter and break it and put it into the trash and feel better, best I can do is hide it where Apple allows you to hide purchases you wish you'd never had purchased, or those secret things you don't want anyone to know you bought, like Air Supply songs or the complete Gilligan's Island series.

Or what De Niro calls "F#*K Gilligan!"

But just don't get that satisfaction of breaking the DVD or yanking the tape out of the video box and smashing it to smithereens.

Funny thing about class, where do you find it now?  Do people still dress in tuxedoes to attend a broadway play?  I remember taking my folks to see Phantom in 1998 and my dad and I wore suits, mom was dressed, niece was in a dress and 500 other people were in shorts and jeans.  Nobody dresses anymore.  Causal Friday, like many other things, just grew out of control and now have turned Broadway plays, Sunday services, and the work place into one step beyond cleaning the garage.

But, then, clothes are not what defines class.  So how do you define it?  Is it like good art, you know it when you see it?  Some unnamed universal that well all know it when we see it?  Or is class defined something like if your mom, dad or pastor were standing next to you right now, would they approve of what you are doing?  Nope, that won't work, after all molesting a child would meet the approval of some priests.  How about, no that won't work either, never mind.  Class is like good art, you know it when you see it.

We could ask De Niro, but I'm sure he won't know.  He'd just say F**K Class.

Sunday, June 10, 2018


I am not the one that swatted David Hogg's parents home.  But thanks for thinking of me.


I remember when sexual preference once meant blonde, brunette, or redhead.

Read an article recently about the job growth in weedtenders or potisters or whatever they were called, the people who 'help' customer buy their pot in states where it's legal.  The article went on and on about all these different hybrids and strains and blah blah blah that goes into all the different types of pot  with cool names with colors and all I can think is "holy crap, they've made getting high complicated now".

When did all this occur?  It didn't happen over night, it has been a slow seep into anything and everything.  Boys and girls, that was life, that was simple.  Now it's boys and girls and about 18 different variations and not even sure boys and girls is allowed any more.

Now wonder the circus closed down.  Imagine the Ring Master opening with "Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Gays and Lesbians, Trans and Grans......" and by the time he got done being all inclusive, the elephants would have died.  Probably of boredom.

Cars are more complicated.  They use to get you from point A to point B.  Now they talk to you, remind you, play music, play phone calls, read your text messages to you, announce when your wife is expecting, tell you where to turn, tell you when to turn, when to burp, where the closest Mexican sushi restaurant is, brand of condoms your 12 year old boy scout purchased for summer camp, whom to vote for, and eventually they will make us buy cars that will do the driving for you, though they have to get over those little issues like  driving into pillars, blowing up into balls of fire, running over bicyclists, you know, those little details like that.

Even food is complicated.  Once you went to the market, then the butcher, your dairy was delivered to the door with the farm fresh eggs, and you knew you were getting locally grown fruits, veggies, steaks, milk.  And you knew it wasn't all gooped up with GMO,  hormones, or poop bacteria.

Is our society today really an improvement over these memories?

Okay, this is an after the fact edit.  There was one thing I forgot to mention.  Baseball.  Once upon a time, for like 100 years, you judge players on how many hits, homers, RBIs, runs scored, stolen bases, wins, losses, saves, ERA.  Now they get writers explaining to you why Dogus Ripensten is having a better year than Sandy Koufax because is WAR over BORE is higher and I'm like WTF?

Some writer will spend two columns explaining why Mike Trout is the best player in the game today and anybody watching him play a few games could have told you that.  When you compare him after X years to Willie, Hank, Ted, Mickey, etc, all these WARS and TORES and I'm like show me hits, homers, RBI's, SB, runs and lifetime batting average and I can answer all those questions without a slide ruler or calculator.

Now we need a statistician to tell us if Chris Sale is good or not.  It's really not that complicated.  But it's sure been made to be.

Cell phones were this great invention, car breaks down at night, you can call for help.  Remember the commercials?  Usually, your wife or daughter, car broken down on lonely creepy road, and she makes the call and will be safe.  That is why you bought the first one, wasn't it.  Now it's attached to you 24/7 and your job will beep you, message you, email you, and call you nights and weekends.  Once upon a time, a person left work and they left work; they would go on two week vacations in the summer.  Now, you are expected to deal 24/7 and get this wage but if you divide your wage by 24/7 you don't make minimum wage.  We don't watch news, it streams to our screen and notifies us something important has happened, which really isn't all that important to you.

We didn't see that coming.   Now I've lost the desire to read.  And I think it's the fault of this technology.  I once would get the latest novel by some author I like and immerse myself in it for hours.  I remember reading a Michael Crichton book, can't remember if it was the airplane wing one or the sex harassment hard drive one, but I read it in 16 hours, with breaks to eat and pee.

Now, I start reading a book and get impatient, thinking I'm missing something, wanting to look at the news, this constant need to update, to be plugged into the net and, well, now it's destroyed my ability to sink into a book.  Complicated.

I yearn for simplicity.  But now simplicity is complicated.

But it's not just me.  Think about this.  In the 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's we ran power plants, refineries, pumped oil, gas, and electricity into homes across America without requiring 'the internet'.  Now, if the net went down, they can't move the electricity, gas, or oil.  Won't be able to do banking.  The 'net' has become the circulatory system of our existence, one good block or break and it will be like a stroke or aneurysm in the human body.

We didn't NEED to hook all these utilities, banking, etc thru the net, but we did because in the quest for simplicity, we made it complicated, vulnerable.  Buying books from amazon or iTunes and having it loaded on an iPad is so much simpler than going to a book store and having a million books lying around your home, yet that same tool addicts your brain and changes who you are.  What was instant gratification in the 1960's, I want it today, not tomorrow,  is something else entirely in the 21st century, where we measure in nanoseconds.

Years became seasons, seasons became weeks, weeks became days, days became hours, hours became nanoseconds.  Complicated.

When does the tool, become the boss?  The servant the master?   It's complicated.

When the world and I were young
Just yesterday
Life was such a simple game
A child could play
It was easy then to tell right from wrong
Easy then to tell weak from strong
When a man should stand and fight
Or just go along

But today there is no day or night
Today there is no dark or light
Today there is no black or white
Only shades of gray

I remember when the answers seemed so clear
We had never lived with doubt or tasted fear
It was easy then to tell truth from lies
Selling out from compromise
Who to love and who to hate
The foolish from the wise

But today there is no day or night
Today there is no dark or light
Today there is no black or white
Only shades of gray

It was easy then to know what was fair
When to keep and when to share
How much to protect your heart
And how much to care

But today there is no day or night
Today there is no dark or light
Today there is no black or white
Only shades of gray
Only shades of gray

Monday, June 4, 2018


Hmm, bad day?  Guy in Brazil died after shark bit off his penis.  Still having a bad day?  Okay, it also got his leg but I'm thinking penis is probably what he is thinking while he lie there dying.

Funny thing the news.  Big thing today is 'fake news'.  What is fake news?  Not really sure, cause lots of definitions are going on right now.  The right wing, Trump voters, etc think CNN MSNBC, Times, Post etc are examples of fake news and they make a good argument since those places continually have stories they later have to retract.

They, on the other hand, think anything not owned by a major publicly traded corporation is fake news.  No, that is not what they said, but anything that doesn't march in lockstep with them is fake news.  So Briebart or WND is fake news.  Some think Drudge is fake news when all he does is post headlines with links.

Apple has a news app that you can get headlines from 'trusted' news sources, code for CNN, MSNBC, FOX, Times, Trib, etc.  Type in Alex Jones and will only see stories critical of Jones.

Me?  I read it all.  Alex Jones and Mother Jones. Telegraph and Guardian.  NY Times and Briebart.  I love when an event occurs and you read it and would swear the two stories have nothing in common except it's the same damn event which goes to show almost nobody is writing or doing news that is not skewed badly by their political beliefs.

Do you know CNN linked how Melania Trump hasn't been seen in 3 weeks now and the left is going nuts claiming Trump killed her, no, I'm not making that up.  The same people that mocked birth certificates and Obama's sexual preferences as far right nut jobs is speculating now that Melania is dead and Trump killed her and it's a cover up.

Speaking on Clinton, you know, dead bodies in the WH and all, apparently he was on one of those CNNBCBSABC morning shows doing an interview for the new book, "The President's Pecker is Missing", and got all upset because he started getting asked questions on #metoo and his behavior in WH and now he's got his panties in a wad, media has it's panties in a wad and I'm thinking okay, so what is different between a reporter asking Clinton about that on his book tour and Megan Kelly asking Jane Fonda about plastic surgery and botox on her movie tour?

Why do some of these women think the question to Clinton was appropriate and to Fonda inappropriate?  Why does Clinton think it was inappropriate?

How can a probable pedophile and rapist think anything is inappropriate.  He has standards?

Finally, I lied.  There will now be a 60 day bus tour this summer with kids going around wanting gun control.  Don't see the schedule, but betting Montana, Wyoming, Utah, AZ, TX, OK, GA and AL won't be on the tour.

My how the world changed.  Back in the 60's is was Ken Kesey Electric Acid Kool Aid bus trip, today it's millennials wanting to ban guns in the name of love.  Sigh, I guess that means these kids won't be getting summer jobs.

Speaking of Kool Aid, back in the 60's there was another brand also popular Funny Face or something like that, go lookup the commercials on youtube.  It was 'sweetened' without sugar, so the first 'diet' powdered drink with fake sugars but it's also hilarious because its' so politically incorrect with Injun' Orange and Chinese Cherry

'nuff for now.


Saw interview with ol' BC,  well, read the transcript actually, and I miss that guy.

Oh, I don't miss the fact the the guy boinks anything that moves, I mean he walks into a pet store and the fish quit swimming, and I don't want to think about his flights on Lolita Airlines or Hillary and his or Web's daughter telling us how we should live.

But, man, I miss that guy telling bold face whoppers and everyone believing it.  I mean, remember when he said when he'd fly back to the states from Oxford England and land in NY and had a long layover how he use to love just walking the streets up and down Harlem?  People ate that crap up!

Cause every one knows nothing gonna happen to a overweight white country boy wearing his bib overalls and herringbone tweed sports coat with elbow patches he bought in Oxford, just wandering the streets of Harlem in the early 70's.  

"Hey, my names Bill Clinton, what's happening brother?"
"I say, that Henry Aaron is certainly a credit to his race!"

Okay, he didn't say the last one, that is from Mad Magazine doing their review of Live and Let Die and had Roger Moore's James Bond say that right before he got punched in the mouth.  Strange the stuff from childhood we remember.  Well, teen years.

Where was I.....

Oh, so what hit this morning that made me start thinking about this was our former president is on a book tour touting his new book, "Have Pecker, Will Travel", no wait that's not right, "The President's Pecker is Missing", that's it,  claiming that he doesn't owe anyone any apology for what happened with his intern, he was THE VICTIM.  Gawd I love this guy.  And how he was defending the constitution by not resigning in shame and letting the impeachment process move forward.

The best was how they left the WH broke.  Sixteen million in debt.  Which is pretty damn close to what he got for a speech in Russia when Hillary was Sec of State and not long afterwards approved the uranium purchase, but that was about 12 years after Bill left office.

How did the poor man survive?  How does a man 16 million in debt afford that home in NY so his wife could run for senator from NY?

Every guy in the country is being chastised and left in ruin for so much as kissing Mary Jo Easy on the monkey bars in 2nd grade without getting written permission, witnessed by two non family members and notarized.  Any woman who steps forward with any story about Trump is given immediate authenticity while the line of women who have accused Clinton are scum, trailer trash, or someone just wanting to write a book.

By the way, Bill Clinton, after leaving office, got a 15 million dollar advance to write those memories down on paper, or, more like talk into a recorder and someone else will turn it into a book with his name on it.  Nice when you are 16 million in debt that your first job gives you a 15 million bonus up front.

Here is the thing though about Clinton, you just want to like the guy.  I mean if you had a chance to play golf with a former president, which would you choose?  Bush Jr.?  Obama???  No way, you would go with Clinton and have a great time (especially if you had to fly on Lolita Express to Hilton Head for the afternoon of golf - well, unless you have some sort of problem with adult men boinking 8th grade girls, or boys, prude), and will tell all your friends about what a great guy Bill is.

Bill Clinton, "I was the victim" "Hey, if you had your pecker out of your pants some afternoon in your office, cause you know all guys do that,  and a 22 year old intern happened by, saw it and started to give you a BJ, would you say stop?"  "I was a victim!"

Now stop, go back and give it your best imitation of Bill Clinton and say that out loud and then tell me if that doesn't sound exactly like what Clinton would say.  But, now this is important, if you are work and especially if you are in a meeting, don't read that out loud, it will cause all sorts of alarms in Human Resources.

Why does google auto capitalize Human Resources?  But not god?  Strange.

You know who/what Bill Clinton reminds me of?  There is an old Twilight Zone episode, here, let me look it up - yes I'm doing research, don't faint, "Hocus Pocus and Frisby",  about this loud mouth braggart who owns a local store and is always telling the biggest whoppers.

The sad thing is, go back and watch Bill Clinton give a campaign speech and realize he is funnier than any stand up comedian around today, I am assuming Emo Phillips no longer does stand up.  He would clean up hosting a late night talk show.

Which is why I would love for the justice department, who am I kidding, or the media, wait, that is even funnier than the justice department, go after the Clinton Foundation: you know that non profit organization that billions were funneled to by countries and companies looking for favors from Hillary or Bill and is run by their daughter who is paid 6 million a year to run the foundation; I would love for that place to be audited.

I can just see the headlines now, finding how they collected hundreds of millions of dollars for Haitian relief, 'sent' less than 10 % of what was collected via giving the money to companies to rebuild and nothing ever gets built (called a payoff in any other circumstance)  and all the other ways the foundation took in hundreds of millions of dollars as 'payback' for political favors and Bill will get out in front of the microphones and cameras and say something like "whoa, there's math?  everyone knows I can't do math, once I run out of fingers and toes I'm totally lost" and the majority of Americans will laugh and do a Homer oh me too and all will be forgiven.

Bill, was the victim.  I'll bet those 13 and 14 year old girls on the plane attacked him while he was trying to take a nap and before he knew it they had him naked and were doing all sorts of things to him but it wasn't his fault, he'd taken a sleeping pill or something and and and and and and........

And he just keeps getting away with it.

Sunday, June 3, 2018


Poor David Hogg, walked right into the truth and doesn't even realize it.  Thought he was clever and witty and got his lunch handed to him but nailed the truth.

Hogg posted something about a year without a school shooting and then cleverly said 'not in my lifetime'.  Which is true and makes the point.

These mass school shootings are not new, there was one in the 1980's in Illinois, if I recall, but the regularity at which they happen is.  In other words, you can go back to the 20's 30's 40's 50's 60's 70's and 80's and find one or two each decade; one or two times someone went bonkers with a gun or bomb.  It was not until millennials started hitting the school systems that the multiple times a year started.  And the nail that Hogg hit squarely is these mass school shootings are being done by the millennial and zero generations.

Gen X, Baby Boomers, Silent, and WWII generations didn't do this crap.  And guns were more widely available then than now, though in fairness, I'm not sure high capacity magazines in semi automatic rifles were as available.  Or semi automatics for that matter.

Those previous generations did scout camps and jamborees and dressed as Indians and learned how to build tents, teepees, fires, catch food and all sorts of outdoor things.  Today, they bring condoms - I'm not even going to ask why condoms are needed when 500 young boys are camping, please don't tell me why - just it is so wrong.

But then no kid back then would have seriously considered even touching one of their dad's guns, knowing if they did they'd get their hind end tanned, chores doubled, and grounded for life.

Millennials and Gen Zero get 'timed out'.  And drugged.  As far as I can find, from Columbine to movie theaters to VT or NIU to Florida discos - all the shooters were ADAXYZ or whatever they were called and because parents no longer discipline their kids and teachers no longer can discipline the kids, it was left to doctors to drug gets with anti psychotic pills that it appears achieve what it was designed to prevent, psychotics.

So I have a new plan to 'save the children' or whatever the heck they are calling themselves.  No millennial or Gen Zero can purchase guns or ammo.  Any parent with a millennial or Gen Zero kid must have a gun safe.

My gosh, those two laws would have stopped almost all the school shootings.  That is the plan.  Little Eddie Munster all growed up, David Hogg, now has a good solution.

Read two interesting papers this week and now can't find either of them.  First one is a study where they are trying to show how the birds survived what killed the dinosaurs.  Finally, I've been stopping evolutionists in their tracks since the 1980's who claim birds evolved from dinosaurs and after agreeing how the Dinos died off 65 million years ago I say 'can I ask one more question?  how did the birds survive?'  And no one can answer that question with any logic or reason.  Now the paper doesn't actually prove anything, but shows they are trying to answer that question.

Several days later, a more interesting paper where the scientists have determined that over 90% of life on earth 'appeared' around the same time.  They even quote the scientists who said they redid and redid the experiment, redid the numbers several times because they were not expecting that result, couldn't believe the results, but in the end published because the data doesn't lie.  Basically it shuts down the whole evolved over millions and millions of years.

But then evolution has been hanging on a thread for 40 years.  Now science itself has snipped the thread, but do not worry atheists!  See panspermia has been being touted for the last 20 or 30 years, when life on earth was 'seeded' by aliens.  That is the new going theory how life came about here, that miracle in primordial soup has been dumped as myth, now we are seeded by aliens and this new study will be used to justify the theory.

No actual proof mind you, but the scientific rules of proof are much more lenient for science than they are for anything outside their little box of reality.

Monday, May 28, 2018


Do you wake up each morning with some song stuck in your head?  Happens to me every day and I have no idea where some of these things are coming from, well, I know they are from childhood or youth, but the other morning I woke up with:

What is it dear
I want a Salerno Butter Cookie
What is it dear
I want another butter cookie

So, thinking about how much I enjoyed those things as a kid,  I did what every 21st century man does and looked it up on the internet and lo and behold, I find they still make them and can buy them on amazon!!!

So I order a box.

Okay, two boxes.

They came the past week and I opened the first box and ate two and it was so so good.

Later I ate two more and decided to read the box.

And on one side in a little box it says something like "This product is made with genetically modified ingredients"

Into the garbage they go.  The fracking corporate power illuminate government pharmaceutical agricultural bastards have ruined Butter Cookies now.

This just in:  David Hogg announced a protest next Sunday in every church across America to demand God let everyone into Heaven except NRA members.

Which leads us towards today's blog about Memorial Day.  The day we honor those fallen in war that we might be free.

Are you spinning in your graves now?

Three hundred plus million will be celebrating the sacrifices of these men and women who gave up their lives, hopes and dreams, so people could get the day off to drink beer, grill dead animals to eat with genetically altered potato salads, watermelons, tomatoes.  And so much of a majority won't give a moment of thought to you, the dead soldier who made it all possible.

So few will think of you, the fallen.  And if you could be asked, what would you say about the state of the country you sacrificed your life for, what would you think about how America has turned out?

I would bet that today some person will be out interviewing people about what Memorial Day means to them, you will, these days, find about three women will have to stop chewing their bubble gum so that can think before providing the wrong answer, two or three guys will smile and whatever reply will be forthcoming will start and end with the word 'dude'.  Several will get the answer correct and then announce they plan to spend this day of reverence towards the fallen by going to see the latest Star Wars Marvel Superheroes versus Dr. Who Episode VII.

One will be some guy who will not only know the answer but give a short impassioned speech on why this day is important and he is proud to tell us this because his biggest regret in life was being saddled with these damn ingrown toenails that kept him from serving this great country during Vietnam.  And yes, he will look familiar, he's probably your elected representative.

But, was it worth it?  Considering what we have become as a country?

How does a William Carney view the pro football player who won't stand for the national anthem?  How about the men who died at the Alamo, what are they thinking in the afterlife of the 'oh just open the borders and let everyone in' crowd today.

Will anyone ever be held accountable for the thousands of middle eastern terrorists that have come across the southern border the past 20 years?

Men and women, unlucky to be born when their ages collided, or would that be coincided, with time and were the perfect choices by overweight,  half drunk politicians to go fight a war and invested their monies in those industries that just go up and up and up during a war which you never came home from.

About a week ago I walked the dog, I mean I do that 3x a day but I am talking about a specific walk, it was nighttime and I walked over to Eldora Park and there is a memorial there with the names of anyone from the town how died in war.  I stood there for around 5 minutes with my ever growing impatient dog Reggie and just read the names.   I wonder when the last time someone came to touch the name of each of these people, does one name get whole extended families showing up and touching his name while the name below goes ignored for decades, nothing left behind but a name on a rock.

All so we can become a zoned out computer addicted society where people can't find their way back and forth to work or the mall without a computer screen providing directions;  where Boy Scouts are told to attend jamborees with condoms; where we import people from Asia to do high tech jobs and replace your grandsons and great grand daughters because the Asians will work for 24k a year and the companies providing these workers and/or use these workers pay millions to get people re elected to congress to make sure this continues; along with unfettered immigration from 3rd world countries to take all the manual labor jobs that a high school graduate use to work and afford a house, car, family; do I need to go on?

Will these soldiers be waiting for us in the afterlife and give us a piece of their minds for this country going down the toilet during our watch?

Does Memorial Day need to change from a day of remembrance to a day of apology?

Sunday, May 27, 2018


Everyone's favorite high school senior is back and badder than ever.

He just happened to discover on his own that Pubix, which is not some kind of jock itch spray like Cruex, but an employee owned grocery store chain had the audacity to contribute some money to the campaign of a republican that support gun control and Mr. Hogg threaten to lead a protest against the store this weekend.



didn't contribute a few mil to a group that he named.

By golly, this kid learns fast.  It took Jackson and Sharpton years to figure out how to shake down corporate America like that but this, okay, I will say it, future president of the United States was able to put this together all by himself before he even graduated in a couple of weeks.

Heck, my last three weeks of high school were spent dealing with all the left over weed from prom, my friend and I bought an ounce and thought we'd split it for prom and didn't realize when all was said and done we each had about 50 joints after prom.

But not our boy David, no sir, he's already learned to shake down corporations if they don't do what he says.  Like a good little liberal totalitarian brown shirt.  What do they teach kids in school today?

Funny picture of the protest

All those brave kids lying on the ground and shoppers just stepping around them.  Damn, why does this always happen somewhere else?  I'm sure at my age and eyesight I could have moved around them and only stepped on about a dozen of them or rolled my cart over a few of them and shouted "I'm a senior citizen, leave me alone!"

Way to go David Hogg, if at first you don't succeed trying to get a single mom fired from her job, go for a total shutdown of an employee owned grocery store chain that employs nearly 200,000 capitalistic pigs.

David says he is going to win with LOVE and I'm thinking 'oh my, it's the 60's all over again'.

Nice job with the attempted shake down of the corporation David.  Heck, I'll be the first one to say it, let's get rid of those pesky age limits to be president so we can run David Hogg in 2020!!!!!!

Moving on to more important and less side splitting funny items.

Did you catch what happened in England Friday.  Some guy who apparently is some youtube 'reporter' guy who goes out and takes videos of 'news' things and he showed up at the trial of a few well meaning Asian gentlemen and was not really doing anything but taking video of the men entering the court and a police van pulls up, grabs him, takes him to jail and then to court and the judge says he violated his agreement about covering these trials and threw him in jail for 13 months.

Then sealed all the proceedings so now it's illegal for any news agency, website, blogger, or whatever to talk about it.  In Britain.  Or anywhere else where it might be seen in Britain, so websites were publishing the news then erasing the stories all day Friday and Saturday.

What was the trial?  Well, first of all, it's kind of misleading.  See the Asian continent actually includes countries like Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Israel, Syria, Saudi Arabia, etc, so when you read Asian what it really is are middle eastern countries, not some Japanese businessmen.  And the trial is that sex grooming thing that has been going on in England for over 20 years and the police and politicians have covered it up because they didn't want to appear to be racists so they've turned their heads to middle eastern men grabbing school girls and boys of all sorts of race and turning them into sex slaves with threats of violence against them and their families if they talk.

Yea, nice to know those middle eastern men are not prejudice in the race and color of children they enjoy screwing and buggering.

Funny how this never shows up in a Midsomer Murder.

What would really be cool is if they make another season of Luther have Luther go in and completely kick ass on this issue, except they would probably turn it into white christians buggering middle eastern kids in order to pass the thought police.

There was a time I would have loved to move to England, buy a used Alpha Romeo 159 with a stick or one of those FIAT 500's with the 200hp engine and just tool around those lovely roads but now England, like Sweden, is a cesspool of unchecked immigrants that have no intention of acclimating to the new country but every intention of making Sweden and England into Yemen North.

Note:  Swedish police have warned Swedish girls to not be out at night or travel by themselves due to high likelihood of being raped by your new neighbors from the south.

Now some are scratching their heads at the speed of the British justice system that you can grab a guy off the street, have in front of a judge and sentence to 13 months in a day but same justice system turned it's head for over 20 years and allowed middle eastern men to commit rape after rape after rape of English children.

Which, is why, Midsomer Murders is so popular after 20 years, two chief inspectors, 2,343 sergeants, (they change sergeants on that show more often than most of us change our underwear), and people still watch it because it portrays an England that no longer exists and the people of England hide in their homes and dream this is still England.

Sorry, Great Britain is now Saudi Britain or Islamitain.

So, to our future, David Hogg as President, reporters trying to cover the truth are jailed, gangs of middle eastern men raping our sons and daughters and we will have no guns to protect us, if President Hogg has his way.

What's that, you say?  Won't happen here?  Keep kidding yourself.  It's coming.

Friday, May 25, 2018


So now some idiot determined that terms like 'boys' or 'girls' should no longer be used because, well, it might offend.  I'm not exactly sure, well, wait, okay it's not a good idea to say "come here, boy" to a black guy, but other than that why would anyone have an issue with boy or girl?

And who's going to go to the library and cross the name Boys off the 60 plus editions of Hardy Boys books?

Somehow, I don't see young boys, oops, in the future wanting to read the next Hardy Biologically Neutrals in The Tower Terror.

Speaking of boys, I see where the boys attending the Boy Scout Jamborees this summer are required to bring condoms.  Jeepers, scouting sure has changed since I was a kid.  I'm not even sure I knew what a condom was when I was in the Boy Scouts.  And I'm pretty sure if that had been on the list of things to bring, probably wouldn't have ever gone.  I learned very quickly when camping with scouts to bring double the socks, shoes, pants, etc that was recommended because if there was a body of water anywhere near me, I'd fall into it several times the first day.

Hey, I liked catching frogs, so sue me.  But seriously, I always suspected that scouting level between Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts called Webelos was some sort of plot.  Then, what was it, about 20 years ago it was pushed and pushed to allow gay scout masters.  Now scouts are suppose to bring condoms to camp.  Who the hell would let their young boy join scouting today?

Scouts need condoms for all boys camps, jeepers my uncle must be spinning in his grave.

Article this week was about restaurant owners complaining about the rising wages they are having to pay for staff.  Seems they miss those minimum wage days and now that use of illegals in the kitchen and tables is frowned upon, finally, that they are having to pay mid to high teens now for staff and are whining about it.

What it really means is for the last 30 years jobs like that never kept up with inflation and stayed at minimum wages because there were plenty of illegals to do the work, so while prices and the cost of living has doubled, those working those jobs have not seen even cost of living increases because if you don't like it, no problem hire an illegal.

So now wages for entry level work will rise quickly because it's been suppressed for 30 years.  And once those wages hit the high teens and 20's an hour, all the jobs above that will need to be increased because why put up with X for 25 an hour when you could just wait tables for 25 an hour.

Speaking of job openings, millennials have a great chance to start a new job and it will pay 80k a year.  M-F, weekends off.  And they cannot get anyone to apply, to be a truck driver.  Well, they gets some apps, but most don't pass the drug test.  I wonder if that couple pointed that opportunity out to their 30 year old son who was living at home, didn't work, and they had to take him to court to serve an eviction notice to move out with all this stuff including his gun collection.

Uh oh.  I think if I'd been that dad I'd gotten rid of his gun collection a long time ago.

I would think that trucking company could quickly fill those jobs if they just advertised them at Starbucks because I would be Starbucks workers would jump at the chance to get the hell out of there since the CEO decided a Starbucks would make a great place for homeless people to use the bathrooms and hang out all day.

If you had stock in Starbucks, would you be pissed right now?  They just turned your investment into homeless shelters.  I'm waiting for some attorney to file a class action lawsuit demanding Starbucks provide free latte's to the homeless people sleeping on their floors and washing themselves in the bathroom sink.

Crap, you know you have been in the computer business to long when you type bathroom sync.

Okay, I think I the DC thing all figured out.  The Obama Admin Justice Department says they put spies in the Trump administration because they were worried that the Russian might be attempting to influence the election and wanted to protect Trump.  Funny, they didn't put any spies in the Clinton administration, weren't they worried about that?  I wonder why?  Well,  it turns out the spies the justice department put into the Trump admin were the ones spreading the stories about Russia and emails and sorts so now we've spent tens of millions by the justice department investigating the Trump admin for Russian involvement which was first introduced to them by the justice department by their spies for their protection.

Got that?

So basically, we got our government law enforcement working for the democrats now.  This is very bad.  Do you realize the billions of dollars this is going to cost the taxpayers? I mean just changing the stationary and business cards of the FBI to the DBI alone will be tens of millions of dollars.  CIA becomes the DIA, at which point the airport in Dallas will be suing, the NSA becomes the DSA and Homeland Security will, well, actually that can stay because it's always sounded like some left wing totalitarian thugs anyways.

The punch line to all this is think, in general, who runs our world today - baby boomers.  The same baby boomers whom in their youth protested the government, protested the US involvement, were aghast at the spying done by our government and now they run the show and make Mao look like a libertarian.

Sunday, May 13, 2018


Spent some time thinking yesterday, yes- it gave me a headache.

I know a lot of people who lease a car, but I prefer to own a car, but do I actually own my car?  If I don't pay the government each year for tags for the plates and someone notices I don't have an up to date tag, then the government takes it away.  So even though I think I 'own' my car, what I really do is lease my car from the government.

Homes and land are just the same.  A person may think they own their home, the land, but if you don't pay those property taxes you will soon find the government knocking on your door and that you no longer 'own' your property for not paying property taxes.

Doesn't this mean, when you really think about it, that the government owns your land, your home, your car and as long as you pay the taxes, they let you pretend you 'own' it.

We lease our lives from the government.  Don't pay the fees, taxes, etc., and the government will take everything you own; your land, your home, your car, your processions, and your liberty.

Well, that's kind of depressing.

The White House announced today that beginning tomorrow they will invite specific members of the press to attend the daily WH briefing, first invites went to several reporters who joked about slitting their own throats or blowing their brains out if they had to sit thru those briefings.

You'd have to be one hell of a shot to blow out the brains of a reporter, such a small target.

So Illinois, back to property taxes, already leading the nation with the highest property taxes, in conjunction with the Fed Reserve Bank have come up with a plan to help save some of the pension funds in Illinois - more taxes on homeowners.  They are actually considering adding an additional 5%, making Cook County(Chicagoland) property tax rates as high as 10%.

This pension fund thing is a nuclear bomb waiting to go off in this country.  Just think what will happen when teachers, police, firefighters, etc find out that pension they were promised is broke.

As mentioned in earlier blog, most pension funds have very strict rules for the investments, that 60 to 80 percent of the assets must be in bonds or other fixed income instruments and in order for the whole thing to work must make > or equal to 7-8% on those fixed assets.

In the 90's, when Clinton figured out 1% interest would make the budget look good, now those pension funds can't possibly come close to a 7% return.  So that decision in the 90's for immediate gain now is producing the bill for those low rates.

And market gains for stocks are great, but once a year those pension funds have to sell lots of stocks to bring the ratio back to the 70/30 ratio or whatever their specific pension percentages are as laid out in the bylaws.

And, of course, in any pension fund, there will be bad real estate investments, scandals, and kickbacks of sorts to union reps, etc.  Not that I'm cynical or anything.

These issues are not just in Illinois, but country wide, public and private pensions are in deep trouble and without massive inflow of money and some amazing investments there will be thousands of pension funds and tens of millions of people who were promise a safe and secure old age are going to get zilch.

So here is the question.  At what point do a people rise in protest over tax rates?  Well, so far in America, if you are middle class at 25% federal, you also have 15% SS/Med, state taxes, property taxes, sales taxes, all sorts of fees - which aren't taxes if your ask a government official but affect the payee the very same - and it's not hard to pass over the 50% mark.

Saxons revolted against the king when tax rates went above 10%.  We are losing 1/2 our money and going along with it.

And now after 20 years of mismanagement of pension funds, they are going to expect taxpayers to bail them out.  The pension members certainly don't think they should have to invest more of their income into the fund but will expect the taxpayers to make up the difference.

The truth of the matter, to make matters worse, is the majority of baby boomers are hitting their 60's and have less than 100k in savings which is not going to last 10 years of retirement.  They can't put it in CD's and get 12% return each year to supplement their SS, they have no idea medicare supplement and prescription drug plans will eat that 100k up in 10 years by itself.

So 50 million Baby Boomers will retire with not much more than SS to live on and how's SS looking?  As bad as the public and private pensions.  Except if pensions had been run like SS is run, well every one involved would be in jail.  In spite of Moynahann and Dole's promise that doubling the SS/Med taxes in 1984 and that money would be set aside and never borrowed against, it was all borrowed against so basically you have money taken from paycheck to go to your SS, the congress takes your dollar and puts in IOU, then spend the dollar on something nothing to do with your retirement, then you will need to be taxed again to put that dollar back in SS and you end up being taxed 4 bucks to have 1 buck in SS.  All of which is against the law unless you are congress.

I suppose many of those BB will sell their house and then try to live off the proceeds but they will still need to pay rent each month, med supplement, drugs, etc.

This is a serious mess.

Saturday, May 12, 2018


Definition of heaven on earth: Waking with a rare Saturday morning off, sitting down to start working on my weekend contribution to the vast number of irrelevant blogs, and finding iTunes has all the original The Flintstones for less than 5 bucks a season; less than 20 bucks gets you all the original episodes from 1960 to 62.  And then watching them.

The dentist's name is Smiley Molar

How odd that a cartoon about blue collar guys and their wives would sing about having a gay old time.  Which makes you wonder if Barney and Fred were not early gay men, but living in prehistoric times and working in a quarry had to keep their relationship secret so they got together with two lesbian women and created the perfect SINK blue collar couples living in 1960's suburbia.

No seriously.  I read one of those pencil necked PhD dissertations back in the late 90's who went back thru all those early TV shows and turned them into nothing but undercurrents of gay and lesbian life.

Seriously.  The Flintstones, Perry Mason, Gilligan's Island, and even the Rifleman - yea, ol' Lucas and Mark were not father and son but some man/boy thing with the rifle as a phallic symbol of some sort.

Figures, it would take a college professor to ruin the simplicity of early television cartoons and westerns.

As for Gilligan, well, there was always something weird about that show.  I mean, think about it, wouldn't you build a hut for each person?  Gilligan and the Skipper's together in their hut, but bunk hammocks?  And Mary Ann and Ginger living together, talk about every 8 year old's fantasy, Mary Ann or Ginger and saying yes.  Occupied every young males mind until Jennifer and Bailey came along in the late 1970's.

Of course, there was also the Laurie Partridge/Marcia Brady debate in between.....

Sorry, had a small delay - Reggie took his first shit in the apartment, ah, isn't that cute.

And the Flintstones, which some thought a cartoon version of The Honeymooners, spawned The Jetsons because TV executives thought a white collar cartoon to match the blue collar Flintstones.  I'll tell you a creepy one though, Beanie and Cecil.  Remember that cartoon?  Go watch it now on YouTube, that little kid is seriously creepy.

And somewhere deep in the underground labyrinth of the NSA headquarters, someone is reading this thinking because I voted for Trump this is some sort of code for my Russian counterpart in Moscow.

Fools!  Everyone knows Trump's spy coordinator is headquartered in St. Petersburg and works thru his US

Monday, May 7, 2018


First, Karl Marx, come on down.  The big 200 years old.

If you think about it, Karl Marx and Darwin both were the biggest influencers of the 19th and 20th century.  Look at what two men with two books were able to accomplish.  They just didn't kill God in the minds of millions, their philosophies led to the death of over 150 million people in the 20th century, and that is just counting Lenin, Stalin, and Mao.

I wonder if, in Hell, little bells go off when residents of Hell, who wrote books like Marx and Darwin, and their words and works produce another killing or lost soul won by Satan.

And no, I did not include him because the religion has nothing to do with Marxism though both end up killing anyone that disagrees with them.

So anyways, Karl Marx, happy birthday from the 150 million dead in your name and all of those soon to follow because of your works.

And, as if Marx ain't enough, the past few weeks we have remembered the 50th anniversary of the assassinations of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy.

How different a world if MLK and RK would have lived.

Do you think black America would look like it does today if King would have lived and Jessie and Al would have never become the figureheads for black Americans?  And I'm not capitalizing black in black Americanisms because Google isn't auto fixing it, racist bastards that they are.

The world missed Martin, we will never know but I don't think he would have sat back and gone along for the bucks and sold out the black community; would have stood silent and the abdominal education system in the inner cities; would have stood silent and the gangs, the fatherless children.  And he was the last pastor that could operate in the political arena without democrats screaming separation of church and state.

And picture the 1968 election.  Would the Chicago riots have happened, if RFK was the democratic nominee?  Would Wallace have run?  Would Nixon have still won?

Imagine a world with no Nixon presidency.  No opening of China, would Vietnam had ended sooner? Would baby boomers have grown up so cynical?  I'm sorry,  knowing a president got his head blown off in Dallas, watching your favorite show on TV when it's interrupted to tell you MLK was assassinated in Memphis, waking one morning to the headlines of RFK being dead does affect the minds of 11 year olds, plus or minus another 8 years, I'm sure.   Our "heroes" being slaughtered before our eyes, did that lead to a world without heroes as a form of psychological protection?

Of course, to be fair, since this is speculation, we have to look at the other possibility that if both would have lived the world could be a worst place today too, you know, probabilities and all.

Back to Marx, have you noticed the change in our society?  Socialists have come out of the closet.

Since the 60s, when democrats were classic liberals - to the 70's when democrats slowly began their transition to socialists and communists - many have referred to them as socialists and communists which they all denied strongly, even the members of the communist group in Congress denied they were communists.  But now, you see those protest signs with the hammer and sickle?  Bernie proudly proclaims he is a socialist.  Now Hillary says she lost the election because she wasn't socialist enough, her Hillary excuse tour excuses have only been eclipsed in number by the dollars she earned speaking about why she lost.

But the dems have come out of the closet, they are now proudly announcing they are socialists and the young generation and millennials are rushing to the socialist agenda because they have no knowledge of what it took to put socialism in china and Russia and other countries because they were never taught about that by the socialist teachers they went thru school listening to drone on and on like some blogger with no readers.

Yet the traditional blue collar democrat who loves pickup trucks apple pie, 4th of July parades and they are not for socialism, thus that blue collar world is moving to the Republican Party the more socialist the democrat party overtly becomes.

Black America is waking up that the democrats have promised and promised and promised and promised and promised and promised, and their lives have gotten nothing but worse,  and black America is waking to the fact the dems have been lying thru their teeth for 50 years and never intended to make the world better for blacks.  And now dems have realized that there are more illegal aliens from south of our border than blacks in this country and those illegals have stolen millions of jobs blacks use to get and blacks are realizing the dems are going to sell them out now for the legalization of all those illegals and aren't going to give a crap about black voters because they just gained 5% with the hispanic vote over the black votes.

But don't worry about any of this.  Because if America does become socialist, and you don't like that idea, don't like being over run from having a borderless country, don't like socialism in general, history shows you won't be around much longer to complain about it once it takes hold.

And one day North and South America will be one big borderless utopia with 90% of the population making minimum wages but with free iPhones and iPads so everyone will be happy.

Except old geezers like me.

Sunday, May 6, 2018


CNN’s Don Lemon: ‘It’s My Obligation as a Journalist’ to Call Trump ‘Racist’

Which is fine, as long as Don Lemon understands it's my obligation as a blogger with millions of imaginary readers to turn off and tune out elitist peckerheads who don't need to crap 'cause they need the shit for brains.

Now everyone is happy.

I am.

So let's go back a bit.  In January I had to put Bosco down, which as I wrote really screwed me up mentally when I realized there was apparently a lot of mental stuff repressing and it wasn't my dad dying that released it but the dog almost 5 years later.

So I set a rule and was not going to make any major decisions which was both good and bad.  First I didn't do something really stupid and quit my job, but there was this really cool Saab available and rather than spend the Xmas bonus and some stock on it I just decided to fix some things on the Volvo which cost about 600 more than was expecting and well why I like my Volvo I miss a manual and just kind of wish I'd gotten the Saab.

The one time I broke that rule was rushing out to get another dog which was a 5 day disaster that cost me about 600 more bucks.

All good things come to those that wait and on St. Patricks Day got Reggie

Won the lotto on this dog.  And dog probably feels the same way.  Came via an Indian Reservation in NM where he was not treated well, the two shot gun pellets still in him pretty good evidence he did not get a good start to life.  Apparently he was also a target for basketballs because if he hears a basketball bouncing or sees anyone make a throwing motion he is gone.

But man, is Reggie a good dog and no stupid chip that will cause a tumor like the last two dogs.  Yea, think we both won the lotto.  Guess I'll have to create a new internet persona now, Reginald Von Gingernana III to go along with Barkley Pontree and Bosco P. Lemonzit.

And thinking the past three months I realized I really like my job.  And I'm really good at it.  I like my current manager and like the team I'm on and amazingly enough, they like me which feels kind of strange and rare.  So why would I want to change.  Ride the wave till it ends, no guarantee there will be another wave to catch.  Which is something I don't think most understand, people always assume there is another wave, a bigger wave, a better wave out there and the truth is sometimes there are no more waves.  So when you do catch a good one, ride it to the end, enjoy it while it lasts, it could be years if ever you can find another one.

Best of all, I don't live in Hawaii.

I have an app on my phone that sends a notification anytime there is a 4.0 or greater earthquake in North America, so I started to see on Thursday or Friday all these earthquakes going off in Hawaii area and then found out about the volcanos and mercy me I wonder if that whole damn big island isn't about to split open at this point.  Those islands are nothing more than living on top of several volcanos and it looks like there is going to be a bill for all that paradise.

Which is what boggles my mind listening to poop headed talking mouths go on and on about how we are going to destroy our environment with coal and oil.  Look, I get that we've done a great job cleaning the air and waters over the last 50 years after NIXON created the EPA and those Clean Acts - yes America, it was a F&*^%&N REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT WHO FREED SLAVES, CREATED THE EPA AND ALL THE OTHER CRAP DEMOCRATS TAKE CREDIT FOR TODAY.

But here is the point.  That erupting volcano right now in Hawaii has poured more crap into the sky and air than all the cars ever started and driven on those islands have done since the first car appeared on the island.  Sorry, had to take a break, was thinking bout the first car in Hawaii and where did they get gas?

So understand that I chuckle at all these peeheads going on and on about how evil and bad we are for Mother Earth and all Mother Earth has to do is let loose Yellowstone or one of the other dozen super volcanos on her bosom and there will be more poisonous gases and dirt in our atmosphere than all of mankind has ever produced x 10.  And all of humanity will be killed.  Mother Earth can be kind of a bitch at times.

When 10 feet of volcanic ash is covering all the cars, SUV's, planes and trains, factories and farms, will liberals will finally be happy, well until someone explains why there will be no more French wines or Russian caviar and organic goat cheese before dinner which by the way will also be cancelled.

The point being, mankind has certainly been trying to do it's best to destroy itself with nuclear bombs, nuclear waste, toxic waste etc but fact is one good fart by Mother Earth puts us to shame.